Uninvited Visitor or Violent Ex-boyfriend

crime scene tapeYou can also file this under “The how dare you live without me attitude never works out.” Deputies investigate after homeowner shoots, kills uninvited visitor in Lancaster County.

So Euphemisms now count for journalism.

The ex-boyfriend showed up at the house where the girl-friend and new boyfriend were. Things went downhill after the new boyfriend let the ex into his home.

Soon after, the former boyfriend made his way upstairs and confronted the homeowner and the woman at the closet door.

Officers said a disturbance ensued and the homeowner fired a handgun at the former boyfriend, who was shot and died at the scene.

So why is it that so many people, men and women, can’t accept that sometimes, relationships end?

Self-defense Is Legal in South Carolina

I always thought it was. Two fatal Columbia shootings deemed self-defense.

Columbia police say two recent fatal shootings have been determined to be self-defense, meaning no charges will be filed in the case.

One happened May 21, at an apartment complex. The dead guy forced his way into a home, and started a confrontation with a woman.

The second occurred on May 18, where the dead guy in that incident was trying to force his way in, and was shot before he succeeded. He was making threats against someone in the house the entire time.

One Homeowner vs Three Miscreants

So how would this be better if the homeowner had been disarmed? UPDATE: Homeowner fires shots at 3 suspect attempting to burglarize home in Aiken County, one suspect in custody.

He was out walking his dog in the morning and came home to find 3 men and 2 vehicles on his property.

According to authorities, on Thursday, May 21, at 8:30 a.m. deputies responded to 407 Cobblestone Rd. after a homeowner reported he fired shots at three men attempting to break into his home.

The Aiken Bloodhound Tracking Team found one of the miscreants in a nearby swamp. They took him to hospital for a gunshot wound and then to the county lockup.

Warrants have been issued for the other 2, but they hadn’t been picked up yet.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Don’t Try to Touch the Aligator

They are not there for your entertainment. Woman killed by alligator in SC was doing homeowner’s nails.

The woman attacked and killed by an alligator in a gated community along the South Carolina coast was visiting the homeowner to do her nails and was trying to touch the animal when it grabbed her, authorities said.

After briefly getting away from the alligator Friday, the woman stood in waist deep water in the Kiawah Island pond and said “I guess I wont do this again,” but the alligator grabbed her in its jaws again and took her under

This is a tragedy, but it is also the kind of thing I write about too often. Less than once per year, but still too often. Disney has convinced Americans that wild animals are really all these cute and cuddly creatures that want to be our friends. They aren’t.

I’ve seen stories of people killed by bears and alligators, people who have climbed over barricades at zoos, usually to get that perfect selfie, or some other insanity, and more. I haven’t seen a story about anyone being killed by feral hogs, but as the picture at this Daley Gator post indicates, they are not little piggies, and while you might stop the big guy in that photo with high powered rifle, if you’re unarmed, you might just be in trouble. (Look closely; one of the pictures is of hogs.)

And here is a link to SiGraybeard’s post from last year on how not to get killed by an alligator. People in Florida might have a bit more experience with gators, than those in South Carolina, but this isn’t about geography.

Self-defense Is Legal in South Carolina

JusticeI thought it was, but then you’re not always sure. (Every bullet comes with a lawyer attached.) North Charleston police won’t charge 16-year-old girl with shooting stepdad in self-defense.

The teenager, whose name wasn’t released due to her age, was on Remount Road with her mother and stepfather when he attacked the adult woman outside of a car, Deputy Chief Scott Deckard said.

The man passed his stepdaughter a handgun as she and her mother got into the vehicle, according to Deckard. When he grabbed a piece of concrete and hit the car with it, threatening to kill the pair, the girl shot him in the head and shoulder.

She fled the scene, and was charged with not stopping for the blue lights, but she won’t be charged with the shooting.

Fleeing doesn’t usually make the authorities happy, so their restraint is notable in this case.

And defense of self, or of your mother if she is attacked, is a human-right, even if you’re only 16.

Armed Woman Homeowner versus Idiot Home Invader

crime scene tapeHis smart mouth cost him his life. RCSD: Man shot, killed by homeowner during break-in.

The homeowner told deputies the man was attempting to get into her home through a window.

When she told him she had a gun, she said he threatened to come in and use it on her. She then fired her gun, striking the man.

He could have turned around and run, but he didn’t believe a woman would defend herself.

Cops found him dead in the driveway of the home.

So how would you respond to an an uninvited guest in your home at 8 o’clock in the morning?

Self-defense is a human-right.

Are We Ignoring Infrastructure Problems?

There are many dams in America that are in danger of failing for one reason or another. Let’s look at 2.

First up, a simple problem with a dam in Ohio, could have bad consequences. Goose carcass causes clogged drain at Cattle Dam.

