He Isn’t the Criminal Mastermind He Thought

JusticeJustice. Karma. Take your pick. Florida man’s murder plot against wife backfires after he’s left paralyzed.

His plan, documented in journals he kept, was to kill his ex-wife and her daughter.

Prosecutors said Herbig, 65, broke into the Virginia Beach home of his estranged wife on Sept. 8 and assaulted her and her daughter with a wrench, WGNT-TV in Norfolk reported.

He was shot in the spine by his stepdaughter during the attack and left paralyzed. Authorities determined she acted in self-defense and did not press charges.

Whatever the courts do to him, even if they do nothing, (and they aren’t planning to do nothing) he has been punished.

He is charged with a couple of things including breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony.

Self-defense is a human-right.


An Hour Wait for Police After Attack

And the bad guys came back during that hour. ‘This is terrible right where I live’ Portsmouth veteran concerned about safety, police response time after attack.

They saw a man being attacked.

“I jumped out to try and help the guy, grabbed him and put him in the back of my truck,” the man said. “He couldn’t hardly walk at all.”

The man didn’t want to be identified, but he says he called 911 and waited with the victim so he wouldn’t be in the street alone. Before police responded, the same group of men came back.

Eight calls to 911 and an hour later, cops finally show up. During those eight calls, he asked 911 “where do I go?” They said, “We can’t give you any info about that.” So they were COMPLETELY useless. Worse than useless, because the Left and their insistence on “just call 911” has convinced everyone that they don’t need concealed carry. Oh and he tried to flag down 2 cop cars that drove by, but they just kept going.

Cops won’t arrive immediately, but an hour wait for a situation like this seems extreme. Calling 911 is a fine thing to do, but it may not turn out the way you expect. So you should plan what you are going to do besides call 911.

Those Unintended Consequences

Be careful what you wish for. You can also file this under, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” Police body cameras are capturing so much footage it’s driving some defense attorneys to quit.

It wasn’t that long ago that every SJW and defense attorney wanted every cop, at least in places big enough to sue, like NYC, Chicago, etc. to wear body cameras. Now they don’t like it.

Public defender’s offices have long struggled with high turnover. But lately, one time-consuming part of the job is driving lawyers out even faster.

Attorneys are quitting at least partly because they’re swamped by the amount of video footage they have to review from police body-worn cameras.

And in localities without public defender’s offices, court-appointed attorneys are struggling to maintain their own law practices and keep up with the body camera footage.

Hat tip to Second City Cop, who doesn’t have much sympathy. Lawyers demanded this – they can live with it:

You made our job too hard! We were just supposed to Monday morning quarterback you into a quick settlement, not actually have to defend our clients based on facts recorded by you evil police!

He Suffered a Failure of the Victim-selection Process

He thought it would be easy to assault two women. Virginia Beach Police investigate after male suspect shot, 2 women assaulted.

Investigators determined that Herbig assaulted one of the victims before entering the home and began assaulting the second victim. Authorities say the first victim got a firearm and shot the suspect in self-defense.

The gunshot wound is serious. One of the 2 women he assaulted has serious “blunt force trauma.” He is charged with aggravated malicious wounding.

The shooter has not been charged, because self-defense is a human-right.

The Full Story of a Justified Shooting

Before. During. After. He walked into a Virginia Beach 7-Eleven for a Big Gulp. He ended up shooting 2 robbers, killing 1.

How he started his evening. How he stumbled into a robbery in progress in a 7-Eleven. How he thought the clerk was going to get shot. How he decided to act. What he thought while waiting for the cops. How he feels after the fact. How the other people in the store think of him.

“I’m sipping on my Big Gulp, and this red beam cuts into my drink,” said the man, who agreed to tell The Virginian-Pilot what happened July 25 on the condition he not be identified.

That was a laser from one of the guns the robbers held.

As he stood there, still clutching his Big Gulp and occasionally taking a sip, the 37-year-old man now found himself facing a tough decision: Should he draw the gun?

He ran through the possible consequences: Will I go to jail? Do I have a clear enough shot that no one else will get hurt? Is anyone else in the store? Will someone else pop in? If I don’t do it, is the clerk or someone else going to get shot?

Anyway, it’s an interesting story. Click thru and read the whole thing.

Oh, and it took only a week for the DA to decide it was justified.

Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0

And people say Concealed Carry can’t possibly work. ‘Hero’ customer, a licensed gun owner, shoots 2 robbery suspects at 7-Eleven: reports.

A customer at a 7-Eleven store in Virginia shot two suspects who were allegedly trying to rob the business early Thursday morning, police said, according to reports.

Other customers in the store called him a hero.

Police believe the same suspects may be linked to three other 7-Eleven robberies that occurred overnight, WTKR reported.

So legal concealed carry put a stop to a crime spree.

A third person, outside of the store, was arrested in connection with the crime.

How Much Does the Left HATE Self-defense?

JusticeEven though everything – including profanity and threats – is on security video, they hate it. Is it legal to shoot an intruder? Here are the laws in Maryland, Virginia and DC.

The self-defense laws for Maryland, Virginia and D.C. vary, but each jurisdiction has some type of law in place that addresses when it’s deemed legally justified to use a firearm in self-defense.

Both Maryland and Virginia follow what’s called a castle doctrine, which allows homeowners to use deadly force to protect themselves, their home and their family. However, the use of deadly force must be considered reasonable.

So if someone is threatening you, on video, are you reasonably able to construe that they mean you harm? In Maryland the answer is apparently, “Yes.” The Left hates that. You are supposed to rely on the State for everything, even those things they can demonstrably not supply, like your personal safety in the face of an attack. The linked article isn’t the only story on this topic. Because The Left. Hates. Self-defense. (There are better articles on this than the one I linked, but the one article I really like has a video I cannot shut down. And I won’t inflict that hell on you.)

For my take on the original incident see the post at this link.

Self-defense is a human-right.