Make the United Kingdom Great Again

Or something. Boris Johnson on course for huge win in UK election, exit poll suggests.

Brexit seemed to be firmly back on track Thursday after an initial exit poll suggested his Conservative Party was on course to secure a large majority — 86 seats — in the House of Commons.

That is “the best results for the Conservatives since Margaret Thatcher’s win in 1987.” And THAT is saying something.

And Jeremy Corby is out at the Labour Party. UK election 2019: Labour MPs turn on Jeremy Corbyn as projections point to Conservative landslide

Mr Corbyn already indicated he would be stepping down as Labour leader.

He said he intended to remain in Parliament and would remain leader of the party until a replacement was appointed.

Epic. Fail.

These are all based on exit polls, so some details might change, but it should be an interesting couple of months in the UK.

Medical Rationing in the UK

Tests and treatments are expensive. Revealed: NHS plans to ration 34 everyday tests and treatments.

In a move that will impact millions of Brits…

The Guardian has seen a list of 34 diagnostic tests and treatments that in future patients will only be able to get in exceptional circumstances as part of a drive to save money and relieve the pressure on the NHS.

The sweeping changes they are set to propose include many forms of surgery, as well as ways of detecting illness including CT and MRI scans, and blood tests, for cancer, arthritis, back problems, kidney stones, sinus infections and depression.

The list has since been dropped to 31 items.

This is what happens when you put the Department of Motor Vehicles, or the IRS in charge of health care. You can’t sue them. You can barely object.

I can hardly wait until we have socialized medicine. (Hat tip to Political Hat.)

Pakistani-born Man Responsible for London Bridge Attack

The Other McCain has the info. Pakistani-Born Usman Khan Named as Killer in London Bridge Knife Attack.

Apparently the attack started at a Cambridge University conference before moving to the historic bridge. He stabbed delegates at the conference before running to the bridge.

Cambridge University geniuses: “Hey, let’s invite a violent Pakistani jihadist to our conference, because what could possibly go wrong?”

Reality is what is true, even if you don’t understand it, or believe it.

It Isn’t Only The USA That Has Been Ignoring Infrastructure

The UK just recently had an emergency related to the spillway of a dam. BBC – Whaley Bridge: How well was the dam maintained?

On 1 August 2019, water poured over the auxiliary spillway of the Toddbrook Reservoir, in Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire, UK. This was in the middle of a torrential downpour. (They got ½ month’s rainfall in 1 day.) The concrete spillway failed in fairly short order, and the earth, of a mostly earthen dam, began to erode. Evacuations were ordered. (This has reminded several people of the Oroville Dam near-disaster of 2017.)

There is a great picture of the spillway at the BBC article above that shows plants growing through the concrete, that would seem to indicate that the spillway was not maintained the way it should have been. Despite that, its annual inspections have rated the dam as “fine.” But then the dam at Oroville was inspected, and it was rated as “fine” or something to that effect, right before it failed spectacularly. (At least no one died in either event.)

The Canal and River Trust said the annual inspection of Toddbrook Reservoir in November was “absolutely fine”.

This coincided with an independent inspection taking place every 10 years, and the trust said this was fine too.

Both Oroville and Toddbrook dams were inspected. In both cases they were deemed in fine shape. Right before their spillways failed, nearly undermining the integrity of the dams. Seems like the inspections are not worth that much.

Background on the Toddbrook reservoir can be found at the Wiki.

In many ways the UK is worse off when it comes to aging infrastructure than the US. While they didn’t go in for grand designs like the Oroville dam, they have quite a few smaller ones. And they are old.

[Dr Panagiotis Michalis, who has been researching dams since 2010,] believes dams are a “ticking bomb” because of their ageing infrastructure and thinks incidents like the one at Whaley Bridge will become more common.

“In the UK the majority of the dams are more than 100 years old. That means they’ve exceeded their design lifespan,” he said.

You can’t ignore a major engineering work like a dam, that has exceeded its designed life, without catastrophic consequences. And yet it seems that is exactly what we are doing. Whaley Bridge dam collapse is a wake-up call: Concrete infrastructure demands maintenance.

