New York Wants Your Money to Keep Transit Unions Happy

We – the taxpayers supporting the federal government – already gave them $4 billion (with a “B”) in May. The nation’s biggest public transit system is facing ruin. Will Congress save it?

New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is in deep yogurt, and the powers-that-be don’t want to face reality. They are burning through $200 million every week, because no one is going anywhere in NYC. Or to NYC.

The agency, controlled by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, could cut service to the bone and hike fares dramatically, but faces the prospect of turning away priced-out riders who feel they can’t depend on the system. It could try to slash labor costs — going after two-thirds of its operating budget — but that would open up a political battle with powerful unions that Cuomo and fellow Democrats rely on in election years.

So the Blue state of New York wants 10 BILLION dollars, from you and me, to keep the Unions happy, so that they will keep electing Deep Blue politicians. Yeah that makes perfect sense. If you’re a Socialist.

When Government Attempts to Command the Economy

Usually the attempts to do that end in corruption scandals, or at best, achieve nothing. More ‘Buffalo Billion’ woes as audit finds Cuomo boondoggle a waste of tax money.

So Cuomo thought it would be a good idea to build “technology centers” after the style of Silicon Valley in California, or Boston’s Highway 128. Sounds good. Invest some money near NY universities, and generate tax revenue and jobs. It doesn’t seem to have worked out. But then some of Cuomo’s cronies were getting rich.

The “Buffalo Billion” projects were initially overseen by a longtime Cuomo aide, Alain Kaloyeros, through an arm of the State University of New York system that operated with little oversight.

Kaloyeros was convicted and sentenced to 3 1/2 years for his role in a bid-rigging scheme involving the economic development effort — which reached Cuomo’s innermost circle.

That was one of a few “development efforts.” Let’s let some of the Governor’s inner circle control millions of taxpayer money. What could go wrong?

Now they have created some jobs, just no where near what was promised.

An analysis of the project’s costs and benefits reviewed by DiNapoli revealed that the state would only net 54 cents in “economic benefit” for every dollar spent — a mere fraction of the usual $30 return that each dollar typically yields.

If you lose 46 cents on every dollar you spend, you won’t recoup the investment in volume.

And risk assessment was not done. Risks? What are those? Oh, and it is ALL COVID-19’s fault.

Why Do the Rich Want to Live in New York?

Given that everything is closed, I can’t see a reason, and a lot of it is likely gone for good. Taxing Thursday: It’s Up to You, New York, New York.

So the Left loves to go on about people paying their fair share… Does this seem fair?

It’s no coincidence, after all, that New York, where “1 percent of the population pays 50 percent of the taxes,” as Cuomo notes, has been steadily losing residents.

That is not a stable way to finance anything. In a state with about 19 million people, 1% is 190,000 people.

How many of those people need to move away permanently before the sting is felt in the budget?

There are a handful of states that have no state or local income tax. Where the weather is better than New York, and you can always visit. Assuming Broadway, the restaurants, etc. ever open again.

It’s the same in California where 0.5% of taxpayers are paying 40% of taxes. Who isn’t paying their fair share?

There is more, about the decimation currently happening in retail in New York City, Chicago and Palm Beach, Florida. Click thru, it is worth a few minutes of your time.

Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0

Hand CuffsYou can also file this under “Another failure of the victim-selection process. Homeowner shot home invasion suspects near Ithaca, state police say.

Two people broke into the house, police said. The homeowner told them to leave but shot them when they refused, police said.

If someone with a gun offers you a chance to walk away from a confrontation, you might consider doing exactly that. They could have been shot in the head or the heart.

The two guys who got shot were taken to a local hospital by their getaway driver. They were taken into custody after they were treated. The getaway driver was also arrested. All three are charged with first-degree burglary.

There is no word about whether the homeowner will face charges, but I doubt it. And the two miscreants who were wounded are being held without bail. The driver was offered bail, but is still in the county lockup.

Self-defense is a human-right, but I wouldn’t count on it in New York state.

Politicians and the Advice They Give

They are experts in everything. Just ask them, and they will tell you so. Brooklyn woman, 33, dies two weeks after she was shot eight times when she asked a man to stop setting off fireworks in the neighborhood.

First the advice.

Last month Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said that setting off illegal fireworks is a ‘nonviolent act’ and urged residents to ‘go talk to the young people or the people on your block who are using fireworks’ instead of calling 911 or 311.

