“A very steamy dog pile of science”

When people start to go on about “settled science” you should hang onto your wallet. When 98.9 Percent of Nutrition Scientist Got it Wrong.

Scientists are political creatures, just like the rest of humanity. Some of them have books to sell, others are trying to get grant approval. Shading the truth? Cherry picking of data? Color me shocked.

In 1953, Dr. Ancel Keys published the Seven Countries Studies. He collated data from seven countries whose population was known for their high consumption of dietary fats and a high incidence of heart disease and connected the two. Why he didn’t include data from all 22 countries in which data was collected is still not known. Some have speculated that it did not support his hypothesis. He had a book to sell. Only later, when data from all 22 countries were eventually tallied, little to no correlation was found between the consumption of dietary fat and coronary heart disease when a variety of other factors were considered.

Various other studies had similar twists in the data.