Lack Of Computer Security Can Kill You

The last story presented below is of a ransomware attack on a hospital system that has been listed as being responsible for 4 deaths. By comparison, the other incidents are just annoyances.

First we have Ransomware. And there is a lot of it. The Week in Ransomware – September 25th 2020 – A Modern-Day Gold Rush

Companies still refuse to take security seriously, and as a result, the Forces of Ransomware™ are running amok.

The linked article is dismaying, with how many cases/varieties of Ransomware have been discovered. There was one bright spot, in that the insurance companies are not just blindly underwriting insanity, but insisting on some security.

News also broke this week about how an insurance company utilizes security scans to find exposed and vulnerable devices on clients’ networks. These proactive scans have reduced their ransomware claims by 65%!

They have to do something, or they are going to put themselves out of business insuring companies that have limited security in place.

Then there is the continuing resistance to applying software updates. Over 247K Exchange servers unpatched for actively exploited flaw. I can’t even feel sorry for these people.

The systems in question have not been patched AT LEAST since February of 2020. So 7 months, soon to be 8 months.

Cyber-security firm Rapid7, added an MS Exchange RCE module to the Metasploit penetration testing framework it develops on March 4, after several proof-of-concept exploits surfaced on GitHub.

One week later, both CISA and the NSA urged organizations to patch their servers against the CVE-2020-0688 flaw as soon as possible given that multiple APT groups were already actively exploiting it in the wild.

That was back in March; here’s the situation today.

Rapid7 once again made use of its Project Sonar internet-wide survey tool for another headcount.

And the numbers are almost as grim as they were before, with 61.10% (247,986 out of a total of 405,873) of vulnerable servers (i.e., Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019) still being left unpatched and exposed to ongoing attacks.

The company’s researchers found that 87% of almost 138,000 Exchange 2016 servers and 77% of around 25,000 Exchange 2019 servers were left exposed to CVE-2020-0688 exploits, and that roughly 54,000 Exchange 2010 servers “have not been updated in six years.” [My emphasis. Z-Deb]

So you don’t update your systems for 6 freaking years. What exactly do you think is going to happen? I can’t even feel sorry for any of these people.

And finally we have the RYUK attack on Universal Health Services. UHS hospitals hit by reported country-wide Ryuk ransomware attack.

“When the attack happened multiple antivirus programs were disabled by the attack and hard drives just lit up with activity,” one of the reports reads.

“After 1min or so of this the computers logged out and shutdown. When you try to power back on the computers they automatically just shutdown.

“We have no access to anything computer based including old labs, ekg’s, or radiology studies. We have no access to our PACS radiology system.”

And it isn’t just that a bunch of hospital employees can’t access their email, or billing records.

Four deaths were also reported after the incident impacting UHS’ facilities, caused by the doctors having to wait for lab results to arrive via courier. BleepingComputer has not been able to independently corroborate if the deaths were related to the attack.

Look I get that modern medicine is dependent on computers for a whole bunch of stuff, but this incident demonstrates that we are not doing it correctly. Not by half.

The internet was fun while it lasted. (Hat tip Security Now.)

The Music of 1973

There was some back and forth on Twitter, before the debate, about how old people were “The year Joe Biden was elected to joined the Senate.” It got me thinking about the music from that epoch. That year was 1973.

some songs from that year… Some I had forgotten. Some I wish I had.

  Artist Song
1 Tony Orlando and Dawn Tie A Yellow Ribbon ‘Round The Ole Oak Tree
2 Jim Croce Bad Bad Leroy Brown
3 Roberta Flack Killing Me Softly With His Song

“Tie a Yellow Ribbon” was played so much that year, and entered the collective consciousness that a comment was made about it in Marvel’s The Defenders series when the character Luke Cage gets out of prison.

Other “notable” songs from that year, that made it into the top 100, include Donny Osmond, with “The Twelfth Of Never,” Bobby “Boris” Pickett and The Crypt Kickers with “Monster Mash” and Cher with “Half Breed.” Bette Midler had 2 songs in the top 100, as did The Carpenters.

It wasn’t all insanity. Pink Floyd hit the US charts for the first time with the song “Money,” and Edgar Winter Group produced both “Free Ride,” and “Frankenstein” that year.

