Second City Cop Calls This “The Self-cleaning Oven”

Well I mentioned the Darwin Awards this week already, but we have another winner. Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.

So apparently there is a coordinated effort to steal and vandalize ATMs in Philadelphia.

At least one young activist wasn’t hard to locate:

A man died while trying to blow up an ATM in North Philadelphia early Tuesday as thieves blew up or stole cash machines across the city

The Stupidity. It can kill you. (And it will hurt, while you die.)

Defending Your Business from Looters in Chicago

Because no one else is going to do it. Logan Square shop owner confronts looters, fires gun, detains one, prosecutors say.

A Logan Square store owner with a concealed carry license fired shots at hammer-wielding looters who confronted him in his shop early Monday, prosecutors said. The businessman even managed to detain one of the alleged intruders for police.

The smoke shop lost about 800 bucks worth of tobacco and vaping supplies, plus has to deal with the broken windows. Cops don’t believe any of the bad guys were shot, though he did fire shots when they charged him with hammers.

Someone please explain to me how this effort to liberate tobacco products honors the memory of anyone. “I swear to think of George Floyd when I smoke this box of stolen cigars.” No, that doesn’t cut it for me.

Darwin Awards and Rioters

Thinking has been eliminated from our society. Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.

The linked post deals with the James Scurlock shooing in Nebraska. I already have a post scheduled for tomorrow morning on the Scurlock shooting, which will cover the details. But let’s talk about the media spin courtesy of R.S. McCain.

Now we have the tale of a young “social justice” activist in Omaha, Nebraska, who chose poorly:

The quotes from the protestors are fascinating. Click thru.

There are also…

First, there was the rioter in St. Louis who decided he could win a contest against a FedEx truck, and lost. This morning, we had the story of the young Philadephians who decided that robbing a gun store was a good idea, to their eternal regret.

Insanity. (That FedEx truck was a semi-tractor pulling 2 trailers.)

Two Brooklyn Lawyers Turn to Terror

Because that is what passes for “protest” in the 21st Century. Pair of Brooklyn lawyers including Ivy League corporate attorney charged in Molotov cocktail attack on NYPD cruiser.

Two Brooklyn lawyers, including an Ivy League graduate corporate attorney, are facing federal charges over accusations they tossed a Molotov cocktail into an NYPD vehicle early Saturday morning during a protest over the police killing of George Floyd.

A law degree should tell you what is legal and what is not, but I guess it doesn’t cover right and wrong.

The Daily News seems to think it is a big deal Colinford Mattis attended an Ivy League school.

Mattis, who lives in East New York, graduated from Princeton University and New York University law school, according to his LinkedIn page.

They have less information on Urooj Rahman.

Rahman’s Facebook page showed her celebrating her graduation from Fordham but a neighbor said she struggled with financial problems after losing her job.

While innocent before being proved guilty, there is apparently video evidence. I usually write that cops haven’t figured out that there are always video cameras in a place like New York. Apparently the lawyers haven’t figured that out either.

Hat tip to The Other McCain – Ivy League Terrorist. Who also takes note of the Ivy League.

The annual cost of attending Princeton is $69,020, including room and board.

Though there is usually a lot of financial aid available to bring that number down, it is still a lot when you multiply by 4.

And it just points out that, as I have said before, the future is stupid. (Actually I pretty certain that I read that somewhere, but I’m not sure where.)

Keeping Violent Criminals in Jail is Unfair

So says the Left. Released Early Due To Coronavirus: Former Weld County Inmate Now Accused Of Strangulation.

A former Weld County Jail inmate, who was released early from a two year sentence due to COVID-19 concerns, is now accused of attacking and strangling someone one month after his release. The Windsor Police Department is now searching for Christopher A. Vecchiarelli, 36, after they say he attacked a woman, leaving bruises in several places and fracturing her arm.

Someone will say his infraction didn’t mean he should be exposed to COVID-19. Should the woman he attacked have had her arm broken?

Homeless Attack in Seattle

But they’re helping. Man assaults Uwajimaya worker over face covering requirement, returns with hatchet.

And it was a machete, not a hatchet, so why is the headline wrong?

