Rents In San Francisco Crashing

Who wants to live in a city full of feces? Though the media are continuing to blame the pandemic. San Francisco apartment rents plunge as much as 31%, the biggest drop in the US, while parts of Oklahoma, Arizona and Texas see soaring demand.

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  • New data released on Tuesday shows apartment rental trends across the US
  • San Francisco saw the biggest drop, with studio rents down 31% from last year
  • Detroit, New York, and Seattle were also among the cities dropping fastest
  • Meanwhile, parts of Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona and Texas saw rents rise

Of course it all has to do with the pandemic. The epidemic of homelessness, and the feces covering the streets are not an issue at all. At least not to the media.

Meanwhile, rents are rising nearly as quickly, on a percentage basis, in parts of Oklahoma, Florida, Texas and Arizona, indicating a migration trend toward areas with lower density and lower taxes.

Now they don’t say what the ramp up was, but generally speaking, a 31% crash in rents is probably going to cause some landlords to default on loans. Which won’t be great for Real Estate values.

More Destruction in the Name of Progress

The Left wants to destroy history.

First Portland – Didn’t We Try to Warn You?.

Protestors Riotors in Portland have destroyed a statue of George Washington.

Back in the 1990s, when activists began declaring the Confederate flag to be “controversial,” I recall leaders of the Sons of Confederate Veterans warning that this malicious spirit would not stop with dishonoring our Southern ancestors. Rather, these “activists” were inspired by demonic forces of racial hatred toward all white people, so that once they were through trashing the memory of the Confederacy, next they would turn to destroying the memory of the Founding Fathers and momunuments to other famous figures of American history. Does this sound familiar?

The French declared a year 1 as part of the French Revolution. Cambodia declared a year 0. “History begins with us.” I don’t remember who said that, maybe one of the Bolsheviks. Anyway click thru.

And more destruction. Protesters tear down statues of Union general Ulysses S. Grant, national anthem lyricist Francis Scott Key.

He [Grant] was a “slave owner” in that he was gifted a slave, hated the idea, and freed him within a year. Then won the Civil War, prosecuted the KKK, and appointed African Americans to prominent roles in government.

So of course we have to tear down a statue of Grant.

Or as one Twitter post put it, “People going after Grant probably just want to break things.”

They want to break everything.

Another Karen Goes Viral on Twitter

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And why are Californians so racist? Even after BBQ Betty, and Central Park Karen, and all the rest, Karen just couldn’t help herself; she had to speak to the manager. Woman apologizes after backlash from confronting homeowner.

So a black guy is writing “Black Lives Matter” on his own property. In chalk. The Karen, in this case Lisa Alexander, felt compelled to confront him – he recorded video – and then when he didn’t bow to her authority, she wanted to speak to the manger. That is, she called the cops.

[James] Juanillo clapped back, “If I did live here, and this was my property, this would be absolutely fine?” Juanillo can be heard asking them. “And you don’t know if I live here or if this is my property.”

He added that Alexander “lies and says she knows that I don’t live in my own house, because she knows the person who lives here”. Juanillo tells the couple that they should call the police if they think he’s breaking the law.

So of course, being a world-class Karen, she calls the cops. Who recognize that Alexander is in his own home, because they know him. He’s lived in the home for 18 years, after all.

Now she has pulled the 21st Century version of going into hiding, in that she deleted all of her social media accounts. Not that it hasn’t negatively impacted her business already.

I expect the fallout will continue for this Karen for some time.

“I want to apologise directly to Mr. Juanillo”, the statement read.

“I did not realize at the time that my actions were racist and have learned a painful lesson”, it continued.

Really??! You “didn’t realize” you were being an asshole? You thought it was your duty and your right to tell the whole world how to live their lives? Well, I suppose that is true of most assholes, idiots, bigots, and Karens.

And good luck with the apology. It hasn’t worked for anyone else, but whatever…

Part of this, I’m sure, is because she could not CONCEIVE of the remotest possibility that a black man could own property in San Francisco. Racism? There’s no racism in San Francisco. They are enlightened. Just ask them, and they will tell you that!

Here’s the video of the interaction…

UPDATE: The tweet has been deleted, but the video lives on

[OK, I have updated the link to one that still includes the video. The server is getting hammered and it timed out twice before I could get to the site.] Here’s an interview with Mr. James Juanillo, where he says that the entire thing could have been avoided if they had only apologized, but they didn’t apologize.

And the fallout is still falling out… Lisa Alexander husband fired from investment managing director job.

He was right there, not trying to get her to tone it down. So like Central Park Karen, the pain is going to take some time to go away.

