Don’t Bring a Baseball Bat to a Gunfight

Two step-brothers thought they would take baseball bats and have their way at a house. They thought wrong. He used a bat to attack a Lake Tapps homeowner who uses a wheelchair, charges say.

When they first showed up they used the bats to attack some people outside. Then they went into the house and attacked the homeowner – who is confined to a wheelchair. They hit him in the head.

Then Bouton and his stepbrother proceeded upstairs, where a man and his pregnant girlfriend were living.

The man shot at them, aiming at their feet. When the stepbrother continued toward him, the man shot him in the chest.

The guy who got shot in the chest died. The other guy was shot in the foot, and police caught up with him at a hospital.

He had some reason why they went to the house. I wonder if he thinks it was worth it.

“The state reserves the right to add an aggravator due to the vulnerability of the homeowner,” the charging papers say.

Self-defense is a human-right.


Self-defense Is Legal in Washington State

JusticeWhy do I get the feeling that the District Attorney is disappointed? But to be fair, it only took him two days to make that determination. Prosecutor declines to file charges against grandmother accused of shooting granddaughter.

“After a full and fair consideration of all the facts and analysis of their relationship, as well as the familial history, it is my belief that the state of Washington would not be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the absence of self-defense undertaken by Wanda Roberts,” Brusic wrote in a letter to the Yakima police Wednesday.

Family members and acquaintances can be threats. The grandmother had tried to get a restraining order against the granddaughter at one point. (It doesn’t say why that didn’t happen.)

Self-defense is a human-right.

How Would You Respond to an Aggressive Intruder at 1:30 in the Morning?

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed homeowner. Intruder shot and killed during Post Falls home invasion.

Deputies say a man and woman were asleep in the home, when they were awakened by loud crashing sounds. That’s when they found the man inside their home.

The sheriff’s office says the homeowners told the man to leave multiple times. They say it also appears the intruder was armed. The homeowner says the man refused to leave and became aggressive, so he got a gun and shot the man multiple times.

The investigation continues, but no one has been charged with a crime.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Self-defense is Legal in Washington State

While a month isn’t long by DA-standards, I think they could have made this determination sooner. No charges: Prosecutors rule self-defense in fatal Gorst shooting.

Cody T. Brooks was shot Sept. 6 by Brian Eugene Ellison, 53, after Brooks approached him while carrying a knife, threatened him, made bizarre statements and grabbed him by the neck, according to reports. Brooks was found dead in the road. Investigators found the knife and two spent bullet casings nearby.

I guess they have to get all the evidence processed. And Washington is a Deep Blue state, so the DA has to appeal the folks who hate self-defense.

Still, Washington State has a long history of acknowledging legal self-defense.

Road Rage and Justifiable Self-defense

You have the right to defend yourself in Washington State. Sheriff’s Office to recommend assault charge against man shot near Joyce.

He thought the guy was trespassing. Instead of calling the police, he overreacted.

Thompson told investigators he was driving back to state Highway 112 when Edwards’ vehicle stopped in the middle of the road, blocking him.

Thompson said he drove around the vehicle and that Edwards followed him, eventually passing him in a no passing zone and sideswiping him, causing Thompson to lose control of his vehicle.

When he tried to get out of the vehicle, he was assaulted by the guy who just ran him off the road.

“He was in fear of his life,” [Chief Criminal Deputy Brian] King said.

He shot the guy attacking him.

Cops believe the shooter acted in self-defense, but are investigating to see if he trespassed. The guy who got shot will be charged with assault when he gets out of the hospital.

Self-defense is a human-right.

A Lot of Bad Things Can Happen in 15 Minutes

When you call 911 you expect police to show up. But should you expect that? SPD investigating Target rampage response time.

Why, when I’m at a Target, does it takes you 14 minutes to get there? He’s head butting people, he’s throwing things down escalators, he really is on a rampage .. I really want to know, how many cops are out there when I dial 911 or how many cops aren’t out there?

That question was asked of Seattle PD Sgt. Sean Whitcomb by a radio interviewer. The answer: Once we dispatched someone it took them 3 minutes to get there. But the Seattle PD doesn’t answer questions about staffing levels. It’s about safety of officers which I will accept for the time being. Though I have a suspicion that the union is going to make a push for more officers or more overtime or more something.

The incident itself was originally classified as a priority 2 call, not as a “crime in progress.” That contributed to the delay.

Calling 911 is a fine thing to do. They can send you all kinds of help. They can also fail to correctly classify your situation, or just plain ignore you. You should have a plan for what you are going to do between the time you call 911, and the help arrives.

Just how old do you have to be to defend yourself?

The Left is always going on about how kids and teens should be locked away from guns. Teen girl fires shot at armed intruder in Spanaway.

So this idiot ex-boyfriend kept causing problems and having 911 get called over “domestic incidents” involving a knife. When he got chased off one time, a mother and her teen daughter went across the street to check on their friend – the victim of his attacks.

The teen told returning deputies that after the first incident, she and her mom had gone across the street to check on the woman involved in the first incident. The girl returned home first to find the power had been shut off and grabbed a .22 pistol, deputies said.

Moments later, she heard a noise coming from the backyard and saw the man from before standing in her door.

He threatened her and actually managed to give her a light wound before she shot “at him.” (Range time people!) At which point he ran like a rabbit.

Police caught up with him walking away, and he faces numerous charges including domestic assault and first degree assault. All because of the “How dare you live without me!” attitude.

I suppose the Left will maintain that the world would be a better place if a teen-aged girl had to face an adult male attacker armed with a knife without a gun. Or maybe they will say that if they had not checked on their friend, they wouldn’t have been targeted. (A wild supposition, since he may have known they were friends.) Which is the city-dwellers’ long-standing attitude of “don’t get involved.” Kitty Genovese is unavailable for comment.