Murder at “historic levels” in St. Louis

The Gateway Arch in St LouisAre we surprised? Amid ‘indescribable times,’ St. Louis homicide rate reaches historic levels

When considering crime, you need to consider the rate per 100,000 population.

The highest number of killings in a single year in St. Louis was 267 in 1993, when the city had some 387,000 residents. That means the homicide rate — homicides per 100,000 people — was 69 that year. But the population of St. Louis has continued to dwindle over the decades, settling now at just over 300,000. The result this year is a homicide rate that’s projected to be 79, a startling number that appears to exceed the rate for any other large U.S. city.

According to the Wiki, the last Republican Mayor of St. Louis left office in 1949. Somehow, I’m sure that this is all Trump’s fault, at least according to the media.

Not that the national media will highlight this, because this is not of national interest. Only a local story. Nothing to see here. All is well.

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Officer Tamarris L. Bohannon

End of Watch. St. Louis officer dies after being shot by gunman.

A St. Louis police officer who was a “hero” to his family died Sunday after being shot in the head by a barricaded gunman on the city’s south side, authorities said.

Officer Tamarris L. Bohannon, 29, had been with the department for 3 1/2 years.

He is survived by his wife and three children.

The Peaceful, Tolerant Left

Issuing threats to those who DARE to disagree. McCloskeys receiving threats after speaking at Republican National Convention, attorney says

The couple’s attorney, Albert S. Watkins, sent out an email Tuesday afternoon that said the McCloskeys have been subjected to an “onslaught of threats and acts of intimidation. Appropriate security measures have been put into place and added measures are being implemented.”

The Left will NOT tolerate a difference of opinion. You MAY NOT challenge the narrative. Do so and they with threaten and assault you.

Self-defense Is Legal in Missouri

Even if Prosecutors and relatives of dead criminals don’t like that. Wesley Bell will not charge Darren Wilson.

Also, it is a little unusual in 2020 to see that a prosecutor talks about ethics.

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell met with the family of the late Michael Brown on Thursday, July 30 to tell them that he will not charge Darren Wilson in connection with the killing of their son.

“By Missouri’s legal standards, not only would I have to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, but I also would have to disprove a self-defense argument beyond a reasonable doubt,” Bell told The American. “I can’t ethically charge him. It would violate the ethical standards of my profession.”

He’s not the 1st one to admit that self-defense is legal. His predecessor and the DOJ under Obama both declined to prosecute.

Actually what does it say about the current state of government attorneys that I’m shocked that a DA is talking about ethics?

Self-defense is a human-right.

Violence Is Engulfing the Smaller Cities

Law and order are such quaint, 20th Century concepts. And while places like Chicago and LA have had troubles for a long time, now every city has troubles. Kansas City has seen nearly 100 homicides this year, on track for deadliest year on record.

They’ve had 95 homicides through the end of June.

More people have already been killed in Kansas City this year than in all of 2014, which saw 86 homicides, according to a report by a local news outlet, The Kansas City Star.

Just halfway through the year, the city has reported more people killed this year than in 2002, 1984, 1973 and 1972.

Shootings are up. 82 people were shot in May, a 75% increase over last year.

Kansas City is the 38th largest city in the country with population just over 500,000.

Civilization was nice while it lasted.

How Would You Respond to an Armed Intruder?

Maybe he thought being armed made him invincible. Police identify man described as armed intruder killed at Springfield home.

Investigators say Kenneth L. Clay, 36, of Springfield tried to enter the home of David R. Jones, 18. Jones told investigators Clay shot him in the foot. He then shot Clay with his own firearm, killing him.

The investigation continues. Self-defense is a human-right.

Defund the Police Descends on St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri is not a happy place. Crazy People Are Dangerous.

“Defund the police” is their demand, because the protesters are Democrats and Democrats hate police.

The mayor of St. Louis is a Democrat named Lyda Krewson, who apparently didn’t get the memo. She doesn’t hate police enough:

So the protesters decided to march on the mayor’s home. In the process they passed the Busch-Faust mansion, owned by Mark and Patricia McCloskey. Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey decided that they should stand guard and they did.

If you’re a rich white guy living in a mansion in a Democrat-run city like St. Louis, better keep your AR-15 handy, because . . . Well, you can finish that sentence.

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

Those of us who are not lawyers usually call this Felony Murder. Columbia homeowner shoots 2 intruders, 1 dies and 1 charged.

