96 Minute Wait for Police After 911 Call

This is in Portland. Intruder with knife, boy being held: No Portland police response for 1 hour, 36 minutes

Guy with a knife threatening a kid and his dad. There were numerous calls to 911. Neighbors cornered him a block away. Cops never came, until after he had run off.

Police conceded the delay was unacceptable. They repeated what they’ve said to address previous criticism for holding back or recent slow response times: Their ranks are strapped by record retirements, covering months of social justice protests and other constraints.

Funny, I thought the people of Portland wanted to Defund the Police. I guess it isn’t actually all of the people who feel that way.

The first 911 call came in at 12:41.

Dispatch noted at 12:49 p.m.: “No units avail,” meaning no officers available to respond.

There is a fair amount of detail from dispatch to the 911 center, about how there were no officers to send.

Neighbor Dianna McAllister said police could have arrested the man if they had arrived sooner.

“A weapon and a child was involved,” she said. “If the police can’t respond to something serious like that, it’s just scary.

So, maybe you don’t want to defund the police?

Calling 911 is a fine thing to do, but when seconds count, police are only minutes away. And in some cases, they may not respond for a good long time. You should have a plan for what you will do while you wait.

Imagine That. Individual Action…

US FlagCitizens acting without government sanction. How a ‘Hillbilly Brigade’ saved an Oregon town from raging wildfires

These are the men and women of the “Hillbilly Brigade” – about 1,200 in all who came together this past week to fight the state’s biggest fire in a century. They are credited with saving the mountain hamlet of Molalla, an hour’s drive south of Portland, after its 9,000 residents were forced to evacuate.

The article focuses on Nicole West, who was driving a bulldozer from her ranch. (And her dog, who was acting as copilot.) But the photos show everyone from high-school kids to folks who appear to be lumberjacks all working together.

Does this count as “militia” action? Hat tip to Knuckledraggin My Life Away.

Portland Has Gone Over the Edge

The breakdown of Law and Order is complete. Eighty-five days later, Portland’s daily criminality has become dangerously normal.

What we saw in one week.

On Monday, groups marched, blocked traffic, and shined lasers at officers. As they marched, they shouted, “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now! If we don’t get it? Burn it down!”

On Tuesday, they came back and set dumpster fires, broke windows at the Multnomah County building, and then set it on fire. They have continued to throw rocks, glass bottles, and paint balloons at police officers.

On Wednesday and Thursday, groups gathered outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building and began vandalizing it and shining lasers at the federal officers. The officers exited the building and began to disperse the crowds, along with Portland police.

On Friday, several federal buildings in Portland were closed after authorities received a threat that a vehicle filled with explosives would target a federal building.

Car bombs. A few years ago that was something most of us thought were relegated to failed states. But then “failed” state is describing Portland, and maybe all of Oregon, fairly well these days.

So How Should the Elderly Defend Themselves?

crime scene tapeIf not with a firearm? The Left doesn’t like firearms, so what is their suggestion? Elderly homeowner shoots burglary suspect in NE Portland, police say.

A man shot a woman who was involved in a burglary at his Northeast Portland home early Monday, police say.

Portland police said the man shot the woman on 81st Avenue south of Interstate 84. The woman was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive.

Without effective means of self-defense, the old and infirm would be at the mercy of the young and the violent, the small would be at the mercy of the large, and anyone could be overcome by a handful of attackers.

Colt never said…

“Be not afraid of any man;
No matter what his size;
When danger threatens, call on me—
And I will equalize!”

But he should have. Self-defense is a human-right. The investigation continues.

Not the Sharpest Tools in the Shed

Almost a Quote of the Day. Stupid Is as Stupid Does.

You know, when I highlight stories like this, I hesitate to point out the obvious lesson, for fear that I might be giving criminals advice on how better to get away with felonies. But then I rememember that these idiots are probably illiterate, so there is no harm in saying this…

Yes do do have to click the link to see the whole thing.

And then there is this candidate for Mensa: Antifa Trash Fire Roundup.

How did the feds apprehend this criminal genius? Well, they were helped by the fact that (a) Schinzing was shirtless during the “mostly peaceful” protest, and (b) he has his rather distinctive surname tattooed on his back.

