Amazon and Walmart Have Tesla-related Solar Panel Fires

More bad press for Tesla that the fanbois will ignore. Amazon Joins Walmart in Saying Tesla Solar Panel Caught Fire.

On Friday, Inc. said a June 2018 blaze on the roof of one of its warehouses in Redlands, California, involved a solar panel system that Tesla’s SolarCity division had installed. The Seattle-based retail giant said by email that it has since taken steps to protect its facilities and has no plans to install more Tesla systems.

News of the Amazon fire comes just three days after Walmart dropped a bombshell lawsuit against Tesla, accusing it of shoddy panel installations that led to fires at more than a half-dozen stores.

In general, solar panels are a mature and safe technology. Not sure what problems Tesla could be having, though apparently there is a faulty connector that Tesla is trying to replace. (I’m sure they specified custom parts, because buying electrical connectors from Molex or McMaster-Carr or wherever is SO 20th Century. Or something.)


Trooper Nicholas Hopkins

End of Watch. Illinois State Police trooper shot while executing warrant in East St. Louis dies.

The fatal shooting occurred Friday around 5:30 a.m. when Illinois State Police showed up at a home in downstate East St. Louis. While attempting to execute a search warrant, 33-year-old trooper Nicholas Hopkins was shot in an exchange of gunfire, Illinois State Police officials said.

Hopkins was transported to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. He was pronounced dead at around 6:10 p.m. Friday night, Illinois State Police said.

Saturday Links

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As usual, clueless fucknuggets at the New York Times (where else?) can’t be bothered to do actual “journalism”. (Does that word exist anymore?) As an alternative to work, one of them sniffed their own ass long enough to think about lawns. Like every damn thing these douche canoes encounter, lawns are racist and bad for the environment.

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Will this race crime HOAXER finally be brought to justice?

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Blazing Cat Fur – Muslim brothers who murdered their sister in an ‘honour killing’ may walk free after their parents forgive them.

Diogenes’ Middle Finger – The Media Opens Up A Second Front in War On DJT.

But in between yelling RACISM they’re ramping up a second front, one democrats welcome the media help push – create fear in the stock market and consumers and hope it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of downturn in the economy.

The Ancient and Noble Order of the Gormogons – How to Create a Recession.

“War is politics by other means.”—von Clausewitz
“Politics is war by other means.”—any Democrat since 1968

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Ace at Ace of Spades HQ – The Economist: The World’s Poor Are Eating More Meat Which Means They’ll Live Longer and Healthier Lives But It’s Very Sad Because of Global Warming Plus: Slavery-Shaming from the New York Times and Nation of Islam.

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Don’t put your trust in revolutions. They always come around again.

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The Other McCain – Democrats Embrace Pro-Terrorist Group That Recycled Blood Libel Against Jews.

Self-defense in the Windy City

A story from a couple of days ago, that I missed. Cops: West Side homeowner wounds backyard intruder.

The 54-year-old homeowner told police he discovered the unknown man in his locked backyard and verbally instructed the man to leave, according to a police spokeswoman. But the intruder allegedly “balled up his fist” and approached the homeowner, who, fearing an attack, opened fire with a 9mm handgun, striking the intruder in the upper left thigh, police said.

The bad guy was taken to a local hospital. He’s been charged with assault. The homeowner was questioned and released, because self-defense. (Even in the People’s Republic of Illinois, it seems to sometimes be your legal right.)

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0. (I went looking for this story due to HeyJackass!)

Lying Witnesses, Concealing Evidence, Innocent Men Condemned to Death

JusticeProsecutors love to win at all costs, even if that means putting innocent men on death row. ‘Jailhouse snitch’ helped send four men to prison, but her false testimony might help get two of them out.

Holland was known for her ability to overhear incriminating statements, and, Payne wrote, had “strategically” been placed by the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office in a cell across from Fontenot for nine days.

According to testimony given by Holland, she said she struck up a conversation with Fontentot, who told her that he, Ward, and a man named Odell Titsworth, took part in Haraway’s killing. She said Fontenot confessed to raping Haraway after Titsworth had stabbed her to death. The trio then poured gasoline on the body and burned it, Holland testified Fontenot told her.

But that never happened. When Haraway’s body was found in 1986, evidence showed she had been shot in the head, not stabbed.

Not that the prosecutor cared. He was rewarding that testimony by getting a reduced charge and sentence for her husband. (That was 7 years vs 40 years.) That was not disclosed to defense, and when asked on the stand about any benefits, she said there were none.

In another case there was DNA evidence that eventually cleared 2 people.

You think The Criminal Justice System cares about Justice? Think again. It cares about winning, and is willing to embrace the “criminal” part of that description if that means more winning.

Head Held High (Acoustic)

Lacrimas Porfundere has fascinated me since I ran across the German band with the Latin name. In 2013 they put out an album, Antiadore. In 2014, they put out an EP that was acoustic versions of some of the songs from that album. That EP was called Acousticadore. I like most of the songs on the EP. They have energy, without being overpowering, the way Heavy Metal can sometimes be.

This is “Head Held High” by Lacrimas Profundere, from the 2014 EP Acousticadore. (Use the link when YT tells you the video is “unavailable.” They hate the privacy controls in your browser.)

‡ Lacrimas Profundere means “To shed tears” in English.

“Teachers have been using pens and paper and blackboards in place of technology”

The horror! Cyber attack shut down Idaho school district.

District spokeswoman Kathleen Tuck said the attack came from an email, but officials have not found the specific email that caused it. The district has shut down its network, cutting off internet access to all schools.

There is virtually no technical information on the nature of the attack, but given that it appears to be “Microsoft” only that’s impacted, and an email source, I’m going out on a limb and guess phishing, and ransomware, and probably something that should not be in the news like WannaCry, because I’m betting all those PCs were running un-patched WindowsXP. But admitting that after all the news on WannaCry, the news of the Florida cities hit with ransomware, and the latest incident hitting Texas cities, actually admitting that you haven’t done a damn thing about cyber security in more than two years won’t look good on a résumé.