As The Silence Becomes Me

What’s the difference between Heavy Metal and 1970s Rock & Roll? It isn’t the 1970s anymore. Or that is mostly my take, unless you are talking about Symphonic or Power Metal, or Melodeath etc.

Tremonti is 1970s Rock & Roll produced today, so it is Heavy Metal. Are we surprised that they had to go to Austria to find a record label? Suits running the American Music Industry are completely insane.

This is “As The Silence Becomes Me” by Tremonti from the 2018 album A Dying Machine. Some of the songs on that album are harder than this one, but this is still hard rock. (YouTube. Browser Privacy Extensions. “Unavailable.” Use link above.)


How about some Rock and Roll that sounds pretty much like it came straight out of the 1970s? Tremonti is officially a Heavy Metal band, but that’s where we are today. They’re most notable (at least to me) because until 2017, Wolfgang Van Halen (son of Eddie Van Halen) was the bassist.

This is “Trust” by Tremonti, from the 2018 album A Dying Machine. So far YouTube isn’t tripping over privacy extensions, when that happens, and they tell you the video is “unavailable,” use the link above.