An Overwatch Movie?

Can’t be worse than some of the other drek coming out of Hollywood. They have been talking about an Overwatch film for a while. And one of the Overwatch characters showed up in the latest trailer for Ready Player One. Though the record of good films being made out of games is pretty poor, especially when Hollywood (and suits who never played a game) are involved.

They say it’s an idea based on the success of the animated short films. Like I said, better than a lot of the stuff coming out of Hollywood.

As for the one movie I actually own that is based on a game, it wasn’t produced in America. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. And most Americans don’t get it, since it is a Japanese story told by Japanese artists.

(OK, so it isn’t exactly Anime. I don’t have a category for computer games being made into films.)

Who Even Knew There Was An Overwatch World Cup?

Overwatch World Cup 2017We are down to the semifinals. Overwatch World Cup: UK out, Sweden, Canada, France, and Korea through

The whole match lasted less than an hour, including a lengthy break, as Sweden comfortably won all their games against Team UK.

In the first game on Oasis, UK had opportunities, but were unable to capitalise on their leads.

I’m not sure I’m really into the whole eSports thing, but it is an interesting concept.

The next match is Sweden vs Canada, this afternoon. Not sure if it is streamed live, but I would guess it probably is somewhere.

What, you think the NFL has more interesting game play? At least no one will end up with CTE.

The First Video Game in Ages that Actually Interests Me

It may finally be time to build that new PC.

Overwatch – Ana’s Origin Story. The healing power reminds me of the D&D-like games that include healing mages. Except online. Probably won’t work out that way in practice.

After the break, there is some of her action in the game. She heals, and enhances allies, and can put enemies to sleep.

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