Woman Shoots Man in Self-defense

He charged her, and she responded appropriately. UPDATE: Man shot in Capitol Hill to be arrested – Capitol Hill Times

Seattle Police report a man hospitalized with a gunshot wound to his leg Monday morning will be arrested, after investigators determined the woman who shot him was acting in self-defense.

This appears to be a domestic violence issue, because “how dare you life without me” is still a thing in some people’s minds.

It didn’t work out for this guy, whatever he was thinking.

So how would you respond to an attack (or at least being “charged”) by an ex?


Smoked Goblin? Aisle 5 – OR – Don’t Bring an Ax to a Gunfight

He was going to rob a 7-Eleven. He ended up dead. Customer with concealed carry permit fatally shoots ax-wielding attacker at 7-Eleven | Fox News

Witnesses said the man entered the store and swung a hatchet toward the customer before turning his attention to the clerk.

As the assailant attacked, the customer pulled out a pistol and fired, hitting the suspect. The clerk suffered minor injuries to his stomach and the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

The customer is a 60-year-old concealed carry permit holder who visits the store every day to get his coffee. He won’t be facing charges. [Hat Tip to From the Barrel of a Gun]

Cops Still Haven’t Gotten the Memo that Cameras Are Everywhere

They claimed one thing. The body camera worn by a bus driver said something else. Deputies fired for falsely accusing Seattle bus driver of profanity – Yahoo News.

One of the cops issued a complaint against the bus driver, saying he used profanity. The other cop signed a witness statement saying that is what happened.

Footage recorded by the body camera Kirkpatrick was wearing, which was given to investigators, showed the driver had not used any profanity.

“I’m not yelling at you, sergeant. … I’m expressing how frustrated I am at the fact that I’ve got three deputies that don’t do anything when I need help,” Kirkpatrick can be heard saying.

Both were fired for dishonesty.

One guy said “he didn’t know” he was being recorded. One lawyer is saying the tape must have been “doctored.” Because we all know how tech-savvy those bus-drivers can be.