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Self-defense in Michigan

CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSSHe could have just driven away. He should have taken that opportunity. Property owner shoots alleged intruder in the face, police investigating

A homeowner called 911 about a “breaking and entering” in progress. The homeowner was armed.

While the suspect was trying to get away, it’s alleged that he drove at the property owner who fired multiple shots with a handgun, hitting the suspect in the face.

The guy who got shot was able to drive himself to a local hospital, where he is in serious condition.

The investigation continues, but self-defense is a human-right.

No Recognizance Bond in Western Illinois

JusticeHe fled to Chicago after he tried to kill his roommate – allegedly – but was returned to McDonough County. Alleged WIU shooter returns to Macomb, makes first court appearance

Bond remained at $1 million for Poplous, who was being held at the McDonough County Jail. A motion to reduce his bond was scheduled for Oct. 6.

The charges include some of the laws that the Left loves.

Poplous was accused of two counts of attempted murder, one count of aggravated discharge of a firearm and another count of aggravated discharge of a firearm in a school.

School shootings are supposed to be worse than the regular kind. Bets on whether there are protests saying he shouldn’t be held in jail over this? Bail is unfair, or something.

Don’t Let Me Down

Miky Chance is a German folk group (English Lyrics) from the city of Kassel. Though this song sounds more pop than folk to me.

Jack Johnson is a singer-songwriter who was born in Hawaii.

I first heard this song on WXRT – Chicago’s Finest Rock. Still one of the best radio stations in the country.

This is “Don’t Let Me Down” by Milky Chance featuring Jack Johnson. It was released as a single in 2020. I’m not sure if an album has been announced or not.

Building Firearms Is Not Rocket Science

And Impro Guns tries to document the ones found by law enforcement.

First up, Impro Guns has an in-the-wild sighting of an FGC-9. In Spain no one can hear you print.

FGC-9 is a homemade firearm, where most of the parts are printed on a cheap 3-D printer. The barrel and bolt and a few other parts are not, of course, but made from readily available materials.

It stands for F*#K Gun Control 9mm. It uses standard Glock magazines, though I believe you can 3-D print those as well. There is a 3-D print for a mandrel to enable rifling via electro-machining, and I there were plans to produce a mandrel to aid in winding your own magazine springs, though I don’t know if that was ever finalized or not.

For those who like a more old-school approach, that site also has a story on Illegal PPK copies made in Vietnam.

If you follow the links all the way to the original story, you find that the guy who was building them claims to have taught himself how by watching YouTube videos. (Technology is wonderful!)

And finally an SMG and a revolver from Anapolis, Brazil.

Click thru for an image at each of the links above. They all look like reasonably high-quality firearms, though of course looks can be deceiving.

Team Biden Practically Admits to the Use of an Earpiece

Because a teleprompter would be too obvious. [Updated] Biden Reportedly Refusing to Allow Search for Electronic Earpiece Before Debate

I would have someone set up with jamming technology, though technically it is illegal to interfere with a radio transmission, such interference can result from all kinds of things. Or you could monitor and record all the transmissions. I’m sure that they will be interesting. Though spread spectrum can make both difficult to do.

On Tuesday morning the Trump campaign requested a new rule for the first presidential debate: that a third party inspect both candidates for electronic devices or transmitters. President Trump had already consented to such an inspection, and the Biden campaign had reportedly agreed to this days ago, but Ebony Bowden of the New York Post reported moments ago that they are now declining.

Because they don’t believe he can get through the debate on his own.

Maybe Donald Trump should be debating Kamala Harris. (Hat tip to The Other McCain.)

Keeping Criminals In Jail Is Unfair

JusticeOr something. Chicago Democrat Arrested Again

Steal a car to use in an armed robbery. The wheelman in this caper, Tirnell Williams, has an extensive criminal record, but because Illinois is run by Democrats, he was turned loose to commit more crime.

The litany of crimes is horrific, and yet the State of Illinois can’t seem to keep him incarcerated. Some of crimes were committed while he was on parole for previous crimes.

You see that Tirnell Williams has never even tried to work for a living. Instead, he has been perpetrating crime his entire adult life.

File this under Illinois’ recipe for more crime. It seems to be working.

