The PC Police Are Not Doing Real Policing in the UK

In a world with limited resources, you need to pick your battles. Investigating hate crime risks distracting police from their core role, warns head of Britain’s chief constables.

Investigating hate crime risks distracting police from their core role of handling emergencies, solving violent crime and burglaries and neighbourhood policing, the head of Britain’s chief constables warned today.

And the UK has a real problem with violent crime today. (Historically speaking. They have a long way to go before the plumb the depths of places like Chicago, Baltimore or Saint Louis.)

Neither investigating gender-based hate incidents nor investigating allegations against those who have died are bad things to do necessarily – they just cannot be priorities for a service that is over-stretched. Giving clarity to the public about core policing is a priority – and it has not received enough attention in recent years.

Yes, they are investigating crimes that may have been committed by dead people. I’m not sure why. He calls these “Historic investigations.” (For some reason this brings to mind “Lord Vorventa the Twice Hung.” Extra points if you get the reference.)

But then I think it is endemic – in most of Western democracies – that governments are spending time and money on things that don’t make sense. Crime is spiraling out of control in some places, and yet the mayors of the cities in question are not cutting everything in sight to get more cops to fight crime. (In some places they are attacking the cops, which has had the predictable result of having the cops back off crime, and negatively impacted recruitment.)