Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0

CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSSTexans are still armed, and Home Invaders are still getting shot. Home invasion suspect shot in Flower Mound

So a man and a woman break into a home in northern Texas. They are met by an armed homeowner. What would you expect? This isn’t New Jersey.

During the 911 call, the homeowner stated he had shot at an unknown male and female, who had allegedly broken into his house through the back door. After the gunshot, both individuals fled the location in a vehicle.

Cops found the vehicle, and the two would-be home invaders. The man had been shot in the chest and was taken to a hospital. The woman was arrested on a parole violation.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Texas, it is your legal right.

Texans Are Still Armed…

Hand CuffsHome invaders are still getting shot. Suspect shot by homeowner after breaking into Howard County home

According to the Howard County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were called to a home on Driver Road on Sunday afternoon for a report of a shooting.

When deputies arrived, they spoke with a homeowner who said he had walked into his home when he found a man inside. Both men were armed with handguns.

The homeowner shot the suspect, who ran away. He was identified a while later when he showed up at a local hospital. When the doctors were done with him, cops arrested him.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Good Guys 4, Bad Guys 0

You won’t see this on the national news. It is only of local interest. (Translation: It doesn’t advance the narrative.) Woman armed with handgun stops burglary, four people arrested, Bell County Sheriff’s Department says.

You could also file this under “A Failure of the victim-selection process.” And Texans are still armed.

The woman was upstairs and heard what sounded like someone kicking down the front door, the sheriff’s department said. She went down stairs with a handgun and confronted the burglar, who the sheriff’s department said was also armed.

The burglar left the house without any shots being fired and got in a nearby vehicle. The vehicle, with four people inside, was later pulled over on FM 2410 in Belton.

And one of the guys arrested had an outstanding warrant for a shooting in January. He was charged accordingly.

Hat tip to The Daley Gator and Bearing Arms, where it is noted…

Here’s a story you won’t hear “gun safety” activists like Shannon Watts talk about, even though it involves a strong, empowered woman using a firearm responsibly to ensure her own safety.

“Just Give Them What They Want” Is Supposed to Prevent Injury

crime scene tapeBut it is not a guarantee of safety. Armed robbers wanted after shooting store clerk at Starr Shop in Houston.

Two miscreants broke into a store using concrete to smash a window. They attack the clerk in an effort to get cash.

Police say it’s clear that the employee wasn’t offering any resistance, but they are questioning why the suspect still decided to shoot him.

Because violent criminals don’t stop being violent criminals because of anything you are or are not doing.

“Just give them what they want,” or cooperation, is a strategy to deal with a violent encounter. I think it is a fairly poor strategy in the long run, though a lot of employers would rather see injured employees than armed employees.

The employee is expected to survive his injuries.

Do You Think “The System” Will Protect You?

Hold violent offenders in jail? I don’t think so. Advocates say partners in Harris Co. are being killed after offenders get bond.

In a document filed by the district attorney’s office, Le reportedly posted that if she went missing, it would be Curtis Holliday responsible for her murder.

“Guess what? She was right,” victim’s right advocate Andy Kahan said. “It was a tragedy, and yet it was so utterly preventable because the signals were sent out galore and we sat and did nothing.”

Holliday was charged with continuous family violence in January for two incidents in 2019. He was released on a $30,000 bond and Le was granted a protective order.

Many people have said that a court order is just a piece of paper. If you need an order of protection, then you need a plan for your personal safety. The cops are not going to act as your bodyguards, not even if there is a restraining order.

There is more… Click thru.

It’s All About the Ratings

Justice? Safety? We are talking about LIVE Television. Sit down and shut up and let the cops be heroes on TV. Or something. They could’ve arrested him at the courthouse. Instead, deputies waited till the cameras were rolling and busted down his door..

The highly weaponized arrest came just 3½ hours after Watsky sat peacefully in a courtroom where deputies had ample opportunity to take him into custody without fanfare.

Watsky, whose alleged offense was ending an argument by hitting his roommate with a shovel, had strolled in and out of the Williamson County Justice Complex for a routine pretrial appearance that afternoon as he had done for months. He had passed through metal detectors under the watchful eyes of armed sheriff’s deputies.

