Lying Witnesses, Concealing Evidence, Innocent Men Condemned to Death

JusticeProsecutors love to win at all costs, even if that means putting innocent men on death row. ‘Jailhouse snitch’ helped send four men to prison, but her false testimony might help get two of them out.

Holland was known for her ability to overhear incriminating statements, and, Payne wrote, had “strategically” been placed by the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office in a cell across from Fontenot for nine days.

According to testimony given by Holland, she said she struck up a conversation with Fontentot, who told her that he, Ward, and a man named Odell Titsworth, took part in Haraway’s killing. She said Fontenot confessed to raping Haraway after Titsworth had stabbed her to death. The trio then poured gasoline on the body and burned it, Holland testified Fontenot told her.

But that never happened. When Haraway’s body was found in 1986, evidence showed she had been shot in the head, not stabbed.

Not that the prosecutor cared. He was rewarding that testimony by getting a reduced charge and sentence for her husband. (That was 7 years vs 40 years.) That was not disclosed to defense, and when asked on the stand about any benefits, she said there were none.

In another case there was DNA evidence that eventually cleared 2 people.

You think The Criminal Justice System cares about Justice? Think again. It cares about winning, and is willing to embrace the “criminal” part of that description if that means more winning.


Another School District Hit by Ransomware

This one in Oklahoma. Broken Arrow Schools Victim Of Ransomware Attack.

The start of the school-year means they don’t have time to react. And it means a lot of teachers are coming back from summer break and answering backlogs of email. (Which means phishing is probably exploding.) And schools can’t usually be bothered to spend money on security.

Broken Arrow Public Schools said they are recovering faster than expected after their network and servers were hit by ransomware.

The district said Thursday they have contacted the FBI and that cyber security experts are working to try and fix the issue. An investigation is underway to try and figure out who sent the ransomware.

Some stories are saying it is now “when” not “if” you will get hit with ransomware. So how will you respond?

Self-defense Is Legal in Oklahoma

But then I thought it was. You could also file this under “A failure of the victim-selection process.” Police identify man killed in apparent self-defense shooting outside midtown Walgreens.

A woman and a juvenile were sitting in a parked car at Walgreens, when a “verbal confrontation” began.

[Capt. Shellie] Seibert said Stites walked away, threw down the scooter and returned to the car with a knife. The juvenile inside the car grabbed a gun, accidentally shooting himself in the hand in the process, and shot Stites multiple times, Seibert said.

The woman drove to the hospital where they are cooperating in the investigation.

Homicide Sgt. Brandon Watkins said before 1 a.m. detectives had not determined whether any charges would be pursued. The shooting was most likely done in self-defense, he said.

While the investigation is ongoing, self-defense remains a human-right.

Relatives of Dead People Still Don’t Like Self-defense

JusticeThey never do. No Charges Filed In Deadly Shooting In OKC, Victim’s Family Speaks Out.

The family just wants revenge.

“Why is there no trial? How come we’re not even trying to get justice for my brother? I don’t care about money. I don’t care about any of that. I just want this guy in jail,” Kevin said.

And of course the dead guy was “very respectful.” He’s shown in pictures fishing, and being an all-around American boy next door.

The DA on the other hand, has a different set of concerns.

Prosecutors say the evidence suggests Chappell shot in self-defense.

And there it is. Facts. But this is the 21st Century, and facts are a 20th (or even 19th) Century concern. Today it is all about feelings.

Despite your feelings, self-defense is a human-right, and in Oklahoma, it is also your legal-right.

He Suffered a Breakdown of the Victim-selection Process

He thought attacking a woman out in the open would be a good idea. He was wrong. Tulsa police investigating year’s 15th homicide; man fatally shot during altercation with woman in south Tulsa.

Ritter said officers learned based on the store’s surveillance video footage that the woman and a friend were walking from the store to her apartment when the man attacked her.

The footage shows the two struggling on the side of the roadway and the man falling to the ground, which is when police think she shot him, Ritter said.

They ran to her apartment and called police. The guy who got shot died in a local hospital.

Other articles are calling it self-defense, but provided fewer details. One Tulsa news organization is even confused about the difference between attackers who, get shot, people defending themselves, and who in that scenario can realistically be portrayed as a victim.

It Was Off-campus Student Housing. Bet There Was a Gun-ban

Oh, and neighbors/students are shocked. “It was scary,” Nerves rattled for residents at Langston University apartment complex after double shooting.

Langston University police and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation are investigating a double shooting that sent two people to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

It happened around 1 a.m. Thursday at an apartment complex owned by Langston University just off the campus.

Police think there were 4 suspects. 2 people had to be flown to a trauma center with multiple gunshot wounds. This riled up the campus because they didn’t know they live in The Real World™.

“I can’t believe this. I’m totally in shock,” Letina Mcleod, who also lives at the complex, said.

There is more of that.