What could go wrong?

But when [Shatavia] Walls did so, it ended up costing her life.

She told a man, who has not been identified, to stop with the pyrotechnics. He left and returned with a gun and shot at Walls and Hernandez as they tried to run away.

She was shot 8 times on July 7th, and she died on July 17th.

So will Eric Adams be held to any level of responsibility? Will he apologize? Will he even admit that he is wrong? He has gone to pontificating about the recent surge in gun violence; I don’t think he knows who Shatavia Walls was. I am sure he doesn’t care. (How can dwelling on this death help him politically?)

So just remember… Politicians are experts, even when they haven’t got a clue.

Where Would We Be Without Experts?

Go read the whole thing; it isn’t long. But I will highlight the stats, which caught my eye. COVID-19: The ‘Experts’ Are Clueless.

Something really went wrong in New York.

The per-capita death rate in Georgia remains 88% lower than New York’s; Florida’s rate is 93% lower and Texas is 96% lower.

Of course with more than 70,000 people per square mile, and a governor who set things up to kill old people in nursing homes, it’s hard to see how a virus wouldn’t ravage that city. And state.

New York vs West Virginia

One part travelog, one part dig at the smug jackholes on the East Coast. Dining at the Longbranch.

Thousands of New York nursing home patients have died because of Cuomo’s policy, while West Virginia is the only state in the country to have tested every nursing home resident for COVID-19. Tell me again, New Yorkers, how much smarter you are than these rustic hillbillies.


Good Guy With a Gun, Stops Bad Guy With a Gun

The Left will blame the inanimate object, the crazy guy doing the shooting. Heroic security guard shot saving family from gunman at NY transport hub.

Jahtheel Selmon, 29, had just started his early Sunday morning security shift at the William F. Walsh Regional Transportation Center in Syracuse, New York, when 31-year-old Andrew Booker started acting irritated after mechanical issues on a bus halted his trip.

Yeah, that make sense. Not.

Mr. Selmon was shot twice, but was still able to stop the guy with his concealed carry weapon.

Police showed up and took the guy into custody.

Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitpatrick called Selmon a “legitimate hero.”

He is recovering from his injuries in a local hospital.

NYC and COVID-19 – 1000 deaths

New York passes grim milestone: Over 1,000 killed by virus, more than two-thirds of the deaths in NYC.

New York state surpassed a grim milestone Sunday as its death toll from the coronavirus outbreak climbed above 1,000, less than a month after the first case was detected in the state.

Across all of the US, there were just shy of 2500 deaths. (As of Sunday night.)

Italy surpassed 10,000 dead. Spain is up to 6800 dead. The worst is yet to come, especially since people will not stay home and avoid contact.

So how many people have to die because you’re bored and want to get out?

More Insanity In New York

Because the Left doesn’t think police should defend themselves, even when they get shot. BLM Activists Riot After NY Police Shoot Armed Man in Self-Defense.

One police officer in Newburgh, N.Y. was shot when trying to arrest an armed man wanted for questioning in a shooting. Bodycam footage clearly shows the man armed with a silver handgun violently resisting arrest, drawing his gun, and shooting the officer before getting shot to death by the police.

And so BLM riots, even though a cop was shot.

Now I am no apologist for cops, all you have to do is look at the Cops Behaving Badly category. But people, even cops, have the right to defend themselves, and if this guy shot a cop, well he knew what would follow.

All the evidence points to the police using lethal force as a last resort. In effect, the man committed suicide by police. And yet, it’s the police who will inevitably pay the price.


Folks from New York Are Too Cool to Worry about COVID-19

Which is probably the reason that New York is now the center of the outbreak in the US. New Yorkers Are Infecting America : The Other McCain.

Yesterday, we took note of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis imposing a two-week quarantine on visitors arriving from New York-area airports. New York City is the epicenter of the Chinese Bat Soup Flu pandemic, with more than 17,000 reported cases — including more than 3,000 added in just the past 24 hours. Two states, New York and New Jersey, account for 65% of reported cases. This is a risk to the rest of America:

And it is in fact playing out as projected. NYC Mayor de Blasio says HALF of all New Yorkers will get coronavirus and warns people not to cling to Trump’s ‘false hope’ of reopening by Easter, as doctors describe ‘apocalyptic’ surge in patients across overwhelmed hospitals.

