The UK Independence Party Is Not Happy

And why should they be? The crime rate in London is growing dramatically. Sadiq’s London – Violent Crime Goes Through the Roof

Sadiq Khan’s record on crime in his first year of Mayor is appalling. The rise in violent crime from 2015/16 to 2016/17 is both staggering and frightening, with gun crime up 16%, rape up 18%, knife crime up 31%, murder up 27% and youth murder up by a horrific 70%.

David Kurten AM said, “After stating that ‘low level crimes’ such as car crime and burglary would not be priorities for the Metropolitan Police, theft is up 34% and burglary up 19%.

“Low level crime,” like having your car stolen, is ignored. I don’t know how (or if) UK treats home invasions (someone is home) versus burglary (an empty dwelling). My guess is that they count it in whichever way makes them look best.

London is acid-attack capital of the world, and with the release of these statistics is officially less safe than New York City.


The Rise of 3rd Party in the UK

UKIP versus the Conservatives and the Labour Party in the UK. Large Earthquake in U.K.—Not Many Conventional Pieties Left Standing | National Review Online.

UKIP (The UK Independence Party) won a bunch of seats and almost won a “safe” Labour seat – they lost by 614 votes. This cut the Labour majority by 90%

It’s a terrible result for Labour leader Ed Miliband who is almost a caricature of the metropolitan liberal Left that has lost touch or even sympathy with the traditional working class Labour constituency.

And now UKIP can say what the Conservatives have been saying… Vote for the other guy and you end up with Labour.

Not sure this bodes well for alternatives in the US, but I hope it does. There is so little difference between the Democrats and Republicans right now.