You Ever Have the Feeling They Aren’t Telling You the Whole Story?

CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSSThis is one of those times. Philly DA’s Office Employee Kills Armed Sex Worker in Self-Defense, Officials Say

On Tuesday, shortly before 10 a.m., an armed 31-year-old man tried to rob another man on the 2600 block of North Napa Street in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood, Philadelphia police said. The second man fired his own weapon, shooting the 31-year-old once in the chest.

The 31-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene. The man who shot him was not injured during the incident and has not been charged.

The shooter was an off-duty employee with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, who “who also works as a gun violence counselor.”

I don’t expect to hear much else, but I will try to try and stay alert to developments in this case.

Oh, and Self-defense is a Human-right.

Philadelphia’s Decline

Another Democrat-run City, another crime epidemic. Philadelphia: Murder City, U.S.A. : The Other McCain

The pattern is getting hard to miss. Chicago. Baltimore. New York. And now Philadelphia.

If you want to stay alive, stay out of Philadelphia. Earlier this month, the total of murders in the city surpassed last year’s total.

Oh, the powers-that-be in Philadelphia are focused on inanimate objects.

Note the phrase “gun violence,” as if firearms were the cause of this “epidemic.” The human factor — the criminals who actually commit these murders — disappears in this mechanical view.

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Philadelphia: Another City Losing the Battle

The battle to maintain law and order, that is. The Philadelphia Shooting Range: City officials remain ineffective in dealing with a plague of gun violence.

This is mostly a story about the shooting of seven-year old Zamar Jones, which is used to highlight what is going on in that city.

Shootings have increased 36 percent this year over last year.

Reaction from City Hall to the latest round of shootings has been silence, suggesting perhaps that Mayor Jim Kenney has reached an exhaustion point. Earlier this year, in reaction to other shootings, he almost sounded like his historic nemesis, ex-mayor Frank Rizzo, when he stated, “There needs to be some consequences for carrying an illegal gun in Philadelphia, especially if you’re a convicted felon.”

I would almost be funny, considering that Mayor Kenney has worked to reduce the prison populations, and is shocked to discover that people arrested on gun crimes, are somehow back on the streets in a very short time.

I don’t know the answer is, but I do know that if you make something cheaper, you will see more of it. And Democrats in all of the major cities, have been working for years to make crime cheaper from the point of view of the criminals. Now they have more of it. Color me shocked.

Philadelphia Following in Chicago’s Footsteps

Violence it on the rise in Philadelphia. I wonder if they will eliminate police to combat non-police violence. Another Violent Night In Philadelphia Leaving Behind ‘Tsunami Of Pain,’ Turning Neighborhoods ‘Into Cemeteries’.

After a night of rampant shootings in the city, leaving a teenager dead, neighbors came out Saturday in an effort to take back their streets.

Community stakeholders knocked on doors and offered support after a 28-year-old man was shot in the stomach while on the front porch.

That’s what they need! A few more choruses of “Kumbaya” will certainly stop the violence! Or maybe not.

And of course they have to blame the inanimate object. It couldn’t possibly be the fault of the gangs, or the people in Philadephia.Another Violent Weekend Continues To Shine Light On Philadelphia’s Gun Violence Crisis. And it really is NOT the fault of the Democratic politicians and their failed policies. It couldn’t be that. At least that is how the media sees it…

Since midnight Saturday, at least 12 people have been shot, two of them killed. All told this weekend, at least 29 people have been shot. Police say five of those who were gunned down were attending a block party in North Philly.

And the “block party” demonstrates the restraint police are showing.

Police responded to what they called a block party going on with as many as 200 people when several men started firing at police. No officers were injured or discharged their weapons.

But even though no police shot, though they were being shot at, all the violence is their fault. Or something.

No One Is Responsible

That is Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s position, anyway. And Atlanta’s mayor is still calling the riots “mostly largely peaceful.” Gun violence kills 160 as holiday weekend exposes tale of ‘two Americas’.

This article doesn’t just deal with Chicago, but I will start there.

But Chicago saw the worst violence in one of the bloodiest holiday weekends in recent memory, ending with 17 people fatally shot including a seven-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy and 63 more wounded, an increase of five shootings on the high figures that had marred the holiday weekend the previous year.

