They Want to Live in a Safe Space

Too bad The Real World™ keeps intruding. Shots fired into off-campus apartments near UNCC, police say.

It is the second time this month shots rang out at the University City apartment complex.

Cops are trying to “strengthen” a program designed to make off-campus housing more like on-campus housing, in order to make residents feel safe. Too bad it won’t actually make them safe.

This time a gunman shot a bunch of rounds into an apartment and drove away in the victim’s car.

The world is not a safe place.

How Can This Be? Someone Shot in a Gun-free Zone

I thought it was impossible to shoot someone in a campus-near gun-free zone. UNCC on high alert after two violent crimes near campus within 24 hours.

University Crossings sent Channel 9 a statement reading in part, “Firearms are not permitted on the property. We ask that residents notify the police immediately by calling 911 if they see anyone with a firearm.”

So how is it that firearms are not permitted when the place in question is NOT on a college campus? I guess the Constitution doesn’t apply wherever college administrators decree it doesn’t apply. Or something.

And while the advice that the college administrators give is almost sensible, letting law-abiding students protect themselves is of course out-of-the-question, given the gun-hating, constitution-hating, liberty-hating attitudes of colleges.