Harp Twins Cover Nightwish

Last week we had “Nemo” by Nightwish. Today we have that song covered by Camille and Kennerly Kitt, known as The Harp Twins.

The Kitt sisters seem to have a penchant for doing harp covers of metal songs, and while I don’t always like them, this one seems to work.

And if it isn’t too non-PC, Happy Valentine’s Day.


Nemo (not the fish)

Nightwish is a Finnish Symphonic Metal Band, (don’t worry, the song is in English) known originally for the soaring vocals of their lead female singer, Tarja Turunen. She was invited to leave the band in 2005 because her solo career was taking off. (The exact reasons depend on who you ask, I guess.)

Anyway, this is the song “Nemo” from the last Nitghtwish album that Tarja was involved with, Once. To date it is the best-selling album that Nightwish has produced. (Lyrics at this link.)

They have had a couple of lead female singers in place of Tarja since they “dismissed” her.