Castle Bravo

On March 1, 1954 in the Marshall Islands, on the Bikini Atoll, the US fired the Castle Bravo thermonuclear weapon. Less than 2 years after the Ivy Mike Shot proved that a hydrogen bomb was possible, the Castle Bravo device was the first thermonuclear weapon small enough to be carried by an aircraft. (The Ivy Mike shot had depended on cryogenic equipment making the device weigh 80 tons or more.) This opened the door to the 2nd stage of the Cold War.

The Castle Bravo shot was the first detonation of a dry thermonuclear bomb. It was also a complete catastrophe.

Officially it was Operation Castle, Bravo Shot. (For whatever reason there was no Alpha Shot in Operation Castle.

Scientists working on the shot had used a lithium-6 isotope but also included a lot of lithium-7. They calculated that the lithium-7 would be inert, and that the resulting explosion would be in the 6-megaton range. They were completely wrong.

The explosive power of the Castle Bravo shot was 250 percent ABOVE expectations. In other words, instead of the 6 megaton explosion they expected, they got 15 megatons. The base – built to conduct nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands – was destroyed. The shot crew were trapped in their bunker by high radiation. Several islands – where no one was even supposed to know what was going on – had to be evacuated. The people on those islands suffered for a long time as the result of radiation exposure. A Japanese fishing crew was exposed and at least one death from radiation exposure occurred. This lead to an international call for an end to atmospheric testing.

Remember this when scientists tell you that they know exactly how bad (or how good) something is going to be based on their equations, but in the absence of observation. They often get it right, but not always. “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.” (Yogi Berra)

It isn’t surprising that A Capella Science has a take on nuclear weapons. (That does mention Castle Bravo)

More on the Top-down Culture of Sexual Harassment at Uber

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was shocked – shocked! – to discover that sexual harassment was going on at the company. But then of course he knew. (Just like Louis knew gambling was going on in Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca.) I am an Uber survivor. – Medium

This is a first person account of what was going on in Uber. It is pretty disgusting.

Chauvinistic, racist and homophobic attitudes were far too normal at Uber. Once in a group chat, team members referred to a new Asian American recruit as slanty eye joe. It was normal for guys to refer to other guys as fags when they didn’t participate in private parties where sex and drugs were involved. It was normal for guys to openly refer to attractive female colleagues as sluts when they refused to go out with them. [emphasis in the original]

Kalanick and HR would squash any report of sexual harassment. And you have to think they were doing the same to complaints about racial slurs. Why? Because they could. Because apparently that is the type of company Kalanick wanted to build.

It goes downhill from there.

I found this via an article at Forbes. That article has links to several others including a letter from some Uber investors who are not convinced the “investigation” planned by Kalanick and company is anything but the early stages of a disinformation campaign.

That kind of culture won’t be changed until all the people at the top are booted out. And that won’t happen in a Silicon Valley startup.

California, and San Francisco in particular, love to tell the rest of the country how superior they are, how evolved, but these attitudes wouldn’t be out of place in the 50s.

Uber Self-driving Cars Do Run Red Lights

We were told it was “human error.” But that looks more like corporate spin every day. Self-Driving Uber That Was Caught On Video Running Red Light Was Driving Itself.

Uber quickly told the media that this was due to human error, and a driver was in control of the vehicle at the time, but the New York Times now reports via two anonymous company employees and an internal document that in fact the car was driving itself, and that the autonomous vehicles failed to recognize traffic lights on six separate occasions.

Safety? Why are you so hung up on safety? They are building the FUTURE. (Just ask them, and they will tell you.)

Moms Demand: They Keep Asking for the Same Old Thing.

Despite the fact that Zimmerman was acquitted, and the extreme left Obama DOJ couldn’t find an excuse to charge him under federal law, they still call him a vigilante. Moms Demand: Honor Memory of Trayvon Martin by Demanding Gun Control – Breitbart

Just to be clear, a vigilante is someone who takes the law into his own hands. It is illegal to do that. It is NOT illegal to defend yourself.

Anyway what can you say about an organization that continues to do the same thing, but expects a different outcome? (definition. insanity.)

The Press is Hung Up on “Duty to Retreat”

In a lot of places the law states you have no such duty. As in this case. Fatal shooting at Rock Hill nightclub ruled self-defense – | WBTV Charlotte

The 76-year-club owner had ejected a group from his business after a fight. One of the guys returned but was denied entry. He struck the owner. He paid a steep price.

According to a news release, Teal then shot Elkins twice. One of the bullets hit Elkins in the ribcage area.

Authorities say Teal was legally carrying the gun.

The last quote is what caught my eye. You just know the reporter asked if the business owner had a duty to retreat, mostly because the Left hates the idea of self-defense. (You are supposed to rely on The State for EVERYTHING, including your safety.)

Prosecutor Kevin Brackett says a business owner has no duty to retreat when attacked.

More Bullsh*t from Uber

They claim they are “hurting” over allegations of sexual harassment. I think they are only hurting over all the bad publicity. Uber pleads with users deleting the app: ‘We’re hurting’

For a rundown on the culture of sexual harassment, and the coverups by both HR and Uber management, see this link.

So in reaction to a #DeleteUber campaign, that is apparently gaining ground for several reasons, not just this train wreck, Uber is sending out a message, calling out the engineer that claimed sexual harassment by name, and asking users to reconsider. Yeah, that is probably a bad idea on a lot of fronts.

“They are either deliberately encouraging continuing harassment of her, or they are utterly ignorant of how retaliation and intimidation works — it’s unclear which is more embarrassing,” Valerie Aurora, diversity and inclusion consultant at Frame Shift Consulting, told CNNTech. The consulting firm hosts diversity and inclusion trainings at technology firms.

And if is getting worse for Uber.

After Fowler’s post on Sunday, the New York Times published a story in which other Uber employees described homophobic slurs in the workplace, managers who threaten violence, and sexual assault.

It is a good thing the fine citizens of Silicon Valley are SO culturally enlightened. NOT.

And after all this comes to light, management is going to investigate. Or whitewash. It is hard to tell at this distance. If Uber really believed, that sexual harassment, homophobic slurs and threats of violence didn’t belong the work place, they would have investigated 6 months or year earlier than they are doing. Hard to see their current activities as anything but damage control. They got caught being jerks, and they are running scared.