Did you think that this “protest” (the peaceful part lasted less than 20 minutes) would be different from all the rest, and there would be no cameras? Geniuses. They are geniuses in Antifa.

Officer Jackson Speaks at Length on the “Protests” in Portland

Before we had a short clip of 5 minutes by Officer Jackson. Now we have the nearly 30 minute video.

His description of racism of the White, Leftist “activists” is amazing.

If you have a problem with the video, try this link.

Hat tip to Small Dead Animals – Because Black Lives Matter.

Officer Jackson of Portland Police Speaks Out

A black cop from Portland, Oregon talks about the racism of the white protesters at the Black Lives Matter protests.

5 minutes that is worth your time. Grab a coffee.

Hat tip to Wombat-socho and Weasel Zippers.

Self-defense Is Legal in Oregon

crime scene tapeEven in Oregon. I’m sure the Left is disappointed. Shooting near Wolf Creek deemed self defense.

At about 11 a.m. Thursday, the property owner called 911 to report he had confronted a man in a vehicle who was shooting on his property. The man in the vehicle shot at the property owner, who then returned fire, police said.

He was found dead in his vehicle by state police.

It took the District Attorney only one day to decide it was self-defense, which is a human-right. (Hat tip to Keep and Bear Arms.)

Think Before Entering a Wilderness Area

Don’t act like prey. And try to remember you’re only an apex predator when properly armed. Cougar encounter near Corvallis renews debate over big cats in Oregon.

A guy running through cougar country has an encounter with a large cat.

He did his best to scare it off, yelling and waving his arms, but the cat crept steadily toward him, finally approaching so close that he was able to kick it in the head.

The startled mountain lion vanished into the woods, and Idema, thinking the animal was gone, turned and began running for home. But when he looked over his shoulder, he saw the cat was back — and gaining on him rapidly.

You can’t outrun a wild animal; certainly not if that animal is a cougar. Don’t try. He was saved by some hikers and their dog. The cougar was, eventually, tracked and killed, which has the “nature is cute and cuddly” brigade up in arms.

He’s more likely to run with a group now, and less likely to run in the early morning or evening hours. He’s started carrying one of those really loud emergency whistles, and last week he bought a canister of bear spray.

Which is better than nothing. Slightly.

Woman Defends Herself from Estranged Husband

She was apparently expecting trouble. Friend of Bethany woman who shot, killed estranged husband says she was ‘scared of him’.

Investigators said a man and his estranged wife got into an argument and he pulled a gun. The woman, they say, also pulled a gun and shot the man at least twice.

The investigation continues. The woman has not been arrested.

Don’t Bring an Ax to a Gunfight

JusticeThree months isn’t bad, in terms of the amount of time it took the DA to make a determination of self-defense, but the circumstances seem fairly cut-and-dried to me. Woman shot, killed boyfriend in self-defense, prosecutors say.

He hit her with an ax. There were apparently witnesses to some of it, so June 6th to September 10th seems like a long time to make that determination. Maybe everyone was on summer vacation, or maybe the DA just really hates self-defense. (Okay, MAYBE there was no grand jury in session. Maybe.)

There had been an incident early in the day, so she had armed herself.

About three hours later, Mitchell found the woman at a warehouse on Hanley Road with three other people. The woman said she could tell Mitchell was angry.

According to prosecutors, Mitchell grabbed the woman and pulled her from the warehouse, beating her along the way. The woman told officers Mitchell hit her several times with an ax while dragging her to a nearby car.

After he threw her to the ground she shot him once, went back inside and called 911.

Self-defense is a human-right, but prosecutors will do everything in their power to charge you, because they hate self-defense. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Defend Yourself?

Because the Left thinks there is a lower limit. 17-year-old shoots two males breaking into his mobile home.

Police said the 17-year-old shooter came home from a dispute with a 15-year-old acquaintance. After the 15-year-old and his 22-year-old brother forced entry into the subject’s mobile home, officers said he shot both of them with a 30-30 rifle.

The 22-year-old is in critical condition, the 15-year-old had “non-life-threatening injuries.”