At almost 50 years old, the thin grey line of concrete protecting the town of Whaley Bridge from the reservoir just a mile away has reached the end of its life. To fail to invest in and maintain these structures is reckless.

In the case of Toddbrook Reservoir, images of the damaged spillway may point to lack of enough maintenance. Drone footage shot by Miles Haslam in 2016 shows plants and grass growing on the surface of the spillway. This could mean the concrete surface may have already been cracked, or even that the foundation of the concrete spillway had been undermined, allowing plant life to grow. All this should be subject to a future investigation.

There is drone footage of the damn, at that 2nd link above, from 2016 that clearly shows the vegetation growing through the concrete.

And, drawing on all he learned from covering the Oroville near-disaster, Juan Browne, of Blancliro, also has coverage of the Whaley Bridge dam.

In both the cases of Toddbrook/Whaley Bridge and Oroville we avoided loss-of-life, but these are not the only two dams with problems. Trusting to luck, when people could die is certainly reckless.

A Restraining Order Is Just a Piece of Paper – UK Edition

But in the UK she has no chance of defending herself. Thug Denver Harris who beat girlfriend black and blue on the run after ‘cutting police tag off’.

He beat her. He kept her locked up in her in her own house for 2 days. He violated a restraining order. He was sent to jail but he was out on “license” (that’s British for “parole” I’m guessing). He was given an ankle monitor, which he cut off. Cops have been looking for him for over a month.

When he first went on the run at the end of September, a spokesman for the MoJ said: “We are working closely with West Midlands Police to find Harris who faces going back to prison once caught.”

It said his victim, Leanne Barrett, had been notified and officers are working with her to keep her safe.

I would say the best thing they could do would be to give her a 9mm, a case of FMJs, 2 boxes of hollow-points, some instruction and all the range time she wants, but that will never happen in the UK, where they are too “civilized” (read that as domesticated) to allow self-defense, and certainly not armed self-defense. Maybe they can put up a sign that reads, “No domestic violence allowed on these premises.” That is sure to work, at least as well as can be expected.

And if he kills her this time? Well, the powers-that-be in the UK will just wring their hands and say they did all they could do. Aside from empowering her to defend herself, that is.

Truly a defenseless victim, in a defenseless-victim zone.

A Defenseless Victim in a Defenseless Victim Zone

She is disarmed for her own protection. Domestic violence victim begs police to do more to help her as she releases terrifying footage of her violent ex head-butting her friends’ car window in an angry confrontation.

The cops in the UK have plenty of time to investigate hate crimes, and verbal slights, but actual violence? Well, they’re disarmed too, for the most part.

Ms Carter claims Smith has repeatedly breached a restraining order but says police advised her to move house, change her car and park it down the driveway

Sounds like that restraining order is really useful. About as useful as the cops.

Ms Carter said: ‘After that he received a community order and a restraining order that banned him from coming from within 50 metres of me. For a few months that worked, until he started just completely ignoring it.

It’s just a piece of paper after all.

So she can’t defend herself. That’s completely illegal in the UK. And the cops won’t do anything useful.

Restraining Orders Are Useless – UK Edition Part 2

Because some people just don’t understand, “It’s over.” Woman bombards ex with calls and messages after four-week relationship ends.

A spurned lover plagued her ex with 45 texts, 62 mobile phone calls, 27 voicemails and 21 Facebook messages after their four-week romance ended.

Joanne Amy Brennan, 48, also called her former boyfriend Robert Rowledge 11 times on Facebook Messenger and sent messages to his family in a six day period.

And this isn’t the first time she’s been a pain in the ass. There were 5 separate restraining orders against her, for different people, all of which she violated in the past.

And even though they are talking about the Boston Magistrate’s Court, this is not a story from Massachusetts. Boston is a town in Lincolnshire on the east coast of England.

And people need to get a grip.

Restraining Orders Are Useless – UK Edition

And in the UK she is disarmed for her own protection. Or something. Man jailed after ripping girlfriend’s tooth out in horrifying attack.

