This Prediction Didn’t Take a Crystal Ball

China has been acting like they have ambitions for a long time. Retired Japanese general predicts China will invade Taiwan by 2025, Okinawa by 2045.

A former Japanese military officer recently made waves after saying he believes China plans to invade and annex Taiwan by 2025 and Okinawa by 2045.

The comments by retired Lt. Gen. Kunio Orita, a 35-year veteran of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and a former commander of the 301st Tactical Fighter Squadron and 6th Air Wing, appeared last month in the English-language Taiwan News.

I guess we will see if there is anyone in the world who can (and is willing to) stand up to them, because I doubt we will.


Sweden Figures Out How to Handle the Sukhoi

The Sukhoi is the latest fighter designed by Russia. Sweden says it built a Russian fighter jet killer — and stealth is totally irrelevant.

Sweden’s air force says its Gripen E fighter jets are designed to kill Russia’s fearsome Sukhoi fighter jets, and that they have a “black belt” in that type of combat.

Interesting article for anyone interested in the current state of the arms balance between Western Europe and Russia. Though Sweden isn’t a member of NATO, for reasons I’m not sure anyone can articulate, they do train with member states.

“Several years ago the Gripen pilots got tired of being made fun of by German Typhoon pilots and came to play with their wartime electronic warfare and gave them a hell of a hard time,” Bronk said. One of the Gripens was “reportedly able to appear on the left wing of a Typhoon without being detected” by using its “extremely respected” jamming ability, Bronk said.

What they are trying to do is sell the jet on the export market. I wish them luck.

This Won’t End Badly

I guessing that “Wanting to get in on the ground-floor of “Skynet” isn’t one of the reasons. Why Australia Needs Robot Tanks.

“Greater reliance on autonomous systems and unmanned platforms makes a great deal of sense, given the small size of our military,” says Malcolm Davis, a senior analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Who knows? Maybe this will evolve into the BOLO program. But somehow I don’t believe that we will get Autonomous Weapons done right.

20 Years Later Serbia and Kosovo Are Back in the News

And not in a good way. Kosovo Votes to Form Army, Angering Serbia.

Kosovo’s parliament has voted to convert and expand its lightly armed security force into a standing army, a move backed by the United States but opposed by neighboring Serbia.

Serbia is crying foul. I had to look to see. Even though the Kosovo War ended in 1999 – after about a year – it was never finished. Serbia doesn’t recognize the Republic of Kosovo as an independent country.

The breakup of Yugoslavia is the gift that keeps on giving. Greece and Macedonia have been going at it because Greece doesn’t think Macedonia should be called Macedonia. (If you look on official NATO maps, it is listed as T.F.Y.R.O.M. (The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). All this because they want to claim Alexander of Macedonia (Alexander the Great) as a native son.

NATO still has a peacekeeping force in Kosovo, 20 years after the end of the war. Kosovo declared their independence in 2008.

It’s worth noting that World War 1 started in Slovenia, later a part of Yugoslavia, before reemerging as an independent country. (Though I think World War 3 started when Russia invaded Ukraine before their annexation of Crimea.)

Everyone – Outside of Ukraine – Is Still Calling It a “Conflict With Russia”

At what point due the leaders (and reporters) of the world admit that it is a war? Russia Tries to Strangle Ukraine with New Maritime Strategy.

Russia is adopting a new tactic in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine by cutting off the latter’s access to its important ports in the Sea of Azov.

Spiegel is slightly to the Left of the BBC, so I don’t really expect much from them, but they do translate some of their stories into English.

The new Crimean Bridge, it turns out, not only connects people, but can also be used by Moscow to close off access to the Kerch Strait. That Sunday, Russia declared the Sea of Azov, which is located northeast of the strait and whose coastline it shares with Ukraine, semi-officially to be its own. There’s not really anything Ukraine can do to oppose it.

Did Anyone Really Think Putin Was Going to Stop with Crimea?

I said then that it looked like he was playing The Great Game. He just appears more patient than most. Russia seizes three Ukrainian naval ships off Crimea.

Russia has seized three Ukrainian naval ships in a strait near Moscow-annexed Crimea, raising fears of military escalation and prompting an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday.

Empire builders don’t stop building empires, unless they get stopped.

What’s The Price of Not Paying Attention to Security?

That depends on what business you are in. Dozens of US spies killed after Iran and China uncovered CIA messaging service using Google.

The cost?

“Dozens of people around the world were killed because of this.”

The cause?

The internet-based communications platform was first used in the Middle East to communicate with soldiers in war zones and had not been intended for widespread use but due to its ease of use and efficacy, it was adopted by agents despite its lack of sophistication, the sources claimed.

Security is hard – or so we are told. And it is so convenient to use this simple system. Who wants to think about security? No one wants to learn a new system!

The people who authorized the use of the “easy but not secure” system should have been fired, but they are civil servants. “There has been no accountability for the failure.” (Actually, I think the penalty should be criminal negligence, or maybe manslaughter, but they haven’t even been fired.)

The government had already been warned about the hackability of the system by a defence contractor named John Reidy.

In the standard “shoot the messenger mode” they fired him some time later.