He got pissed off and attacked worker at an Uwajimaya market in Seattle because they told him he needed a mask. He came back the next day with a machete and was threatening people in the parking lot.

Renton police said the man had been staying at the nearby Red Lion Hotel that King County had recently converted into a temporary homeless shelter to meet social distancing requirements in shelters elsewhere. The temporary shelter houses for more than 200 people who are not infected with COVID-19.

The City of Renton said the temporary shelter has tripled its homeless population and led to a spike in fire and police calls at and around the hotel. Shoplifting reports in the area have more than tripled this year, compared to last year.

It’s a bit surprising that there wasn’t a concealed-carry license holder around. But Seattle…

So they’re helping. They’re just not helping the taxpayers of Renton.

This is What Passes for News in the Age of COVID-19

At one time, The Tribune was the “conservative paper” in Chicago. How to make a living in Chicago sex work amid a pandemic? More hours, less pay and a good internet connection.

Now they are running “How To” articles like this. It isn’t even in the business section.

I’m not recommending you look at the article. I just thought the headline says something about the Fall of Western Civilization. I suppose some Woke Scold will say I’m being mean, or something. (Oh no! Someone is being mean on the Internet! That has never happened ever. </sarcams>)

How Dare You Sue for Your Constitutional Rights

So do we call this an anti-Christian hate crime? Mississippi church suing on virus restrictions burns down.

When investigators from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office got to the scene, they found graffiti in the church parking lot that read: “Bet you stay home now you hypokrites.”

I was a bit surprised to see this getting national coverage, since I don’t really see how the media are going to be able to blame this action on Trump.

Waldrop had filed a lawsuit against the city of Holly Springs last month, alleging police officers had disrupted a church bible study and Easter service. Holly Springs City Attorney Shirley Byers said nearly 40 parishioners inside the church building were not practicing social distancing on April 10 when a violation citation was issued for the church.

What is it that the First Amendment says?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

So how is it that the city and the jackbooted cops thought they could prohibit the “free exercise” of religion? They have the authority to tell you to “Shut up! Do whatever the hell we tell you!” Or they think they do, anyway.

So someone took a more direct approach.

The Law of Unintended Consequences

The more they try to control things, the more out-of-control things become. ‘Incomprehensible’: Confrontations over masks erupt amid COVID-19 crisis.

You keep using that word (in this case “incomprehensible”); I don’t think it means what you think it means. With apologies to Mandy Patinkin…

And I’m sorry, but the governor of Michigan – or any state – shouldn’t have to tell you to exercise reasonable caution. Which at this point includes some kind of mask in a crowded location. I can’t make you agree. I can’t make you do anything. I can only say, you’re an adult; start acting like one, and stop acting like a spoiled child who doesn’t want to eat his vegetables.

The worst example is a security guard in Flint Michigan who was shot and killed because he told a few people they needed to wear a mask in a Dollar Store. The media tried to paint this as Trump’s fault and the actions of white supremacists, before the booking photos were released, and then it pretty much disappeared from the news, at least for a bit. Even the linked article doesn’t give any info on the three people arrested. Protect the narrative!

Then there was the senior citizen who threw a two-year-old’s temper tantrum. When told he had to wear a mask, he wiped his nose on an employee’s tee-shirt. I would have decked him, or at least done my best to break his nose. She just stood there. Women really need to learn how to throw a punch or kick a knee. If she had kicked his knee, for attacking her – he is currently charged with assault and battery – that should have been justified self-defense, and he would be down for a long time. (Knee surgery is currently listed as an “elective surgery.”) As it is, he is on house arrest. They should have charged him with felony assholeishness, but maybe that isn’t part of the criminal code.

The country is currently in the state it’s in, because the not-so-good-people of NYC couldn’t be bothered about social distancing. Maybe it isn’t possible, but they didn’t seem to try, cramming into subway cars like it was no big deal. And the geniuses who manage that city couldn’t be bothered to clean subway cars on a reasonable basis because “that’s the way we’ve always done it” overrides common sense more often than you would believe.

Pandemic Hits Chicago, Only Solution Is More Government

Because what other solution could there be in the mind of a dedicated Leftist? How the coronavirus and Chicago’s gun violence are related.

