Meanwhile, In the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

Starving people are rioting, and killing/butchering cattle. (At least they know how. Well, maybe not…) Starving Venezuelans mob field and slaughter cattle, report says

I think this statement, from the opposition, sums things up completely.

“What we’re living is barbaric,” Juan Guaido, an opposition lawmaker tweeted. “The dehumanizing regime of Nicolas Maduro is turning a blind eye to the tragedy that we Venezuelans are living.”

As for knowing how to butcher… There was a video posted of a mob attacking a cow with rocks and a machete. (You’re doing it wrong!) Estimates are that 300 animals have been killed.

Food riots – with the requisite looting – left 2 people dead, and 16 injured.

The link includes the required photo of empty store shelves. I expect things will get worse before they get better.


Venezuela’s Government Rigs Next Elections

Meanwhile, in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela… Not content with destroying the economy, now the constitution is being destroyed. 3 opposition parties in Venezuela blocked from elections

Three parties didn’t run a candidate in the capital’s mayoral election. So they have to “reapply for legal status” before they can run a candidate in the next presidential election. Bets on if they will get that status?

Opposition leader Tomas Guanipa said the decree violates the constitution and is designed to block the parties from next year’s presidential race, when Maduro is expected to run for a second term.

“These are the desperate acts of a government that uses fraud to remain in power,” Guanipa said on Twitter.

In the meantime people are fleeing the conditions in Venezuela as fast as they can. And, as expected, The New York Times can’t seem to figure out what caused this economic crisis. (Hint: It’s Socialism.)

Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

Remember when the Left – mostly the scolds from Hollywood – would make pilgrimages to Venezuela? They would parade down there to congratulate the dictators on how great socialism was. They haven’t been going much this year, now that it has become a country of starving children, dying women, and hyperinflation. 300,000 Venezuelan Children at Risk of Dying from Malnutrition, Catholic NGO Alerts

Around 300,000 children in Venezuela are at risk of death from malnutrition, according to Caritas, a humanitarian organization run by the Catholic Church. It estimated that between five and six children die from malnutrition in Nicolás Maduro’s country each week.

Pregnant women and new mothers are also at risk

Doctor Julio Castro reinforced the importance of Caritas’ figures. “Maternal mortality between 2006 and 2016 shows a year-by-year increase of 10 percent,” he said, “but in the last year, it shot up 65 percent due to hunger and a lack of medical care and (other) products.”

The world wants to send aid, but the government won’t allow any to enter the country. The problems are all the result of a “War on Socialism” waged by the US and EU.

In other news, the inflation rate (or maybe that should be the HYPERINFLATION rate) in Venezuela has come down off its all-time record-high. It is “only” 2875% in October. (And no, that is not a typo.) Hyperinflation: Much Talked About, Little Understood

Meanwhile, in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

Human rights? We don’t need no stinkin’ human rights! UN rips Venezuelan human rights abuses, as government orders opposition leader’s wife to court | Fox News

A hard-hitting United Nations report on Venezuela released this week said the human rights situation in the socialist country is “increasingly critical” for anti-government protesters, who are facing “mounting levels of repression” from that country’s national security forces.

The report from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), released Wednesday, noted that the security forces subjected those detained, including children, to “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.”

I wonder where all the Hollywood celebs, who used to run down to Venezuela at the drop of a hat, to congratulate them on their Socialist government are. They must all be working with the deplorables in the Cajun Navy in Houston. Or something. (Just as soon as they get that Instagram problem straightened out, for sure.)

Venezuela: A Dictatorship That Can’t Keep the Military Happy Won’t Last

So far the military has been sticking by the government. I can’t see them doing that if they are starving. Armed Venezuelan soldiers caught in Guyana begging for food | Miami Herald

Food is a crisis in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela™.

Guyanese Police Inspector Christopher Humphrey said he’d gone to the border along the Amacuro river, which divides the two nations, to investigate reports that the Venezuelan military was stealing food from locals. But the three soldiers he encountered — two carrying military assault rifles — said they had come to beg for meals and hadn’t harmed anyone.

The Inspector said the men seemed to be very hungry – he didn’t use the word starving.

Meanwhile, in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

Venezuela is teetering on the brink. Venezuela’s oil production is on the brink of collapse – Business Insider

If oil production collapses in the country, they won’t have a dime. They are already in a really bad way.

The inflation rate, according to the IMF, will balloon to 720 percent this year. Food shortages have been common for quite some time, but are deepening and wearing down the population. Three out of four people surveyed by the WSJ reported involuntary weight loss last year. Hospitals have completely broken down.

No food, no medical care. (What? I thought health care was a right. How could this happen in a socialist paradise?)

So why is oil production declining? Because the .gov used the oil money to buy and keep power, and spent none of it on maintenance. But there is a funny thing about oil equipment… it breaks down.

Crude oil production is down 18 percent since 2015 and is expected to decline 10 to 15 percent this year. Venezuelan oil refineries are also breaking down, unable to obtain spare parts.

The litany of decay goes on from there. Unpaid bills. Oil sent abroad, not kept for domestic use. The security services of the country are getting restless too. (They have families who can’t eat after all.) As Margaret Thatcher would have said, they have reached the point where they’ve run out of other people’s money.