So in the absence of a firearm, this kid is just supposed to be beaten. And yes, you can die from a beating. It is called blunt force trauma.

Portland Government Doesn’t See It’s Part in the Police Shortage

They blame everyone but themselves, and their attitude toward lawlessness. Your City Hall: Police shortage put on front burner.

The report points to the growing negative image of the police nationwide, calling the problem, “The deterioration of public perceptions of the challenges of serving as a police officer.”

That “nationwide” image is being driven by a couple of places. Chicago and Portland among them.

Consider the article, Dori: Portland police allowed Antifa mobs to take over the streets.

The mob, captured in a series of videos, is unbelievable to watch. Antifa stands in the middle of the road and directs people to turn right rather than drive straight, where their mob has taken over. Portland cops are sitting in their cars all in eye shot of this, and they allow the mob to run the streets.

And then there is Commissioners consult with prominent Black Lives Matter activist on Portland police contract. Because they won’t push for contract terms to hang cops out to dry.

Staff for Portland Commissioners Jo Ann Hardesty and Chloe Eudaly met Thursday with national Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson to strategize over the city labor contract with the Portland police officers’ union, an official in Hardesty’s office said.

Police made a decision to stand down in the face of violent protests. And the resulting video didn’t make it look too good to be a Portland resident, let alone a Portland cop. So why was that?

Nevertheless, [Mayor Wheeler] says he supports the decision by police to watch from a distance without getting involved.

Would he be supportive if the cops had opted for law and order? In Portland? I doubt it.

My guess is that the police in Portland know that they will get no support from City Hall, and so they make the decisions they do based on that understanding of politics, and their desire to keep their pensions. And the new kids? They see the writing on the wall and get out of there before they have 20 years invested.

The Most Misleading Headline of the Day

It isn’t exactly a lie, but it leads you to conclude the exact opposite of what actually happened. Portland’s Police Response Times Are Unchanged, Despite Adding 49 New Cops.

Sounds like the police force in question got stronger by 49 trained officers, doesn’t it? If you think that, you would be wrong.

While the total number of officer hires has increased over the past few years, PPB’s ability to keep them around has plummeted. According to the CBO, Portland has historically seen an average of 10 to 15 percent of all new officers leave PPB before their 18-month probationary period is over. Yet recent data shows that as many as 25 percent of officers hired in the past three years are no longer employed by PPB.

They may have hired 49 warm bodies, but attrition took more than that number out of the department. The total manpower is going down, and yet they are surprised that response times are going up. Or maybe they aren’t surprised and just want to bash cops.

If you read this blog even a little, you will be familiar with my “Cops Behaving Badly” category of postings, and you will know I am not a cheerleader for all cops all the time. But beating up a police department because it can’t get better 911 response with fewer people on the job is low, even for the Left-wing Moonbats in the regular media.

So How Is All That Portland Social Justice Working Out?

Not so good, if you measure it by calls to 911. Portlanders Call 911 to Report “Unwanted” People More Than Any Other Reason. We Listened In.

Oh, and don’t call 911 for stuff that is NOT an emergency.

A call of this sort is made to 911 by Portlanders, on average, every 15 minutes of every day.

“One guy,” she told the dispatcher, “is over there, he put a tent over there. It’s very close to our building. It’s almost in front of the door.”

“He’s just camping out?”

“He put like a tent,” the cashier said. “A big tent.”

Where is the Social Justice Compassion Portland is famous for? Calling the cops on a homeless guy who is doing nothing… sounds pretty heartless to me. (Oh, and he wasn’t doing anything, but they were losing business.)

And now the media is calling the homeless “unsheltered.” (Which my spellchecker doesn’t even recognize as a word.) Portland has the 2nd highest homeless population in the country.

Not only do Portlanders call dispatchers every 15 minutes to report an unwanted person: They call every four minutes, on average, to ask police to intervene in situations where there has been no crime committed

Yeah, that’s an efficient use of public resources.