There is so much wrong with this opinion piece, including the glowing review of how criminal gangs in various failed states are stepping in to organize pandemic relief because the states have, well, disappeared. I was tempted to use that as a reason to write it off as another bit of Leftist insanity. There is, however, a bit that exposes the true insanity of the Left.

What is needed on Chicago’s South and West Sides, however, is not more organized gangs; it is a more legitimate and benevolent state. The desperate conditions in these communities that are driving both the gun violence and coronavirus crises have been caused by decades of private sector abandonment and a public sector that has largely abdicated its role in ensuring people’s welfare in favor of policing and incarcerating.

The public response should not be to lock these youth up in death traps like Cook County Jail, but to invest in the South and West Sides to give these youth essential resources, hope, and a reason to live.

How is the city, or the state of Illinois, going to give you a reason to live? Will that come with your stimulus check? Or is it fancier than that? Perhaps it will something that is suitable to hang on the wall.

As for the subject of “private sector abandonment,” the City, under Mayor Daley, the Younger, worked for years to keep the EEEEVIL Walmart out Chicago. Because reasons. And if the author to the piece is opposed to law-and-order, which it is clear they are, (somehow cops are not seen as the agents of that “benevolent state”) how do you expect to get stores to open? When stores on The Magnificent Mile are having serious trouble because Mayor Lightfoot (affectionately known as Groot) and State’s Attorney Kim Foxx (affectionately known as Crimeshea in those same circles) have decided that shoplifting is not serious enough to arrest or prosecute. How do you think anyone in the private sector will stay in business where the revenue streams will be marginal, if paying for anything is optional? I know, Math is Hard!

Conspicuous by its absence, is any talk of family and religion. I’m old enough to remember when there were discussions of whether the 1960s Great Society would destroy families. I guess that’s not a discussion anymore. As for religion, the only one that these authors have is faith in the all-powerful benevolent state. Minus the cops as agents of that state, they’re still working out how that all fits. Or something. (For my take on the “benevolent state” see this post on the enforcement of law.)

I’ve said in the past that I don’t know how to fix the problems in places like Chicago or Baltimore, but I am sure that doing more of the same is not the answer. Making society completely dependent on the government hasn’t worked in Chicago, or Baltimore, or anywhere. And the state, whether that is Illinois or Michigan or elsewhere, has proven that it isn’t so benevolent. Not that the Left will notice.

Mental Illness and a Complete Lack of Moral Sense

The Left will of course blame the inanimate object. 13-year-old told police he shot Burien man because he was depressed, ‘just felt like doing it’.

He just felt like being a monster. And there is no Right and Wrong in the 21st Century, the most important thing in the Universe are Your Feelings. To talk about Right and Wrong, you would veer too close to Good and Evil, and the Left doesn’t want to talk about Good and Evil. Your Feelings are what they want to talk about.

Western Civilization was fun while it lasted.

I Guess This Means The Lockdown Will Never End

Because public transit wasn’t “safe” even before COVID-19, and it isn’t getting better. Making public transit safe next hurdle in easing lockdowns.

Before I get into the AP article linked above, take a look at these photos, from Twitter.

Now I don’t know how recent some of those photos are, but one is clearly from after the start of the pandemic. And there are plenty of stories about how the trains are “filthier than ever” if you look. ‘They Are Transporting This Virus’: MTA Subway Conductors Say Trains Are Filthier Than Ever Amid Coronavirus Pandemic – CBS New York.

So keep that in mind as we now turn to the original article at the top…

There are some things that can be done, but they are not without a cost.

The Dutch national railway began bringing longer trains back into service to make it easier for passengers to stay apart.

Cars need to be cleaned. More cars mean more hours to clean. Equipment needs maintenance and repair. More use leads to more repair.

The capacity of Milan’s metro system will be slashed to just 350,000 passengers a day, compared with 1.3 million on normal workdays.

So what will the other 900,000 riders do? If they get in their cars to drive to work (those that can/do have cars) the Green Police will scream. The solution proposed by Milan, doesn’t quite amount to more government control of the lives of people in the city. Not quite. And that is in Milan, where the vestiges of Western Civilization haven’t completely vanished. Look again a the photos in that Tweet above.

