Young Teens and Violent Crimes

JusticeWhile this story is interesting in its own right it makes a point relative to my previous post. Police seeing spate of violent crimes from young teens | Deseret News

In my previous post, I mentioned that the UK is trying to fight crime, without giving much thought to the criminals perpetrating that crime.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said his office is also seeing more cases of violent juvenile crimes, some of which are being considered for adult certification. In light of the incidents, Gill said it’s probably time to re-examine the juvenile justice system and examine if the current system “is proportionately responsive to deter criminal behavior.

“When you have truly violent behavior being addressed with no or minimal consequences, then accountability becomes a joke and public safety a failed promise. For example, when a youth who stabs someone multiple times is given probation and closing out the case in six months, then what you are communicating is that violence has no consequences and victims no worth,” he said.

“This is not a balance between compassion and accountability. I completely support juvenile justice reform but we cannot also ignore that violence requires a structured response that victims can rely upon to deter future behavior.”

There has to be some measure in place to deter crime, otherwise you will get more of it. There is much being written these days about how America is “too tough on crime.” NYC is abandoning the “broken windows” strategy, etc. Because it seems we have forgotten what the past was like before those “get tough on crime” policies were put in place. When crime was much higher than it is today (with some exceptions like Baltimore and Chicago).