Fake Leftists

Are they intolerant of the Truth now? Popular queer Native American Twitter account turns out to be unpopular straight white woman.

BethAnn McLaughlin thought that she could fool all of the people all of the time.

@sciencing_bi was a well-read Science Twitter account, a queer Native American professor with a unique perspective on science and university life. They reportedly caught coronavirus and and died of Covid, drawing tributes from online admirers, some of them prominent academics. But it was only the final straw in a haybale of suspicion for people who knew BethAnn McLaughlin, a white woman that @sciencing_bi often spoke of. It turns out, with grim predictability, that it was her all along, catfishing the academic pond.

It might have been a great story, as a novel, but she presented it as fact. Oh, and Ms. McLaughlin was trying to get tenure at Vanderbilt, and said it was denied because she was an activist/founder of MeTooSTEM.

But the whole fake Twitter account/fake anthropologist at Arizona State University fell apart when McLaughlin said her friend, @sciencing_bi had died of COVID-19. Catfish: COVID-19 Even though ASU is a huge institution, which is probably why she thought she could hide someone in the shear numbers, ASU could find no such person. And some of the tweets contained factual errors, talking about classroom teaching in April, when ASU went virtual in March. And photos in the Twitter timeline can be shown to be stock photos from online.

Some critics also said that Sciencing_Bi, who was tweeting since at least 2016, only began to discuss her Hopi identity after McLaughlin was accused of silencing women of color within the MeTooSTEM organization, in 2019.

So why create the fake Twitter profile? Just to offer yourself support?

Hat tip to The Other McCain, who notes…

Twitter suspended McLaughlin as a consequence of her sockpuppetry. More importantly, what this tawdry episode of online deceit appears to reveal is that McLaughlin is fundamentally dishonest and therefore is undeserving of holding any position of trust.

Can’t Challenge the Narrative

Because Big Tech wants you to believe what you are told to believe. YouTube Throws In the Towel.

Reasoned and fact-based discussions? We can’t have that! The 21st Century is ALL about Feelings.

YouTube deleted a video that dared to challenge some things said by the Left. Eventually the relented, but did put it behind a “prove your age” barrier.

What remains unexplained, of course, is why our video was banned in the first place. YouTube told us the American Experiment/Mac Donald video was “flagged for review.” As I noted here, “flagged” is a weasel word. Was Heather’s presentation “flagged” by a computer algorithm? If so, based on what? Was it “flagged” by a YouTube employee? If so, why, and based on what internal YouTube guidelines? Was it “flagged” by a goofball leftist? If so, on what basis, and why did YouTube immediately respond to such “flagging” by deleting the video?

Click thru for the video. It is 40 minutes, and it talks about crime statistics, so not exactly exciting, but it contradicts the Left, and it is still on YouTube. Something of a victory.

More Kids Shot in Chicago

From Thursday, on the South Side of Chicago. Chicago shooting: 2 injured, including child, in Riverdale.

An 8-year-old boy was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital in good condition with a gunshot wound to the back and a graze wound to his right arm.

And then Friday from the Near North Side. Cabrini Green shooting: Boy, 9, killed in Near North Side, Chicago police say.

Police said at around 6 p.m. in the 900-block of North Cambridge Avenue around, a shooter approached the victim and several other people outside and opened fire in their direction. Police said the boy was playing in a parking lot at the time.

The boy was struck multiple times and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Mayor Lori “Groot” Lightfoot and State’s Attorney Kimm “Crimesha” Foxx will blame everyone and everything from the guns to the cops to Trump, but what they will not do is look at their own policies, which have left violent offenders on the street with no repercussions, and seen a staggering increase in murder.

But hey, defunding the police, turning violent criminals loose, emptying jails it s Social-Justice-Warrior thing to do. Too bad there isn’t any real Justice.

Reality Is True Even If You Wish It Weren’t

What happens when politicians command the economy? Or at least try to? Bad things happen. The minimum wage was supposed to help the workers of Seattle. It seems that it hasn’t worked out that way.

Here’s a video from Prager University on the impact raising the minimum wage has had on the restaurant industry in Seattle as told by someone who works for restaurants, Simone Barron, Co-founder of Full Service Workers Alliance.

Hat tip to SiGraybeard and Seattle Takes Another Poison Pill, which talks about more ways the Seattle politicians are conspiring to drive businesses out of Seattle.