What’s the Opposite of Diversity?

University. Georgia Tech coughs up $50k to settle free speech lawsuit involving MLK’s niece.

So a student group, Students for Life, at Georgia Tech, which is a PUBLIC university, applied for $2350 to host Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. They were turned down.

However, Georgia Tech’s student government asked Students for Life to “guarantee” that King would not discuss “religion, abortion, or LGBT issues.”

Can’t have non-approved ideas running around a University campus. People might begin to think for themselves.

So the student group sued, and won, and not just attorneys’ fees and damages.

Students for Life agreed to settle with Georgia Tech after the school revised its policies so that student groups would receive funding through a “viewpoint-neutral decision-making criteria.”

We haven’t quite lost the fight yet for freedom of expression.

If The Left Hates Gun Sales…

1911Then why do they do everything they can to make people want to buy guns? Gun Sales Spike Continues; Anti-Gunners Lament Increased Ownership

This draws on a couple articles, and it is worth your time.

Here’s an example of the Left’s lament.

Reacting to the surge, the anti-gun Everytown for Gun Safety suggests “thousands of guns” may have fallen into the wrong hands because the NICS system is overwhelmed.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, the [Justice Department] warned President Trump that the background check system was going to be overwhelmed — but rather than addressing it, Trump added fuel to the fire by making it even easier to buy guns,” Rob Wilcox, deputy director of policy and strategy at Everytown, complained.

“Suggests” which translates to “we have no evidence but want to cause as much fear as we can.”

We should pass the total number of firearms sold last year by the end of this month. Before we even get to Black Friday and the main retail season.

Don’t Bring a Machete to a Gunfight

CuffsThings won’t end well for you if you do. Machete-wielding suspect shot by victim during robbery attempt, Wilmington police say

Police say Miller was armed with a machete when he approached a 24-year-old man and tried to steal his gun. A struggle ensued, leading Miller to grab a nearby woman and hold the machete to her neck.

The man then shot Miller in self-defense, ending the altercation, police say.

The guy who got shot was arrested after he was released from the hospital. The shooter was taken into custody, but released when the details emerged.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Mother Kills Her Daughter

Whiskey, Tango, FoxtrotWeep for the state of the culture. No charges yet filed in girl’s East Garfield Park stabbing death; grandfather claims mother is suspect

East Garfield Park is one of the 77 neighborhoods in Chicago.

Charges have not yet been filed in the death of a 5-year-old girl, who was allegedly fatally stabbed by her own mother in East Garfield Park Saturday morning.

The young girl’s grandfather claims his 27-year-old daughter is responsible for fatally stabbing her daughter on Chicago’s West Side.

There are few details, and the usual shocked neighbors.

Hat tip to Second City Cop, in a way, though he references a story with even fewer details. The March to 600

The media says “stabbed.” We have two e-mails saying the only thing keeping this poor baby’s head attached was her spinal column – after Mommy cut her neck almost all the way through. Hopefully the Department is offering the Officers the appropriate counseling services after having to see that. Paramedics and Firefighters, too.

The 600 number references the number of murders in Chicago so far this year. As of 7 AM this morning, HeyJackass! puts the number at 592.

Leftist Media Hack versus Black Professor

The Leftist and the media outlet she used to work for. It couldn’t happen to a better media outlet, BTW. LOL: Trashy Ex-Gawker Link-Bait Peddler Libels Black Professor, Gets Sued

By way of the “Reporting” done on the Kavanaugh hearings….

By the way, incidentally, all of this happened a year after Brett Kavanaugh had graduated from Georgetown Prep. Whether or not Kavanaugh ever partied at the Kennedy home in McLean, Virginia, no one has ever accused Kavanaugh of using cocaine, nor is there any evidence that Kavanaugh was acquainted with Douglas Kennedy or Derrick Evans, who were two years younger than him. So this bit in Feinberg’s story about David Kennedy’s overdose in Palm Beach doesn’t have any direct bearing on Kavanaugh. It was just a gaudy detail thrown into the story and yet it has resulted in her and Huffington Post being sued for defamation.

Sloppy doesn’t begin to cover it, but then journalism wasn’t the aim. Attacking Kavanaugh was.

That 2nd image is over the top, because she isn’t unemployed… Ashley Fienberg works for Slate.

