Government Prevents Building of Homes, Leftists Blame Companies For Housing Costs

Because they don’t understand Supply and Demand. They don’t get what happens when you limit supply. Why work has failed us: Having a job doesn’t mean you can afford a home.

It is mostly about California and the San Francisco Bay Area in particular. I won’t bother to quote anything because it is laughable. Every time California Politicians want to “get cred with the Greens” they make it more difficult to build houses. (Did they just mandate renewable energy, or was that Oregon?)

Limit stories. Limit building. Limit housing. Then when housing becomes stupidly expensive, they blame business for not paying people enough to afford housing. That isn’t the problem. The problem is there is no housing. If you gave everyone a million dollars a month, a decent apartment would rent for a million five. It’s like musical chairs; someone gets left out. They need more chairs housing. Then add in rent control – so who wants to build apartments if the .gov can wipe out all future income? Gee, I can’t imagine why there is a shortage of housing in California.


Potential for Earthquakes in the SF Bay Area Should Not Be a Surprise to Anyone

The Hayward Fault, in the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay (Running through Berkley and Fremont) has a major earthquake every 100 to 220 years. It has been 150 years since the last one. The Haywired scenario, OR

When the federal government is telling you that you should be prepared for a disaster, you might want to listen. The video below is from the United State Geologic Survey (in part). FEMA will tell you that you are going to be on your own for AT LEAST 3 days. In a situation like this – where bridges may be destroyed – it could be longer. (AT LEAST not Maximum).

But I doubt that 3 percent of the people in the San Francisco Bay Area have any kinds of preparations or plans. Prepping is too “right wing” or something. So like when Super Storm Sandy hit New York, they will be shocked to find they can’t use their smart phone to buy a coffee, because the internet is broken.

Hat tip to Blue Collar Prepping.