When Self-defense Is Illegal…

When the means of self-defense are outlawed, the old and the infirm are at the mercy of the young and the violent, the small at the mercy of the large, and anyone can be overpowered by numbers.

No guns, no knives, no provision for self-defense at all. You MUST rely on the STATE of everything. Even things they can’t supply. London bus HORROR: Women brutally battered after refusing to kiss for gang of thugs.

Now my guess is that they wouldn’t think of self-defense. They’re too civilized, or domesticated.

TWO gay women were left covered in blood after being brutally beaten on a London bus when they refused to kiss for the twisted amusement of a gang of homophobic men.

In that place where Great Britain used to be.


Grenfell Tower Disaster – Two Years On

It’s hard to say who they are painting as the villain, because almost no information has been released. Grenfell investigation: Scotland Yard carries out 13 interviews under caution.

On June 14th, 2017, there was a fire in the publicly owned Grenfell Tower in London. 12 people died. Many were hurt.

Fire fighters initially told people to NOT evacuate. (They didn’t want all those fleeing civilians in their way.) Then the firefighters figured out that they were not going to contain that blaze. In so many ways, this reminds me of Paradise, California.

The city owned the building. The city maintained the building – there was no working alarm throughout the entire building. The city “renovated” the building with materials and in a fashion that would never be allowed by US building codes. Once on fire, the tower went up like a torch. (Click thru for a photo of the blackened hulk.)

Two years, and the investigation is only getting started.

Grenfell Tower info at this link, and Paradise, California info, specifically info on the Camp Fire, at this link. There is a good disturbing photo of the fire at that first link.

Members of UK Child Sex Gang Shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Court

This is a story of the breakdown of law in the UK. Rotherham child sex gang shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ in court as they are jailed for 80 years for abusing girls, including one who became pregnant at just 12, after being groomed with alcohol and drugs.

Though with the completion of this trial, there is some justice, delayed though it is.

The girl’s pregnancy made headlines in 2001 when she was portrayed as one of Britain’s youngest ever mothers.

Although five men were arrested, there were no prosecutions at the time after the victim told police she could not say which of the men she had had sex with was the father.

They didn’t have DNA testing in the UK in 2001? Or something. But as Irons in the Fire Noted:


Because that is law-enforcement in the UK. (The UK is that place where Great Britain used to be.)

Theresa May’s Resignation

On the demise of Theresa May. She had one job.

Not many people are saying what everyone knows. This contains some honest info. From a Canadian new program….

The newscaster was talking with Professor Tim Bale from Queen Mary University of London. After Bale had given a quick rundown on what had just happened and what might be coming next, the interviewer asked the inevitable question: it’s early days, of course, but how is history likely to treat May’s tenure?

The good professor did not hold back. May had abjectly botched the one main task she had — delivering Brexit — thanks in the main to her insistence on taking a totally partisan approach rather than attempting to build any sort of consensus. Aside from Brexit, said Prof. Bale, the list of accomplishments May could point too was desperately thin. History would judge her Prime Ministership as one of the worst in UK history.

The interviewer looked genuinely shocked. “Wow! That’s harsh”, she said. Indeed it is, but can anyone say that Prof. Bale is wrong?

Bale isn’t wrong. A Remainer was in charge of Brexit, and Brexit has been mismanaged to death. Color me shocked. Go read the whole thing.

In the Battle Between 2 Minority Communities, Who Wins?

I’m betting on no one. CLASS WAR Birmingham LGBT lessons row sees 600 pupils sent home as protests shut primary school

There is no good source. The BBC is too politically correct. (They will barely admit that the people protesting are conservative Muslim parents.) And The Sun is, well, The Sun.

So UK schools have a program to teach kids to value equality, called “No Outsiders.”

Muslim parents say they do not want their children to take part in LGBT equality lessons.

Color me shocked.

The cops, meanwhile were going about how lawful protests are bad, and the school board was looking into ways to outlaw those lawful protests. Then things took a turn for the worse.

Counter-protesters were pelted with eggs on Sunday, while Ms Hewitt Clarkson was bombarded with death threats this week.

This is a perfect example of two wrongs, not making a right. And I don’t expect it will end well.

What Passes For Justice in the UK

In the place where Great Britain used to be. Grooming gang victim: “I was raped by more than 100 men but police arrested me not them”

Woman, now 23, who was raped by more than 100 men tells how SHE was repeatedly arrested by police and even now she receives death threats

The sorry state of Justice in the UK. Just go read it.

Domestic Violence Ignored By the Justice System in the UK

JusticeYou make something cheaper, and you will see more of it. Anger as man who abused girlfriend is spared prison by judge who told him there are ‘lots more fish in the sea’.

A man who has been convicted of coercive control has been spared prison after a judge told him to leave his ex-girlfriend alone because there are “lots more fish in the sea”.

Alexander Heavens, 24, subjected Stacey Booth, also 24, to a campaign of physical and emotional abuse during their relationship.

No jail time. No punishment. No justice.

[The abused girlfriend] said: “The fact he’s been given a second chance is like they’ve let him get away with it. They’ve not made an example of him.

If you don’t punish crimes, then they must not be serious.