But arresting him under those circumstances wouldn’t have made for good TV. Or any TV, since the cameras weren’t there. The Warrant was entered into the system as “Inactive” so that there was no chance one of the non-TV deputies would have taken him into custody. There would have been no kicking in of doors. Where is the excitement in that?

Anyway go read the whole disgusting thing. Oh, and there are probably lawsuits involved.

He Didn’t Understand the “Ex” Part of Ex-boyfriend

crime scene tapeHe had a chance to walk away; he should have taken it. Man dies after being shot by homeowner during dispute at Far Northeast Side home.

First, he apparently called in a 911 report on a disturbance. The cops show up. No disturbance, so they leave.

A real disturbance then breaks out between the soon-to-be-dead-guy, and the homeowner’s daughter. The disturbance was on the front porch.

The girlfriend’s father came outside with a gun and asked the ex-boyfriend to leave. Police say that the ex-boyfriend lunged at the father and that is when he was shot multiple times.

The “How dare you live without me” attitude never really works out in the long-run for anybody.

Self-defense is a human-right, and defending their children is what parents are supposed to do.

The Breakdown of Civilization Continues

Lawlessness is the new norm. Suspect punches 83-year-old man, steals his car before running over him, Houston police say.

Police in Texas are searching for a suspect accused of attacking an 83-year-old man, taking his car and running over him with the stolen vehicle.

Here’s a link to the surveillance photo the monster who ran-over an 83-year-old man.

Hat tip to The Other McCain, who notes White Lives Don’t Matter: Democrats Encourage Murderous Racial Hatred.

If the races were reversed — if a white man had attacked a black man, stolen his car and run over him — wouldn’t this story be covered by the New York Times, CNN and every other major national media outlet?

As it is, this is strictly “local news.”

The Tolerant Left – Not So Tolerant

Not if you dare to disagree. UTSA investigates alleged violent threats made by former teaching assistant toward woman on Twitter. (University of Texas at San Antonio)

The UTSA police department is investigating an incident of alleged violent threats made on social media toward a woman by a now former teaching assistant.

Twitter user Ashley StClair contacted UTSA’s Twitter account Tuesday evening to alert the university of the physical and vulgar threats she claimed to receive. She posted the following.

“Hey @UTSA, One of your students/teaching assistants threatened to come to my house, kill, and rape me because of my politics.”

Say it again. “now former teaching assistant.”

Do I have to say she’s conservative and the “now former teaching assistant,” who shall remain nameless, apparently, took offense at something she posted on Twitter.

So where is all the tolerance? Where are the peace and love? That was the Left in the 1960s, but not today. Today it is “Agree with us or we will kill you.” (Hat tip to 90 Miles From Tyranny.)

Another Texas School to Add Armed Staff

I think maybe I should move to Texas… Mount Pleasant board approves plan to allow employees to carry guns.

A spokeswoman for the school said the board approved using the Guardian Plan, which is a state-approved plan which solely provides hand-picked armed employees the ability to defend themselves in the event of an active shooter.

Don’t mess with Texas. (Hat tip to Keep and Bear Arms.)

Texans Are Still Armed

And the “How dare you live without me” attitude never turns out well. HPD: Woman’s boyfriend shoots ex-boyfriend after door to their apartment is kicked in.

Investigators believe a man kicked in the door to an apartment where his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend were. Police said the current boyfriend grabbed a gun and shot the ex-boyfriend, in fear for his life.

No charges have been filed in the shooting, because self-defense is a human-right, and this happened in Texas.

Where Would We Be Without Experts?

Go read the whole thing; it isn’t long. But I will highlight the stats, which caught my eye. COVID-19: The ‘Experts’ Are Clueless.

Something really went wrong in New York.

The per-capita death rate in Georgia remains 88% lower than New York’s; Florida’s rate is 93% lower and Texas is 96% lower.

Of course with more than 70,000 people per square mile, and a governor who set things up to kill old people in nursing homes, it’s hard to see how a virus wouldn’t ravage that city. And state.

Texans Are Still Armed…

Home invaders are still getting shot. The bad guys still haven’t read that memo. CCPD: Suspected burglar shot, killed by North Beach homeowner.