Now let’s look at that 2nd article from CBS.

The MTA has been urging that only essential workers who rely on mass transit ride the subway during the pandemic, and service has been cut to about 75%.

But one conductor, who asked to remain anonymous, says that’s only making the trains less sanitary.

“Because we have less trains to work with, the homeless in the system congregate on fewer trains, so it’s way more evident now than it’s ever been,” the conductor told CBS2’s Ali Bauman. “It’s causing a hazard to MTA employees and the people that we have to transport during this time.”

Trash piled everywhere. People urinating on the trains. Feces. In other words, you can see the complete breakdown of civilization.

NYPD admits that things are out of control. Even through the spin, that much comes through. And de Blasio is deflecting, or trying to.

And lest there be any doubt, the bleeding hearts, who care more about the homeless and their “plight” than the hardworking people of NYC who need to get work are already saying any enforcement by the NYPD is a bad thing. (And the NYPD is trying, but it is a losing battle.)

So Does This Count as a Threat of Terror?

At least he’s being held without bond. Hagerstown man charged with making threats at Meritus.

According to the news release, Smith was in the emergency department and “it was learned that Smith had been tested for COVID-19 prior to his arrival at the hospital.”

“When asked to wear a protective bandana, Smith refused and became combative with staff and security,” the release states. “Smith yelled that he didn’t care if he infected other(s) because no one cares about him.”

Smith pulled down his bandana and coughed several times in the direction of a deputy and a Meritus security officer.

Hat tip to The Other McCain who notes that Crazy People are Dangerous.

Cincinnati PD Lists Crimes They Don’t Care About

That isn’t how they phrased it, but that’s what it amounts to. Starting Tuesday, Cincinnati PD won’t respond in-person for these calls.

I know this is from last week, but this slipped my notice. I never go into Cincinnati, and I don’t read their news/watch their TV. And I stopped listening to the radio when I got my first smartphone.

Cincinnati police announced Monday that these calls will be referred for online or phone reporting:

  • Assault reports where there is no medical attention necessary and suspect is no longer present
  • Breaking and entering reports where there are no suspect(s) or possibility of property recovery
  • Criminal damaging reports

The list is about twice that long.

They say that they are not “condoning’ these crimes, and they all will be dealt with, eventually. Yeah right.

So, you’re on your own, even more than usual. At least they’re upfront about the situation.

Hat tip to Gun Free Zone and MaddMedic.

Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

She should pay for damages and go to jail. A grocery store threw out $35,000 in food that a woman intentionally coughed on, sparking coronavirus fears, police said.

The unnamed woman entered small grocery chain Gerrity’s Supermarket in Hanover Township and started coughing on produce, bakery items, meat and other merchandise, chain co-owner Joe Fasula wrote on Facebook.

Staff quickly removed her from the store and called Hanover Township Police, who found her a few hours later and took her into custody, Police Chief Albert Walker told CNN.

It was all a “prank.” Because nothing is so funny in an age when everyone is worried about health and supplies as destroying said supplies by ignoring common sense standards aimed at securing public health.

This woman is “unnamed” at the current time, but I think she should be named. Stupidity needs to be stopped, and I can’t think of a better way than shame.

If It’s Tourist Season, Why Can’t We Shoot Them?

Strange to see this sentiment in deep blue California. California tourist towns demand outsiders stay home. ‘Someone is going to get shot’.

The title to this post was a bumper-sticker you often saw in Florida. Spring Training being marginally more annoying than Spring Break. Spring Breakers usually would arrive somewhere and mostly stay put. Folks following Spring Training would be driving from one game to the next. Didn’t stop them from drinking. And while it was a joke in Florida, I get the feeling people in California are not laughing.

Mono County over the weekend banned most short-term vacation rentals in an effort to prevent tourists from carrying the new coronavirus into the isolated, resource-strapped community. The decision followed a wave of similar announcements that have derailed ski trips, hobbled backpacking plans, and landed a devastating blow to local tourism-dependent economies across the West.

After Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a statewide shelter-in-place order last week, longstanding tensions between locals and tourists have begun simmering in new ways. Hundreds of thousands of urbanites have crowded trails, swarmed beaches and holed up in vacation homes and rentals across the state. Newsom’s order said people were still allowed to go outside and exercise, but it didn’t set limits on where they could go.

This is not good.

The Typhoid Millennial

The image is from Michael P. Ramirez. You should definitely support him by buying stuff.

Though she isn’t a Millennial, I was going to include this image with the post on Evangeline Lilly, from earlier today. the cartoon fits. And she is definitely self-absorbed. (Is there any other kind of movie star?) But it stands on its own.

The most important thing in the universe is whether or not you are happy. Your feelings are paramount. Don’t tell me that I can’t have whatever I want, even if that means people will die.

And Ramirez is one of my favorite political cartoonists. You should at least view his stuff, and probably you should support him too.

The So-called “Elites” Showing Their Barbarian Nature

The wealthy are descending on the Hamptons like a cloud of locusts, with about as much empathy for the people they are invading. ‘We should blow up the bridges’ — coronavirus leads to class warfare in Hamptons.

Store shelves stripped. Spreading (knowing in some cases) COVID-19. Generally showing a complete lack of empathy for their fellow man.

“A big majority [of the rich] are truly disrespectful, and in my opinion don’t deserve to enjoy Montauk,” says local fisherman Chris Albronda, 33. He wasn’t shocked by the infected woman who deliberately came out here, even after she was told not to.

“That small act reflects a lot of what we deal with in the summer,” he says. “Selfish. Disrespectful. Absolutely horrifying.”

As for helping with the people who are sick, get real. The elites don’t help.

“I see the bartenders and the waitresses — the people out of work — volunteering to feed the elderly,” says LaGarenne. “We don’t really see that from the types of people hoarding supplies. But I guess that’s to be expected.”

The hospital in the Hamptons was overwhelmed before the tide of locusts descended.

Some Discrimination Is (Apparently) Okay in the Age of COVID-19

While racism and homophobia are still bad, ageism is everywhere and ableism is being institutionalized. My Life Is More ‘Disposable’ During This Pandemic.

The way to save our lives is clear, according to public health experts: If you possibly can, stay home. Especially since we are surrounded by people who don’t have that option, including migrant workers; unhoused, incarcerated and institutionalized people; and health care workers. And yet young, healthy, affluent people are still taking advantage of cheap airplane tickets and using their “time off” to go to restaurants while they remain open. Taken together, the stark message to chronically sick, disabled people and elders is that we are “acceptable losses.”

A couple of generations of spoiled brats. Nothing matters but their feelings. As long as they get what they want (was there ever a time in their lives they didn’t get everything they wanted?) the old and the sick can go ahead and die.

Western Civilization was fun while it lasted. My previous post on this topic is at this link. (Hat tip to Althouse.)

Does This Mark the Start of a New Authoritarian Age?

According to Hoyt: Seven Days In March And she gets bonus points for referencing one of my favorite Cold War movies.

Anyway, the weird thing happening to me right now, through the Chinese-virus-panic, is that I’m sitting here in slack-jawed horror thinking that everything changed, that we’ve lost our last chance at restoring our republic and Western civilization with it, that the US and the world are on the brink of a new authoritarian age. And no one else seems to see it.

I think she just hasn’t thought it through. We’ve always been on the brink of an authoritarian age. An EMP. A nuclear war. A killer virus. A socialist in the White House. The normal state for humanity is to live under an authoritarian state. Greek and Roman democracies lasted for an eye blink. Followed by Alexander and the Caesars, respectively, and then a 1000 years of the dark ages. More or less. As for the part of the world that is not Europe. Well, the largest portion hasn’t ever had democracy. Not if you add China and Russia together.

And her reference, in the title to her post, the Cold War movie Seven Days in May, points that out better than just about any piece of the culture ever has.

Western Civilization has been doomed since the Left gained absolute control over the schools. There is no good and evil. There is no right or wrong. There are only feelings. See my previous post on how the Millennial generation (and the one after it) cares only about their feeling and their wants. They have no empathy, no consideration. Some might call them barbarians. I just think they are broken.