Would You Hire Any Oberlin Alum?

Oberlin students seem confused on some basic Right vs Wrong issues. This college lawsuit was the needed pushback against the ‘woke’ apocalypse. (The story that just won’t quit.)

It is wrong to steal, even if you are an Oberlin student, even if you are a member of a historically oppressed group. But the Oberlin worldview is opposed to such simplistic truths, and students immediately began protesting Gibson’s on the theory that, because the store stopped black kids from shoplifting, it must be racist.

The fact that Oberlin students don’t realize that stealing is wrong, and stopping people from stealing is not wrong is further proof that going to a crazy college is not a good idea. I doubt their parents wanted them to believe that stealing was OK.

So the students are confused on the fact that stealing is wrong. Would you hire any of them to work in your business? What would they feel justified in stealing? Computers? Client lists? I doubt that any of them would end up in IT, but would they install cryptomining everywhere if they did? I mean, they don’t seem to understand the following: Stealing. Is. Wrong.

For more on that see this link on the Culture of Theft at that school.


Oberlin College and the “Culture of Theft”

No one should attend this hellhole. Student journalist: Shoplifting at Gibson’s Bakery was part of Oberlin College’s “Culture of Theft”.

Higher education.

It’s truly astounding that a college would be afraid to support a local store that was the victim of shoplifting. It is deeply depressing that students did not already know that “shoplifting was harmful.”

So how is that kids in the 21st Century don’t know that “Stealing hurts the victim?” I bet they would object if you took money from them.

“[W]e uncovered a sad truth: That the majority of shoplifting in Oberlin is carried out by students…. [because] students just felt like it” — Puts in context testimony that the college wanted a special procedure for student shoplifters and feared backing the bakery would “trigger” a negative student reaction.

Then there is the social justice insanity, in which fried chicken wasn’t served enough, and General Chao’s Chicken was served too much. (Chinese food is cultural appropriation. Or something.)

No one should want to attend Oberlin College and no parent should be willing to pay anything to send their kids their. It is worse than a joke.