I’m Shocked to Discover GPS Can Be (and is being) Hacked

I’m not so shocked. Russia accused of massive GPS spoofing campaign. (Not an April Fools Joke.)

Technically, GNSS spoofing (as opposed to simpler jamming) is an attempt to send false positional signals to a receiver using global satellite networks such as the US GPS, China’s Beidou, Russia’s GLONASS, and Europe’s Galileo.

In recent years, there have been a flurry of small-scale reports of spoofing plus one major incident in the Black Sea in 2013 when at least 20 ships reported positioning anomalies blamed on the phenomenon.

This is going on today, under the direction of the FSO and the Russian military to protect Russian assets.

They identify 9883 instances in which GPS WAS hacked. This is a threat to both airlines and shipping.

The future was nice while it lasted.

You can find all the details at Above Us Only Stars. It’s a 66 page PDF, so you’ve been warned.

[GPS and other Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)] attacks are emerging as a viable, disruptive strategic threat.


It’s Almost Like Putin Didn’t Expect To Be Held Accountable By the Obama Administration

Since Russia has been violating the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty since at least 2014, and maybe as early as 2008. Russia’s controversial 9M729 missile system: A not-so-secret secret.

First, while the US Media is having a fit about what Trump is doing, NATO has determined that the Trump administration is correct.

Tuesday, the military alliance came out on Washington’s side and also accused Russia of breaching the INF treaty. The US has given Russia a 60-day ultimatum to comply with the treaty. Otherwise, the US will abandon the INF agreement for good.

The violation? The Novator 9M729 missile system (NATO designation = SSC-8).

In late July 2014, The New York Times first broke the news that Washington had a suspicion Russia might be violating the INF treaty. It said that the then president, Barack Obama, had sent a letter to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, on the matter. The paper claims Russia began testing the new missile system as early as 2008. The New York Times also reported the Obama administration had hoped to reach a compromise with the Russians by not publicly accusing them of violating the INF agreement. On Tuesday, the US State Department said five confidential talks between arms experts had been held since 2014 over the missile system. Yet it claims Russia had denied, concealed and spread lies about the new missile.

So by not confronting Russia in 2014, or earlier when the missile started testing, did the Obama administration advance the cause of peace, or just keep an inconvenient story out of the news as much as possible.

Russia has kept pretty tight security in place. An analyst with the Brookings Institution estimated the range at 2000 kilometers.

Everyone – Outside of Ukraine – Is Still Calling It a “Conflict With Russia”

At what point due the leaders (and reporters) of the world admit that it is a war? Russia Tries to Strangle Ukraine with New Maritime Strategy.

Russia is adopting a new tactic in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine by cutting off the latter’s access to its important ports in the Sea of Azov.

Spiegel is slightly to the Left of the BBC, so I don’t really expect much from them, but they do translate some of their stories into English.

The new Crimean Bridge, it turns out, not only connects people, but can also be used by Moscow to close off access to the Kerch Strait. That Sunday, Russia declared the Sea of Azov, which is located northeast of the strait and whose coastline it shares with Ukraine, semi-officially to be its own. There’s not really anything Ukraine can do to oppose it.

Did Anyone Really Think Putin Was Going to Stop with Crimea?

I said then that it looked like he was playing The Great Game. He just appears more patient than most. Russia seizes three Ukrainian naval ships off Crimea.

Russia has seized three Ukrainian naval ships in a strait near Moscow-annexed Crimea, raising fears of military escalation and prompting an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday.

Empire builders don’t stop building empires, unless they get stopped.

Russia and The UK Go At It on the Diplomatic Front

So the UK is apparently pissed off at Russia, and now Russia returns the favor. Russia expels 23 British diplomats as crisis over nerve toxin attack deepens , Europe News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

MOSCOW (REUTERS) – Russia expelled 23 British diplomats on Saturday (March 17) in a carefully calibrated retaliatory move against London, which has accused the Kremlin of orchestrating a nerve toxin attack on a former Russian double agent and his daughter in southern England.

The Russian agent, his daughter are very ill, and policeman who went to their aid is also ill, in “serious but stable” condition.

Russia’s New Cruise Missile

So the Russians under Vladimir Putin have just deployed a new cruise missile, which is bad, because it violates an end-of-the-Cold-War arms treaty. Russia secretly deploys cruise missile, violating arms treaty

But they didn’t develop this missile in the last month. It has been in testing since 2014. And unless there is something wrong with my math, Obama was president during most of the time since 2014 to today. But the press seems to think that this is something Trump let happen.

You could make the argument that since the system hadn’t been deployed, it was not in violation of the agreement, but that is probably a bit short-sighted.

The US concluded in 2014 that Russia had violated the 1987 treaty banning ground-launched intermediate-range missiles by testing the experimental new cruise missile, Reuters reported.

So what did the Obama Administration do in the face of this treaty violation? The same thing the Obama Administration did when Russia invaded the Crimean Peninsula, which was nothing. (The same thing they did when Syria crossed the “red line in the sand” and used chemical weapons, which was also nothing. I’m sure there are other examples.)

I don’t particularly like Trump, but blaming this situation on him is a bit disingenuous, even for the mainstream media.

International Criminal Court is Having a Bad Year

Russia has just announced it intends to withdraw from the ICC. Why Russia Just Withdrew from the ICC

The geniuses at the ICC have just now concluded that the annexation of Crimea and the on-going hostilities constitute an “armed conflict” between Russia and Ukraine. (Why can’t diplomats and bureaucrats say “a state of war?”) Russia isn’t happy.

A handful of African states are in the process of withdrawing – it takes a year – over perceptions of bias. Or maybe actual bias.

. In the past two months, Burundi, Gambia, and South Africa all withdrew from the Rome Statute, citing alleged bias against African countries. The ICC currently has 10 ongoing investigations, of which nine are in Africa and one in Georgia. Uganda, Kenya, and Namibia have also signaled they are considering pulling out of the ICC.

Globalization anyone?