As The Silence Becomes Me

What’s the difference between Heavy Metal and 1970s Rock & Roll? It isn’t the 1970s anymore. Or that is mostly my take, unless you are talking about Symphonic or Power Metal, or Melodeath etc.

Tremonti is 1970s Rock & Roll produced today, so it is Heavy Metal. Are we surprised that they had to go to Austria to find a record label? Suits running the American Music Industry are completely insane.

This is “As The Silence Becomes Me” by Tremonti from the 2018 album A Dying Machine. Some of the songs on that album are harder than this one, but this is still hard rock. (YouTube. Browser Privacy Extensions. “Unavailable.” Use link above.)


Until I Die

Inglorious is a Rock and Roll Band in the old style. 1970s style. This music would have been at home on a 1970s top 40 station. But then sometimes that is just what you want. (At least if you grew up in the 1970s, that is.)

This is what Music-News had to say about the album Inglorious II.

If what you are looking for is 21st Century rock then you’ll probably be unhappy. This is unashamed rock from the golden age. Hi-speed, heavy riffs and Nathan James vocals bellowed out with passion and real aggression. Think Deep Purple, Black Sabbath or Dio with elements of Iron Maiden and Trapeze.

The sad thing is that there is virtually no mention of them in the US music press. (Music-News is the European version of Rolling Stone. Sort of…Or maybe it’s the EU’s answer to Pitchfork…) But then I’ve thought the US Music industry is insane for a long time. Tremonti, (We’ll get to hear more of them!) a similar-sounding group from the US, had to sign with an Austrian record label, because US labels aren’t interested in anything different. Suits have no taste of their own, they can only follow the herd.

This is “Until I Die” by Inglorious from their 2017 album Inglorious. (YouTube. Browser Privacy Extensions. “Unavailable.” Use link above.)

And God’s Ocean

Gothic Metal is often too brooding for me, but I’ve been fascinated by a German band who named themselves in Latin since I stumbled across them a couple of years ago. Lacrimas Profundere means “to shed tears” in Latin. And they mostly live up (live down?) to that name with a lot of brooding songs, but I still like a lot of their work. At least they’ve abandoned the Doom Metal that they started out with.

Technically it is Heavy Metal, but this song sounds more like a power ballad. I leave it to you to decide.

This song is “And God’s Ocean” by Lacrimas Profundere from their 2008 album Songs for the Last View. (So far YouTube isn’t tripping over my security settings, if you have problems, use the link above.)

And while they may be singing in English, it is Heavy Metal. So you can find the lyrics are this link.

Masters of Destiny

Delain is a favorite of mine. I love Charlotte Wessels’ voice, and they always do a nice job of highlighting it, even when it is surrounded by thundering drums, screaming guitars, and the occasional orchestra.

And I do like the guitar work of Merel Bechtold, and Timo Somers as well as the keyboard work of David Martijn Westerholt. Joey de Boer on drums complete the lineup. (Where would a Heavy Metal band be without its drummer?)

This is “Masters of Destiny” by Delain, from their 2019 album Hunter’s Moon.

Drop Dead Cynical

Amaranthe is a band that even has trouble describing itself. Their music is in an uplifting style that has been described as everything from Dance Rock to Metalcore to a cross between Melodeath and Pop Music. Though everyone agrees that they are in fact Heavy Metal.

Elize Ryd sings in a clear style that is not quite Symphonic Metal, Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson is doing the Death Metal, Death Growl even though they are not singing about death, or any of the other things you usually find in Death Metal, and Nils Molin sings in the clear Power Metal style. I like it.

This is “Drop Dead Cynical” by Amaranthe from their 2014 album Massive Addictive. If YouTube trips over the privacy settings in your browser, use the link provided.


How about some Rock and Roll that sounds pretty much like it came straight out of the 1970s? Tremonti is officially a Heavy Metal band, but that’s where we are today. They’re most notable (at least to me) because until 2017, Wolfgang Van Halen (son of Eddie Van Halen) was the bassist.

This is “Trust” by Tremonti, from the 2018 album A Dying Machine. So far YouTube isn’t tripping over privacy extensions, when that happens, and they tell you the video is “unavailable,” use the link above.

Veil Of Elysium

On Saturday, April 13th, I featured a sweet acoustic song by a band that usually is doing Heavy Metal. So for contrast, here is the original, Heavy Metal version of the song.

This song is “Veil Of Elysium” by Kamelot from their 2015 album Haven. It was the first single released ahead of the album. (Haven hit number 75 on Billboard’s 200 album chart, 6 on the Independent Album chart, and number 1 on the Hard Rock Album chart.)