Chicago Teachers Praise Despotic Government of Venezuela

These idiots are in charge of “educating” future generations. We’re doomed. Chicago Teachers Union group’s trip to Venezuela, praise of socialist leader slammed as ‘propaganda tour’.

The four travelers, who crowdfunded the July trip under the banner of the CTU, met with Venezuelan government officials and educators, visited a commune and were featured in local media.

They wrote online about wanting to connect with Venezuelan teachers, students and unionists, criticized U.S. economic sanctions against the South American nation and wrote admiringly of its socialism, its communes and high literacy rates.

Political oppression, starvation, shooting of civilians by the government, decay of infrastructure, spread of disease… none of these things are as important as Venezuela’s championship of Socialism! Or something.


Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

Did the UN manage to get something right? Amazing. Glavin: Damning UN report on Venezuela’s brutality must not be ignored. Even a broken clock is right once in a while.

There is a lot of spin out there. Certain Presidential candidates in the US, and politicians in Canada as well, want to say the Socialism is a good thing. To do that, they need to ignore Venezuela. And of course the Democrats (and their compatriots in Canada and Europe) would like all of the problems to be the result of US (and Canadian and European) sanctions.

Despite fashionable explanations, neither U.S. sanctions, nor European or Canadian sanctions, are anywhere near the cause of Venezuelan suffering. “The economy of Venezuela, particularly its oil industry and food production systems, were already in crisis before any sectoral sanctions were imposed,” Bachelet’s report concludes. The economy was in a tailspin long before the Trump administration’s August 2017 economic sanctions, which don’t fully kick in until later this month anyway.

Those sanctions may be “exacerbating” the effects of Venezuela’s economic collapse, but it began several years ago, owing to the gross incompetence and hubris of Hugo Chavez, Maduro’s predecessor and mentor. The collapse has continued in hyper-inflationary overdrive under Maduro,

It would be fun if the media would corner all the celebrities and politicians who congratulated the leaders of Venezuela on the wonderful job they were doing, to have those celebs say where things went wrong. But celebrities and politicians don’t get withing shouting distance of a real question if they can avoid it.

Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

This article has some info about the fallout of the power outage. Infrastructure crisis looms in Venezuela.

First up there is some info about the agricultural sector in the country.

Word from the countryside is that farmers have been unable to find seeds and fertilizer. And the planting season is about to start. Everyone from Wall Street analysts to Rodríguez, who has sold carrots, parsley, bananas and garlic here for decades, worries that this will be the year Venezuela’s agricultural sector collapses.

When Venezuela had 5 days without power, 4.4 million pounds of meat spoiled. No electricity. No refrigeration. Also no water pumping equipment.

As power shut down, the country’s aluminum industry was further crippled: Molten metal solidified and destroyed machinery. When power was restored, leaping voltage burned out computers, air-conditioning units and refrigerators. Transformers blew up.

Things will get a lot worse before they get better.

Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

The Power outage has entered its 4th day, though there were some reports that the power was “flickering” ‘This Is Going To End Ugly’: Venezuela’s Power Outage Drags On.

“The food we had in our refrigerators has spoiled. Businesses are closed. There’s no communication, not even by cell phone,” 49-year-old Ana Cerrato told Reuters. “We need help! We are in a humanitarian crisis!”

I want you to think about 5 days without electricity. The food in fridge is gone. The food in your freezer is on its way to gone. You can’t cook – except on a BBQ, assuming you have gas or charcoal. And something to eat. The stores aren’t in much better shape, but in Venezuela they haven’t had much in the stores for a while.

After 3 or 4 days institutions that have backup generators are running out of fuel. Water systems breakdown. Hospitals struggle. Communication. What will you do if you can’t call the police, or an ambulance?

Maduro blames the US, but has provided no proof.

Meanwhile, the opposition has said the blackout is the result of years of incompetence that has caused the power grid to deteriorate.

Because that’s what government control usually amounts to.

Meanwhile, In the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela….

Maduro blames the USA. Of course he does. In Venezuela, massive blackout continues as Maduro blames U.S. for outages.

CARACAS, Venezuela — One of the severest power outages in Venezuelan history ravaged the country for a second day Friday, with hospital patients languishing in the dark, most supermarkets closed and phone service largely knocked out in the oil-rich but economically collapsing country.

No electricity means no internet. No WhatsApp, no Signal, no F*c*book, etc. Means the peons have no way to communicate what is going on.

Hat tip to Lucianne, and American Thinker, who notes the following.

Socialism has always been about putting a society in a state of war — from the war pronouncements of its leaders yelling revolution to the socialist shortages otherwise seen only in wartime to the socialist efforts to turn neighbor against neighbor, both from class warfare and internal spies for the regime. In Venezuela, there´s a new front — the equivalent of an EMP attack, an attack on all the people, based on the massive and unprecedented electrical blackout still covering the country.

Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

Venezuela’s government would rather see people starve than get the help they need. Venezuela crisis: Maduro to close border with Brazil.

When a Socialist country loses the support of the BBC, you know that something bad is going on.

And he will also close the border with Colombia. In both cases it is to keep relief supplies out.

The embattled leftist leader went on TV to say that he was also considering shutting the border with Colombia to stop the opposition bringing in relief.

He denies any crisis and calls the aid delivery plans a US-orchestrated show.

And then there are the statistics. I do love the statistics. Venezuela: All you need to know about the crisis in nine charts.

The charts include the state of inflation, or hyperinflation, the decreasing quality and quantity of food available, the increase in the number of malaria cases. Go take a look.

Venezuela’s Maduro Has Been Able to Count on Support From the Military

Past tense: “has.” Venezuelan general defects as anti-Maduro rallies draw huge crowds.

A high-ranking Venezuelan general called on the armed forces to rebel against President Nicolas Maduro and to recognise the opposition leader Juan Guaido as the interim chief as huge crowds rallied against the head of state, adding pressure on Maduro to step down.

It doesn’t say, in the linked article, but Francisco Yánez is a general in Venezuela’s Air Force.

Washington, along with many countries in the western hemisphere, has recognised Guaido as the legitimate president, arguing that Maduro stole his second term, and imposed potentially crippling sanctions this week that are likely to further weaken the OPEC nation’s struggling oil industry.