Self-defense is Legal in West Virginia

Though the DA seems to have trying really hard to make it be otherwise. Jury returns not guilty verdict in “Mother’s Day” murder.

The jury deliberated and returned a verdict within 40 minutes.

So something must have been clear.

According to trial testimony, an altercation occurred at Shine’s residence, before the shooting took place.

The DA offered up every charge imaginable, namely second-degree murder and two counts of wanton endangerment, whatever that means. And his statement after the verdict strikes me as odd. But go take a look for yourself.

I guess WV doesn’t have a Castle Doctrine.


Budget Matters

If you cut the budget for police by 300,000 dollars, something will be impacted. Chief deputy Smith addresses staff shortage.

Apparently in this case, staffing cuts resulted in longer 911 response times.

The release further stated, “In 2015, the department had 23 fully sworn deputies responsible for answering 911 calls, serving protective orders and mental hygiene orders. We also had two civilian process servers responsible for funeral escorts, jury summons, civil papers and litter complaints. The county also employed 10 civilian bailiffs that were responsible for door security for both buildings, holding cell and security for all three courts,” he stated.

After the $300K cut, number of officers is down, bailiffs were reduced, so 3 officers are assigned to the court, where they weren’t before, etc. Only 12 deputies are assigned to answer 911 calls.

This is not taking into account deputies being on scheduled off days, sick days, vacation or being injured at work.

This article doesn’t say, but it would be interesting to know why the 300,000 dollar cut, and what else the county is spending money on outside the realm of “public safety.” Or if the county is just strapped for cash. (Mingo County is rural.)

But then I recently had a post on the UK doing something similar with public safety.

Bad Guy with a Gun Meets Good Guy with a Gun

And no shots were fired. Clerk fights back during attempted robbery in Ohio County. (That is Ohio County, West Virginia.)

They say a man walked up to the door and showed the clerk a gun. The clerk then pulled out a weapon, and the robber then ran.

I would have said that he ran like a rabbit, but then I don’t work for a TV station.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Armed Self-defense in West Virginia

The shooting happened on the guy’s property. Deputies investigating shooting in Kanawha County

Deputies say the evidence at the scene appears to back up the shooter’s statement that the person was acting in self defense. At this time, deputies say, no charged are expected to be filed against the shooter.

The guy who got shot is in a local hospital, and he is expected to survive.

It took the police a little more than 12 hours to see the evidence lined up with self-defense. It can some jurisdictions 12 months to admit they can’t charge a man for defending himself.

Self-defense is a human-right.

If You Are Favored With a Warning Shot, You Really Should Heed It

This guy didn’t. Of course I’m not big on warning shots. I think this is mostly because they have been illegal in several of the places where I’ve lived. Bunker Hill homeowner shoots burglary suspect in leg | West Virginia |

A Bunker Hill homeowner shot a burglary suspect in the leg Sunday morning after the alleged intruder failed to heed a warning shot, Berkeley County (W.Va.) Sheriff Curtis Keller said.

He was treated at a local hospital, and is now being held in the regional lockup. The homeowner has not been charged.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

How should an 82-year-old defend himself against a 24-year-old assailant? Without access to a firearm, that is. Deputies: Man killed by homeowner after apparent home invasion

He’s working in his garage, when a 24-year-old breaks in through a window and threatens him. Good thing he was armed.

The homeowner shot the intruder, according to deputies, killing him.

Without access to firearms, the old and the infirm would be at the mercy of the young and the violent. The small could be overpowered by the large, and anyone can be overpowered by multiple assailants. The reason we use tools is so that we don’t have to face the reality of the jungle with just our bare hands.

No charges are expected against the homeowner, because self-defense is a human-right.

Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0

They thought it was a good idea to commit home-invasion. They thought wrong. Home intruders beat up, knock out resident. But his younger brother comes to the rescue with a gun.

A West Virginia man came home Saturday morning to very unwelcome guests — three intruders inside his Logan residence who he said charged at him, held him down, choked him, kicked him and knocked him out after slamming a gun on his head.

It could have gone very bad for that guy, but they didn’t count on one thing. Adam Jones, the intended-victim’s younger brother.

Jones said he fired a warning shot over the head of one of the crooks, wounded two of them — and all three hightailed it out of the house.

All three bad guys are in jail. Two made a stop-off at a local hospital first. Self-defense is a human-right.