Veil Of Elysium

On Saturday, April 13th, I featured a sweet acoustic song by a band that usually is doing Heavy Metal. So for contrast, here is the original, Heavy Metal version of the song.

This song is “Veil Of Elysium” by Kamelot from their 2015 album Haven. It was the first single released ahead of the album. (Haven hit number 75 on Billboard’s 200 album chart, 6 on the Independent Album chart, and number 1 on the Hard Rock Album chart.)


Ave End

A German band that names itself in Latin has fascinated me since I first ran across them. I don’t like all of their music, but some of it I like a lot. Lacrimas Profundere, which means “to shed tears” in English, is a band from Bavaria. Their last album was in 2016, so I would say they are due to release something, but what do I know?

This song is “Ave End” from the 2004 album of the same name by the German Gothic Metal Band Lacrimas Profundere. (YouTube. Browser privacy extensions. “Unavailable.” Use link.)

“I don’t want to be like you”

Delain is a Dutch (don’t worry – English lyrics), Symphonic Metal Band started in 2002 by keyboardist Martijn Westerholt, and soprano Charlotte Wessels. She has a beautiful, clear voice that is a pleasure to listen to, and yet they still manage to include enough screaming guitars and thundering drums for Heavy Metal.

This is “Invidia” by Delain from the 2009 album April Rain. When YouTube trips over the privacy extensions in your browser and says that the video is unavailable, use the link. (You do have privacy extensions in your browser, don’t you?)

Under Grey Skies

For a change of pace, I thought I would feature a power ballad from one of my favorite Heavy Metal bands, Kamelot. When the only choice in musical selection was FM radio, power ballads were one hope that Heavy Metal bands had of breaking into the mainstream. And a lot of them ended up in the playlists from a lot of High School Proms.

This song is “Under Grey Skies” from the 2015 album Haven by Kamelot. It features vocals by Charlotte Wessels of Delain. The combination of Ms. Wessels’ vocals with Tommy Karevik’s voice is quite appealing.


Amaranthe is known for having 3 lead singers. Nils Molin sings clear vocals in the Power Metal style, Elize Ryd sings in the clear soprano, Symphonic style, and Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson does the Death Metal Death Growl. (Can you guess they are Swedish?). Even with a fair amount of Heavy Metal elements some of their songs come off a bit pop. But I like them.

This song is “Inferno” by Amaranthe. It is from their 2018 album Helix. It was the third single from that album. (YouTube will trip over the privacy extensions in your browser and tell you the video is unavailable. When that happens, use the link provided.)

Beggar’s Day

Nazareth was really from a time before Rock and Roll split into so many different genres. But if this isn’t in the spirit of Heavy Metal, I’ll eat my hat.

“Beggar’s Day” Nazareth 1975 album Hair of the Dog. I think I mentioned that a friend had a copy of this album, because I remember hearing a lot of it. Google and YouTube and Alphabet REALLY hate the privacy extensions in your browser; when they say the video is “unavailable” use the link above.

Together We March

Orion’s Reign is a band from Athens, Greece. (The songs are in English!) They play a mix of Symphonic and Melodic Power Metal. They dropped out of sight of a few years (though they did release some forgettable metal covers of Christmas songs). They have a new album, which just came out in October of last year. Some of it I like, some of it I don’t.

“Together We March” featuring Tim “Ripper” Owens, is a song off the 2018 album Scores of War from Orion’s Reign. Ripper Owens is probably best known as a member of the English band Judas Priest. The video is annoying, but the guitar riff is worth it. (YouTube, browser privacy extension, “Unavailable,” link above.)