Kurt Wright, 33, squeezed the tooth so hard that it broke off and the mum-of-three had to cough it back up after “half-swallowing it”

A restraining order was in place when he attacked her.

And the citizens of the UK are so completely disarmed that now they are talking about outlawing “pointy knives.” Because why should you ever need a weapon? He didn’t need one. In that place where Great Britain used to be…

5 Years or Life? In the UK It’s Hard to Tell the Difference

JusticeSo what happens to a person in the UK found guilty of a heinous attack and attempted murder, and then sentenced to life in prison? ‘Our justice system’s a joke’ – Fury as Richard Austin could be free in five years after stabbing ex-wife.

Because the UK is too “civilized” to actually send people to jail for a long time.

He repeatedly stabbed his ex-wife, then called the cops and waited for them.

Austin was ordered to serve a minimum of just five years at Birmingham Crown Court for what police branded a ‘dangerous and callous attack’, but he could be released after that period.

So he’ll be free in 5 years. She’ll still be dealing with the results of the “life changing” attack, and won’t be able to defend herself from him. Allow the serfs of the UK government to defend themselves? Don’t be ridiculous. You must depend on the state for everything, even those things it cannot supply.

UK to Mandate That Phones/Dishwashers/etc. Be Too Expensive for the Average Person

At least some folks in the government would like to take those decisions away from you. Phones and washing machines must be made to last, MPs say as Government launches inquiry into ‘Tsunami’ of e-waste.

People don’t throw their phones away every year because they don’t work. They want the newest iPhone or whatever.

The Labour MP told The Telegraph: “30 years ago, things were built to last, I had a dishwasher I gave to my sister that was 30 years old. Why is it that dishwashers that are built today break after 10 years?

If dealing with waste it too expensive, then increase the fees for the waste. Tell people, and they will plan accordingly. Of course that doesn’t give the .gov complete control over everything you buy.

That 30-year-old dishwasher, didn’t have 17 settings, or a 4-hour-delay (like mine does), probably didn’t do a very good job of cleaning dishes, oh, and it wouldn’t have met the “we have to use less energy” mandates. In other words, no one would want it today, even if the government would let you sell it.

So you want things that contain electronics (like a modern dishwasher) to last 30 years? Better spec military-grade components, and even then, they will need a lot of repair.

Would I like things to last longer? Sure. But consider the case of the circular saw.

You can run down to your favorite Big-box store and buy a circular saw for less than 50 bucks. Or, you can elect to purchase a German-engineered marvel from Festool for just shy of $600. (If I get all the options I want, it would be closer to $1000.) Both saws are available, and a lot of choices in between those extremes. Do you think the .gov should mandate the features in the $600 saw? Would you buy a circular saw for $600? (I do woodworking, and I haven’t purchased one, because money is definitely an object, and that just isn’t in my budget.)

Politicians have proved, time and again, that they aren’t very good engineers. They should stop pretending that they are.

Illegal Firearm Factory in the UK

When they outlawed alcohol, criminals went into the alcohol business. Same with drugs. What do you think happens when you outlaw guns? FN 1922 Pistol Copies Produced in Illegal Gun Factory in Sussex, UK.

It sounds like these guys were making high-quality weapons, and they only got caught because they were careless.

Pictures released by the UK Crown Prosecution Service show the handguns produced in an illicit workshop shut down in a well-publicized raid on an industrial unit in Hailsham Sussex to be copies of the Browning FN 1922 7.65 (.32 ACP) self-loading pistol. This is quite an unusual choice and appears to be the result of the group having access to an original as a guide to copy. The FN 1922 was a longer barreled 8 round version of the FN 1910.

But don’t worry. I’m sure that this is the ONLY machine shop in all of the UK that was engaged in such nefarious activities.</sarcasm>

Pistols and chocolates. Belgium makes some fine items. And apparently these guys were making fine copies.

