MS-13 Threatens Oklahoma Courthouse. Armed Guards Deployed.

The problems a failed state south-of-the-border begin to impinge on life in the US. Tactical marksmen guard courthouse after murder trial sparks threats.

Armed tactical officers on the roof of an Oklahoma courthouse. What’s wrong with this country.

“We have taken a lot of precautions at all of his (the alleged killer’s) appearances in court for the simple fact that we just never know. It’s my responsibility to keep him safe,” [Ottawa County Sheriff Jeremy] Floyd said.

“Yes, we had some tactical guys on the roof watching over things making sure that if anything should be a red flag they would be there to observe it and let the guys know on the ground.”

I’m sure the only things those “tactical guys” had were binoculars and radios.

What Sanctuary Really Means Is That They Don’t Care About You

They certainly didn’t care what this guy might do. Authorities Ignored Detainer On Illegal Alien Accused Of Bashing Teenager’s Head And Dismembering His Body, ICE Says.

A teenager who was brutally murdered and then chopped into pieces, allegedly by a suspected MS-13 gang member, could still be alive today if local authorities had honored an ICE detainer, the agency said.

But you know, actually enforcing the law wouldn’t be woke. Or something. (Hat tip to the Daley Gator.)