The Media Is Often Obsessed With Cops Defending Themselves

I don’t usually have posts about cops defending themselves, mostly because that isn’t my focus. But the media just won’t let this case go. It has been all over my news-feeds. It is almost as if the media wants it to be the next great Police Scandal™ or something. Unnamed officer was justified in fatally shooting man who stabbed him at crash scene, authorities rule.

Now for self-defense to be legal, it is my understanding (not a lawyer!) that you must fear imminent death or grave bodily injury. I’m sure that the details change from one locale to another, but that is my understanding. This guy had already stabbed the officer in question. I think most people understand that ‘grave bodily injury’ is already on the table at that point.

An Atlantic City Police officer who fatally shot a man who stabbed him at the scene of a hit-and-run crash last year has been found justified, as the shooting was in self defense, authorities said.

Ya think?

Self-defense is a human-right. And I’m not sure the way this has been reported qualifies as media bias, but I am leaning in that direction.


Cooperation Is Held Up As the Key to Safety

“Just give them what they want, and they will leave you alone.” That is the mantra of all who hate self-defense. Too bad these 2 didn’t get that memo. 2 South Carolina residents charged with killing gas station clerk during robbery.

Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of anything you are, or are not, doing.

Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey said Wright, after getting the cash from the register, shot and killed Bertram.

The only thing I don’t understand is why the getaway driver is not charged with murder. (The guy who pulled the trigger is.) But maybe New Jersey thinks that Felony Murder is unfair.

New Jersey’s “Catch and Release”

It was supposed to keep “low-level” criminals out of jail if they can’t afford bail. It wasn’t supposed to free murderers. NJ Bail Reform Strikes Again: Judge Frees Fair Lawn Woman Accused Of Shooting Man In Face.

Police were shocked to learn that a Fair Lawn woman charged with attempted murder after authorities said she shot a man in the face was released from jail over the weekend.

Not sure this is what the law intended, or maybe it is just poorly written. But is this a good idea?

In the words of Second City Cop (on Chicago’s situation)

Welcome to the world of Zero Consequences. We hope you enjoy your stay at Ground Zero.

The Linguistic Gymnastics of the 21st Century Media

My prediction: this is another story that will be buried by the national media. EX-BOYFRIEND EXECUTES MAN IN LONG BRANCH RESTAURANT, COPS SAY

In a nutshell… The ex-boyfriend kills the new boyfriend and tries to kill his ex-girlfriend. He defied a court order of protection in doing so (in addition to other several other laws). So how is it that a piece of paper – even one signed by a judge – didn’t stop a bad guy in his tracks? (Sarcasm is sadly under-utilized in this politically-correct era.)

A gun in the hands of one of these victims may not have saved them. Being armed in your own defense is a strategy, not a guarantee, but relying on “the system” is also not a guarantee. A court order. The cops. Even being in a public place (usually a good strategy against crime). None of that worked.

The linguistic gymnastics?

A man living in this country illegally…

Because it is not politically correct to say illegal alien. But what happened to undocumented immigrant? Is that no longer PC either? (Cue the defenders of Sanctuary Cities in three, two, one….)

It Can Be Hard to Tell the Good Guys from the Bad Guys

A drug dealing cop? This is my shocked face. Drug-dealing cop who beat a hospital patient says he ‘lost his temper’

There is at least 1 good guy in the mix.

Facing a federal judge in Newark, a 26-year-old Paterson police officer on Wednesday admitted beating a suicidal hospital patient in two attacks in March, one of which prosecutors said was captured on cellphone video by a fellow officer.

He pleaded guilty. (With video evidence…)

And “Well done” to that fellow officer. If the good cops are ever going to regain the trust they once enjoyed, then the bad cops are going to have to go, and the good cops are going to need to be seen pushing them out the door.

The Left Will Blame the Gun, But He Was On Early Release for a Murder Conviction

And surprise, surprise. He remains a violent criminal. Revealed: Gunman who opened fire on festival-goers before cops shot him dead was a gang member on early release from prison having been convicted of MURDER

A shooting in Trenton that left 22 injured on Sunday may have been prevented if one of the suspects wasn’t granted an early prison release for murder, and an additional sentence for racketeering during his incarceration.

In 2004 he was sentenced to 18 years for his role in a murder. (He was 17 in 2004.) He got an extra 6 years for racketeering while in prison, related to gang activity. But he was reformed (or something) and so was on the street.

But what we need are more gun laws, to make it even more illegal for a felon to possess a weapon or attempt mass murder. Or that’s what New Jersey’s governor thinks.

Because keeping violent criminals in prison would be socially unjust. Or something.

Justice System Epic Fail

JusticeI usually characterize the Justice System as just another .gov bureaucracy. But if you got this kind of performance from the DMV, you would be rightfully pissed off. Report: Suspect in woman’s murder was arrested, released twice for assaulting her – CBS News

He assaulted her in October. He was released because a judge denied that he be held pending trial. She obtained a restraining order. On December 4th he assaulted her again (in violation of said restraining order) and kidnapped their 4-year-old son. A judge again denied holding him, even though that incident included a weapons charge.

On Tuesday, he killed her.

Newark police on Tuesday found 28-year-old Tiffany Wilson shot and she was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Officers pursued 31-year-old Kareem Dawson of Irvington to Summit, where the chase ended when Dawson shot himself. He’s being treated at a hospital and is facing charges.

My guess is that this time, he will be held in jail pending his court date. But a world of hurt could have been avoided if the Justice System (so called) had done a more credible job.

In a statement to the press on Tuesday, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka blamed the murder on New Jersey’s controversial new bail reform laws, which mandate the use of algorithm-based risk-assessment tools. The new data-driven system is intended to eliminate bias from decisions about pre-trial release.

So a man, who has proven himself to be a threat to his children’s mother, is allowed out on bail because to incarcerate him would be biased? I would say it looks more like the system didn’t give a damn about her life.

And of course this being New Jersey, they make it impossible for the victimized to defend themselves. So the only people with the guns are the bad actors.

Relying on the system to offer protection is a fools hope in the best of circumstances. This is not the best of circumstances. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this guy was a threat to this woman. That he wasn’t going to abide by the restraining order. Anyone and everyone related to this case (including the geniuses that came with the algorithmic approach to justice) should be fired. And then they should be reminded of her death, and what they did to contribute to it every day for the rest of their lives.