Despite an effort that included an additional 1,200 officers on the streets and pleas from the city’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, for residents not to reverse limited progress that had been made against the epidemic of gun violence, Lightfoot lamented the children whose “hopes and dreams were ended by the barrel of a gun”.

That’s right, the fault lies in an inanimate object, not in the person who pulled the trigger, not in that person who killed 7-year-old Natalia Wallace in front of her grandmother’s house, but in an inanimate object.

The shooting death of an eight-year-old girl, Secoriea Turner, in Atlanta, prompted the mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, to call for justice while noting the shadow such street violence casts over the huge and largely peaceful Black Lives Matter protests against racism and police brutality.

Largely peaceful? She must not have been watching the same news footage I was.

There is more. Escalating carnage in New York City. More of the same in Philadelphia. And platitudes, but very little in the way of a plan.

Hat tip to The Other McCain – Black-on-Black Crime Explodes in the Wake of #BlackLivesMatter Protests, which he calls “entirely predictable.”

Democrats can’t blame white racist cops for this, so they don’t care.

Second City Cop Calls This “The Self-cleaning Oven”

Well I mentioned the Darwin Awards this week already, but we have another winner. Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.

So apparently there is a coordinated effort to steal and vandalize ATMs in Philadelphia.

At least one young activist wasn’t hard to locate:

A man died while trying to blow up an ATM in North Philadelphia early Tuesday as thieves blew up or stole cash machines across the city

The Stupidity. It can kill you. (And it will hurt, while you die.)

DA’s HATE Self-defense

Because it means you didn’t rely on the State for your personal security. DA: Shooter of 3 teens on SEPTA bus is a Penn security guard.

The security guard’s version of events: Three youths attacked him on a bus, and he shot them in self-defense. They all have leg wounds, not head wounds. You can remember to thank him for that later.

Police found the boys with leg wounds just outside the northbound bus while it was stopped on the 7200 block of Bustleton Avenue in the Castor section.

My guess is that there will be a little-known codicil in the law that makes it illegal to carry concealed on public transportation in Pennsylvania, and they will throw the book at this guy because he didn’t consent to being a victim.

I’m Shocked – Shocked! – To Discover Criminals Don’t Obey the Law

OK, I’m not that shocked. Philadelphia’s Only Surging Industry.

It seems that the media’s ongoing attempts to downplay the rise in crime in Philadelphia is failing.

2020 is the most dangerous year since 2007, with violent crime up 11 percent, and even during the quarantine, crime is rising.

Though the Philadelphia Inquirer has tried to downplay the spike in crime, statistics show that, even as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds, crime has increased overall, despite a slight dip during the city’s first full week of shutdowns. [SNIP]

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, newly transplanted from Portland, announced that her department—in response to the pandemic—will no longer make arrests for all narcotics offenses; thefts from persons, retail, and autos; burglaries, vandalism, and fraud; and prostitution. In addition, she announced a moratorium on bench-warrant arrests.

While I get that there are reasons to not arrest people during a pandemic, the lack of enforcement isn’t going to make the city safer.

Police Corporal James O’Connor

End of Watch. Philadelphia police corporal fatally shot serving warrant in Frankford; suspects in custody.

Shortly before 6 a.m. Friday, officers were attempting to serve a warrant on the 1600 block of Bridge Street when they were met with gunfire.

Officials say the corporal was shot in the shoulder above his bulletproof vest when officers entered the home.

He was on the Philadelphia Police force for 23 years. He survived by his wife, and two kids. One of his kids is in the US Air Force; the other is in the Philadelphia Police Department.

Self-defense Is Legal in Philadelphia

JusticeAnd the prosecutors hate that. A Philly woman killed the boyfriend who’d threatened to put her ‘in the grave.’ A jury found her not guilty.

“You touch any of my s—,” he wrote, according to text messages read in court, “I guarantee your daughter will be missing two parents, because I’m going to jail and I’m going to put you in the grave.”

An hour later, Roye was dead. Ramseure had shot him five times, then called 911.

And on Thursday, a jury acquitted her on all charges.

The defense attorney gets the last word.