Two guys decide to break into an occupied home. The homeowner is armed.

Darion J. Logan, 27, of Columbia, died at the scene of the shooting Wednesday night. Fabian D. Goldman, 28, of Columbia, was treated for a gunshot wound and then taken to the Boone County Jail, police said in a news release Thursday.

Goldman has been charged with second-degree murder and first-degree burglary because Logan died while the two men were committing a felony, police said.

The Left will say this isn’t fair. They don’t believe you should be held accountable for the completely foreseeable consequences of your actions. They probably feel that responding to two miscreants breaking into your home in the middle of the night with deadly force comes from a place of “privilege” or something to that affect.

In the meantime, in the Real World™ self-defense is a human-right, and being held accountable for your actions is a thing most of us take for granted.

He Thought Having a Gun Made Him Invincible

He was wrong. Gas station clerk shoots man who pulled out gun inside store in St. Louis County.

Early investigation revealed the man who was shot was asked to leave the store after flourishing a gun inside the store. The man refused to leave the store and tried to enter the secure area of the store where the clerk and cash register were located, police said.

An employee of the store then shot the man.

He was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Fixed the Broken Link. (Note to self: Don’t edit posts in the middle of the night.)

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Hand CuffsHe thought it would be a good idea to break into an occupied home. Break-in suspect shot by homeowner in Walnut Park East neighborhood, police say.

Authorities said a 38-year-old man was shot multiple times after he broke into a home in the 5400 block of Beacon. The 43-year-old homeowner reportedly confronted and then shot the man.

He is in critical condition in a local hospital.

Self-defense is a Human-right.

People You Know Can Be a Threat to Your Safety

A very real threat in some cases. Man shot, killed near Birch Tree, Mo.; sheriff considers death ‘justifiable’

The Left loves to prattle on about how if you own a firearm, you might shoot someone you know, but that might be exactly what you need to do. In this case, it was a relative who posed a very real threat.

Sheriff Darrin Brawley says the shooting involved two men of the same family.

He says at this time, the shooting appears to be justifiable homicide.

Brawley says that’s because the deceased man showed up at the home and began firing shots at the home.

He opened fire with a shotgun. Return fire killed him.

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

He thought breaking into an occupied home was a good idea. Homeowner shoots person who allegedly broke into house in St. Charles County.

Police said a homeowner shot a person who reportedly broke into a home Thursday morning.

After getting shot he ran off. Cops caught up with him a few streets away and took him to a local hospital.

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

crime scene tapeAnd the media loves to call everyone teenagers. Teenager Fatally Shot During Columbia Home Invasion.

While technically true, I believe he could have been (would have?) charged as an adult had he survived. It would be more accurate to call him a “Home Invader” than a teenager. But the media has to paint everything a law-abiding gun owner does in the worst light possible.

Columbia police say a 17-year-old was fatally shot when he and another person broke into a home.

The other party ran away, when it turned out that the home was occupied by an armed homeowner.

The DA has a few words about Missouri law of self-defense, though he carefully doesn’t comment on this incident.

What NOT To Do, If You Hear Gunshots

Guy protecting his property under Missouri law: this story has been in my feeds for a few days. (Mostly because the Left hates gun owners, I think.) Neighbors react after man fatally shoots woman allegedly trying to steal his car.

Five to six gunshots woke up a lot of people in the Marlborough community in the morning. That includes Alma Marley’s husband.

“I jumped up because I hear him, and ran behind him and ran to the window,” she said. “All we seen is a guy coming from that house and walk back to that house.”

So, you hear gunfire, and your first reaction is to go look out the window. Because you have bulletproof glass in all the windows of your home, no doubt. If you hear gunfire, you should probably NOT go to investigate. Just sayin’ that might not be the best course of action. You are free to disagree.

Some Shootings Are Not Worth National Attention

Because they really can’t blame this on Trump. A Mass Shooting CNN Won’t Notice.

If more than a dozen people had been shot by an “alt-right” Trump supporter, CNN would be airing hourly updates, with politicians and pundits being asked to weigh in on the “climate of hate” that allegedly caused the mass shooting. However, when an angry dope dealer opens fire because people are cutting in front of him in the line to get into the club after the Chiefs won a trip to the Super Bowl? That’s just local news.

More details, and more commentary – better commentary than I could provide – at the link above. Go read the whole thing.