Of course they get around – by about paragraph 25 – to discuss the complete lack of mental health resources. (Which were completely killed off mostly due to a movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.) And so police get called, because you can’t call the fire department unless you’re on fire. And those are really your only 2 choices when it comes to 911. Actually Portland does have a mental health hotline, but you can’t reach it via 911. (That makes no sense at all to me, I’m sure it is perfectly reasonable to the bureaucrats.)

The linked article is quite long, as they have transcripts of a number of the non-emergency calls.

Bad Guy With an Ax, Good Guy With a Gun

4 people dead, before cops shot him. “Shocking scene”: Deputies find 4 bodies, then shoot suspect trying to kill girl.

There is little to recommend this story. “Crazy People Are Dangerous” about covers it. But this sentence from the media did catch my attention.

The victims were not shot, The Oregonian reported. Neighbor Alice Burch told CBS affiliate KOIN-TV one of the weapons used was an ax.

“It was like an ax with a hammer head on it, a long-handled type hatchet hammer,” Burch said. “He stared whaling on her with whatever he was using.”

They feel compelled to say that no one was shot, because nothing bad happens without a bad guy with a gun. Not.

It is hard to get a feeling for what weapon was used. A long-handled hatchet? A maul? A roofing hammer? What? All those things are like a long-handled ax with a hammer head. (Someone needs a reminder: Accuracy. Brevity. Clarity. Though whether the Sheriff’s office or reporters it’s hard to say.)

No one is using the word abattoir – probably because they don’t know what that means – but it sounds like what the deputies discovered. They did arrive in time to save a little girl, so there’s that.

Another Leftist-controlled City

Out of control IV Drug use. Homelessness. Seriously increased crime. It might be time to… Escape from Portland.

Mayor Wheeler won’t go out with a sex scandal, but like his predecessor, he’s unable to reconcile the demands of virtue signaling in a leftist city with the practical problems caused by its implementation. The leftist solutions he’s tried, spending more on homeless services, demilitarizing and diversifying the police, have only backfired.

Property values are falling in Portland because people don’t want to spend a lot of money to deal with drug addicts, etc. (I know, who would have thought?)

Sounds Like a Parent Defending Kids

Which is exactly what parents are supposed to do. Police: Intruder shot, killed by homeowner in Tigard.

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed homeowner. That’s what happened here. The result is one dead home invader.

According to police, multiple kids were inside the home at the time, but they are safe.

Neighbors aren’t quite shocked.

This incident certainly has neighbors on edge.

“It’s very friendly, very family oriented – and yeah, this is unusual for here,” said Cheryl Lawhead.

A reminder that they do, in fact, live in the Real World™ where crime can, and sometimes does, happen.

While the investigation continues, Self-defense remains a Human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Self-defense in Oregon

Maybe he thought it would be easy to rob an elderly couple. Fatal Shooting in Josephine County Possible ‘Self Defense’.

An elderly man was on his property along Foothill Blvd when he shot another man to death, claiming it was done in self defense.

The investigation continues, but the homeowner has not been charged, and is cooperating with the authorities.

Self-defense is a human-right.

What If There Was No One to Respond When You Called 911?

When there aren’t enough police to cover a shift, people have to wait. Eugene City Council may add police funding as public safety needs grow.

Eugene police said that calls for service have increased by 21 percent. Response time for calls has increased by almost 20 minutes, and officers are unable to respond to one out of three calls because of a lack of resources.

A lot of truly bad things can happen in 20 minutes.

So they don’t break it down by severity of the call, but there is an interesting anecdote.

[Josh Stone] said a burglar tried to break into his house Wednesday, and his fiancé who was home at the time called 911. Police never came to the house, even with the surveillance video he provided of the man attempting to break in.

“I don’t feel safe leaving her and the kids in the house alone without a loaded firearm on the ground just because of the simple fact of what happened yesterday — that they didn’t come out and check. They just said they were going to make that police report and surveil the area,” Stone said.

So someone tries to break into your home, you call the cops, and they won’t even stop by to check on you. Oh they would drive by. (Excuse me, surveil – probably doesn’t involve getting out of the car.) If someone did break in, would they show up and draw a chalk outline around your body?

But the guy had it right. Be prepared to defend yourself, because even if you can call 911 before bad things happen, you may have to wait quite a while for police to show up.