Under the terrifying admission, half the people living in the city will get the disease, and if the current trajectory remains the same, at least 40,000 could die.

De Blasio said: ‘It’s a fair bet to say that half of all New Yorkers and maybe more than half will end up contracting this disease.’

Why. Because. They. Won’t. Stay. Home.

Here’s the projection of the disease for all the US as of a few days ago. There is no way to add labels to the x-axis, so the dates which start at “1” actually run from 2/29 thru 3/23. (More details at this link.)

The So-called “Elites” Showing Their Barbarian Nature

The wealthy are descending on the Hamptons like a cloud of locusts, with about as much empathy for the people they are invading. ‘We should blow up the bridges’ — coronavirus leads to class warfare in Hamptons.

Store shelves stripped. Spreading (knowing in some cases) COVID-19. Generally showing a complete lack of empathy for their fellow man.

“A big majority [of the rich] are truly disrespectful, and in my opinion don’t deserve to enjoy Montauk,” says local fisherman Chris Albronda, 33. He wasn’t shocked by the infected woman who deliberately came out here, even after she was told not to.

“That small act reflects a lot of what we deal with in the summer,” he says. “Selfish. Disrespectful. Absolutely horrifying.”

As for helping with the people who are sick, get real. The elites don’t help.

“I see the bartenders and the waitresses — the people out of work — volunteering to feed the elderly,” says LaGarenne. “We don’t really see that from the types of people hoarding supplies. But I guess that’s to be expected.”

The hospital in the Hamptons was overwhelmed before the tide of locusts descended.

A Failure of the Victim-selection Process

Hand CuffsApparently 4 people decided it would be a good idea to break into an occupied home. Homeowner injured, one suspect dead following shootout on Tuscarora Reservation.

The Lewiston Police Department and Niagara County Sheriff’s Office painted a picture of what happened Sunday afternoon, saying that early in the morning, three armed people allegedly entered a home on Mt. Hope Road. The homeowner told police that he exchanged gunfire with the suspects, causing them to flee.

Deputies performed first aid, until paramedics could remove the homeowner to a local hospital.

A Sheriff’s deputy noticed a car traveling fast in the area of the attempted robbery and pursued it, and a high-speed chase ensued until patrols were able to stop the car on Lockport Road in the Town of Wheatfield.

At that time, three suspects were taken into custody, and a fourth male suspect was found dead in the car at the time of the traffic stop.

The investigation continues, but self-defense is a human-right.

Bail Reform Costs Another Life

JusticeSo how much social justice, or regular justice, did his victims receive? Man accused of killing security officer, had been free on attempted rape.

The 25-year-old man accused of fatally stabbing a library security officer to death had been released without bail after being accused of trying to rape a woman at Montefiore Nyack Hospital in November, authorities and court documents confirmed Thursday.

Because turning violent criminals loose on the streets to commit more violent acts is the right thing to do. At least according to the SJWs running New York.

Hat tip to The Other McCain, who notes…

“Social justice” is a threat to public safety, but this is just another case of violence against women feminists won’t notice, for some reason . . .

Bail Reform Marches On. Or Maybe Not

Fist up, Fox News. NYC subway thief thanks Democrats after his 139th arrest, release: ‘Bail reform, it’s lit!’.

Charles Barry, 56, has been arrested six times since the start of this year. He’s been released each time without having to post bail under New York’s new bail reform law since his alleged offenses were nonviolent, the New York Daily News reported. In the past, Barry’s served several stints in state prison and has a lengthy record, including six felonies, 87 misdemeanors and 21 missed court hearings, the newspaper reported, citing court records.

Then there is the New York Times, who thinks that quoting statistics is racist. Give the New Bail Reform Law Time to Work.

If prosecutors, the police or others believe that the law is causing public harm, it is their job to make a reasoned case.

Of course The NY Times doesn’t think that has happened. The increase in crime is purely coincidence. And “cherry picking” the cases.

The Post seems to think it is fairly clear. NYC has spike in shootings, other major crimes to start year. And as they point out in another article that means more victims.

What’s The Opposite of “Witness Protection?”

This never made sense to anyone. Man who was supposed to testify against MS-13 gang members found dead.

