Don’t Bring a Machete to a Gunfight

CuffsThings won’t end well for you if you do. Machete-wielding suspect shot by victim during robbery attempt, Wilmington police say

Police say Miller was armed with a machete when he approached a 24-year-old man and tried to steal his gun. A struggle ensued, leading Miller to grab a nearby woman and hold the machete to her neck.

The man then shot Miller in self-defense, ending the altercation, police say.

The guy who got shot was arrested after he was released from the hospital. The shooter was taken into custody, but released when the details emerged.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

The Media Doesn’t Care About All Crime

This is just a local story. Translation: It doesn’t advance the narrative, so the death of Veronica Baker will get no coverage. Four Black Teens Charged In Relation To Murder of North Carolina Girl – National Media Silent.

I mean you don’t expect the national media to care about this story, do you? Why would they?

Some may argue this is a local crime that should only be covered by local news, however the mainstream media reports on every slight and insult by a white person against a person of color, while they stir up hatred and division. See the cases of Amy Cooper or the Covington kids for a couple of prime examples.

She was shot and left in a parking lot to die.

Speaking exclusively to National File, a schoolmate of Baker’s said that she was a “really nice person who would never harm anyone.” He said what happened to her was “a senseless act of violence,” and was surprised at the lack of mainstream media coverage regarding her case.

I’m not surprised at all. Hat tip to 90 Miles from Tyranny.

Good Guys 4, Bad Guys 0

Hand CuffsYou can also file this under, “Another failure of the Victim-selection process.” Macon County man shoots, wounds home intruder; Suspects say they wanted money for heroin.

A woman knocks on the door. When the homeowner answers, a man tries to force his way into the home. The homeowner shoots the man in the arm for his bad decision, and the two, plus a driver, escape in a car.

Three suspects, identified as Natasha Kerberg, Carmalita Pike and Kenneth Lawrence were later arrested.

They admitted they were going to buy heroin, and so Dean Myers was arrested on suspicion of selling drugs.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Because Keeping Violent Criminals in Jail Is Unfair

So how’s that affordable bail working out? 7-Year-Old N.C. Girl Is Fatally Shot, Allegedly by Man Who Was Released from Jail Hours Earlier.

Because keeping violent criminals in jail is unfair, or something.

He was arrested for “assault by pointing a gun” on Tuesday. He bonded himself out and three hours later killed Aaliyah Norris, who was sitting in a car and eating ice cream.

On Wednesday, Shaquille Marshon Francis, 26, was arrested and charged with murder.

This time, the bail isn’t so affordable. The investigation continues, or it will, until they disband the police anyway.

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

crime scene tapeThey didn’t plan on the clerk being armed. Caldwell County deputies seek men shot at during attempted robbery.

Deputies say two males wearing all black entered the store with a firearm and chased the clerk through the store.

The clerk, believing he heard a shot, pulled his firearm and fired several rounds at the suspects, according to deputies.

Police think one of the two would-be bad-guys got shot.

Self-defense is a Human-right.

People Are Beginning to Push Back

Push back on Governors and other politicians who want to trample their civil rights, that is. As several people have noted, the ACLU has been strangely quiet on a lot of these cases.

First up, Kentucky. Lawsuit alleges Gov. Beshear infringed on protesters’ First Amendment rights.

A federal lawsuit filed on behalf of four protesters alleges that Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear violated First Amendment rights over restrictions to keep protesters at a distance during daily COVID-19 briefings.

North Carolina: ‘We’re concerned that our First Amendment rights are being trampled underfoot’ | Winston-Salem pastor files lawsuit against Governor Cooper.

The lawsuit alleges the Governor’s executive orders preventing gatherings of more than ten people violate the Constitution.

In media news… ‘Protected by the First Amendment’: Media consortiums back Fox News amid coronavirus coverage lawsuit.

It seems a bunch of Karens have decided that Fox News opinion personalities are not entitled to First Amendment protection of their opinions. Not when broadcast on cable television. And while the ACLU can’t be reached for comment, two groups that support journalists, The Internet & Television Association and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, have stepped up to defend Fox.

As usual, the Babylon Bee has perhaps the best take on the issue. ‘I Can’t Believe Christians Think It’s Safe To Go Back To Church,’ Says Woman In Line At Walmart.

I found these stories, and many more, when I went looking for more info on the Mississippi Church burning.

Wake Forest Sheriff Gets a Bit of a Wakeup

The North Carolina sheriff stopped issuing pistol-purchase permits because of COVID-19. Wake sheriff to resume pistol permit applications halted by coronavirus concerns.

