This Is Not Your Father’s AR-15

Offhand Gear I know this is coming off like an ad, but I promise, it isn’t. Do you know how much drek is marketed to women? (We’ll come back to that.)

I love black rifles. But sometimes, you wish there was something a bit more stylish. Offhand Gear has got you covered.

Usually at some point in a product cycle, some executive, will say to either marketing or product design, “Figure out how to sell more [Fill in the blank] to women.” At that point a product designer, who apparently knows not a single woman he can ask about what she might want in a product, decides to paint it pink. I have seen pink guns, and pink hammers, and pink tool boxes. I don’t own any of them. The grandmother of all stupid pink marketing ideas, might be the Dodge La Femme, from 1955. I have never seen one in real life.

Thankfully, Offhand Gear, gets it. (Not surprising that a woman started the company.)

We get that you have class, you have sass, and you’re an all-around bad-ass woman.

We’re just like you, and we’ve spent our fair share of time sifting through poorly conceived women’s gear that was made for…you guessed it…MEN! You’re not a man, you don’t need men’s gear; you need something made specifically for you, made for the glorious, bad-ass woman that you are!

The AR-15 hand guard in the photo is “Floral Stag.” Though I think my favorite might be “Kiss My Brass.” And as for the other gear, it is NOT in pink. (Unless, of course, you want it to be.)

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back so you’ll never have to wear
that pink camo again. (Unless you choose to).

And guys, just so you don’t feel left out, Unique ARs has a bunch of hand guards for you. Death-heads, Molon Labe, “We The People”… I’m sure you can find something that expresses who you are.

And where has Gun-Candy been hiding? I love this stuff!


A Car Can Be a Weapon

Or in this case, an SUV. Homeowner defends himself with handgun

The guy driving the SUV has been threatening the couple for some time. Messages that include photos of guns and threats.

The 38-year-old husband recounted seeing the same vehicle about 11:30 p.m. Saturday when he returned home. The victim backed his vehicle into the home’s detached garage and began walking up the driveway.

The Chevy Tahoe “began to accelerate towards (the victim),” according to a police affidavit. “Fearing the vehicle would hit him, he pulled a gun from his waistband and fired two rounds at the moving vehicle.”

Realizing his mistake, the would-be bad-guy backed away, but he backed his vehicle into a tree, and took off on foot. Police eventually found him.

“(Bigler) believed (the victims) were the cause of a personal problem,” [state police Lt. Eric] Hermick said. “But he may have been mistaken or delusional.”

The guy in the SUV is facing a bunch of charges “including felony assault.”

Cops don’t expect charges against the homeowner because self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

February 19, 1993: Army of Darkness

That was the day the movie got full release. 25 years ago.

I was going to include the “Boomstick” clip, (actually I thought Tam would have included that), but I decided to go with the 2nd best clip: “Buckle Up Bonehead.”

Some trivia: Fast Facts: ‘Army of Darkness’ and 25 Years Worth of Trivia – Bloody Disgusting.

Yet Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed homeowner. Greeley homeowner shoots suspected intruder while holding man at gunpoint as wife called 911 | FOX31 Denver

As the wife of the homeowner was talking with a 911 dispatcher and as officers arrived, a single gunshot was heard.

The guy who got shot is expected to survive.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Rush – The End of an of Era

The Canadian group Rush is a bit hard to categorize. They went from hard-rock to progressive-rock, to heavy synthesizer and back to hard rock. I liked some of their music and hated some of it. On January 19, 2018 they announced that they were done.

We have no plans to tour or record any more. We’re basically done. After 41 years, we felt it was enough.

This is “Tom Sawyer” from the 1981 album Moving Pictures by Rush, from the end of their progressive-rock era.

Monday Metal

A Geek with Guns gives us even more music. Monday Metal: Unfold Legend by Operadyse

I’m in the mood for something that sounds epic.

Operadyse is a French Symphonic Power Metal band drawing heavily on fantasy for their lyrics. (Yes the lyrics are in English.) It consists of Franck Garcia (Vocals), Gianni Nardonne (Keyboards), Damien Marco (Guitars), Stéphane Lambert (Guitars), Laurent Maurel (Drums), and Franck Hermanny (Bass).