So how would you react to an uninvited guest in your home at midnight?

orpus Christi police say a suspected burglar was shot and killed by a homeowner in North Beach early Monday morning. [SNIP]

Officers say evidence shows the suspected burglar did make entry into the home, was shot by the homeowner, then fled the scene in an unknown vehicle.

Self-defense is a human-right, and this took place in Texas.

She Refused To Be a Victim

Don’t expect much coverage of this event by feminists or the national media, since it doesn’t support the narrative. She wasn’t a victim. A gun probably saved her life.

The “How dare you live without me!” attitude fails again. Woman shoots, kills ex-boyfriend with shotgun after he breaks into home, report states.

She broke up with him. She changed the locks. He broke in.

The woman told officers she hid in the bathroom when he broke into her home and shot him with a shotgun when he entered.


This is Texas, so she is not facing charges at this time. (Cops don’t make that decision, but…)

And the guy who got shot had no pulse when cops got to him. Shotgun to the stomach will do that. He was rushed to the hospital where he eventually died.

Self-defense is a human right.

There is a bit of a legend about a Colt firearm engraved as follows:

“Be not afraid of any man;
No matter what his size;
When danger threatens, call on me—
And I will equalize!”

That principle certainly seemed to apply Wednesday evening.

Texans Are Still Armed…

Bad guys are still getting shot. Suspected car burglar shot, killed during shootout with homeowner, police say.

Homeowner confronts a bad-guy breaking into his car. They are both armed and exchange fire.

Authorities said the suspect, believed to be 18-25 years old, was shot in the chest. He fled on foot, but was found deceased in Bellaire Park around the corner, police said. A handgun was in his possession.

The investigation continues.

Texans Are Still Armed…

Bad guys are still getting shot. The bad guys still haven’t read that memo. Store clerk opens fire on robbery suspects, killing one, police say.

The store was closed, but they forced their way in anyway.

The clerk was in a plexiglass pod when he was approached by the robbers, police said.

The clerk, fearing for his life, opened fire on the suspects, wounding and killing one of the men, police said. A second suspect ran from the scene while two others drove away in a dark-colored BMW.

A guy with a gunshot wound was found a short distance away, and taken to a hospital.

Self-defense is a human-right, and this took place in Texas, not New Jersey.

The Crazy – It Hurts

Procedure exists for a reason, and a janitor violating SOP caused some problems. State hospital escapee shot by Wichita County homeowner.

So this guy had been court ordered into a state hospital. A janitor left his keys on a table, which this guy picked up and used to escape.

Soon after that, Duke said a woman at the home on Rathgeber Road noticed Reyes swimming in her pool in only his underwear.

Duke said the woman called 9-1-1, and that’s when Reyes noticed her looking at him out the back window and tried to get into the house.

The husband got there before the cops, and he grabbed a shotgun. The short story is that when he charged, the homeowner shot him in the leg.

The investigation continues.

Self-defense is a Human-right, and this incident took place in Texas, not New Jersey.

This Looks Like a Straight-forward Case of Self-defense

My guess is that they arrested this guy because he works for Customs and Border Protection, and so he must be guilty of something. LPD: Self-defense claimed by suspect in fatal shooting of Laredo firefighter.

The dead guy was the husband of the woman whose apartment he broke into. They were separated. He was apparently incensed because the CBP officer was with her. He sent her threatening text messages. He threatened to break in the door to the apartment. He attacked the CBP officer and knocked him to the floor before he was shot.

But because a Customs and Border Protection officer must be guilty of something, they arrested this guy on a murder charge. In Texas.

Politics over facts?

Texans Are Still Armed

Home invaders are still getting shot. You would think the bad-guys would have gotten the memo by now. Intruder shot and killed by homeowner in Fredericksburg, GCSO says.

A 19-year-old man was shot and killed after he broke in to a Fredericksburg house early Saturday morning, according to the Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office.

The homeowner, a 73-year-old man, told police he woke up to a “loud banging noise” outside of his home near the back patio around 12:45 a.m. Saturday.

The 19-year-old attacked the 73-year-old, and the 19-year-old ended up being shot in the head by another person in the house.

Self-defense is a human-right, and this is Texas, not New Jersey.