Happy New Year: St. Louis Style

In all the attention paid to Chicago and Baltimore, it seems that St. Louis may have been overlooked. St. Louis records 4 homicides in first 3 hours of 2020.

Only a few hours into 2020 and Missouri’s second largest city recorded four homicides in multiple shootings across St. Louis.

And I was going to comment on the fact that Chicago’s first shooting of 2020 came at 12:15 AM, on the morning of January 1st. Seems St. Louis is winning (or losing, depending on your point of view) that race.

A quick search turned up St. Louis’s crime-rate data for 2018. In that year St. Louis had a murder rate of 60.9 per 100,000. That is just a bit worse than Baltimore, though Baltimore gets all of the press. Back to the link at the top, we find…

In 2019, St. Louis recorded 194 homicides, up from 186 in 2018.

So the murder rate is almost certainly higher than 2018.

And in case you were wondering about the politics in St. Louis, the last Republican mayor of that city was Aloys P. Kaufmann. He left office in 1949.

Self-defense is Legal in St. Louis

JusticeEven if you later say things that SJWs hate. Despite Racist ‘Ramblings’, Judge Acquits Papa John’s Worker in Shooting.

A St. Louis judge has ruled that Missouri’s expansive “stand your ground” law protects a former Papa John’s worker from conviction for involuntary manslaughter for shooting a man who had used a cinder block to break through the store’s front window.

But you shouldn’t have the right to defend yourself, if you use your right to Free Speech to say things that “we” don’t like. Or something.

Self-defense is a human-right, and the SJWs HATE that.

“Flash-bang first, ask questions later” is Not a Good Policy

JusticeWhy send a SWAT-team to serve a knock-and-announce warrant? Federal appeals court criticizes SWAT teams who ‘flash-bang first, ask questions later’.

They had a warrant to search a place where the suspect, already in custody, hadn’t lived in years. When someone came to the door with keys, and was trying to open the door, the cops forced their way in anyway, even though they had a knock and announce warrant. Then they threw a flash-bang which set drapes on fire.

When the Keystone brigade finally figured out what house needed to be searched, they didn’t send SWAT. Because the bad guy was not a risk. (He was already in lockup.)

The majority opinion noted the obvious carelessness and disregard for the safety of the occupants of the house. It pointed out that when the police actually identified the correct house, they simply sent some uniformed cops to search the premises, a pretty good indication that the SWAT theatrics were unnecessary to begin with. Furthermore, the police later discovered that the suspect they had arrested actually had not committed the murder. So they had raided the wrong house based on an assumption about the wrong suspect. When they identified a new suspect and obtained a search warrant for that suspect’s residence, they didn’t just send uniformed officers instead of a SWAT team, they actually notified a member of the suspect’s family that the search was coming. The majority also pointed out that flash-bang grenades are inherently dangerous, that the SWAT team deployed the flash-bang grenade recklessly, and that this inflicted needless harm on the innocent people inside the house.

Definitely cops behaving stupidly, from top to bottom.

A SWAT Raid for Housing Code Violations

No knock warrants were instituted so that drugs couldn’t be flushed down the toilet. Did they think she could flush the housing code violations down the toilet? Police Agree To Pay Woman $750,000 After Raiding Her House and Killing Her Dog Over an Unpaid Gas Bill.

That housing code violation? The electricity and gas were shut off due to non-payment. And for this they have a no-knock warrant, served by a SWAT team, kill the family dog and point weapons at children.

Definitely cops behaving stupidly.

Indeed, if St. Louis County police are empowered to knock down a door for minor code violations, they can effectively raid a house for anything, leaving property owners and residents with little assurance that their Fourth Amendment rights mean anything at all in St. Louis County.

But then your rights don’t mean anything. (Hat tip to Irons in the Fire.)

They Thought They Were Going Rob Someone

JusticeNow they are charged with second degree murder. Charges filed after victim shot at armed robbers, killing 1, in self-defense near Truman and Oakley.

You could say they suffered from a failure of the victim-selection process.

A man and woman are facing multiple charges in connection to an attempted robbery back in May that lead to a killing after their intended victim fired shots in self-defense, killed one of the would-be robbers’ accomplices.

They participated in a felony. They should have known, that based on their actions, bad things could happen. They are responsible for the consequences of those actions. The lawyers call it a lot of things; those of us who are not lawyers usually call it felony murder. (The Left hates felony murder!)

Oh, and self-defense is a human-right.