UK Forensic Lab Hit With Ransomware

And they do computer forensic work. Or they did before they got sidelined. Police suspend work with major forensics firm after cyber-attack.

And once again, they are not saying what flavor of ransomware.

Police have halted all work with the UK’s largest private forensics provider after a ransomware attack, in the latest crisis to hit the forensics sector.

Eurofins, which carries out DNA analysis, toxicology, ballistics and computer forensics work, detected a breach of its system on 2 June. It has emerged that police have suspended all work with the company, thought to amount to more than 50% of outsourced case work.

It’s obviously slowing down police work, but it is also disrupting trials.

The company processes more than 70,000 cases each year, including murders and terrorism offences. Other private providers do not have the capacity to take on all this extra casework, which could mean significant delays in forensic testing and court cases.

Encryption is alteration of data, of a fairly obvious nature. So has any of the data been altered in less-obvious ways?

They Thought Health Care Was Free

Only “government approved” care is free. The rest costs, or is rationed in other ways that weren’t immediately apparent. NHS price list sparks outrage as patients charged up to £8,000 for operations.

One Pound Sterling, is about $1.25 at today’s rate.

In response to the criticisms, Mel Pickup, chief executive of the Trust, said: “The Trust does not charge NHS patients for NHS funded procedures. Not all healthcare services are funded by the NHS.

So in other words, if you have a problem with NHS payment schedules, you should take them up with NHS. Which is the .gov, and that means you might not get too far.

Welcome to the Real World™

Does a .gov Agency Have an Incentive to Change?

It would seem the answer to that question is, “Not always.” Exclusive: NHS England ‘buried’ concerns over child cancer services.

NHS England covered up serious problems with paediatric cancer care in London – which had seen children dying in “terrible agony” – and has “buried” attempts to overhaul the services, an HSJ investigation has established.

The study was complete in 2015. It was only just published. In 2016 there are emails talking about a “supposed cover-up,” and warnings that it could blow up in their faces. Worries that there are powerful people involved were also expressed. In short, health care in the UK is in the hands of politicians.

Because protecting turf might come at the expense of children’s lives, but how do you expect politics to work? (Or not work.) After all, parents can’t research “which hospital is best for my child” because they have no choice. They go where the government tells them to go for care.

What Happens When No One Wants to Work in Health Care?

Great plans to have universal health care, require people to actually provide health care. NHS forced to prioritise staff wellbeing to tackle escalating crisis.

70 or more years of government control of health care in England, and things are not going great. There are 100,000 vacancies, shortages of both doctors and nurses.

Problems such as bullying and poor work-life balance are not new to the NHS. But “the sheer scale of the current workforce shortage is making organisations think more creatively about how to keep staff happy and motivated”, adds Bailey.

They are trying for more flexible work hours, and doing some small stuff. (The lack of yoga classes are probably not the issue, but maybe they will help with stress.) But unpaid overtime, stress-related illness, working under “unrealistic” time pressures, and more are the real problems.

Those issues from staff were highlighted in a survey from February of this year. NHS England survey reveals ‘alarming downturn’ in staff wellbeing

Other key findings include:

  • A majority (51%) are thinking about leaving their current role and 21% want to quit the NHS altogether.
  • More than three-quarters (78%) feel under unrealistic time pressures some or all of the time.
  • Nearly six in 10 (58%) say they do unpaid overtime every week, though that number is falling.
  • Nearly 28% have suffered back pain in the last year as a direct result of their work, up two percentage points since 2017.
  • Fewer than three in 10 (28.6%) feel their trust takes positive action to improve staff health and wellbeing.

And those 100,000 vacancies have real consequences for care. Record numbers of NHS cancer patients face ‘agonising wait’ to see specialist. “Waiting” in cancer treatment can be a death-sentence, depending on the type of cancer.

In April alone nearly 20,000 people missed the 14-day target to meet with an oncologist

Can’t you just wait for the Socialists to take over medicine in this country?

When Self-defense Is Illegal…

When the means of self-defense are outlawed, the old and the infirm are at the mercy of the young and the violent, the small at the mercy of the large, and anyone can be overpowered by numbers.

