Remember How the IRS Said They Couldn’t Find Those Emails…

You know all those emails that would have shown how they were systematically targeting the conservatives. Turns out they didn’t look very hard. Finally, Suing IRS Over All Those Emails.

On February 26, 2015, the Treasury Inspector General said he is investigating possible criminal activity at the IRS. The most disturbing revelation was that the IRS had not even asked for the backup tapes when the ‘hard drive crash’ excuse was first used.

Should be interesting to watch how this plays out.

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Martin Gore of Depeche Mode

New Music is getting easier to find. And I don’t mean what passes for “Top 40″ today. (That all sounds the same – same beat, limited cord changes, inane subjects, and insane artists.)

You may not of have liked Depeche Mode, but you can’t say that they were copying anyone. Anyway, Martin Gore (co-founder of Depeche Mode) has a new album MG. Here’s a taste.

“I wanted to keep the music very electronic, very filmic, and give it an almost sci-fi like quality,” Gore said in a press release. “Music is a necessity for me. I go into the studio at least five days a week, every week, so once I had the idea and the template, the process was quick and fun.”

via Depeche Mode's Martin Gore Announces Solo Album MG, Shares "Europa Hymn" | News | Pitchfork.

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Germany’s Rush to Wind Power Not Working Out Too Well

Granted the data is from one German state, but this is the problem with a lot of wind installations. German Black Forest Wind Turbines Yielded Only 11.8% Of Rated Capacity In 2014! … “Frightening Results”.

Wind and solar have been bandied about as the be-all and end-all for our energy future, but results in Germany – in particular in the German state of Baden Wurttemberg (BW) – are not too good.

BW in 2014 had 397 wind turbines installed for a total generating capacity of 678 Megawatts of capacity. Over the course of the year they produced 699,564 Megawatt-hours of power, which is a 79.9 Megawatt annual mean power feed-in to the German grid. This means that the investment in German wind-power in the state of Baden Wurttemberg saw an annual utilization of 11.8%. Not too good

Consider buying a truck that was listed as 300 horsepower, and discovering that over the year you used it you only got 30 HP on average. Do you think you might have spent too much?

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Indigo Girls Musical Interlude

In a break from the recent series of musical interludes…

Indigo Girls performing “Galileo” from their 1992 album Rites of Passage

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“There is an old Vulcan proverb: only Nixon could go to China.”

RIP Leonard Nimoy Leonard Nimoy, Spock from 'Star Trek,' Dies at 83 – NBC

Leonard Nimoy, the actor best known for playing the emotionless, pointy-eared Spock on the “Star Trek” television series, died on Friday. He was 83.

That wasn’t the only thing he did. I saw him once in a stage adaptation of a Sherlock Holmes story. But he will be best remembered as Spock, the half-human, half Vulcan son of Vulcan Ambassador Sarek and Amanda Grayson.

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Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

Home invader, armed with knife, meets homeowner, armed with gun. The results are not surprising. Police: Homeowner shoots, kills intruder; suspect identified |

He checked the house and found a man, identified as 28-year-old Robert Bartley, crouching in his kitchen holding what the man said “appeared to be knife.”

According to police, Bartley approached the homeowner saying he was going to kill him.

The homeowner fired at Bartley, who was hit. Police would not say how many times the homeowner shot, nor how many times Bartley was hit.

The press asks unimportant questions.

No charges have been brought against the homeowner. Self-defense is a human-right.

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Beach Kitsch

By way of explaining a term from my previous post. A picture being worth a 1000 words… (Click images for larger views)

Goofy Golf
Goofy Golf

SS Ripley
Ripley’s Museum

Wonder Works
Wonder Works

Shark Entrance
Shark Entrance. The shark has been painted and moved…

Nobody wants to have this kind of fun anymore – not after you pass the age of 12 anyway. We’ve all become too sophisticated to laugh at ourselves. But is that really healthy? When you are a tourist, are you pretending to be something else?

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A Short Trip to the Warmth – Over too soon

Not Long enough… But if I stayed any longer I would have been looking at real estate.

But I’m back in the Midwest now, with 5 or 6 inches of snow still on the ground. Yeah.

And I do miss Tourist Kitsch. Beach Kitsch is a special subset, that Panama City Beach has embraced. (Seems like most of the rest of the country is too sophisticated to have that much fun.) The SS Ripley – the “Believe it or Not!” museum in the form of a sinking ship – complete with propellers spinning in the breeze. The Tee-shirt shop that you enter through the mouth of a giant plastic shark (or maybe it was a killer whale). The OVER the top miniature golf – complete with sphinx, Buddha, and others. These and more all made me smile.

And even though I am now officially a tourist, I find the folks attending Spring Training to be completely annoying. (That and they drove the price of hotel rooms through the roof anywhere close to a baseball stadium. of which there are several.)

Still – it was warm enough to wear sandals, walk on the beach and dip my toes in the salt water.

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“Guardians at the Gate” by Audiomachine

This video really highlights the fact that this music sounds like there is an action-film going on just in the next room.

“Guardians at the Gate” by Audiomachine

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Texans Are Still Armed, Burglars Still Getting Shot

Somethings don’t change, and that is a good thing. HPD: Resident shoots suspect in the head during NW Houston break-in.

So several someones try to break into his apartment at 3:30 in the morning. He wakes up and takes action. The bad-guys leave one behind.

The resident called 911 around 3:30 a.m. Thursday to report that he had shot a burglar. Officers arrived to the Cherry Creek Apartments on Hollister at Tidwell and found the suspect with a gunshot wound to the head.

Self-defense is a human right.

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