You Don’t Expect an Illinois Politician to Enforce the Law, Do You?

If you do, you are sadly mistaken. The Illinois State’s Attorney for Cook County refuses to prosecute just about anything. Kim Foxx Games the System.

She has basically decided not to prosecute looting and rioting.

Foxx declining to prosecute is a reward conferred to a political cause which has been nursed into existence by the Progressive Left which extols fanaticism and sees no virtue in either forbearance or tolerance with dissenting views.

Can you guess what this will do the crime rate in Chicago? To the amount of looting and rioting?

Hat tip to Second City Cop.

The media isn’t looking at this. Only the alternative news sources.

She Miscalculated The Impact of Her Threats

Because Cancel Culture is NOT supposed to apply to the Woke! From The Other McCain – Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.

Having a high SAT score doesn’t mean you’re smarter than everybody else, at least not in terms of basic common sense. Like, maybe it’s not a genius idea to post videos to social media of yourself making threats of violence against people you disagree with?

Claira Janover isn’t exactly a Karen, but she’s pissed because there are repercussions from being an asshole.

Claira Janover said in a new video posted Wednesday afternoon. “The job that I’d worked really hard to get and meant a lot to me has called me and fired me because of everything.”

Go figure. Oh, and of course, Orange Man Bad. But really, Karma is a bitch.

Internet Vigilantes Get it Wrong Again and Again

Are we surprised that people willing to burn down businesses will destroy someone’s life over an error?

First up… Internet vigilantes falsely link ex-officer to teens’ attack

Baffled by the barrage of hate last Thursday, [John] Damskey plugged his name into the internet and made a horrifying discovery: Mobs of Twitter users were falsely accusing him of being the bicyclist on a Maryland trail who accosted three young adults posting flyers protesting the death of George Floyd.

And then… What It’s Like to Get Doxed for Taking a Bike Ride.

In his mentions, disaster was rapidly unfolding. People accused him of assaulting a child. Of being a racist. They shared a selfie he’d taken in sunglasses and his bike helmet and analyzed it alongside blurry images of another man in sunglasses and a bike helmet.

In both cases they were wrong. It didn’t matter. Because they don’t care about anything or anyone, except proving how woke they are.

In the 2nd case, the nightmare started because his regular bicycle ride was shared publicly on some GPS app, because what could go wrong with a lack of privacy.

Trail shared that information publicly, not just with his network of friends and followers. Someone had located a record of his ride on the path on June 2, matched it to the location of the assault from the video, matched his profile picture — white guy, aviator-style sunglasses, helmet obscuring much of his head — to the man in the video, and shared the hunch publicly.

And the hunch was accepted as fact.

And while I know about these 2 incidents, I’m sure there are more.

The Nationwide Recipe for More Crime

“Affordable bail” and releasing people due to risks from COVID-19 – because keeping violent offenders in jail violates the Social Justice Warrior creed. Or something.

First up, Chicago – Uptown man charged with suburban armed robbery — 2 weeks after he allegedly fled from a carjacked SUV in Lincoln Park.

An Uptown man who was released on affordable bail after he allegedly fled from a crashed, carjacked vehicle in Lincoln Park last month is now jailed in DuPage County for armed robbery. And his bail there is much less affordable

Next up, Florida – Sheriff: Drug suspect committed murder 1 day after being released from jail in coronavirus purge.

So how much justice was delivered to the murder victim?

And last but not least, Los Angeles – Los Angeles County release of 4K inmates is ‘uncharted territory,’ reporter tells Tucker Carlson. (I had trouble with that link, as Fox News either doesn’t link VPNs or privacy-enhancing browser extensions.)

“What the sheriff decided to do is, he released 25 percent of the entire inmate population here in L.A. County, and that equates to about 4,300 inmates. Yes, that is a heck of a lot of inmates,” Melugin told Carlson. “And the sheriff took a lot of heat, a lot of criticism from the public when he made this decision, because at the same time, he had also tried closing down all of our local gun stores. He had listed them as nonessential businesses.”

The only group happy with Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is the ACLU.

Hat tip to Second City Cop for the last 2 stories listed here, who notes.

We highly doubt they even thought about the consequences before releasing four-thousand inmates, so they aren’t going to think about it going forward except to blame normal thinking people for not being understanding by surrendering all of their property to the newly liberated.