Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

While everyone was focused on Washington, this guy thought a burglary was in order. Police: Homeowner shoots, kills intruder in southwest Charlotte – | WBTV Charlotte. Things didn’t turn out the way he planned.

The incident happened before 1:30 p.m. at a home on the 1900 block of Musket Lane, just off of Sandy Porter Road. Officers said a man broke into the home, then grabbed a knife when confronted by the homeowner.

Police said the homeowner attempted to get the knife away from the intruder before firing a weapon.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed homeowner. No one will be surprised at the result.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Despite What the Left Has Said, Trump Doesn’t Hate Gays

Trump doesn’t hate gays and he doesn’t oppose gay marriage. The fear-mongering on the Left notwithstanding. Historic Fact: Donald Trump Will Be The First President To Support Gay Marriage From The Beginning

Bill Clinton didn’t. Barack Obama didn’t. And neither did Hilary Clinton until much later in her career.

Donald Trump is the first President of the United States who was elected as an open supporter of the gay community at large and gay marriage specifically.

Let us not forget that until it was politically expedient, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both opposed gay marriage for the overwhelming majority of the time taxpayers paid for their lifestyles.

But the Left can’t have that getting around.

$1.9 billion error in California’s version of Medicaid.

As one of the commenters on the story said, no one expects Progressives to be good at math. $1.9 billion error adds to California deficit projection

The administration discovered accounting mistakes last fall, but it did not notify lawmakers until the administration included adjustments to make up for the errors in Brown’s budget proposal last week.

Expanding Medicaid was a cornerstone of Obamacare. Said to be working smoothly in California. 1.9 billion dollars discovered in the fall. Before or after the election, I wonder. (Not that a few billion dollars would have changed voting habits on the Left Coast – where it is all about FEELINGS.) No one will lose their job over this error.

The 1.9 billion error is compounding the problem that CA is not collecting taxes at the rate they expected. Total budget shortfall is closer to $3 billion. [Hat tip to Small Dead Animals]

“Make My Day”

In Colorado, you have the right to defend yourself in your own home. Man dead after possible ‘make my day’ shooting near downtown Colorado Springs | Colorado Springs Gazette, News

Homeless guy found in home by homeowner. Homeowner shoots homeless guy. (Left – including or maybe especially the press – has a fit.)

The Colorado ‘make my day’ law gives homeowners the right to shoot and kill an intruder at their homes without civil penalty if they feel threatened. Police are continuing to investigate the case and have not confirmed if the shooting falls under the ‘make my day’ guidelines.

Self-defense is a human-right. And in some states, like Colorado, it is also your legal right. (At least under some situations.)

Self-defense is a Human-right

Not many details on the story, except for summary. HCSO: Homeowner shoots, kills intruder in Spring | (That’s Spring, Texas.)

This is becoming so much of “dog-bites-man” story that I am wondering how long I should continue noting them. A Texan homeowner shoots a would-be home-invader. You would think the bad guys would realize that breaking into homes is a good way to get shot.

Harris County Precinct 4 constables responded to the incident just after 4 p.m. Tuesday in the 2400 block of Blue Shadow Drive. The homeowner told deputies he shot a man who broke into his home while he was inside.

The guy was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime.