NPR Advertises Itself As Providing a Deeper Understanding of the Issues

In reality, not so much the case. Case in point. Right-Wing Populist Jair Bolsonaro Sworn In As President Of Brazil.

First, anyone who isn’t as far left as Bill Clinton is always described as “Far Right.” But they never describe anyone as “Far Left.” (Of course that is the media as a whole, not just NPR.)

But they offer up this one bit of “information” with no context.

On Saturday, Bolsonaro tweeted that he would work to ensure every citizen without a criminal background can own a gun.

Horrors! They might have similar gun laws to the USA!

But they offer no context. Why would this resonate with the voting population of Brazil? Because while Brazil currently has some of the most Draconian gun control laws, they have a runaway crime (and murder) problem.

Where the USA has murder rate of 5.35 per 100,000 inhabitants, Brazil – with all those lovely gun control laws – has a murder rate 29.50. Say it again. With all the gun control that the Left and NPR just LOVE, Brazil has a murder rate 5.5 times greater than the US. Could it be that gun control doesn’t stop bad guys from having guns? Could it be that NPR doesn’t want to dwell on the subject, but only hit the high points that they know will trigger their audience?

Media bias? What media bias? Nothing to see her. Move along.


Newsflash: NPR Doesn’t Like Armed Self-defense

I’m shocked – Shocked! – to discover that a Leftist “news” organization doesn’t like guns and gun owners. How Often Do People Use Guns In Self-Defense? : NPR. OK, I’m not that shocked.

They bemoan the fact that there are not good statistics, and they ignore – or gloss over – one of the largest groups of armed self-defense categories. The one that never makes the news, because no one got shot. The case where the would-be bad guy ran like a rabbit when he realized he had suffered a breakdown of the victim-selection process.

The category the do manage to COMPLETELY ignore, is the change in behavior caused by the knowledge that some of their would-be targets could be armed.

I could point to the way burglars in the UK don’t bother to check to see if anyone is home, because they know no one will be armed. I could point to the shift seen in Florida after the institution of SHALL ISSUE concealed carry where robbery decreased and property crime (stealing cars, stealing from cars, stealing for unoccupied dwellings, etc.) increased. Because the bad guys got the message that some robbery victims would be armed.

But these kinds of issues are not of interest to the “journalists” at NPR, because they are not really interested in anything but promoting the anti-gun agenda.

There was a time when I gave large amounts of cash to NPR every year. But that is decades ago now. They are so far to the Left they can’t see the center from where they are.

Blame Police, Because Blaming the Bad Guys Would Not Be PC. Or Something

It is stories like this one the convince me I will never donate to NPR, and why I keep pushing to eliminate any remaining federal funds sent their way. Baltimore Residents Blame Record-High Murder Rate On Lower Police Presence. (What media bias?)

So this is an “interview” with a community leader from Baltimore decrying the state of homicides in that city. (Where Chicago wracked up a truly horrifying number of murders, Baltimore was working more on the murders-per-capita title.)

Who is to blame? Why police of course. They are to blame for everything. And the questions were softball lobs to allow Kinji Scott to say anything he wanted to without any push-back or challenge. (Is that an interview, or press release?) Maybe pushing-back would have been viewed as not PC as well.

On whether the community wanted police to back off after the death of Freddie Gray

No. That represented our progressives, our activists, our liberal journalists, our politicians, but it did not represent the overall community.

As Second City Cop notes…

So it wasn’t the “community” that was marching all over the place, agitating and screaming for indictments, burning and looting stores? That was progressives and journalists and politicians? We had no idea!

It wasn’t hard to see that the reaction of the community (and the press and the politicians) in Baltimore was going to turn out badly. (In which I ask when the riots about police inaction were going to start.)

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Diane Rehm, NPR and the Backpedaling Left

So the latest kerfuffle on NPR is that Diane Rehm interviewed Bernie Sanders and brought some antisemtic drivel that a producer found on the internet along as the basis for a question. (Because everything on the internet is true, right?) Diane Rehm And A Bungled Interview With Senator Bernie Sanders : NPR Ombudsman : NPR.

Let’s cover the DR Show fiasco first, we will get back to NPR later.

To recap briefly what happened: During the interview Rehm said to Sanders: “Senator, you have dual citizenship with Israel.” Even when Sanders immediately corrected her, Rehm pressed on, telling him his name was on a list of lawmakers with dual citizenship.

Charges immediately flew that Rehm was engaging in anti-Semitism; Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said Rehm’s statements “play into classic anti-Semitic charges of dual loyalty.” As Politifact documented, the lists have circulated for nearly a decade.

And this crack piece of investigation? Rehm got the “information” off a Facebook comment. (So glad professional journalists are running the show over there.) And the producers “checked it” by apparently doing some internet searching.

She goes on to say, essentially, that you shouldn’t blame her for anything because she didn’t mean to be offensive. But that goes nowhere fast. Just because you didn’t mean to be offensive, doesn’t mean you weren’t offensive. (Diane Rehm is certainly old enough to remember Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder. Does she think he should have gotten a pass on his remarks, because he didn’t mean to come across as a racist?)

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