Sweden Is NOT a Socialist Country

There is a myth that Sweden is a socialist country. But the Truth is, having the government manage everything didn’t work well, so they cut government spending, implemented school vouchers, sold state-owned businesses, etc.

This is “Sweden: Lessons for America?” by Johan Norberg, who was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden.


Sweden Figures Out How to Handle the Sukhoi

The Sukhoi is the latest fighter designed by Russia. Sweden says it built a Russian fighter jet killer — and stealth is totally irrelevant.

Sweden’s air force says its Gripen E fighter jets are designed to kill Russia’s fearsome Sukhoi fighter jets, and that they have a “black belt” in that type of combat.

Interesting article for anyone interested in the current state of the arms balance between Western Europe and Russia. Though Sweden isn’t a member of NATO, for reasons I’m not sure anyone can articulate, they do train with member states.

“Several years ago the Gripen pilots got tired of being made fun of by German Typhoon pilots and came to play with their wartime electronic warfare and gave them a hell of a hard time,” Bronk said. One of the Gripens was “reportedly able to appear on the left wing of a Typhoon without being detected” by using its “extremely respected” jamming ability, Bronk said.

What they are trying to do is sell the jet on the export market. I wish them luck.

Immigrant Vandalizes Grave of Terror Victim, Attacks Her Father. Cops Do Nothing

There’s never a cop around when you need one. (This is Sweden, so they are hiding under the bed, fearful of being labeled “racist”.) Father of Swedish terror victim attacked by migrant who vandalised her grave – Police do nothing.

Stefan writes that the man was sentenced to expulsion in 2014, but the decision was appealed to the Supreme Court. In 2015, he was sentenced again, for the grave violation, but avoided expulsion.

The trial for repeated violations of Ebba’s grave will be held in March next year. According to the father, the vandalisation continues “on average three nights a week”.

Sweden is toast. But they brought it on themselves. (Well, Angela Merkel helped.) Hat tip to Trigger Reset.

Swedish Establishment to Voters: Keep Us in Power and Get Free Stuff!

Because that plan worked so well in Venezuela. Panic Grips Swedish Establishment Facing an Election Beating.

The established parties are pulling out all the stops in an effort to maintain the status quo. The Moderates are promising tax cuts and the Social Democrats are offering families an extra week off work. Both want increased spending on healthcare and education. They also pledging to crack down on crime and further restrict immigration, allowing the Sweden Democrats to set the debate.

When political scientists at respected universities are saying politicians are using the word “panic,” I will say it is probably NOT media promoting click-bait.

“What’s wrong with Sweden?” is basically a question asked by the media. (Because they haven’t been paying attention, is my guess.)

Sweden’s Far Right Party & This Weekend’s Election

But Sweden was the darling of the Left…. Immigration and welfare fears merge as Sweden lurches to the right.

Several online surveys indicate the anti-immigration, anti-European Union Sweden Democrats could become the largest party, overtaking the Social Democrats, who have dominated politics for the last 100 years.

Failure of recent immigrants to integrate is part of the problem. But there are other problems.

Some also feel that Sweden’s widely admired tax and welfare model has left them behind.

It is very expensive to do business in Sweden as a result of those “admired” systems. (Hat tip to Small Dead Animals.)

Segregation of the Sexes Comes to Sweden

Because coed music festivals are not safe. Women cheer as Sweden’s man-free music festival kicks off.

Matilda Hagerman laughs with her friends as she queues at a man-free music festival, which kicked off in Sweden on Friday in protest against a wave of sexual assaults at festivals in recent years.

Think about that last part of the quote: “in recent yeas.” It’s almost like something changed in the past few years.

This seems like a victory for Sharia. Because the authorities don’t want to be xenophobic, they ignored attacks at first, then down-played them, but in the end did nothing concrete. And so spaces are now segregating for safety.

Knyckare told AFP that the MeToo wave exposing sexual assault unveiled “serious problems” in Sweden, one of the most gender equal nations in the world, at not only festivals but several institutions.

This is The Local. They are so far to the Left they can’t see the center anymore. So while they talk about “safe spaces” they don’t mention when those safe spaces became necessary, or any of the attacks from previous festivals – only in the abstract.

So is this progress, or a massive step backwards?

Sweden – The Rape Capital of Europe

The Left is still trying to spin the news, but as someone said, you aren’t entitled to your own facts. New mapping of rape sentences: 58 percent of convicted born abroad. (Chrome will be your Swedish-translating friend.)

  • 58 percent of those convicted of rape and attempted rape over the past five years were born abroad.
  • If you only look at attempted and completed assault violence – where the victim and the perpetrator do not know each other – the figure is even higher. More than eight out of ten convicted offenders were born in another country. 40 percent of these have been in Sweden for a year or less.

Of course one has to try to keep 2 thoughts in your head at the same time.

The problem is that people can not keep two thoughts in their heads at the same time. Just because one talks about immigrants being overrepresented in sexual offense does not mean that all immigrants commit sexual offenses, most immigrants do not. Most immigrants are good people just like anybody.

Still, you won’t solve a problem by refusing to look at the data, and only talking about how an issue makes you feel. (Hat tip to The Daily Caller and Small Dead Animals.)