He still gets to take COVID-19 into account, but he has to issue permits.

The consent order gives Baker up to seven days to implement the changes needed to resume accepting pistol purchase applications. Information on the modified application process will be available on the Sheriff’s Office Pistol Permits Office’s website in the next few days.

Concealed carry permits are still on hold because they stopped doing fingerprinting. Infectious disease protocols, don’t you know.

So why is any sheriff issuing “purchase permits?” Seems very anti-Second-Amendment to me. (Hat tip to Pirate’s Cove.)

Armed Self-defense Evens the Odds

Or what would you do if 5 people tried to rob you at an ATM? Police: Woman shoots teen after 5 people try to rob her at west Charlotte ATM.

The incident happened around 2:30 a.m. at an ATM on Beatties Ford Road near Montana Drive. The woman says the teen and four others attempted to rob her at gunpoint while she was in her vehicle at an ATM machine. The woman says she shot the 17-year-old in self defense.

The kid later called 911 to say he was shot.

Police are still investigating, but self-defense is a human-right. (Hat tip to TheBlaze.)

A Dad Protects His Daughter

What do you think he should have done? Talk sternly to the intruder? Dad tackles burglar after hearing daughter scream, holds him at gunpoint until deputies arrive.

The incident happened Thursday morning at a home on Philadelphia Church Road. Officials say the homeowner was lying in bed when his wife and daughter returned home from a dentist appointment. A short time later, he heard his daughter scream and rushed to her room where he found an intruder.

No word on how old the daughter is.

So would this be better if he had a knife, or a baseball bat? Would he have been able to help capture someone on a bit of a crime spree if he wasn’t armed? How would the good guy being disarmed have made this situation better? I wish the gun-hating Left would have to explain.

In the meantime, self-defense is a human-right.

When Seconds Count, Police Are Minutes Away

Hand CuffsThey keep calling these two “teens.” They should be calling them violent criminals, but that wouldn’t be nice. Man tackles teen trying to carjack wife in Ballantyne; neighbor shoots suspect.

A crime spree, involving car theft, and armed robbery. The car was stolen on the 29th of last month. They were driving around in the early morning robbing people on their way to work or the gym.

Six minutes later, officers spotted that stolen Camry which matched the description of the vehicle used in the previous two crimes and tried to pull it over. The driver refused to stop, though, and led police on a chase that ended when the Camry crashed into a tree on Bevington Place.

They arrested the driver.

The teenage driver, who police said is a convicted felon, was taken to the hospital but will survive.

His accomplice ran to a nearby neighborhood and was in the process of carjacking a woman just back from the gym, when her husband and the neighbors intervened.

During the carjacking, the victim’s husband ran out of the house and tackled the suspect.

Neighbors heard the commotion and also ran outside. At least one of them was armed and ordered the suspect to drop his weapon, police said.

When the suspect refused, one of the neighbors shot him.

He was shot in the leg with a shotgun, when he reached for his gun. He’ll survive.

The article refers to him as a “17-year-old boy.” But since he is 17, and he apparently has committed several felonies, I would guess that he will be charged as an adult. Just a guess. In any event, you would do better to refer to him as an armed criminal, a would-be bad-guy. But then the media loves to sugarcoat stuff.

As for the minutes… It took cops about 5 or 10 minutes to arrive and take this guy into custody, even though the other scene wasn’t far away. (Another guess – they had to dispatch someone else because those cops were dealing with the crashed Toyota Camry and that guy.)

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0.

He Suffered a Failure of the Victim-selection Process

Hand CuffsHe thought trying to rob someone getting a fast-food breakfast was a good idea. Would-be victim shoots robber at Burger King, Fayetteville police say.

[The police] investigation revealed the man attempted to rob someone when the would-be victim pulled out a gun, firing several shots and hitting the man once.

The whole thing remains under investigation. The guy who got shot is expected to be Okay. And self-defense is a human-right.

How Should a Woman Respond to an Intruder in Her Home?

I know what I would do. Update: Monkey Junction shooting was self-defense, homeowner won’t be charged.

According to WPD, “The victim arrived home and discovered her front door ajar. Once inside, she heard someone moving from room to room. She retrieved her handgun, confronted the suspect — identified as Michael Jarvis, 37 — and shot him. Jarvis was transported to the hospital and, as of Tuesday morning, is in critical condition. The homeowner will not be charged.“

Self-defense is a human-right.

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

He thought it was a good idea to break into a home. Guilford County man shoots person trying to break into his home, deputies say.

