Good Guys 5, Bad Guys 0

Texans are still armed, and home-invaders are still getting shot. These guys really should have gotten that memo. Homeowner fatally shoots 3 men, injures 2 during home invasion, police say.

So how would you respond to a bunch of uninvited guests at 1 o’clock in the morning?

Police said three men are dead and two others are in a hospital after a homeowner shot them during a possible home invasion in east Houston.

This is Texas, so there is none of this “shot at” nonsense. This guy hit his targets.

One guy was dead in the front yard, the getaway vehicle crashed a short distance away, and one was dead in the vehicle. One of the two who fled the vehicle was dead a short distance away. A guy who fled on foot was found with a gunshot wound to the leg a short distance away. No word on how they caught up with number 5.

At least 2 of these miscreants were armed. So how does the gun-hating Left think someone should defend themselves from the invading horde if not with a firearm. Even if the bad guys had only clubs and knives, and the good was disarmed, this would have ended badly. Without the means of self-defense, the old and the infirm would be at the mercy of the young and the violent, the small could be overpowered by the large, and anyone could be buried in numbers.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Texas it is also your legal right.


You Will Wait For Cops After Calling 911

In some places you will wait longer than in others. Who ya gonna call? Dallas police response times slower again in 2018. And you have to love the Ghost Busters reference.

The cover the case of 1 guy who waited an hour after an assault for cops to show up. (It doesn’t say in this case, but usually if the cops don’t show up, the paramedics can’t either. It is the scene of a violent crime.)

But the stats don’t look too bad. But they are “average response time.” Some people will wait a lot longer.

Priority 1 calls, which are routinely for murders and shootings, improved but were still over the department’s goal of eight minutes, according to the records. The average response time for a Priority 1 call in 2018 was 8.35 minutes, a slight improvement from the year before.

But in 2016, the department responded to those emergency calls on average within 7.77 minutes.

If you can call 911 before bad things happen, 8 minutes is a long time to wait. You might want to consider what you are going to do for those minutes.

Of course no matter where you are, or how good you police force is, the response time will never be zero.

Texans Are Still Armed. Home-invaders Still Getting Shot

You would think that the bad-guys would have gotten the memo by now. Homeowner shoots and kills potential burglary suspect, police say.

The homeowner says when he arrived home, he spotted someone who didn’t belong there, and that’s when he went for his gun.

The investigation continues, but self-defense is a human-right.

How Should a 68-year-old Defend Himself From a 41-year-old?

If not with a firearm, that is? Suspected burglar shot and killed at southside apartment complex.

Police say their preliminary investigation shows a 41-year-old suspect tried breaking into an upstairs apartment. The 68-year-old man living in the apartment confronted the alleged intruder and then shot and killed him. Police are calling it self-defense.

This is Texas, after all, where self-defense is not just a human-right, it is your legal-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Relatives of Dead Criminals Don’t Like Self-defense.

But then this is hardly new. Family speaks on report of son’s death.

Cops say he was an intruder, who got shot by the homeowner.

24-year-old Yorrick Toms was shot and killed at an apartment complex in Killeen on December 20. Police say Toms was an intruder and got into an argument with the homeowner, who eventually shot him. But his mother thinks something different happened.

“My son by no means was an intruder,” said Renee Michaels, Yorrick​​​​​​’s mother.

OK then.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Did he think he was in New Jersey? This happened in Texas. Burglary suspect shot by Beaumont homeowner.

How would you respond to an uninvited guest at 2:30 in the morning? First thing this homeowner did was call 911 to report someone trying to break in.

While Officers were in route, police dispatch received a second call from the homeowner, who advised he had shot someone who was breaking into his home.

The miscreant who got shot was taken by EMS to a local hospital, and then by the cops to the county lockup, where he was charged with burglary.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Texas, it is also your legal right.

Relatives of Dead Criminals Don’t Like Self-defense

Because it isn’t fair. Or something. Family sharing their side of story after loved one killed during attempted burglary.

He was breaking into homes and cars and was confronted by an armed homeowner. He was shot, and died in a local hospital.

His family says that, ALTHOUGH he was a DRUG ADDICT, he was trying to turn his life around. But the homeowner didn’t know that in the middle of the night. And it isn’t pertinent.

“The person who did this and shot so many times, he shouldn’t have gone to that extent,” said Sara Martinez, Perez’s sister.

But that is sophistry. If he’d been hit with one bullet and died she would still hate self-defense, if her brother was on the receiving end.

My original post on this incident is at this link.