Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

OK, not quite IN Venezuela, but pertaining to… Socialism doesn’t mean that everyone is EQUAL! What, are you crazy? Maduro under fire for dining on steak cut by Salt Bae in lavish Turkish restaurant while Venezuelans starve

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has drawn opprobrium over a video showing him being served slabs of prime steak by a celebrity chef in Istanbul, at at time when food shortages are inflicting misery and malnutrition on millions at home.

The videos were taken down from wherever they were posted, but since the Internet is forever, The London Telegraph has a copy.

Why should the fact that citizens of his country are starving to death keep him from enjoying a good meal? You didn’t think that the fact that Venezuela CALLS itself a Socialist democracy means that it is anything other than a dictatorship, did you?

Consider the case of the firemen facing 20 years in prison for making fun of Maduro.


Why No One Will “Fix” Venezuela

Because it has made itself irrelevant to global interests. North Dakota Is Now Pumping as Much Crude as Venezuela.

Home to the Bakken shale play, North Dakota pumped 1.27 million barrels a day in July, according to state figures released Friday. That’s roughly the same output as Venezuela during the month. The South American nation, whose oil industry has collapsed amid a prolonged financial crisis, saw production fall further in August to 1.24 million barrels a day — about half the level seen in early 2016, according to data from OPEC secondary sources.

And they won’t help themselves. Here is a piece by an ex-Venezuelan that explains why.

I do have bad news to my fellow ex-countrymen: North Dakota Is Now Pumping as Much Crude as Venezuela. So even at energy-producing level, the country has become irrelevant to US Interests.

I have discussed with Venezuelans here and back home what is needed to stop what’s happening in the country, and as usual, I hear a repetition of the crap that has already been tried over and over and failed: Marches, general strikes, appeals to the UN and OAS, social media campaigns, etc. When I point out that unfortunately harsher actions will need to be used, they promptly reply that they are unarmed and it is impossible to get a gun in Venezuela (somehow criminals have no problem). I usually tell them the story of WWII’s Liberator pistol and the concept behind it and the mentally shit themselves at the idea. Their indoctrination has been so complete that they are being starved to death by the Government and murdered by the criminals and they still do not see it in themselves to actually stand up for themselves. They are broke-ass Spanish-Speaking Elois.

AS they say, go read the whole thing.

Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

The government’s plan to fight hyperinflation is going about like you’d expect. The New Venezuelan Currency Is Just Three Weeks Old and Inflation’s Already 100%.

After a week and a half of no changes in the Bloomberg Cafe Con Leche Index, the price of a cup of coffee has surged the past two weeks, climbing to 50 bolivars from 25 bolivars. For those still struggling to get used to the new pricing system, 50 of today’s bolivars equals 5 million of the old ones.

Annual inflation is ABOVE 100,000 percent.

Meanwhile, In the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

The government is doing what governments do best, ignoring the obvious. Venezuela: Migration Flows Are ‘Normal’

Normal for a 3rd-world s#*t-hole.

The United Nation’s migration agency last month said the exodus of citizens out of Venezuela, which is suffering a hyperflationary economic collapse, is nearing a “crisis moment” comparable to situation of refugees in the Mediterranean.

The Venezuelan .gov is complaining because the UN, the USA, et al are basing their immigration numbers on what Ecuador, Brazil, etc. are saying and not on “Venezuela’s own figures.” Color me shocked. There’s a discrepancy in what Venezuela says? How can that be? </sarcasm> (The Venezuelan government ACTUALLY said it is all the result of propaganda to tarnish Maduro’s image.)

Colombia, Peru and Ecuador on Thursday asked for international aid to manage the migration surge that is overwhelming public services.

You mean that unplanned and uncontrolled migration can put a strain on destination countries? I was told that is impossible.

Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela

Actually this story is about the impacts on one of Venezuela’s neighbors. Pentagon prepares to dispatch hospital ship to Colombia amid refugee crisis.

As a result of a dire economic and health care situation, rising numbers of Venezuelans are joining an exodus that has set off alarms across Latin America. The United Nations said earlier this week that an estimated 2.3 million Venezuelans had fled the crisis-torn country as of June, mainly to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.

Those refugees have apparently overwhelmed the health care system of Colombia. And other South American countries. Several hundred thousand refugees have escaped from Venezuela, a large number of them are malnourished.

The Collapse of Venezuela And the Impact On the Caribbean

Nicaragua isn’t quite to the “collapse” phase of Socialism, but it also is contributing. Seems some guys are sailing “on the account” again. As Venezuela disintegrates, a new breed of pirates threatens the Caribbean.

It’s been at least nearly 30 years since I’d heard of pirates in the Caribbean (aside from a group of somewhat questionable movies). But what is old, is new again.

Political and economic crises are exploding from Venezuela to Nicaragua to Haiti, sparking anarchy and criminality. As the rule of law breaks down, certain spots in the Caribbean, experts say, are becoming more dangerous than they’ve been in years.

Often, observers say, the acts of villainy appear to be happening with the complicity or direct involvement of corrupt officials — particularly in the waters off collapsing Venezuela.

It isn’t surprising really, people will take an easy way out.

Comprehensive data on piracy is largely lacking for Latin America and the Caribbean. But a two-year study by the nonprofit Oceans Beyond Piracy recorded 71 major incidents in the region in 2017 — including robberies of merchant vessels and attacks on yachts — up 163 percent from the previous year. The vast majority happened in Caribbean waters.

The situation is getting worse, and it is concentrated around Venezuela, The Former Socialist Paradise, but includes areas around Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti and St. Lucia. I don’t see it getting better anytime soon, really. 150 to 200 years ago, the Royal Navy saw it as part of their job to police the high seas. (Which is where at least part of the inspiration for all those Pirate movies – not just those with Johnny Depp – come from.) Today, I don’t see any naval power interested in that part of the world. And the people who are interested, don’t have the power. Unless (or is that until?) a cruise-line ship full of gamblers is attacked, don’t expect it will get better before it gets worse.

Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

Everything is starting to fail. Video: Maracaibo, the story of Venezuela’s collapse.

Are we surprised that very little of this is in the mainstream press? (Florida newspapers have an opinion piece, about trying to get the Democrats to wake up. I think it is mostly wasted.)

Maracaibo is the second-largest city in Venezuela. Its residents face soaring inflation, widespread poverty and shortages. Under Hugo Chavez, Venezuela based its economy on oil exports. But the fall in oil prices led to a crippling economic crisis. Most people can no longer afford to buy food and the fishermen of Lake Maracaibo resort to smuggling to sell their meagre catch in neighbouring Colombia

Don’t expect the kids protesting in Washington, or Bernie Sanders or the new Democratic candidate in NYC to mention Venezuela anytime. And if anyone is brash enough to bring it up, they will tell you that isn’t Socialism.