More Churches Wake Up to the Fact That They Exist in the Real World

In The Real World™ where bad things can and do happen, even in the middle of religious services. Comprehensive action plans can help protect churches.

Attacks on Churches are always presented like they are an aberration. But while they aren’t common, they do happen on a regular basis.

The most common venue for mass shootings are workplace environments followed by academic institutions. About 6 percent of shootings occur at places of worship. They often are chosen because there is potential for a large number of casualties.

This article is about organizations getting a plan in place. Because call 911 and wait for the cavalry to arrive is a losing proposition.

The average length of an active shooting lasts about 12½ minutes. On average, law enforcement’s response time to an active shooter is 18 minutes, according to Cuevas, which is why having a plan is so important.

Organizations should have a plan – like designated security. But everyone should know what to do in the event of an active shooter.

Although the focus is on religious organizations, some of the information applies to any similar situation, like how to react when the cops arrive. Go look at it. It isn’t that long and it includes some interesting things to think about.

“You can’t stop it from happening, but you may be able to prevent a bigger disaster,” [the organizer of the seminar] said.


So Is It a Tax, Or Protection?

Want good service from Detroit police? Pay an extra $4000 to $6000 up front, and $150 per month. Some Detroit businesses question fairness in Green Light crime fight

Don’t pay? Get to the back of the line.

A customer was destroying a Marathon gas station, so the manager called 911. When time passed he called again to find out why cops didn’t respond.

“The dispatcher said, ‘It’s because you don’t have the Green Light,’ ” Kaid said. “The customer was in here destroying the store, throwing everything off the shelves. He was here for almost an hour before he left. When the police finally came, they told us the Green Light locations get priority.”

It took about an hour for the cops to arrive at the Marathon station. That is a long time.

The Police Chief says they aren’t ignoring businesses who haven’t paid their protection signed up for ‘Green Light.’ And cops would never lie, would they?

Cops would like to force all businesses – or at least those open after 10 PM to sign up. It gives cops unfettered access to the surveillance footage. Welcome to the Panoptican.

Self-defense is Legal in Michigan

I always suspected that it was. Man was acting in self-defense when he shot, killed man with knife

Some might think it took a long time to come to this conclusion, but it is impossible to get anything done over the holidays. And some states/attorneys have taken MUCH longer to admit that they can’t prosecute self-defense.

Leyton said Ollie Lee Drummer, 59, was allegedly armed with a knife and breaking into a vehicle parked outside the residence.

“The homeowner told police that he was coming at him with the knife in his hands at the time the homeowner shot him,” Leyton said.

Imminent fear of death or grave bodily harm. Sounds pretty straight-forward to me, assuming that the evidence backed up the story. (Which it must have.)

Self-defense is a human-right. And your legal-right in most of the USA.

Self-defense Hat-trick

They shot him in the leg, but that didn’t stop him from defending himself. Homeowner shoots and kills 2 intruders during home invasion

Three miscreants broke into his home and shot him in the leg.

The homeowner returned fire hitting one or more of the suspects.

One died at the scene. One was found dead, behind the wheel of a car that had veered into a ditch. The third guy was arrested.

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed resident. No one will be surprised at the outcome.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Armed Homeowner Captures Fugitive

I love it when the bad guys end up in jail. Search for Ortonville shooting suspect ends after homeowner finds him hiding in SUV

He shot his estranged wife and her friend and went on the run. Police found his gun during the chase, but they weren’t sure if he was armed with another weapon.

A homeowner, letting his dogs out, noticed a problem in his backyard.

[The homeowner] recognized something wasn’t right with his SUV out back, especially the windows.

“They were all foggy,” he said. “Completely foggy. I couldn’t see in the front window. The shades were drawn in the back.”

So he armed himself and went to investigate. He found the suspect under a blanket.

The SWAT team came out of the woods behind the house and took the guy into custody. The two people he shot are in the hospital.

This isn’t exactly a story of self-defense, but it wouldn’t be possible the homeowner couldn’t defend himself.

24 Minutes Is a Long Time to Wait for 911 Response

Unless you are living under a rock, you probably know about Flint, Michigan’s water problems. But they have other problems too. Police say response times improving in Flint – WNEM TV 5

The root cause of most of the problems is budgetary woes and the poor handling/decision-making that resulted from a state take-over. This extends to the police department.

In January of 2017, average response time to a critical 911 call was 21 minutes. By July, that time had risen to 58 minutes. In October, the average was back down to 24 minutes, and while 24 is better than 58, it is still a long time to wait, if bad things are happening.

“The principle solution for the issue of response time is additional staffing and manpower. Our current staffing issues are also well known. The effect of the loss of hundreds of police positions over the last several years is clearly observable in our response times,” the department said. “We have already, and will continue to request more officers for the City of Flint Police Department. To date, these requests have not been filled.”

Calling 911 is a fine thing to do. Operators can dispatch fire, or emergency medical personnel, or police. But they won’t be there instantly, even if you can call them before bad things happen. But even if you don’t wait 24 minutes, you will wait. Minutes. That isn’t a dig against police, it is just the fact of the world we live in.

If calling 911 is the only thing you are prepared to do, I think you might want to reevaluate that strategy.

Concealed Carry License Holder Survives Ambush

I don’t know what else you can call this. CPL holder kills masked shooter at Highland Park gas station

The CPL holder had driven with an unidentified passenger to the Sunoco gas station at Hamilton and Webb, east of the Lodge Freeway. When he parked, two masked men came from the back of the gas station and started firing shots at the car.

The guy who was being shot at drew his own pistol and killed one of his attackers.

The second masked man, described only as a black male wearing all black, was able to get away.

Details have been withheld due to security concerns.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.