Chicago’s Black Lesbian Mayor Not “Left Enough.” Or Something

Don’t click the link; I only include it for completeness. Don’t Get Too Excited About Chicago’s New Black Lesbian Mayor.

The piece is full of innuendo, and quotes her opposing campaigns (as if a campaign slogan was FACT).

For much of the 56-year-old’s career, she has worked as a lawyer (regularly described as a “wealthy, corporate” one by her opponent on the runoff campaign trail). But the sticking points of the organizers’ contention in Lightfoot’s history has been her roles within the local criminal justice system. In the early 2000s, she was chief administrator of the Chicago Police Department’s Office of Professional Standards, regularly defending the department against external critique.

Since it was her job to defend the department, it is hard to criticize her for defending the department. At least all the logical people feel that way. But this is the 21st Century, and logic has nothing to do with anything coming from the Left in general or Out magazine specifically.

So is it a problem for a black, lesbian lawyer to take a job working for the police department? If the police department had no black, lesbian lawyers, I’m sure they would be charged with discrimination. I suppose the Left thinks she should have taken the job, and the refused to do the job. Or something.

It is just funny to me, to see the Left consuming itself.


Reporter Doesn’t Understand Why the .gov Shouldn’t Take Care of Every Problem

But then thinking about “individual responsibility” would probably give him a migraine. Sick raccoon leads reporter down a rabbit hole.

A sick raccoon in a yard. “This must be a problem for Government Man” – superhero to the Left.

But alas, after calling various state and local agencies, he could not reach anyone who thought “Government Man” could do anything. Or got the answer, “We don’t deal with raccoons.

I’m still awaiting a response from Jacksonville officials on why it’s animal control officer will not come out and remove a sick animal.

Because he didn’t like the answer “we don’t deal with wildlife.”

Now you can hire someone for between $100 and $400, but he thinks that is unfair. Large size Havahart traps start at $50, but I’m guessing he doesn’t like that option either. (Though I suppose there is a reason the sell the 2 door traps. And the “easy set traps” cost more.)

But no, he is going to pester local agencies because he doesn’t understand that “taxpayer-funded” organizations can’t do everything. What’s that saying? “You just pay for it.”

There’s Just No Pleasing Some People

This story has been winding its way through my news feeds for the past few days, and I really didn’t want to say much about it, but the tenor of the “reactions” is just insane. Indian tiger ‘Avni‘ shot dead after 13 deaths.

So. 13 dead humans. The plan was to tranquilize the tiger and relocate her. But after she was hit with a dart, and before the drugs could take affect, she charged. The guy responsible for security shot and the tiger was killed at the scene.

But the environmentalists, the Left, the media (and probably some others) are all bent out of shape because that guy – Sharpshooter Shafat Ali Khan – didn’t stand around and wait to be killed, or watch someone else die.

The mother of two 10-month-old cubs had been linked to the deaths of 13 villagers near the Ralegaon forest in Maharashtra state‘s Yavatmal district since June 2016. There was reported to be DNA evidence linking her to 5 of the 13 deaths in Yavatmal, and forest surveyors said there was a male tiger in the forest whose DNA was found on one of the bodies.

People (not the environmentalists – who live hundreds or thousands of miles away) worry that those 10-month-old cubs may have been taught to hunt humans.

Fame Whore Update

Because self-destructing internet “experts” are the gifts that keep on giving. Fame Whore Update: Relationship Expert Fails and Good-Bye, ‘Reasonable’ Man.

Julia Baugher (a/k/a Julia Allison) is a self-proclaimed “relationship expert” who has had every relationship self-destruct. Or pushed every relationship over the edge, because freedom. With a side order of narcissism. (The Other McCain compares her last attempt to find a life-partner to The Hindenburg at Lakehurst.)

This Georgetown University alumna, who 10 years ago was the illustrious example of becoming “Internet Famous,” has left more burning bridges behind her than Sherman marching through Georgia. And while my Saturday report hit most of the highlights (and lowlights) of her biography, even 3,000 words did not suffice to encompass every noteworthy debacle in the descending spiral of this erstwhile celebrity who has outlived her 15 minutes of fame.

Included in this update are photos of where she married herself at Burning Man 2014 (It’s all about loving ourselves. Or something.) But she’s probably not

Anyway, I’m a sucker for any William Tecumseh Sherman reference (Best US General, most quotable) and ends (close enough) with a Latin quote: Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat. Previous post at this link.

If You Aren’t Paying Attention, Maybe You Shouldn’t Be in the News Business

The New York Times has noticed that nuclear weapons exist. (Well golly, a Republican is in the White House.)

Even for the NY Times, this is one-sided. It’s as if the media has just woken up to the reality of nuclear weapons – but don’t quite understand that reality. ‘This Is Not a Drill’: The Growing Threat of Nuclear Annihilation – The New York Times

Let’s start with the easy stuff. They do mention Iran as a nuclear threat (possibly). But they don’t mention Obama. And while North Korea is on their minds, they don’t mention the deal that William Jefferson Clinton (and Co.) negotiated with NK, even though a primary source is William J. Perry, onetime Secretary of Defense under William J Clinton.

It’s odd really, because I could have SWORN that the NYT covered every word uttered by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and their Doomsday Clock. At least when a Republican was in office.

Then they take the canonical cheap shot at “Duck and Cover.” But you see duck and cover was never intended to protect you from “an atomic bomb landing nearby.” If you are close enough to see the flash (don’t look at it) the next thing that will happen is that every piece of glass from every window will be turned into hundreds of bits of shrapnel and hurled through the air. If you are far enough away to survive the shock-wave, you might want to avoid being cut to shreds. Just sayin.’

But then by the 70s the US had decided that it didn’t want to try to survive a nuclear war. The Russians never came to that conclusion and they have blast and fallout shelters for a large part of their population. They are still building them. The Swiss added shelters to their building code, and so have shelters for 100% of their population. Or nearly so.

When the Cold War ended nearly three decades ago, “we believed that the danger of nuclear annihilation had gone away,” William J. Perry told Retro Report. … “We’ve never been able to re-grasp that it’s come back,” he said of the risk, adding ominously that, if anything, “the danger of some kind of a nuclear catastrophe today is actually greater than it was during the Cold War.”

Who is this “we” that he’s talking about? Does he have a mouse in his pocket?

The Swiss voted sometime in the past 15 years or so to KEEP fallout (and other) shelters in their building code. Why do you think they did that? The Russians, as I’ve said, never stopped building shelters – well maybe for a few years, but they have been building them in the past few years.

When India and Pakistan were making faces at each other, and Pakistan demonstrated that they are in fact a nuclear power, no one should have thought, the danger of nuclear weapons was passed. And I think – I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong – that the Obama administration stopped Israel from bombing Iran’s main nuclear research site, so clearly the Israelis don’t think the problem has gone away. And have the reporters (and this professor) just been completely IGNORING everything that has been going on in North Korea the past few years? If Missile tests and Nuclear Explosions don’t paint a picture for you, maybe you shouldn’t be in the news business.

The Science and Security Board of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has moved its Doomsday Clock 4 times since 2010, and each time it has moved closer to Midnight. (It currently stands at 2 minutes to midnight.)

But hey look, a Republican is in Office and suddenly they are awake the possibility of nuclear war.

Here’s a collection of my posts on Cold War 2.0, and then some basic information on thermonuclear weapons, it includes a video for those threatened by big words.