Don’t Let Google Track Your Search – But still use Google if you must.

Disconnect is company that keeps companies – Facebook, for example – from tracking all of your web activity, which they try to do even if you are not logged into their services. And now they have a private search. Private Search (Actually, it may only be new-to-me.)

Disconnect Search is a specialized VPN that lets you search privately using your favorite search engine. We don’t log searches, IP addresses, or any other personal info. To learn more check out our FAQ.

Interesting approach. But why aren’t you using the Tor Browser? Talk about anonymity. Tor has it in spades.

As Disconnect says, “Your identity is at risk.”

This Government Is Not Interested in Privacy. Better Take Care of it Yourself.

The title of the article says it all, really. FCC won’t force websites to honor ‘Do Not Track’ | Computerworld

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Friday dismissed a petition that would have required some of Web’s largest firms, including Facebook, Google and Netflix, to honor “Do Not Track” signals from consumers’ browsers.

So Google, Facebook, Twitter, et al, are free to continue violating your privacy, and disregarding your stated wishes relating to the same topic. Given the way the US government treats your privacy, I can’t say that this comes as a great surprise.

You can download the TOR browser here. And you can add Privacy Badger to you Firefox or Chrome browsers here. Privacy Badger is from the Electronic Freedom Foundation – one of the few organizations dedicated to your privacy. TOR stands for The Onion Router, and is currently the best bet for private browsing. (Privacy Badger is still confusing me, even after having it installed for awhile. The mode were they flag a “potential tracker” as yellow, but do not block them… can’t figure out if that should worry me.