Coard, who in his closing arguments refused to identify Roye as a victim, called the prosecution “an outrage and an injustice,” and a waste of public resources. “Here’s a woman who had the [expletive] beaten out of her, she had a [Protection from Abuse Order], the guy comes into her house and she shoots him with his own gun. Why are we here? If that’s not the Castle Doctrine, what is?”

Self-defense in Philadelphia

So what is the FedEx policy on being armed in your own self-defense? FedEx Driver Pulls His Own Gun, Kills Robber After Being Shot In Stomach.

The 32-year-old driver had just finished making a delivery to a Northeast Philadelphia home Tuesday evening around 7 P.M. when an armed man approached and robbed him. At some point during the encounter, the gunman shot the driver in the abdomen, CBS Philly reported.

The driver then reportedly pulled out his own weapon and fired, then drove himself to a nearby parking lot.

Cops found a guy with gunshot wounds and took him to a local hospital, but he died.

And while self-defense is a human-right, and may even be your legal-right in Pennsylvania, I’m guessing this guy just might lose his job, because employers hate self-defense almost as much as the Left.

Yet Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

And self-defense in Philadelphia, PA? Who knew? Not this guy. Armed robbery suspect shot dead by victim he was trying to rob in West Philadelphia.

Police say the suspect, roughly 25 to 30 years old, was attempting to rob a man who was sitting on the front steps of his home at gunpoint.

The resident had a license to carry and opened fire on the would-be robber. Police said the victim fired the shots in self-defense.

And while I’m no lawyer, I would be surprised to find that you need a concealed carry license to be armed on your own property, even in Pennsylvania.

The would-be bad-guy ran off and collapsed. Cops took him to a local hospital, but he died from his wounds.

Self-defense is a human-right, and it might just be your legal right in Philadelphia. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

“If all robbers were this dumb, our jobs would be a lot easier.”

He went to a cellphone store looking for money. He’s never heard of credit cards, apparently. Would-be robber gets locked inside Boost Mobile store, tries to shoot his way out: Police.

So the clerk had no money, but told the guy he could get some. Just wait right here.

“Can you wait a few minutes, I give you money, I have another employee outside,” the clerk said he told him.
So the bandit agreed to wait inside while he went out to get the money and locked the door behind him.

“Yes, I closed the door and put the shutter down,” the employee said.

SWAT showed up a few minutes later and convinced the would-be bad-guy to surrender. In the words of Bugs Bunny, “What a Maroon.”

So if you beat an unarmed man in a battle of wits, does that count as self-defense?

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0

Or how should a woman defend herself from 2 home-invaders, if not with a firearm. Homeowner shoots 2 home invasion suspects, 1 fatally, police say.

Investigators said the two suspects climbed into the house through a back deck window and were both shot by someone inside the house.

Police said two men broke into the woman’s home and demanded money.

You could also file this under, “They suffered a failure of the Victim-selection process.”

Self-defense is a human-right.

Self-defense Is Legal In Philadelphia

And in deep blue Philadelphia, it took less than a week for the DA to make that determination. No charges for Metro PCS store worker who fatally shot would-be robber in Southwest Philly.

The employee who fatally shot an armed man attempting to rob a Metro PCS store on Monday in Southwest Philadelphia will not face criminal charges, the District Attorney’s Office and Police Department said this week.

Of course there is video of the guy coming into the store with a gun in his hand. Under those circumstances, it would be hard to come to any different conclusion.

That video can be found at WPVI Philadelphia, the ABC affiliate station, via Yahoo News. (Original posting on the story at this link.)

He Suffered a Failure of the Victim-selection Process

Even in Deep-blue Philadelphia, self-defense works. And the neighbors are shocked. Philadelphia store employee shoots, kills armed robbery suspect, police say.

The man was trying to rob the store when the lone employee inside – who has a permit to carry a firearm – fired at the would-be robber multiple times, striking him.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. And the neighbors?

Debra Earle, who lives nearby, said she was rattled by what happened at the store.

“Very upsetting, very upsetting,” she told FOX29. “You can’t feel safe walking down the street paying your phone bill right down the street from your home.”