Long Island authorities on Wednesday implied that a man set to testify against MS-13 gang members was killed as a result of criminal-justice reforms requiring prosecutors share witnesses’ identities with defendants.

No, really? I’m shocked that you could insinuate that a reform pushed by Democrats could have bad consequences. Impossible.

Who thought this would be a good idea, or “fair” or whatever they thought it was? No one will ever agree to testify against any violent criminal, especially against a violent gang like MS-13, ever again in New York. Would you? (Hat tip to 90 Miles from Tyranny.)

They Were Given a Stern Warning

So how’s that Bail Reform working out? Suspects accused of running $7M fentanyl ring released without bail.

Six suspected drug dealers who are accused of running a $7 million fentanyl distribution operation out of a Bronx apartment were released without bail under the state’s new criminal justice law early Wednesday.

So how long before their fentanyl business is back up and running? (The guy who was robbing banks didn’t miss a beat!).

Good Thing We Eliminated Mental Hospitals

Because aving crazy people running around is so much better. ‘We Knew He Was Crazy But Not Like This,’ Ex-Wife of Church Gunman Says.

Kinnunen’s ex-wife said he had a bad drug habit and lost touch with reality.

“We knew he was crazy but not like this,” Angela Holloway said. “I don’t wish this on anybody. I feel sorry for the victims. I really do.”

The list of restraining orders, assault charges, etc. at the link. So what happens when you have crazy people running around? They do bad things.

A side note, and a quote from one of the congregation.

“I was so surprised because I did not know that so many in the church were armed,” Isabel Arreola said, telling the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that she was sitting near the gunman, had never seen him before, looked like he was wearing a disguise and that he “made her uncomfortable.”

Good thing they were. (Hat tip to The Other McCain on that story.)

And of course, this is not an isolated incident. A clear-eyed look at Monsey attack: It looks like New York’s mental health failures were partly responsible for the attack at a rabbi’s home.

His long-time pastor couldn’t understand why he wasn’t institutionalized, telling one reporter, “There hasn’t been anyone who has given a real solution to deal with a grown man who is dealing with schizophrenia, other than ‘Go home and call us if something happens.’ ”

That is certainly the case in New York, and it’s Cuomo who bears the brunt of the blame for the state’s failed mental health policies. He continues to close psychiatric hospitals, refuses to take the lead in amending New York’s involuntary commitment standard, and, like Mayor de Blasio, is surrounded by people who refuse to focus mental health services on delivering treatment to the most seriously mentally ill.

Unfortunately, “when something happens” usually means something bad has happened.

What’s the Cost of Ignoring Infrastructure?

If bridges can’t support fire trucks, you better hope you don’t have a fire. Unsafe Bridges Impact Lansing Emergency Response.

Lansing, New York Fire Chief Scott Purcell is concerned because the load-limit on a bunch of bridges in his town have been reduced. Because basically they have been ignore for so long, they can no longer support the weight of a fire truck. The town doesn’t actually do maintenance of the bridges, as that falls to either the state or the county. The town is just stuck dealing with the consequences.

What I am asking is that the Town Board use whatever power it has to reach out to other government officials such as members of the State Assembly and State Senate to find the funding to fix these bridges and make them capable of supporting large fire apparatus again. I know there will not be an overnight solution to the problem, but it needs to be addressed and a plan put in motion to fix this problem before there is a large loss of property, or, even worse, the loss of human life.”

So when did we decide that government had so many other things to do? Roads and bridges. Basic services like fire and police. I know that there are a lot of other things people think government should do, but are any of them more important than making sure firetrucks can get to the scene of a house fire in time to do some good?

Self-defense in Deep-blue New York?

Who could have imagined that? Homeowner shoots intruder during alleged home invasion.

The Genesee County Undersheriff says a person forced his way into a home on Clinton Street overnight, appeared to be in possession of a gun, and demanded cash from the homeowner. That’s when police say the homeowner got a long gun, and shot the suspect.

So when I see the media using a term like “long gun,” I am usually willing to bet that what they really mean is an AR-15, but they don’t want to admit that such a weapon can actually be used for home defense. Because do you think they would have avoided using “shotgun?” Of course I’m cynical. It could just be the term used by the sheriff’s spokesman.

In any event, self-defense is a human-right. Though I’m sure in this case “investigation continues” is bureaucratic-speak for “we are trying to figure out how to charge this law-abiding, homeowner with a crime.”