A dead goose was blocking the primary outlet of a dam in Ohio. This caused water to flow over the weir, and that caused erosion. The city tried to remove the goose, and failed and hired a contractor, who was successful. But there are still problems.

The erosion downstream of the weir has continued and has started to undercut the grouted section stone slope protection adjacent to the weir thereby increasing risk of dam failure.

It is one of the many dams in America where no one is quite sure who owns it.

So is a dead goose (or other creature) causing problems common or uncommon?

Then there are the many dams that have been ignored. This one is in the news. ‘We’re gambling every day:’ Lake Conestee dam remains a flooding and environmental risk.

This dam has been in poor condition for quite a while. The last inspection was in 2019.

The inspection also noted:

  • Seepage
  • Deterioration
  • Trash and woody debris

In addition to the problems with the dam, toxic debris is known to be behind the dam (the result of upstream problems). If the dam were to fail, that toxicity would be released downstream causing a whole host of problems.

They have plans to build a new dam, 10 feet downstream from the old one, which is supposed to be complete by 2022, but they haven’t even acquired all of the land they need. So who knows.

If it were to fail, it would be catastrophic, [Conestee Foundation Executive Director Dave] Hargett said.

All the toxic sediment the dam is holding back would make its way down the Reedy River and into Boyd Mill Pond and Lake Greenwood — which provides water for Greenwood and Laurens counties.

“If we lost the dam, it wouldn’t just be an environmental catastrophe, it would be an economic catastrophe,” Hargett said.

Yet they don’t seem to be moving too quickly getting funding, or the land needed.

So will this be another entry at Damfailures.org? Who knows?

“Run Away” Is One of the Strategies Advocated By the Gun-hating Left

There is a problem with that strategy, however. Homeowner shot and injured during burglary in Greenville County.

So someone forced their way into a home at 2:30 in the morning.

After a brief struggle with the intruder or intruders, the homeowner tried to flee on foot and was shot at least once.

So one, you have to wake up when they get there. (Alarms are cheap if you don’t care about them being monitored.) After that, my choice is to retrieve the loaded .357 Magnum sitting in my nightstand. But I’m old, fat, and have bad knees from when I was young, skinny and doing too much insane stuff – like skiing down mountains I should never have been on. So while walking away is an option, running – not so much.

Cops are providing no more info. In another story – with a completely annoying video – they say there is nothing to fear. (Of course they do.)

The “How Dare You Live Without Me” Attitude Didn’t Work for Him

He ended up being shot. RCSD: Man went to Irmo home threatening to shoot ex-girlfriend and her family, shot by homeowner.

Joseph James Harkless, the suspect, went through a break up with his girlfriend earlier in the day Saturday. He then threatened to shoot her and her family, deputies said

Officials say Harkless went to the home of one of his ex’s family members and shot a glass patio door at the back of the house. But as he went inside, the homeowner shot him, deputies said.

He then stole a car, drove to a local business and asked them to call 911. After he was done at the hospital, cops took him to the county lockup.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Self-defense is Legal in South Carolina

But then I thought it was. No charges for shooter who killed man at Christmas party.

Things got out of hand at a holiday party.

When Rowe and his wife attempted to leave, Warren-Camp pulled Rowe out of his car and began assaulting him, police said.

Camp also began attacking Rowe, repeatedly hitting him in the face and body, police said. Rowe attempted to escape but couldn’t. He then pulled out a gun while Warren-Camp was on top of him and shot Warren-Camp in the chest, police said.

The guy with the gun suffered a broken eye-socket and cuts to his face.

Use the Weapon At Hand

Even if you are over matched, never give up. Horry County homeowner fights off armed suspects, police searching for one assailant.

Police say the home invasion happened around 6:30 a.m. Phillips and Shepard forced their way into a Franks Lane home and got into a struggle with the homeowner.

The victim was shot in the leg, but stabbed a suspect with a pocket knife.

One suspect was picked up at a local hospital and booked into the county lockup. Cops are looking for 2nd guy. (Click thru for the particulars.) Both face life in prison if convicted on all charges. Those charges are…

Officers charged [the guy who got stabbed] with attempted murder, two counts of first-degree burglary, three counts of possession of a weapon during a violent crime, two counts of unlawful neglect of a child or helpless person, two counts of first-degree burglary and two counts of pointing and presenting a firearm at a person.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Ransomware vs 911 Call Center – Nobody Wins

Hard to quantify the cost of an outage when it can cost lives. Ransomware attack may be affecting 911, emergency dispatch in Jasper Co.

Earlier this week it was confirmed Jasper County had a cyber attack on their countywide systems, including email and emergency response systems.

At that time, county officials said 911 and emergency dispatch services were not having any issues as a result of the cyberware attack. Now, that may not be the case.

Color me shocked. A politician isn’t telling the truth. OR, a politician who doesn’t actually know what is going on.

