Beneath Broken Earth

Gothic Metal is a melding of Gothic Rock and Heavy Metal. I can never decide if it is too brooding, or if I just need to catch it when I’m in the right mood. And since Paradise Lost was a “pioneer” of Death-Doom music…

This is “Beneath Broken Earth” by Paradise Lost from their 2015 album The Plague Within. Lyrics are at this link, since Death Metal can be tough to understand, even when they are singing in English. When YouTube trips over the privacy extensions in your browser, and tells you the video is unavailable, use the link to the song title – 1st link above. (Alphabet/Google/Whoever really, really hates privacy.)


Crimson Bow and Arrow

Symphonic Metal always throws people for a loop. Classically trained sopranos, often complete orchestras, or at least string sessions. (But then most people think Thrash Metal is all of Heavy Metal.) And despite all of that, there are plenty of screaming guitar riffs, and lots of drums.

This song is “Crimson Bow and Arrow” by Epica from the 2017 album Epica Vs Attack On Titan Songs. They are a Dutch Symphonic Metal band started by Mark Jansen after he left After Forever. (Though they do have a touch of Death Metal and Progressive Metal in some songs.) Google hates privacy, so when they tell you the video below is “unavailable” it is because they despise the privacy extensions in your browser. Use the link above.

A Heavy Metal Band That Doesn’t Have Long Hair?

That’s almost unheard of, but Soilwork – it means “working from the ground up” – fills that niche. They are from Helsingborg, Sweden. They are another Melodic Death Metal band. Their long-time drummer left the band in 2016 to join Megadeath, and so it has been almost that long since their last album.

This song is “Witan” by Soilwork, from their January 2019 album, Verkligheten. “Verkligheten” means “reality” in English – don’t worry the song is in English, even if Death Metal can be hard to understand. (Lyrics at this link.)

(I have no idea what “Witan” means. A quick web search pulls up an Old English/Medieval Parliament. And Google translate couldn’t pull anything out of Swedish.)


Megadeath was never a band that I listened to much back in the day. Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax, and Slayer were the pioneers of Thrash Metal. And I never really cared all that much for Metallica, and I guess I didn’t look farther.

This song is “Trust” by Megadeath from their 1997 album, Cryptic Writings. “Trust” peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Rock charts, and the album was certified Gold. When YouTube trips over the privacy extensions in your browser, and tells you the video is unavailable, use the link above. Alphabet Corp. HATES privacy! (Stolen Shamelessly from MaddMedic.)

The Reckoning

Within Temptation is a Dutch band (English lyrics) that is either Symphonic Metal or Gothic Metal. It depends on who is doing the categorizing, and which album is involved.

“The Reckoning” featuring Jacoby Shaddix (from Papa Roach) by Within Temptation which was released as a single (December 14th, 2018) ahead of their latest album Resist (which will be released February 1st). When YouTube trips over your browser’s privacy extensions (you are using them, aren’t you?) use the link above.

Blind and Frozen

One of the things I love about this period in time, is that it is crazy easy to find new music. All the streaming services, and YouTube will take a song, and give you a mix (or a “radio station”). Not that you will like all of it, but at least we aren’t stuck with the top 40.

This is “Blind and Frozen” by Beast in Black. It was the first single they released, and the first video. It was included on their 2017 debut album Berserker. Beast in Black is a Power Metal band out Helsinki, Finland. (The name is a tribute to the Japanese anime, Berserk.) I like this song, and look forward to more by Beast in Black. YouTube will trip over the privacy extensions in your browser; use the link above.

The Score

Amaranthe released a new album in October of 2018. So I thought I had better give it a test drive.

This is “The Score.” It is the first song on the 2018 album Helix by Amaranthe. (A Swedish/Danish Heavy Metal Band – don’t worry the lyrics are in English.)

We all die
The goal isn’t to live forever
The goal is to create something that will

When YouTube (and Alphabet) trips over the privacy extensions in your browser, use the link above.