No guns, no knives, no provision for self-defense at all. You MUST rely on the STATE of everything. Even things they can’t supply. London bus HORROR: Women brutally battered after refusing to kiss for gang of thugs.

Now my guess is that they wouldn’t think of self-defense. They’re too civilized, or domesticated.

TWO gay women were left covered in blood after being brutally beaten on a London bus when they refused to kiss for the twisted amusement of a gang of homophobic men.

In that place where Great Britain used to be.

Grenfell Tower Disaster – Two Years On

It’s hard to say who they are painting as the villain, because almost no information has been released. Grenfell investigation: Scotland Yard carries out 13 interviews under caution.

On June 14th, 2017, there was a fire in the publicly owned Grenfell Tower in London. 12 people died. Many were hurt.

Fire fighters initially told people to NOT evacuate. (They didn’t want all those fleeing civilians in their way.) Then the firefighters figured out that they were not going to contain that blaze. In so many ways, this reminds me of Paradise, California.

The city owned the building. The city maintained the building – there was no working alarm throughout the entire building. The city “renovated” the building with materials and in a fashion that would never be allowed by US building codes. Once on fire, the tower went up like a torch. (Click thru for a photo of the blackened hulk.)

Two years, and the investigation is only getting started.

Grenfell Tower info at this link, and Paradise, California info, specifically info on the Camp Fire, at this link. There is a good disturbing photo of the fire at that first link.

Members of UK Child Sex Gang Shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Court

This is a story of the breakdown of law in the UK. Rotherham child sex gang shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ in court as they are jailed for 80 years for abusing girls, including one who became pregnant at just 12, after being groomed with alcohol and drugs.

Though with the completion of this trial, there is some justice, delayed though it is.

The girl’s pregnancy made headlines in 2001 when she was portrayed as one of Britain’s youngest ever mothers.

Although five men were arrested, there were no prosecutions at the time after the victim told police she could not say which of the men she had had sex with was the father.

They didn’t have DNA testing in the UK in 2001? Or something. But as Irons in the Fire Noted:


Because that is law-enforcement in the UK. (The UK is that place where Great Britain used to be.)

Theresa May’s Resignation

On the demise of Theresa May. She had one job.

Not many people are saying what everyone knows. This contains some honest info. From a Canadian new program….

The newscaster was talking with Professor Tim Bale from Queen Mary University of London. After Bale had given a quick rundown on what had just happened and what might be coming next, the interviewer asked the inevitable question: it’s early days, of course, but how is history likely to treat May’s tenure?

The good professor did not hold back. May had abjectly botched the one main task she had — delivering Brexit — thanks in the main to her insistence on taking a totally partisan approach rather than attempting to build any sort of consensus. Aside from Brexit, said Prof. Bale, the list of accomplishments May could point too was desperately thin. History would judge her Prime Ministership as one of the worst in UK history.

The interviewer looked genuinely shocked. “Wow! That’s harsh”, she said. Indeed it is, but can anyone say that Prof. Bale is wrong?

Bale isn’t wrong. A Remainer was in charge of Brexit, and Brexit has been mismanaged to death. Color me shocked. Go read the whole thing.

In the Battle Between 2 Minority Communities, Who Wins?

I’m betting on no one. CLASS WAR Birmingham LGBT lessons row sees 600 pupils sent home as protests shut primary school

There is no good source. The BBC is too politically correct. (They will barely admit that the people protesting are conservative Muslim parents.) And The Sun is, well, The Sun.

So UK schools have a program to teach kids to value equality, called “No Outsiders.”

Muslim parents say they do not want their children to take part in LGBT equality lessons.

Color me shocked.

The cops, meanwhile were going about how lawful protests are bad, and the school board was looking into ways to outlaw those lawful protests. Then things took a turn for the worse.

Counter-protesters were pelted with eggs on Sunday, while Ms Hewitt Clarkson was bombarded with death threats this week.

This is a perfect example of two wrongs, not making a right. And I don’t expect it will end well.