Venezuela’s Maduro Has Been Able to Count on Support From the Military

Past tense: “has.” Venezuelan general defects as anti-Maduro rallies draw huge crowds.

A high-ranking Venezuelan general called on the armed forces to rebel against President Nicolas Maduro and to recognise the opposition leader Juan Guaido as the interim chief as huge crowds rallied against the head of state, adding pressure on Maduro to step down.

It doesn’t say, in the linked article, but Francisco Yánez is a general in Venezuela’s Air Force.

Washington, along with many countries in the western hemisphere, has recognised Guaido as the legitimate president, arguing that Maduro stole his second term, and imposed potentially crippling sanctions this week that are likely to further weaken the OPEC nation’s struggling oil industry.


Meanwhile, in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

Things fall apart. More on that later. Once Again Socialism Runs Its Course.

Dictators, phony elections, military turned on its own people. Sounds like Socialism to me.

Fraudulent elections have a way of supporting socialism and Venezuela is no different. The Presidential elections last May were plagued with allegations of fraud and rigged voter registration. It was rumored that some of Maduro’s campaign advisors were Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile.

Don’t expect things to end calmly.

New York Times Has a Story on Venezuela That Ignores Socialism

I suppose it couldn’t be any other way, really, since they love socialism. What Is Happening in Venezuela? How It Got Here and Why It Matters.

The closest that they get is admitting that .gov controls industry. Which is what socialism/communism are all about. Free markets? They don’t like free markets. People might decide to buy things they don’t approve of.

But he has centralized power in the executive branch, tamping down on dissent through violence and intimidation, and winning the loyalty of the military by giving it control of lucrative industries.

Violence and intimidation – like Antifa, or the attempt to vilify the kids from Covington Catholic for not toeing The Party Line. Though Maduro and Chávez jailed and killed people, called for rewriting their constitution (Beto – call your office), and basically threw a wrench into democracy.

Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela… The Lack of Justice

Tyranny is always the same. Venezuela: Maduro Dictatorship Uses Legal System to Persecute Political Prisoners.

The parade of people from Hollywood don’t seem to go down to Venezuela anymore to tell them what a great job they are doing. Maybe they just think that from afar, since the country isn’t too safe.

The dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, which enjoys an iron grip on the judicial branch, is once again violating citizens’ rights to legal defense, after postponing the first legal hearing for opposition deputy Juan Requesens, accused of participating in an assassination attempt against Maduro, despite a complete lack of evidence.

No legal hearing = no legal rights. He doesn’t like you, and you rot in jail.

[Attorney Joel] García warned that the Venezuelan state has demonstrated a pattern which it applies to most cases of a political nature, which consists of holding people in custody without bringing them to trial:

Socialism. Tyranny. Hard to tell them apart.

Meanwhile, In the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela

This also highlights what a REAL group of refugees looks like. U.N. estimates two million more Venezuelans will flee their homeland in 2019.

First the why. Why are so many people (as much as 17 percent of the pre-collapse population) leaving the country?

Eduardo Stein, the joint UNHCR-IOM special representative for Venezuelan refugees and migrants, said Venezuelans are fleeing their home due to hunger, insecurity and lack of access to basic medical care.

And what does a group of refugees look like?

“They are families, women alone, children, young boys and girls, all in conditions of extreme vulnerability,” he said in a statement. “All of them saw no other option than to leave their country — sometimes walking for days — seeking to live in dignity and build a future.”

Not like the “migrant caravan” or the “refugees” who literally invaded Europe over the past few years – both groups where mostly, predominantly male.

Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

OK, not quite IN Venezuela, but pertaining to… Socialism doesn’t mean that everyone is EQUAL! What, are you crazy? Maduro under fire for dining on steak cut by Salt Bae in lavish Turkish restaurant while Venezuelans starve

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has drawn opprobrium over a video showing him being served slabs of prime steak by a celebrity chef in Istanbul, at at time when food shortages are inflicting misery and malnutrition on millions at home.

The videos were taken down from wherever they were posted, but since the Internet is forever, The London Telegraph has a copy.

Why should the fact that citizens of his country are starving to death keep him from enjoying a good meal? You didn’t think that the fact that Venezuela CALLS itself a Socialist democracy means that it is anything other than a dictatorship, did you?

Consider the case of the firemen facing 20 years in prison for making fun of Maduro.

Why No One Will “Fix” Venezuela

Because it has made itself irrelevant to global interests. North Dakota Is Now Pumping as Much Crude as Venezuela.

Home to the Bakken shale play, North Dakota pumped 1.27 million barrels a day in July, according to state figures released Friday. That’s roughly the same output as Venezuela during the month. The South American nation, whose oil industry has collapsed amid a prolonged financial crisis, saw production fall further in August to 1.24 million barrels a day — about half the level seen in early 2016, according to data from OPEC secondary sources.

And they won’t help themselves. Here is a piece by an ex-Venezuelan that explains why.

I do have bad news to my fellow ex-countrymen: North Dakota Is Now Pumping as Much Crude as Venezuela. So even at energy-producing level, the country has become irrelevant to US Interests.

I have discussed with Venezuelans here and back home what is needed to stop what’s happening in the country, and as usual, I hear a repetition of the crap that has already been tried over and over and failed: Marches, general strikes, appeals to the UN and OAS, social media campaigns, etc. When I point out that unfortunately harsher actions will need to be used, they promptly reply that they are unarmed and it is impossible to get a gun in Venezuela (somehow criminals have no problem). I usually tell them the story of WWII’s Liberator pistol and the concept behind it and the mentally shit themselves at the idea. Their indoctrination has been so complete that they are being starved to death by the Government and murdered by the criminals and they still do not see it in themselves to actually stand up for themselves. They are broke-ass Spanish-Speaking Elois.

AS they say, go read the whole thing.