A system that was formerly automatic (in terms of locating addresses) is now reverted to manual. Causing delays.

First responders say every second the county or city response teams are not responding to a call, someone’s life could be put at risk.

“To do that by hand, to take that extra time it could cost someone their life.”

At least the system wasn’t knocked out completely, as it was in other areas. Still, it might be good to have a plan B. Like know some first aid, or have the local police and fire numbers in your phone.

Because Shooting a Homeowner Thru the Window of His Home is SOP

Because that is just how the cops work. Deputy who shot SC homeowner through front window cleared by internal affairs.

The Sheriff’s Office’s Officer of Professional Standards conducted an internal investigation to see if Deputy Kevin Azzara violated any written policies during the incident. The investigation concluded and found that no agency policies were violated, spokesman Lt. Ryan Flood said Wednesday.

Because shooting a homeowner, in his own home, without announcing you’re police, because at midnight, that homeowner is armed when he comes to the door is just good police work. Or something.

I said that the cop would face no repercussions.

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later, Then Lie About It

Law enforcement in the 21st Century. Upstate man shot by Greenville County deputy through own front door, attorney says. (There is a video at the site that won’t shut up. You’ve been warned.)

They guy was in his own home. A cop came to the door, but did not identify himself. The homeowner was armed. It was “just before midnight,” so being armed was a reasonable thing to do. The deputy shot him 4 times through the door sidelight. Then the deputy claimed (or the Sheriff’s dept. claimed) that the homeowner opened the door and pointed a gun at the cop. Body cam video refutes that, and the “statement” to that effect has been removed from the Sheriff’s F*c*book page.

Welcome to the Police State, where there will be no consequences for this guy. No fallout from the Sheriff lying about what happened. Though they are being sued.

And this was all in response to a “medical alert.” Someone needs to show the police how to make a phone call.

People You Know Can Be a Threat

Case in point. Man shoots former stepson who broke into his trailer in Woodruff, deputies say.

Lt. Kevin Bobo, with the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office said the homeowner called 911 and said he had shot an unknown man who had broken into his trailer.

The man ran away from the home and was found on a dirt road with a single gunshot wound to his shoulder area, Bobo said.

He apparently broke in with the intent to assault the homeowner for past grievances.

The Solicitor’s Office concluded the homeowner was justified in his actions. Williams was charged with burglary and assault and battery, Bobo said.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Yet Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed homeowner. Anderson County Coroner working to identify man fatally shot by Williamston homeowner.

Sgt. J.T. Foster of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said Monday morning that preliminary information indicates that the man was shot as he attempted to break into a home on Boiter Road. Investigators have not disclosed the name of the homeowner who shot him. No charges have been filed in the case as of Monday morning.

Self-defense is a human-right.

You Say That Like It’s a Bad Thing

The Left always says that you’re more likely to shoot someone you know. ACSO: Argument between homeowner and stepson ends in shots fired, incident still under investigation

The creepy neighbor. The co-worker turned stalker. The crazy ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. Whoever. You usually (not always) know the people who are a problem in your life.

An older male subject had asked his stepson to leave the home several times, the stepson did not comply, he became more aggressive toward the homeowner, who felt he had no other choice then to fire at the son, deputies say.

The case is still under investigation, but you have the right to defend yourself in your own home, even if you know the person who is a threat. Even if you’re related in some way.

Yet Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

And the determination of self-defense was made fairly quickly. Police: No charges filed in fatal Walhalla shooting, incident ruled self defense.

Cops found a man shot in a home.

Police said a full investigation was launched and investigators and the solicitor’s office determined the shooting was a case of self-defense.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Another Breakdown of the Victim-selection Process

South Carolina has been fairly active on the self-defense front lately. Fatal North Charleston shooting may have been self-defense, officials say.

“Investigators believe the shooting may have been a result of the deceased victim attempting to rob a male subject and gunfire being exchanged between the two,” Pryor [a North Charleston police spokesman] said.

The investigation is ongoing, but self-defense is a human-right.

They Suffered a Breakdown of the Victim-selection Process

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed homeowner. Police: Hampton homeowner shoots 2 intruders, killing one.

According to the Hampton Police Department, two men charged into one of the houses on Locust Street. The homeowner, who was inside at the time of the attack, was armed, and used his gun to fight back his attackers.

Police said one of the suspects died at the scene, right outside the house, after allegedly being shot by the homeowner.

The 2nd guy was found at a McDonald’s and airlifted to a trauma center. Cops are looking at whether or not a 3rd party helped the one guy get to that McDonald’s.

There are a few of the usual “That stuff doesn’t happen here” comments, but not enough to actually rise to a “Neighbors are Shocked” level.

So how would you respond to someone trying to break into your home at 9:30 PM?

Self-defense is a human-right.