Introduce a Newbie to Shooting, Get Free Ammo

An interesting proposal in these days of expensive ammo. 9mm Ammo – Cheap, In-Stock 9×19 Pistol Rounds for Sale

Used to be when taking a new shooter to the range, you could stop off at WalMart and pick up 550 rounds of .22 long rifle for 10 bucks. Or so. 500 rounds of .22 LR is close to 100 bucks these days. North of $50 anyway.

So this seems like a good idea.

I am getting no remuneration from Ammo to Go. I probably won’t even be taking them up on their offer. Not because I don’t take people shooting, but because I don’t get involved in stuff that includes photos and mailing lists. Those of you who live your lives on social media, probably have fewer issues with that idea.

If you take them up on their offer, I would be interested in getting feedback in the comments. Be safe out there.