New Shooters from a New Demographic

They are targets because they carry cash, or at least because the bad guys think they do. Chinese business owners in Triangle turn to guns to protect against robberies | News & Observer

Dozens of Chinese business owners in the Triangle say they have felt targeted by thieves for so long that they have turned to firearms, including AR-15 assault-style rifles, to defend their livelihoods and their families. About 100 small-business owners have banned together to form the North Carolina Chinese Hunting Club to train in shooting techniques.

Self-defense is a Human-right after all. Hat tip to From the Barrel of a Gun.


He Had What He Wanted, But He Still Shot the Clerk

We are told, “Just give robbers what they want, and you will be OK.” (The gun-hating Left never wants to talk about rapists in that light.) But this guy didn’t get that memo. Man seriously injured in south Charlotte convenience store shooting – Story | WJZY

According to police, the employee was locking up the business when the suspect forced him back inside at gunpoint. The suspect took property from the store and shot at the clerk as he left.

He also shot at a random vehicle that was passing by.

Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of anything you are or are not doing. So cooperating with them is no guarantee of anything.

Of course being armed in your own self-defense is also a strategy. “There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snow.” But I for one believe that being armed is probably a better strategy overall than acting like a doormat, especially if there is no backup plan for if cooperation fails.

He Suffered a Failure of the Victim-selection Process

He thought it would be easy to rob a woman alone. He was wrong. RPD: Thursday shooting in downtown Raleigh was self-defense

According to the Raleigh Police Department, 23-year-old Morgen Matthews was walking down South Blount Street near the intersection of Davie Street when Jonathan Tyrone Peace, 28, attempted to rob her.

She pulled out a gun and shot him one time in the chest. She then waited for police to show up.

He is in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Self-defense is human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0

They thought it would be a good idea to rob a store. They were wrong. Clerk shoots armed robber at Fayetteville gas station ::

Two guys walk into a gas station. One of them is carrying a gun.

Meanwhile, Bassam Albareti, 29, also saw on the store’s security camera the two suspected robbers coming in and pulled out a gun, the owner said. Albareti fired several shots through the glass that enclosed the counter, hitting one man, the owner said.

They dropped the gun – which wasn’t loaded – and ran.

The guy who got shot called 911 a short time later to get medical attention. He tried to say he was the victim, but the Sheriff’s office has arrested him. He is in a local hospital, with a bullet wound to his liver.

The 2nd guy has also been arrested and is in the county lockup.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Coyote Attack in North Carolina

I’m guessing that wild animal attacks are rare in that part of the country. Wake Forest man injured in coyote attack |

It happened about 9:30 p.m. along the 3100 block of Lariat Ridge Drive as the homeowner was taking out his trash.

The victim defended himself by kicking the animal, but the coyote continued to attack. The homeowner eventually escaped by throwing a trash can at the coyote which caused the animal back away.

It “lurked” in the backyard until it was shot by the homeowner’s son. It will be tested for rabies.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Armed self-defense leads to the arrest of a violent criminal. Armed robbery suspect shot by Knightdale store clerk, police say

Police say Tevin Cameron Horton, 20, of Wendell, entered the store armed with a revolver and pointed the gun at the clerk while demanding money.

After a brief struggle, the clerk pulled out his own gun, and shot Horton. He was arrested a short time later at his home, where he claimed to be the victim of a drive-by-shooting. Unfortunately for him, there is surveillance video of him attempting his robbery.

Compare this outcome, with the case highlighted in the previous post, and tell me which is the better strategy?

Self-defense is a human-right.

Self-defense is Legal in North Carolina

The justice system is even moving pretty quickly in North Carolina. DA: Man acted in self-defense in fatal Caldwell County shooting – | WBTV Charlotte

The shooting took place on February 8th of this year. Getting a decision like this can take months in some jurisdictions.

The district attorney determined the actions that led to the death of Daniel Lashawn Wright were justified as a measure of self-defense from a physical assault, and no charges will be filed.

The guy was found to have methamphetamine in his system.

The DA authorized the immediate release of the gun – which was confiscated as evidence – to its owner, the guy who did the shooting.