Did They Think They Were In New Jersey? This Was Texas!

What did they think would happen? Son shoots home invasion suspect in the head while sisters hide in closet at SW Houston home.

The ambushed the father as he arrived home and forced him inside. They made him turn off the alarm, but his daughters, who were hiding, kept pushing the panic alarm.

The son arrived home, and he armed himself.

Soon after, their brother, 20, arrived at the home with their mom. When he saw something was wrong, he went and got his gun and fired at the suspects while they were running away.

That phrasing has been used in a number of news stories, but the guy he shot was armed, and the two guys who got away were threatening his mother and younger sibling while this was going on.

They tried and failed to steal a Mercedes, and instead got away in a minivan.

Police said the minivan was a silver Toyota Sienna, license plate DGL-3948. The homeowner was hospitalized with what police described as “medical issues.”

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Texas, it is also a legal-right.


Self-defense Is Legal in Texas

JusticeBut then I thought it was. Grand jury no bills Hebron shooting case.

The shooting took place at High School Football game, which was the wrinkle of course. But everyone agreed that the guy doing the shooting was defending himself.

Since the shooter had a concealed carry license but technically broke the law by bringing in the weapon to the stadium, the case was reviewed by the grand jury. Since the case was no-billed, no charges will be brought against the shooter.

Sometimes there is Justice.

Texans Are Still Armed, Home Invaders Still Getting Shot

This guy didn’t get that memo. BCSO: Man arrested after breaking into home, shot by homeowner.

He broke into a home, and got into a fight with the homeowner. The homeowner shot him.

Shortly after the shooting, Salazar said deputies were then called to a nearby home where a man claimed to have been shot by an unknown person.

After investigating, deputies were able to connect the man to be the person responsible for the home invasion, Salazar said.

I’m guessing that isn’t how he planned that his evening would go. Shot, then arrested.

Self-defense is your human-right, and in Texas it is your legal right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Relatives Of Dead Aggressors Don’t Like Self-defense

Texas takes self-defense seriously. Physical evidence corroborates self-defense claim in neighbor shooting, police say.

There was a longstanding argument. Racial slurs were bandied about. And then he tried to force his way into someone else’s home.

After the shooting, Jabben called 911 and reported that he shot Battle, [Officer Jimmy] Pollozani said.

“Jabben was interviewed in reference to the shooting, but was released due to the self-defense claim and the physical evidence located at the scene which corroborated that claim,” Pollozani said.

The DA will present the case to a grand jury, but the cops are convinced it was self-defense.

The physical evidence is not good enough for the family of the guy who got shot. But then it never is.

“We believe that it is the job of the police to be the voice of truth and we don’t have a full account of what occurred, only this new statement which does not at all line up with my uncle’s character,” said Kyle Warnsley, Battle’s nephew. “He would have never put his grandson’s life at risk by bringing him by the hand with intentions to force his way into the residence.”

They are really bent out of shape that he came to the door – to talk to someone who has been a problem all week – with a gun. Most of the time I answer my front door, I have a gun in my hand. Do you know what is on the other side of a locked door? Neither do I.

The Austin Bomber: One Year Later

Austin was convinced they were an oasis. They were always part of The Real World™ they just didn’t know it at the time. ‘I still want to know why’ | One year later, how the Austin bomber was stopped.

This is a fairly long read, but it covers everything. Austin Police Chief Brian Manley, Homicide Detective Rolando Ramirez, the involvement of the ATF, the decent in force of the FBI. Blind alleys the investigation went down. The random nature of the victims. The clues that finally identified the suspect. And more. It’s all here, and pretty engaging.

And of course the shock that Austin suffered when the people of that city discovered that they were not immune to bad things happening.

“I was angry because he made us go through all of this, the community, he took the peace away from Austin,” Det. Ramirez said. “It was senseless.”

Chief Manley hoped that Austin could “feel safe” again. And maybe they can, but they were never safe, no matter how they felt about it. They weren’t safe 2 years ago, and they aren’t safe today. No one is; that is just a part of being human, though we don’t like to think about it much.

They Suffered a Breakdown of the Victim-selection Process

Did they think they were in New Jersey? Store clerk kills robbery suspect at Houston liquor store.

Houston police said that at least two armed suspects went into the store, where two employees were working at the time.

One of the employees had a concealed handgun license and got into a shootout with the suspects.

The robbery suspect who was shot managed to escape, but died a short time later just south of the store.

The cops are looking for the 2nd person.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Houston PD Screw-up Still Having Impacts

JusticeThe number of things the PD did wrong is stellar. Fallout From A Botched Houston Drug Raid Continues.

Two people are dead, and five officers were wounded. Mostly they were wounded by other officers.

There were supposed to be heroin sales out of the house. No Heroin. Now the PD internal affairs office is having strange difficulty tracking down the confidential informant who provided all the info for the search warrant. The description of the couple – who apparently were killed by the Houston PD for no real reason, except that no-knock warrants don’t work as well as they are advertised to work – as dangerous drug dealers isn’t matching up with reality. And then, when all these things were pointed out, the president of the police union, doubled down and call the dead couple “dirt bags.”

So the internal affairs division of Houston PD is investigating, and the DA’s office is also investigating. And now the FBI is getting into the act, with their investigation.

Now the FBI is investigating after it came out that an officer may have lied on an affidavit to get a search warrant, and the Houston Police Department has announced sweeping changes.

No-knock warrants are not quite stopped, but not moving forward at full speed either. This insanity has got to stop, and the only way it stops is if the cop or cops who lied to get the search warrant are hung out to dry. Manslaughter at least. Felony murder? Something besides 2 months of non-paid vacation, also know as administrative leave or whatever.