So here’s a clue for all the Karens who might want to speak to the manager over this kind of thing… Mind your own fucking business. If she had done that, none of this would have happened. But now she is going to pay a steep price. (I’m assuming they have a mortgage payment due shortly…)

Another Data Breach

Someday we will have good security, but that day is not today. San Francisco retirement program SFERS suffers data breach.

While SFERS states that no Social Security Numbers or bank account information was contained in the breach, there was enough personal information exposed that could be used by threat actors in attacks.

According to the notification, the types of information that was exposed is different depending on whether a member is retired or if they had registered on the web site.

The leaked information for all members includes a member’s name, address, date of birth, and beneficiary information.

All because a vendor set up a test environment that included real data, but without real security.

They are offering the obligatory 1 year of credit monitoring, which is a sham, because the risk will last more than 1 year.

Bail Reform – Because Keeping Criminals In Jail Is Wong

JusticeOr so the Democrats keep telling me. Soros-Funded Crime Spree Continues.

After 13-year-old Sienna Carter vanished in downtown San Francisco a week ago, a frantic search ensued. The girl was found, a suspect was arrested but now has been set free to prey on other children. Why? In recent years, progressives funded by billionaire George Soros have pursued an agenda of targeting elections for state attorneys general and local district attorneys, while simultaneously promoting so-called “bail reform” initiatives.

See Chicago’s Recipe for more crime, and New York’s getting in on the act.

SFPD Cooks the Books on 911 Response Time

They aren’t the first, and probably won’t be the last, department to do so. SFPD finds crime response times longer than thought. So it adds to its goal.

For years San Francisco has been clocking the average response time to serious crimes at 5.5 minutes, when in fact it takes a median time of 7 minutes from when the 911 call is made for police to arrive on the scene, according to revised calculations just released in a joint Police Department and city controller’s report.

So since they are making it to “serious crimes” in 7 minutes they set a stretch goal of being there in 8 minutes. (Way to beat those metrics!)

This article is not clear at all, but that minute and a half are usually time for the call to be answered, relevant data to be collected. (Place, nature of help needed) and for a cop to be dispatched. Travel time of the cop to the scene will depend on traffic, etc.

Continual improvement? Not so much. Resting on your laurels? Maybe, though if you are penalized for not meeting goals, they should be goals you have a chance to meet, and the circumstances should be completely in you control. (Traffic is not something that is in an officer’s control.)

Even in an Upscale Neighborhood, Bad Things Happen

This video highlights the fact that you are not protected by your zip code. That is something I say regularly, but I’m not sure people believe it. Active Self Protection: First Dates Usually Don’t End Like This.

This incident, in which no one was hurt BTW, took place in an expensive apartment building in San Francisco, a REALLY expensive city. That goes to the point about zip codes. Here is a nice place, with a 24hr concierge service, and you end up in the middle of a violent encounter. And it points out that those expensive flashlights that everyone has in their EDC these days, really can pay off.

The followup interview with the Good Guy in the video isn’t as good as I hoped, but it is OK if you have the time. An Interview with Will (from today’s ASP Main video).

I’ve only been an on-again-off-again fan of Active Self Protection. I’m not really sure why. (It isn’t like I don’t have enough other demands on my time or anything!), but a lot of the videos are first-rate, and there is always a lesson to be learned. Actually some of the videos are classic.

San Francisco Is Becoming a 3rd-world City in More Ways Than One

Nothing says “third-world-shithole” like a police state. LIBERAL FASCISM: San Francisco police raid home of journalist to find who leaked Adachi report. (All the human excrement around the city doesn’t make things better.)

If Bill Barr were sending FBI agents to raid journalists’ homes in search of leakers, we’d be told that the Fourth Reich had descended on America. (Updated because there are statutory protections in California.)

But this is the Liberal Fantasy Land of San Francisco.

Welcome to the Police State. (Hat tip to The Other McCain.)

Neighbors Were Shocked – By a Swatting Call

At least no one was shot by police. SFPD investigating possible ‘swatting’ incident involving tech leader.

A “Facebook cybersecurity executive” was targeted.

“The male caller stated that he had just shot his wife in their home, he had the kids tied up, there were pipe bombs everywhere, and if police responded that he would harm the police if they came to help,” said Janine De La Vega, Public Affairs Manager Palo Alto Police Department.

Not a prank, as the death last year proves.


Neighbors were surprised to learn of the incident.

“Horrible, definitely. I’ve been living here for six years it’s always been really, really quiet. So I’m surprised to hear that for sure,” said Manuela Zavattaro, neighbor.

