Can you tell which of these is a real pistol?

hk_sw40umarex40Can you say which is a BB gun? [click the images for larger views] Could you tell at night, or from a distance? Could you tell if someone was pointing it at you? How long would it take to make a determination? If you choose incorrectly, will you get shot?

On the left is an Heckler & Koch P30 chambered in .40 S&W. I can pick one up at my favorite, local gun store for a little more than $950. On the right is an Umarex 40 XP, which is a BB gun. It can be had for about $50 at Walmart.

The Umarex is the “weapon” that Tyre King had when he was shot by Columbus police.

I have a number of posts on this site that give grief to the cops for doing bad and/or stupid things. But in this case, I have to say that they probably had point in thinking that King was armed. Not that being armed is a reason for cops to shoot you, but it is one thing in their favor.

Charlotte Police Chief Should Be Fired for Being an Idiot

Maybe no good can come from releasing the video, but certainly no good can come from standing in the middle of what looks like a cover-up. Charlotte shooting protests: Video of killing won’t be made public, chief says –

The city’s police chief [Chief Kerr Putney] told reporters Thursday he has no intention of releasing dashcam video of Keith Lamont Scott’s shooting “to the masses.”

The longer he holds the position, the worse things will be in the end. He “may” show the video to family, but I doubt that is going to solve anything.

How’s that? People are IGNORING Obama?

How can that be? I thought the world was going to love him. Not consider him a waste of time and space. Aleppo hit by worst strikes for months as Putin, Assad ignore U.S. plea | Reuters

The assault, by aircraft from the Syrian government, its Russian allies or both, made clear that Moscow and Damascus had rejected a plea by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to halt flights so that aid could be delivered and a ceasefire salvaged.

It’s almost like the Obama Administration has been written off by world leaders.

It is also as if the Obama Administration is incapable of understanding that not everyone in the world shares their view on the way to wage war. (I’m not sure the current Administration understands that this is a war.)


“On an equinox, day and night are of approximately equal duration all over the planet.”

This year the autumnal equinox is September 22.

“Meet Me on the Equinox” by Death Cab for Cutie.

Cole Roland is a Canadian guitarist. Here is his “Equinox” released earlier this year.

And finally, after the break we have John Coltrane’s “Equinox.”

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How Would You Like a 100MP Digital Camera?

Phase One has you covered.

These are medium-format digital cameras. Though I can’t find if they support perspective shifting accessories.

I can’t find pricing on the camera (in 2010, they $55,000. No, not a typo.) The new lenses come in at $7000 for 150mm and $6000 for the 45 mm option.

The photos at the site are stunning. To say the least. 100 megapixels is approaching the definition of slow film.

Used gear starts at 10 grand. Still out of my price range.

Ghost in the Shell

The first teasers are available for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell live action movie.

This one recreates a part of the opening of the Original 1995 Anime.

If you want an introduction, the easiest place to start is probably Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. (The animated series. It was produced as a prequel to the movies.)