A homeowner responded to a person trying to break into his home by arming himself. He shot the person, and then someone (the homeowner?) called police.

When [police] got there, they found a person with a gunshot wound down the road, not far from the home. Investigators say the suspect was taken to Moses Cone Hospital with unspecified injuries.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in North Carolina it is mostly your legal-right.

Neighbors Were Shocked

Facepalm X 2Because they usually are… Neighbors shocked after shots fired into home, car on Rivermeade Drive in High Point.

And they acted like insane average people.

After hearing shots outside their home…

“We decided to get up and go to the door and see what it was,” she said.

OK, here’s an important safety tip. If you hear gun shots, DO NOT go and look to see what is going on. Take cover. Military cover. Don’t just hide. (That is concealment.) Put something between you and the bad guys. Brick. Granite. Bookshelves full of books are a good option. DO NOT put yourself in the line of fire to satisfy your curiosity, or you may end up like the cat.

Oh, and crime is not something that happens to “other kinds of people” in “other kinds of places.” If you can read this, then you live in The Real World™ where crime can, and all too often does, happen. You are not protected by your zip code.

A Failure of the Victim-selection Process

He thought breaking into a home was a fine idea. He was wrong. Graham man shot during attempted break-in.

An investigation revealed that Tristan Antonio Chavez, 22, of Stockard Road, tried to gain access into the home by “beating and kicking the door,” officials said. The homewoner confronted Chavez, and a brief struggle occurred. After the homeowner was struck, Chavez was shot.

When he gets out of the hospital, he will be taken to the county jail. The investigation continues.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

What If You Dialed 911 and Couldn’t Get Through?

You can also file this under, “No one does proper systems design anymore.” UPDATE: Miscommunication is to blame for the 5 hour outage in NC Friday morning.

Redundancy? That’s expensive. Besides, the network is ALWAYS there. Until it isn’t.

So they needed to relocate fiber optic cables because a bridge is being built. So far so good. These kinds of things happen. Which means, the people who build critical infrastructure need to be aware of single points of failure. Of course the people doing the moving of communications infrastructure should figure out if it is CRITICAL to public safety before the pull the plug. But all that documentation is hard to go thru, and how critical can it be, anyway? Oh, it is just the ability of a big part of North Carolina to reach 911. What could go wrong?

911 services in six North Carolina counties and the Cherokee Tribal reservation have been restored after a five-hour outage.

I hope no one had a heart attack, or had to deal with an attacker overnight.

Calling 911 is a fine thing to do, but you should be aware that the system isn’t perfect. You should have a plan B.

HOAs Are Just Evil

This is one of the more stupid actions a home owners’ association has taken. Woman whose son was killed in Aurora warehouse shooting told by North Carolina homeowners’ association to remove Aurora Strong flag.

So this grieving family was threatened with fines of $100 per day, because flag poles are evil in the view of the HOA.

“I contacted the association and said to the architect, can I tell you about the five people who were murdered and the five policemen who were shot? Can I tell you about the other people who will never be the same who were there that day?” Kendra said.

Once the story was picked up by a local news station and the idiocy of the board was on public display, they backed off on the fines, but still want the flag pole gone. Or at least moved. And they only want her to fly the flag honoring her dead son one day out of the year.

Self-defense Is Legal In North Carolina

JusticeEven if you use a crossbow to defend yourself. DA: No charges for NC man who shot neighbor with crossbow.

I really wanted to use a snappy title, like “Self-defense: Medieval-weaponry edition,” but there is little that is primitive about the modern crossbow.

A district attorney in North Carolina says no charges will be filed against a man who shot and killed a neighbor with a crossbow.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Homeowner Uses “Rubber” Buckshot to Stop Home Invader

Seems to have worked. OCSO: Man shot with rubber bullets during burglary.

2:50 AM a family wakes up to the sound of someone trying to break in.

The homeowner grabbed his shotgun, which was loaded with rubber buckshot, and went around the back of the house to check it out where he allegedly found 23-year-old Jacksonville resident Patrick James Lankford.

Thomas said the homeowner confronted Lankford, and Lankford allegedly picked up a chair and started coming after the homeowner. The homeowner then shot Lankford in the lower leg with a rubber buckshot round.

Deputies arrive and arrest the bad guy, at which point he tries to resist. They take him to the hospital, and then to the lockup.

“It was self-defense on his part,” [Onslow County Sheriff’s Office Col. Chris] Thomas said, adding that the homeowner was protecting his home and family. “I think the suspect’s very fortunate that the homeowner used rubber bullets instead of traditional ones.”

Self-defense is a human-right.