Armed Self-defense – South African Edition

They likely thought it would be easy to rob a 72-year-old woman. They were wrong. Elderly woman kills ‘home invader’ in shootout with gang

It was described as a “gang of home invaders.” They traded fire with the homeowner, who was also shot.

“On arrival they found that a 72-year-old woman‚ the homeowner‚ had been shot. She was in a critical condition and required urgent attention from advanced life support paramedics before she was transported to an area hospital‚” Jamieson said.

“One man, an alleged intruder, was declared dead at the scene.”

One guy who was injured, was taken to hospital under police guard, and a 3rd guy, who police believe is connect to the home invasion, was arrested later.

Self-defense is a human-right.


Self-defense in South Africa

South Africa also has a healthy respect for self-defense. Suspected robber critical after attempted break-in | The Mercury

ER24 spokesperson Annine Siddall said in a statement on Saturday that the man, believed to be 18 years old, is in a critical condition after it was believed he had been shot by a homeowner in Acaciavale in Ladysmith on Friday night.

She said: “At approximately 9pm, ER24 and other emergency services arrived at the scene, (where) they found the man with a gunshot wound to his jaw.

Note: I’m not 100% sure, but ER24 is a private company in South Africa that handles emergency response via a cellphone app. It seems to be a service that is in addition to services provided by the government

The would-be miscreant was transported to a local hospital.

Self-defense is a human-right. No reporting on how much of a legal quagmire the homeowner is in as a result of this incident.

Self-defense: South African Edition

Self-defense is not just an American thing. La Lucia resident shoots armed attacker | Northglen News

So a guy hears a noise, goes to investigate, and finds 2 miscreants breaking into his house through a bathroom window. When they realize he’s there they take off.

“However, the resident drove after them and attempted to apprehend the suspects. He cornered them at the Davallen, Braemar intersection and pulled out his firearm. One of the suspects, armed with a knife approached him. Fearing for his life, he fired a warning shot and when that didn’t work on the advancing attacker, he shot the suspect in the leg,” he said.

The guy who got shot will be charged with “housebreaking.” The 2nd guy ran like a rabbit, and police are still looking for him.

Self-defense is a human-right.

“Luckily the homeowner also had a firearm to defend himself and his family.”

Self-defense: South African Editition NEWSFLASH: Suspected robber shot dead in Faerie Glen | Rekord East

A couple of armed miscreants jump a fence.

“The people living in the house were taken by surprise by apparently two armed men. They were [grilling] outside when the suspects jumped over the fence,” said [Riaan] Volschenk [from GCS Security]

(Editor’s note. I don’t usually edit quotes except to better identify folks I’m quoting, but I figure most people wouldn’t know braaiing means grilling meat. For more context, GCS Security is private, armed-response in the Pretoria, South Africa region. Z-Deb)

A 28-year-old in the home was shot in the arm, and transported to a local hospital.

The quote in the title to this post is also from the GCS Security guy, Volschenk. GCS was first on the scene.

The rest of the investigation has to wait on police.

Armed Self-defense: International Edition

Armed self-defense in Cape Town, South Africa. Armed robbers flee after would-be victim defends himself | IOL

“Men entered the property trying to rob it. It ended in a shootout between gunmen and the homeowner,” [Schaapkraal Safety Forum chairperson, Redaa Ameeroedien] explains.

The would-be robbers fled when the intended-target opened fire. The business man was shot in the leg, his employee was shot in the foot.

Police are still looking for the 5 people involved, two of whom were apparently shot during their attack.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, confirmed the incident and is asking anyone with information to step forward.

“This office can confirm that a case of attempted murder and attempted house robbery are under investigation,” she says

Lion Attack – The Windows Were Supposed to be Closed

Don't be stupidHer window wasn’t closed and she didn’t close it as the lioness approached. The “rules” indicate the windows are supposed to remain closed. (Common sense would indicate that too.) U.S. tourist was photographing lions just before fatal attack, park says – The Washington Post.

“According to witnesses a lioness then began slowly walking towards the vehicle” where the tourist was sitting in the passenger’s seat, La Cock said. “The lady was taking pictures of this lion which then stopped about a meter or two away from the vehicle. Witnesses state that the lady still had her window fully open at this point when the lion lunged towards the car.

“It then bit the lady through the open window.”

Sure, this is a tragedy. But if a lion is approaching you, you should close the damn window.

Just sayin’.

Visitors are handed a leaflet “explaining that it is imperative that windows and doors are kept locked and closed at all times” before entering the first lion enclosure, La Cock said. “Lions are predators and these animals should be handled and treated with great respect.”