So What Values and Virtues Are We Instilling In Future Generations?

Respect for life, property or the law doesn’t seem to be among them.

This kid was apparently trying to rob his own grandfather. 16-year-old arrested after shooting his grandfather in the face during robbery.

That’s where deputies say two suspects entered the home and were met by the 71-year-old grandfather of one of the suspects.

Nassau Deputies say that one suspect pointed a .22 caliber revolver at the homeowner and then gave the weapon to the second suspect as he went into another room to search for additional weapons.

Who tries to rob from family?

Another teenager with no respect for life. 17-year-old arrested on multiple charges after shooting at homeowner and running from police.

The victim told police they had walked outside and observed 17-year-old Xavier Baca breaking into their vehicle. The victim followed the suspect to an alley in the 300 block of Almond. The suspect shot one time, missing the victim, before running west towards the Hamlet Shopping Center.