Medical Cyber Security – Is It Still a Joke?

A year after WannaCry hit the UK’s NHS hard, and many hospitals and doctors in this country were hit hard, I don’t think the medical profession is interested in protecting your data. (It might cause the doctors a small bit of grief to change things, after all.)

NHS itself is still a joke when it comes to cyber security. NHS Digital admits to having just 18 tech experts

If you had “about 180” experts that would be one thing. But NHS can’t count to 20?

The impact on the UK was canceled surgeries, delays in Accident and Emergency Wards (what we call ER), and general chaos. And in a year they think 20 people are enough? I would say, “No!” given that not one part of the organization has passed an audit.

Do you remember when Obama was selling the Expensive Care Act (or whatever it is called) about how making medical records digital was supposed to simplify everything? It simplified some things. Transcription Service Leaked Medical Records — Krebs on Security

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Don’t Question Her Authority!

She offered you water, not medical treatment. Don’t waste her time asking for medical treatment! Woman dies after yelling judge ignores pleas for medical help – FOX29 Lake Charles

This prime example of our black-robed overlords is named Judge Merrilee Ehrlich of Florida. A defendant in her court was coughing, and she offered water. Sounds nice, except what that person needed was medical attention.

When Sandra Twiggs tried explaining, the judge yelled, “Ma’am, I’m not here to talk to you!”

“I need a breathing treatment,” Sandra Twiggs said.

“Ma’am, I’m not here to talk to you about your breathing treatment,” Ehrlich said.

Sandra Twiggs was dead the next day

The judge will “step down.” That’s bureaucratic weasel-wording for “retire or resign and otherwise face no repercussions for treating a sick woman like a dog.” You and I would go to jail for treating a dog like that, but not a judge.

You can tell you live in a police state when there are 2 sets of rules. One for the folks in charge. One for the rest of us. Sneeze at cop, and he can shoot you and claim “he feared for his life,” and he will get off Scott free. They can bust down your door at 3 AM with no ID and for no reason, and you can’t do a damn thing about it.

How Would You Respond to an Intruder in Your Home?

She was able to defend herself because she had access to a firearm. Homeowner shoots, kills suspected burglar in Greenville Co. – WSPA

A family member of the resident tells 7News his niece arrived home after dropping her children off at school and smelled something strange.

That’s when Douglas Sweeney said she went to her car for a gun that she legally carries, returned to her home and found a man in her closet.

He lunged at her, and she fired one shot. Cops found him dead at the scene.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Epic Fail of the Victim-selection Process

And neighbors are shocked, but we’ll get to that. Gun-toting ex-Georgia cop foils attempted home ambush | Fox News

So he thought it would be a good idea to ambush a homeowner.

The armed suspect, who was still being sought Monday by police, was chased off a driveway in Newton County on Tuesday after being confronted by Carlos Wicker, a former police officer.

“I pulled my gun, I shot at him and he took off running,” Wicker, the homeowner, told FOX5 Atlanta.

The press has to play up “former police officer,” but that just means “current non-police-officer citizen.” With a gun.

As for the neighbors…

The incident, which happened just after midnight, has left homeowners in the Riverwalk Farms community on edge.

“I want to find out what’s happened because we have young children here,” one of Wicker’s neighbors told FOX5 Atlanta. “It’s not normal.”

Sorry to let you know, but if you are reading this (and everyone in that neighborhood) live in the Real World&trade where crime can and sometimes does happen. Crime isn’t something that only happens to “other kinds of people” in “other kinds of places.” It can happen to you.

Truck Attack in Toronto

Will we blame the machine or the man operating it? Van plows into crowd in Toronto, injuring several, driver in custody, cops say | Fox News

Police confirmed to Fox News the arrest of the suspect, which came just minutes after news of the incident broke. “The van involved in multiple pedestrians stuck in the Yonge and Finch area of Toronto has been located and the driver arrested,” Toronto police tweeted.

Witnesses said the drive appeared to be in control of the vehicle. He knew what he was doing. (Hat tip to Chicks on the Right.)

Cold War Knowledge (Or lack thereof)

Tam stumbled on something that I’ve known for a while. People are stupid. Or at least uniformed about the reality of nuclear weapons. View From The Porch: What the hell? Where were you guys in the ’80s?

Given that we seem to entering a brand-new Cold War (version 2.0?), you might want to learn some of this stuff. Or remember it, if you learned it before.

During the news cycles that followed the Russian’s test announcement of the new SS-X-30 Satan 2, I kept hearing NBC talking heads saying the weirdest things:

"The missile can reach the continental US…"

"The missile can carry multiple nuclear warheads…"

"The missile is believed to be able to reach anywhere on the globe…"

…and all these were voiced in tones of fear and wonder, like this was shocking and scary new information.

I ran across this after one of the Korean missile tests Welcome to the Cold War 2.0 | 357 Magnum

People think it would take DAYS for a Korean missile to reach the US. The reality (as Tam notes) is 33 minutes. From either Korea or Iran. Or Russia, but as crazy as I think the geopolitical situation has gotten, I don’t think the Russians are that crazy. Though who knows. The Iranians and the Koreans (I think) are crazy enough to risk a war.

People don’t know what a MIRV is. (Multiple Independently-targetable Reentry Vehicle), or that intercontinental ballistic missiles can travel between continents. I guess no one had to read Gravity’s Rainbow in college. MIRV-capable missiles have been proposed since the early 1960s, and were a fact since the deployment of the Minuteman III in the early 1970s at least. They are not news.

People also don’t know what the difference between a blast-shelter and a fallout-shelter is. They are unaware of the fact the Russians never thought a war was unwinnable in general – that’s one reason why they have blast and fallout shelters for large bits of their population. (The Swiss are the only people who have nearly 100% coverage, but then they wrote shelters into their building code in the 1950s.)

And as was evidenced by the reaction in Hawaii after the recent false-alarm-missile-test-gone-awry people have no idea what to do in the event of an attack.


To tell you the truth, I lost track of Jack White, after the White Stripes (his duo project with Meg White) fell apart. I liked the few songs of the White Stripes that got radio play. (“Seven Nation Army” is probably their biggest hit.) But he is still making music. And it is pretty good.

This is “Lazaretto” from the 2014 album Lazaretto. It was used in the pilot episode of Black Lightning. It was the soundtrack to the showcase fight at the end of the episode.