Swatting is a crime. And if you can read this, then you live in The Real World™ where crime can and all to often, does happen.

4 Hour Response to 911 Call About Robbery and Beating

Incompetence or bigotry? Police leave beaten bakery owner waiting hours for help after 911 call.

A Chinese business man goes to the bank.

Two men, who may have followed him back from the bank, beat him up, breaking his fingers during the robbery.

But while he called 911 shortly before 12:30 p.m., police did not respond to the scene until around 4:30 p.m.

Apparently the call was not logged correctly, and it seems language may have been part of the problem.

Calling 911 is a fine thing to do, but you are expecting an over-worked (and in some locations underpaid) .gov functionary to get things into the system correctly.

Color Me Shocked – A .gov With Little Financial Accountability

Because “responsibility” is a conservative value. Or something. San Francisco continues to spend big in fight against homelessness — but is it working?.

(The WTF?! is inspired by the shear amount of money – which looks to be wasted.)

Between $245 million and $271 million in recent years, with next year’s budget set at about $280 million. That is JUST for homelessness, not for the whole of the city.

The article says the math comes out to $37,300 for each of the city’s homeless residents.

City supervisor hopeful Nick Josefowitz, however, said he believes San Francisco shouldn’t “invest a single public dollar without knowing if it is doing any good.”

“Despite decades of well-intentioned bills, spending efforts, or guiding plans, the same tragic scene continues day after day and year after year,” he wrote in an April article on Medium. “Indeed, in recent years the situation has become so much worse. Yet too often City Hall is still making decisions on homelessness based on folk wisdom rather than hard evidence.”

Because we scream “Do Something!” (The Left loves government action more than the Right, but it isn’t a Leftist monopoly.) And then we are surprised that the government is doing the wrong thing, or doing stupid things, or just throwing the money away.

A similar complaint the San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial board made years earlier – that the city isn’t doing enough to track their efforts.

“That a city can spend $241 million a year on programs and still confront such human misery suggests those dollars are not being spent with anything close to optimal effectiveness,” the board wrote in 2016. “Eight city departments and 76 private and nonprofit organizations draw from those funds in 400 contracts, yet the degree of accountability is highly suspect.”

You would think for $37,000 per person, you would be able to do something reasonable. But then again it is the government. (Hat tip to Chicks on the Right.)

San Francisco Used To Be a Beautiful City

Now it is a hazardous waste dump. Survey of Downtown San Francisco Reveals Trash on Every Block, 303 Piles of Feces and 100 Drug Needles – NBC Bay Area

It is beyond gross; it is dangerous.

“If you do get stuck with these disposed needles you can get HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and a variety of other viral diseases,” said Dr. Lee Riley, an infectious disease expert at University of California, Berkeley. He warned that once fecal matter dries, it can become airborne, releasing potentially dangerous viruses, such as the rotavirus. “If you happen to inhale that, it can also go into your intestine,” he said. The results can prove fatal, especially in children.

“The contamination is … much greater than communities in Brazil or Kenya or India,” he said. He notes that in those countries, slum dwellings are often long-term homes for families and so there is an attempt to make the surroundings more livable. Homeless communities in San Francisco, however, are often kicked out from one part of town and forced to relocate to another. The result is extreme contamination, according to Riley.

The city budget (2016-2017) included about $60 million for “street environmental services.” Translation: cleaning up the crap.

Lots of photos, and a video (I didn’t watch) at the link above. H/T DailyWire.

According to the SJWs in San Francisco, Being Intimidated By Pit Bulls is Hateful

Violent crime and drug addiction are coming to the “safe areas” of San Francisco. The Problem of Hate in the Haight – February 26, 2018 – SF Weekly

So the Haight, in San Francisco, has long been a safe neighborhood. (It wasn’t always, but that is ancient history). In the past few weeks there have been 2 shootings (1 fatal) and 4 drug overdoses in the “doorway of an elite private high school”. This prompted a town-hall style meeting at the local police precinct.

“People are terrified to leave their homes,” one woman, who lives on Masonic Avenue, told the crowd. “When I walk on Haight Street and there is a group of 14 kids — many are transient with pitbulls and I can’t get through the street, I feel frightened and intimidated.”

Another person called for more beat cops – one on every corner – to keep the peace.

This constitutes “hate” in the eyes of the Social Justice Warrior writing the peace.

She laments that society is not bending over backwards for the addicts. “Safe injection sites” that could provide counseling and help for ODs are not open. (Another person said that people who reject counseling should be arrested. Hate in the eyes of the SJWs.)

Being intimidated by roving gangs of youths *used Joe Pesci’s accent from My Cousin Vinny* is hate, because worrying about your personal safety is just pure hate. Or something.

