Is Vancouver the Seattle of Canada?

And you thought aggressive homeless people were only a problem in the USA. Owner of Vancouver building says Gastown residents blocked by hostile campers

The owner of a rental apartment building in Gastown says there has been little help from the city, claiming hostile homeless campers are blocking residents from using the front entranceway.

Jon Stovell has been documenting seemingly deteriorating conditions around the property.

911 tells him to call the non-emergency number. Response to the non-emergency number is not very good. So he is doing the only thing he can, document the decline of his neighborhood on Twitter.

The president of Reliance Properties has been posting the pictures on Twitter, images ranging from spit dripping down the entranceway phone, human waste on the pavement, and what seems to be open drug use and dealing in the doorway of the building at Hastings and Carrall streets.

Maybe it is more the San Francisco of Canada.

Self-defense Is Still Legal in Washington State

crime scene tapeThough the powers that be in that state are probably working to change that. Police: Washington homeowner shoots kills burglar.

Police said they got reports that an unknown man broke into a family’s home while they were inside. The homeowner confronted the suspected burglar with a gun — eventually shooting and killing him.

The investigation continues, but self-defense is a human-right.