Not One Officer Having a Bad Day. A Department Out of Control

I thought California was all laid back and everything. Apparently not everywhere is. The City of Vallejo, California, Has a Police Problem—and It’s All Being Caught on Camera.

Vallejo has one of the highest per capita rates of fatal police shootings in the state, higher than neighboring cities with similar crime problems, and one of the highest amounts of lawsuit payouts in the Bay Area.

There is the usual litany of arresting people for having the gall to video cops doing their jobs, those charges are (usually) dropped or dismissed, but it does send the “Don’t question my authority” message.

The one part of the story that caught my attention was about a guy executed because he fell asleep.

The officers claimed they feared for their safety when they opened fire. Yet the way they handled their approach amounted to a preemptive death sentence. As David French argued in National Review after the video was released, even if their fears were legitimate at that moment, the officers’ decisions leading up the shooting nearly guaranteed McCoy had no chance of surviving the encounter.

A review by an outside police “expert” found the shooting to be justified.

Cops shoot people at the drop of a hat because they “fear for their safety.” Maybe they should be in a different line of work. Or in the case of Vallejo, they should work harder on securing their own safety without killing people.