She was never safe. But she lived in a bubble where she was able to delude herself into thinking she was safe. And it’s the 21st Century where facts are irrelevant and the only thing that counts is “Feeling safe.” Not actually being safe. She wasn’t safe last week. She isn’t safe today. Do you think she will consider some type of self-defense? A kubaton? Pepper spray? Anything? I doubt it. In a month, she will “feel safe” again. She still won’t be safe.

So How’s That “No-jail-time” Program Working in Philadelphia?

They don’t like guns, but they seem to love the criminals who use them in crimes. Under DA Krasner, more gun-possession cases get court diversionary program.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office recommended the Frankford man [Maalik Jackson-Wallace] for a court diversionary program called Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) that put him on two years’ probation. His record could have been expunged if he had successfully completed the program.

But Jackson-Wallace, 24, was arrested again on gun-possession charges in March in Bridesburg. He was released from jail after a judge granted a defense motion for unsecured bail. And on June 13, he was arrested a third time — charged with murder in a shooting two days earlier in Frankford that killed a 26-year-old man.

The DA blames everyone from prior DAs to the NRA. Because it can’t possibly be his fault.

Concealed Carry, Self-defense in Philadelphia

Even in a deep blue city like Philadelphia, self-defense works. Police: Man with gun permit shoots attacker in West Philly.

A guy was behaving ‘erratically,’ and appeared to be under the influence.

Witnesses said the older man, who was a local resident and appeared to be under the influence, was punching cars and people, and at one point used a rock to shatter the rear window of a Mitsubishi SUV, Small said.

At that point he was confronted by the younger man and allegedly responded by punching him in the face, Small said. The younger man responded by shooting him in the leg.

Cops were on the way, and witnessed the shooting. The CCW permit holder is cooperating with the cops.

Self-defense is a human-right. (Hat tip to The Daily Caller.)

DA’s Really Don’t Like Self-defense

JusticeThe prosecutor said he shot too many bullets for it to be self-defense. He shot 4 men, killing 1, but turned down a plea deal. This month a Philly jury found him not guilty..

There was a dispute with the mother of his child. Five guys (including 2 of her cousins) show up and attack him, armed with guns and brass-knuckles.

Assistant District Attorney Sheida Ghadiri argued during the trial that the gun Kennedy fired belonged to him, that he knew how to use it given that he shot four of the five men he fought with, and the number of bullets he fired — eight to 10 — was too many to be self-defense.

Too many. He shot 8 to 10 times against 5 men. I guess the DA doesn’t think he has the right to miss even once when fighting for his life. And the DA still thinks it was right to prosecute him because they hate self-defense.

The Philadelphia Inquirer had one interesting note on the nature of coverage regarding justifiable homicides.

So when the case reached its conclusion this month, there were no headlines for what turned out to be a rarity in the criminal justice system: an admitted gunman in a quadruple shooting acquitted by a jury of all charges.

Kennedy’s weeklong trial at the Criminal Justice Center, which ended March 15, focused not on Stand Your Ground or the Castle Doctrine, but instead on old-fashioned self-defense, his lawyer said.

He didn’t “Stand His Ground.” He retreated. They followed eventually cornering him on the front porch of his neighbor’s home. Then he defended himself.

Self-defense is a human-right. And in Pennsylvania, it may be your legal right, but not if the prosecutors have anything to say about it.

Meanwhile, in the Democratic Paradise of Philadelphia…

Not quite as bad as Venezuela, but seems to be moving in the same direction. The Left’s Failures on Crime, Drugs, and the Environment.

The cops are unhappy about the new DA, who has “decimated the prosecutor’s office, turned it into the public defender’s office.” Incarceration may be down, but you can’t say the same about crime. And other measures, like life-expectancy, are falling.

Life expectancy has been trending downward in Philadelphia since 2015, health officials said in Philadelphia’s latest “Health of the City” report. In 2017, overdoses outstripped all other causes of death except for heart disease and cancer—both of which generally affect a much older population than those who die of overdoses. In fact, the rate of premature death—before age 75—has been increasing since 2015 because of the opioid crisis and homicide rates among young adults, the report said.

On a less critical, but still important, issue, it appears that the city’s recycling plan is pretty close to a bust.

Next up: a law getting rid of plastic straws and grocery bags. Because that will fix what is really wrong! Or something. (Hat tip to The Other McCain.)