Rock Bottom

There are a number great guitar players who got snubbed by Rolling Stone Magazine’s “Top 100” list. It doesn’t really compute that list. The order, and who was included/excluded…

Case in point, German rock guitarist Michael Schenker. He was an on-again, off-again member of UFO, and he had his own group. He was snubbed by Rolling Stone. Listen to this song, and see if you agree. (The live version is probably better, even though I usually hate live albums, but at 11 minutes and change, that version is too long for this audience.) And UFO is worth a post, since they bridged the era between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

This song is “Rock Bottom” by UFO from their 1974 album Phenomenon. At 6 minutes or so, it is about twice the length of the single version, which is not worth your time. The guitar solo that starts at about 2 minutes and 40 seconds into today’s song is worth a listen.

Democrats: Exporting the Homeless Crisis of LA to the Rest of the USA is a Fine Idea

Those on the Left seem to think that would be a good idea to export the “housing policies” of LA to the rest of the country. Not everyone feels that those policies were a success. L.A.’s Failed Homeless Policies Turned My Home Into a Prison.

The completely insane policies of the Democrats are coming home to roost in the “posh” sections of LA. Homeless people living in front of homes in Venice, and terrorizing the neighbors because Mayor Garcetti has decided to eliminate the cops’ ability to do anything.

So a woman dealing with a violent felon, “camper,” living in front of her home, calls 911 because her property is being vandalized. This was after weeks of being intimidated, and being really scared.

This is where I mention that reality is true, even if the Democrats don’t want to believe it, and that the Progressives still have not rescinded the law of Unintended Consequences.

An hour and a half after I’d called 911, officers arrived. And it was then—noon, on Thursday, August 20th that I had an upsetting revelation: We citizens can no longer rely on the police to show up. And then the thought hit me: I need to get a gun.

You’ve got to love the irony. It’s the Democrats who push for gun control, yet it’s the Democrats in power in my city who are leaving me with no choice but to arm myself.

Ultimately she didn’t arm herself, at least as of the writing of this article, because her immediate problem was “fixed,” and because she doesn’t trust herself.

There is much to recommend in the article. Stuff about how the Progressive Left’s current favorite policy, “Housing First,” fails to actually accomplish anything. An in-depth look at what worked under Bill Bratton, and why the Left hated to see improvements in Skid Row.

But perhaps the most important thing to note, is how Democrats want to screw up your neighborhood. Not happy with turning Los Angeles into a third-world shithole, the Democratic Party now wants to export those policies to the entire country.

In fact, even as I write this, Politico is reporting that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is considering L.A. Mayor Garcetti for Housing Secretary. Yes, America’s municipal honcho of homelessness could be rewarded for his massive policy failures by being put in charge of housing policy for the nation: Skid Row, writ large. Like that camper outside my house, the thought fills me with dread.

Hat tip to View From The Porch: Wherein the road to Damascus runs through Venice, CA…

What happens when the urban outdoorsman encamped in front of your house is a violent felon and the cops can’t do anything about him because the city fathers won’t let him?

And because I know that very few people will get any reference that isn’t to pop-culture. What happened on the road to Damascus?

Self-defense Is Legal in Texas

JusticeAnd Texans are still armed. This kid didn’t get that memo. Inverness-born teenager Ben Mackie shot dead in Texas after trying to rob a man at gunpoint, Grand Jury rules

“It was the ruling of the Brazoria County Grand Jury that the identified 25-year-old male who fatally shot the victim, Ben Mackie, did so out of self-defense and no charges were pursued.”

Lake Jackson police sergeant Roy Welch added: “The investigation showed that the victim, Ben Mackie and his reported girlfriend, Victoria Mendoza, conspired to orchestrate an aggravated robbery of the 25-year-old male that fatally shot Ben Mackie.

The dead-guy was out of jail, on bail, for drugs and weapons charges. The dead-guy’s girlfriend was arrested and charged with “first degree felony aggravated robbery and third degree felony tampering with evidence.”

It is sad that this law-abiding 25-year-old was put in a position where he had to defend himself with lethal force. It could have been avoided if the dead-guy was held in jail on those original charges. But keeping criminals in jail is unfair. Or something.