Anti-tank Missile Used to Attack Office Building in Amsterdam

This doesn’t appear to be getting much coverage from the mainstream media. Anywhere. Leider motorclub opgepakt voor beschieten kantoorpand met antitankwapen – OR – Leader of a motorcycle club arrested for shooting office building with antitank weapon. Could it be this story doesn’t fit the narrative?

The up-and-coming (apparently) motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh (a 1 percent group) used an anti-tank weapon to attack the building housing (among other things) the Amsterdam offices of Playboy. Seems to be some indication that the magazine Panorama was actually the target. Police have not confirmed that, but a quote from the editor of Panorama seems to support that. (Google translate doesn’t do a great job with Dutch, just so you know.)

The articles I looked at are all caught up with “Why?” But I want to know how frequently anti-tank weapons are used in crimes in The Netherlands. Or in Europe generally. RPGs were common all over Europe after the end of the Bosnian/Serbian war, but that was 10 years and more ago.

Bruning calls it very worrying that such resources are used to intimidate crime journalists. “It seems that the threats are taking on more solid forms lately.” For example, crime reporters Paul Vugts ( Het Parool ) and John van den Heuvel ( De Telegraaf ) had to go into hiding and get personal security. In the case of Van den Heuvel, the judicial authorities suspect that motor club No Surrender had put a price on his head. Vugts was transferred to a secret location in October last year on ‘very urgent advice’ from the authorities.

Given how the MSM covers journalist intimidation in other countries, why is this not blaring from the 24-hour-news cycle?

No one was hurt, and the president of Caloh Wagoh is in custody.


Update on the Walmart Shooting on Sunday

The guy who shot the Walmart gunman breaks his silence. ‘I acted to protect my family and others’: Pastor who shot Walmart gunman dead. He has been cleared of all wrongdoing.

“I carry a firearm for the same reason I carry a first aid bag, hoping never to have to use them but always being prepared nonetheless,” George, 47, said during a news conference Wednesday afternoon.


“I acted on Sunday to protect my family and others from the gunman and his display of obvious deadly intent,” George said. “This is in accordance with both my training as an emergency responder and calling as a pastor, husband, father, and grandfather.”

Expect the media to play up the “First Responder” role, but his is a paramedic, not a cop.

This is the story that the media really doesn’t want to talk about. A bad guy with a gun, stopped by a good guy with a gun. In this case a really good guy. Details of the incident are at the link above, or my post from Tuesday.

The Real Story Behind the Tariffs Aimed at Canada

It is about steel coming from China. This is the story you won’t see in the US media, and it is barely in the Canadian media. LILLEY: Feds could have avoided U.S. tariffs on steel, aluminum

China ships steel to Canada. Canada turns around and ships it to us, and pretends it is from Canada.

The Americans have long complained about something called “transshipment.” That is the practice of Chinese steel being shipped to a country, such as Canada, and then re-exported, sometimes with little to no change in the product, to the United States.

Essentially, some companies try to pass off Chinese steel as duty-free Canadian steel. Or Mexican steel, or European steel. The Americans say this has happened from many countries as China sells at below-market rates to keep its steel plants going.

And the administration first complained to Canada over a year ago. April of 2017 to be exact. The Trudeau government didn’t do anything about it until the day before the tariffs were imposed.

Why wouldn’t we have stopped this?

It’s not like allowing it to keep going was about protecting Canadian steelworkers, it protects Chinese steelworkers.

With friends like Trudeau… (Hat tip to The Road Kill Diaries)

97.8% of Mass Public Shootings Happen in Gun-free Zones

This study has been updated. It covers 1950, through data available as of May 24th of this year. UPDATED: Mass Public Shootings keep occurring in Gun-Free Zones: 97.8% of attacks since 1950

You should just go look at the images. You should also read the article, but I know it most will categorize it as TLDR. But you should read it. But here’s something that the Left will explode over.

The official FBI definition of mass public shootings excludes “shootings that resulted from gang or drug violence” or that occurred in the commission of another crime such as robbery. The reason for this is pretty obvious: the causes and solutions for gang shootings over drug turf are dramatically different than the types of mass public shootings that we see at schools and malls where the point of the attack is to kill as many people as possible.

But it is the official FBI definition.

The Hat tip goes to The Price of Liberty, and Nathan Barton’s Things to do to keep from getting shot. You should go read that too. (It’s a baker’s dozen of things, most of which are easy to do. And it is a good list!)

The Best Statement on Electric Car Subsidies

I really wanted to title this post “Make Canada Great Again,” but I resisted. Doug Ford makes a good start in Ontario

Another politician is keeping campaign promises. What is the world coming too?</sarcasm>

Oh, and those subsidies… under the heading “Pay for your own fancy car.”

Soon the subsidies for green cars will fall by the wayside. This should go for the same reason the reno program went. If you can afford to buy a Honda Clarity starting at $39,900 instead of the Civic at $16,790 or the Accord at $26,590 then you don’t need my help.

These more than pissed me off when the US .gov was handing them out to people buying Tesla Roadsters that cost more than most people make in a year. People buying those cars did NOT need a handout from someone making $60 grand a year. But that is exactly what they were getting. Still are getting.

Also going by the wayside in Ontario: reimbursements for rehabbing your house, and catered meals for the members of the parliamentary caucus. (He paid for a pizza lunch himself, told the members they would have to brown bag it, “Like normal folks,” in the future.)

Your Feel-good Story of the Day

A bear cub falls into a basement under construction. But there is a happy ending. Wisconsin game warden helps cub escape basement with ladder.

Walz and the homeowner decided to use a ladder to rescue the crying cub. Video shot by Walz shows the animal climbing the ladder to freedom with some off-camera coaching.

Video at the link.

The EU Seems To Be Shattering on Merkel’s Immigration Policy

There was supposed to be an “emergency” meeting on Sunday. EU ON BRINK: Italy to BOYCOTT summit and claim Germany and France are RULING Brussels. Doesn’t seem like it is going to happen.

Poland, Hungary, The Check Republic and Slovakia (The Visegrad Group) had already declined to participate. ( has a good story, but it is in German. Google Translate can be your friend.)

The Commission’s draft paper is giving heavy attention to secondary movement of immigrants, which sees asylum seekers move from the country they arrive at to seek resettlement elsewhere, an issue which is threatening Mrs Merkel political survival in Germany.

Merkel (Bundeskanzlerin of Germany) and Macron (Prime Minister of France) are the only 2 players in the EU still trying to support asylum and immigration in line with what Merkel ushered in a few years back. Which was why the Visegrad Group basically said, “We have already rejected this proposal.”

Merkel’s CDU party is in coalition in the Bundestag with the CSU. The head of the CSU, Horst Seehofer, has given 2 weeks notice, on the subject of immigration. This could lead to a no-confidence vote, or at least a dissolution of the coalition in Germany. It took months to form a government after the last election, and that process would have to start again.

The meeting scheduled for the weekend was basically an appeal to the rest of the EU to interfere in the internal politics of Germany, over the immigration dispute. Seems that only France is up for that. But then Macron is far enough to the Left only his opinion matters. (Not say the population of Italy or half of Germany.)

ITALY’S new leadership has accused the European Union of ignoring Mediterranean nations bearing the burden of refugees to instead help Angela Merkel keep the German leadership.

There is a brief snip of video at that first link of Nigel Farage on the subject of Germany (Merkel) versus Italy (Salvatini).