How Much Do Leftists In Education Hate the Military?

JusticeEnough to think that of course they can break federal law. Feds: NC school will reinstate Army reservist fired while on active duty.

He was in the reserves. He got activated. They “eliminated his position.”

Coffer filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor, which investigated and made a point of telling former Superintendent Ray Spain that the reservist wanted his job back.

After reinstatement or the offer of an equivalent position didn’t materialize, the Labor Department referred the matter to the Justice Department, which took it to federal court.

The law in question, signed in 1994 by William Jefferson Clinton, is The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.

That 1994 statute, signed into law by former President Bill Clinton, “safeguards the rights of uniformed service members to return to their civilian employment following absences due to military service obligations and protect[s] servicemembers from discrimination on the basis of their military obligations,” Justice Department officials said in a Thursday news release.

Click thru and read some of the insane and insulting comments made to this guy by “professional educators.”

They are educators and Leftists. You don’t tell them what to do. (Is discriminating against someone because of their military status a Hate Crime?


Yet Another .gov Agency Hit By Ransomware

Second time in two weeks for this county. Another county agency hit by ransomware. No ransom has been requested with the 2nd attack.

The Sheriff’s office is still recovering their servers.

This time, it was servers within Lincoln County Communications that were hacked. Issues were discovered by Lincoln County Information Technology staff around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 6, according to a press release issued by Bill Gibbs, director of the Lincoln County Communications Center.

Not sure why the delay in reporting…

911 calls are still being handled, but data is going out to police, etc. via radio, not over their computers.

We’re taking 9-1-1 calls as we did before we got the servers,” Atkins said. “First responders just won’t receive the data over a computer, it’ll come over the radio. That’s the way we did it for years. It’s hard to say if this will slow down response time but I would say it would be negligible.

I’m sure “negligible” was not how it was described when the funding request for the new 911 communications was proposed.

The Left Really Hates Self-defense

They hate self-defense in general, and Stand Your Ground in particular. Deadly shooting of armed robber at gas station brings attention to NC Stand Your Ground law.

NBC Charlotte has learned both teenagers were arrested on the same day and the same charge last month. On Friday afternoon, Harris was scheduled to be back in court on charges of robbery with a dangerous weapon, attempted robbery, and conspiracy to commit robbery and the other is dead.

The Left and the media (but I repeat myself) is bent out of shape because a concealed carry license holder intervened when these two would-be miscreants tried armed-robbery against a store clerk.

“The patron perceived an imminent deadly threat,” said CMPD Sergeant Brian Scharf, adding, “everyone has to make their own decision whether their life is in danger or not.”

Self-defense is a human-right.

Another Sheriff’s Department Hit by Ransomware

Is this even news at this point? A public agency is hit by ransomware. Ransomware attack cripples North Carolina sheriff’s office network. FBI investigating..

At about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, hackers “destroyed a recent system backup and encrypted the information on the main server, preventing access,” Lincoln County sheriff’s investigators said in a news release Friday.

Which is why your backups should be offline. At least some of them.

Not sure why they waited almost a week to fess-up about ransomware, but maybe the FBI (Federal Bureau of Incompetence) had something to do with that.

Things are going to get worse than before they get better.

Self-defense Is Legal in North Carolina

JusticeAnd the DA’s move with lightning speed. (It can take some jurisdictions months to make these determinations.) NO CHARGES: Brooklyn Avenue shooting was self defense, D.A. says.

The shooting that killed a 48-year-old man on July 3 was an act of self-defense and won’t result in charges against the shooter, District Attorney Greg Newman announced today.

The family of the guy who got shot is not happy, of course, but they never are.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in North Carolina it is your legal right as well.

What Will You Do While You Wait for 911 Response?

The call was initially priority 2, and it never got upgraded. Five minutes passed before police were dispatched to fatal attempted break-in.

5 minutes to dispatch officers, and 5 minutes for them to respond, all the while the caller was watching an individual try to break into her home. (Well, not quite. Total time waiting for police was 9 minutes and 17 seconds.)

The situation began to escalate 24 seconds later into her call. Andrews had started banging on Taylor’s door, yelling, shouting and throwing things.

“Do not approach the person,” the dispatcher warned. “We’re going to dispatch an officer as soon as possible.”

At 5 minutes, 33 seconds, the dispatcher told Taylor police were on the way.

By that time, the incident had escalated into what would be considered a Priority 1 call, but it was still classified as a Priority 2.

Expecting “The System” to save you is a losing bet. In the first place that system is mostly a bunch of people, and people make mistakes, like not reclassifying the severity of a 911 call. In the second place, if they had gotten the first bit correct, it still would have taken about 5 minutes for the cops to arrive. (Which was actually better than average response time in that area.) What will you do while you wait?

Officer Jordan Harris Sheldon

End of Watch. Officer shot to death in North Carolina traffic stop.

A police officer was fatally shot during a routine traffic stop in Mooresville, North Carolina, late Saturday, and the suspect later killed himself, the police department said.

K-9 Officer Jordan Harris Sheldon, 32, was transported to a hospital, but died from his injuries, Mooresville Police Chief Damon Williams said at a news conference.