San Francisco used to be a beautiful city. Today, you need maps to avoid the shit. Literal human shit. A prestige American city looking more and more like a 3rd world hell hole. Is there nothing the Left can’t destroy?

It isn’t enough to be calling names, and looking down your SJW noses at ordinary folks who want to live in safe communities. The hubris is amazing.

The meeting was a complete failure. And it’s a shame, because the solutions to the actual problems — chronic homelessness, mental health, and substance abuse — are obvious.

Where exactly – in any of the major cities completely controlled by the Left for the past 50 years – have any of these 3 problems been solved, by any solution, obvious or not?

As for California in general, it is experiencing an exodus of the middle class. And the number 5 reason (on this list) is safety.

Public Stupidity Is an Issue

This linked article is an interesting look at the insanity that 911 centers – specifically San Francisco – have to deal with. I bet SF isn’t alone in dealing with the insanity. 4 in 10 calls to SF’s 911 aren’t emergencies – San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco’s 911 call center has been in the news because it isn’t meeting the “industry standards.” Lots of reasons, but burn-out and staff turnover are high on that list of reasons.

When 40% of the calls to 911 are NOT for emergencies, that just makes a bad situation worse. According to one woman who got fed up and quit…

“Staffing is an issue, but public stupidity is another issue. It makes me crazy.”

Is someone’s life in danger? Is your house burning down? Call 911. Did someone leave an old tire on the sidewalk? Not so much. At least TRY to figure out what is an emergency and what isn’t.

As an illustration, the graph above details the increasing number of calls made to the SF 911 center about homeless people that are NOT related to an emergency. You may think homeless people are annoying, but that doesn’t justify a call to 911. (Click on that image for a larger view.)

Hong said dispatchers have their “regulars.” A man named Charles calls every single day to report a homeless man sleeping outside his building.

I’m sure that is annoying. I’m equally sure that it’s not an emergency.

Calling 911 has its benefits and its problems. But when the public is stupid (and apparently getting more so) the problems get worse. A guy sleeping in front of your building, or a woman’s violent stalker trying to break down her door. Which do you think should get time from 911?

Now That is What You Call Ironic

Heterophobia has come to San Francisco. San Francisco’s tech bros told: quit changing the gayborhood | US news | The Guardian

It seems so many tech companies are moving to San Francisco that the straights are crowding the gays out of the bars. And the gays don’t like it.

They complain about losing old-time gay bars. The entertainers have to deal with more straight audiences. (Or perhaps those venues would also go out of business…) But there is a reason for that.

Part of the reason that so many gay bars have closed or turned straight, [local bar manager Joe Mattheisen] said, is that LGBT people have become increasingly comfortable spending time at mainstream bars.

“The gays fought for equal rights – and they got it,” he said. “So the gays no longer needed gay bars. They just go to their neighborhood bar.”

And of course there are just some folks who wish those nasty straight folks would stay in their own neighborhood.

[Amy Sueyoshi, 45, associate dean of the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University,] followed up with an email: “I do like to go to places in and around the Castro for Happy Hour or a snack and I’ve noticed more straight people making out at these places where I go deliberately to NOT feel like I am oppressed by heterosexuality. Really, straight people do you HAVE to make out in the Castro as well? Good Lord.”

Can’t those damn straight people just keep to their own places?

As several people have noted, if this level of “Oh, those icky others are invading OUR space” was directed AT gays, and not BY gays, the reaction would be close to nuclear. [hat tip to Gay Patriot.]

Google Should Relocate

If they are so unpopular in the People’s Republic of San Francisco, then they should move. Someplace where business is valued, and taxes are low. SF tech backlash: Google buses get private security guards, says Reuters..

Other companies have left the business-unfriendly-environment of the Left Coast for more hospitable locations. Google should consider the same.

With a Bay Area tech backlash in full force, Reuters is reporting that Google appears to have resorted to private security guards to protect its employee shuttles from angry protesters and other evildoers.”In recent days, men with earpieces have closely monitored passengers boarding Google commuter buses at the site of at least one bus stop in San Francsico’s Mission District,”

If the tech-base left the SF Bay Area, then the price of homes would go down. (Like a bubble popping.) And the protestors would get exactly what they want. A cheaper Bay Area.

The broader gripe is that rich, entitled young techies are driving up rents, displacing working-class residents, and undermining the city’s public infrastructure through rampant privatization.

Rents would go down. Restaurants and shops would close. And San Fran could become a bastion of leftist/socialist life. Like Detroit. (Another city where the businesses were hounded out of existence.)