He Told the Guy to Stop Trying to Break Down His Door

How should a 71-year-old defend himself against a home invasion if not with a firearm? Intruder shot dead by Wilson homeowner identified | abc11.com

He tried to kick in this home’s front door.

Police said the 71-year-old homeowner, Paul Morgan, told them he warned the man to stop kicking in his door and when he didn’t, he fired through the door.

The would-be home invader died of his injuries. The homeowner will not be charged as a result of his defending himself. Because self-defense is legal in North Carolina.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

The HufPo Thinks it’s Mean that The Germans Want Greece to Adhere to Agreements Made

Because they should just forgive the 358 BILLION euros that Greece owes. And owes mostly to Germans. The Abhorrent and Detestable International Treatment of Greece

And all Germany wants them to do is to live up to the agreements they made.

They have a choice. Get out of the Euro, devalue the Drachma – once it is reintroduced. And get on with life. Their desire to stay in the Euro has brought 6 (count-em 6) years of recession. Unemployment will be double digits forever. Or for at least 8 or 10 years.

Greeks tell me their world has turned upside down. Many cannot find jobs. Others live in poverty, their pensions keep decreasing. And the government, obedient to the dictates of its lenders, is extracting more and more taxes.

Pensions when this all started were as much as 80 percent of your last year’s salary. And you got to retire at a very young age for that 80 percent. Tax cheating was a way of life. People didn’t pay the taxes they owed and the government didn’t bother to collect. Or even try and find them. That is not a recipe for long-term happiness.

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Cold War 2.0? Or is it actually heating up?

Nothing brings out aggressive behavior like a perception of weakness. Threat from Russian and Chinese warplanes mounts

I thought all the world’s countries were supposed to love Obama and we would be sitting around singing Kumbaya by now. Instead it looks like a war is heating up.

Chinese and Russian warplanes have been increasingly aggressive intercepting U.S. military aircraft and patrolling near America’s West Coast, prompting the Air Force’s top combat officer to label their provocations one of his top worries.

Of course Russian annexed a big piece of Ukraine, and we did nothing. The Chinese grabbed a big piece of the South China Sea, and really, we are doing nothing about it either.

Both countries are intent on expanding their spheres of influence — Russia in eastern Europe and the Pacific with China focusing much of its effort over the disputed South China Sea.

I wonder where the next shoe will drop. (If you look around you will find stories about how China and Taiwan are making faces at one another again. Then the Russians are pissed that NATO is deploying troops to NATO countries.)

Smart foreign policy? Not hardly. More like “Innocents Abroad.”

The Broken Whistle-blower System in the US Government 

You could also entitle this, “Why Snowden Was Right to Leave the US.” Ex-US Official Reveals Risks Faced By Internal Govt. Critics – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Though Snowden figures prominently, this is really the story of Thomas Drake, and John Crane. They were two other whistle-blowers in the intelligence community, and they were destroyed because they thought the .gov should have to obey the law. (Though Snowden is more quotable than either of them.)

There are no incentives for people to stand up against an agency on the wrong side of the law today, and that’s got to change.

The article details 2 whistle-blowers in the US government – specifically in the intelligence community. And while they were both right – the .gov was wasting BILLIONS of taxpayer money spying on US citizens – the cover-up ended their careers and eliminated their pensions.

“When I was at NSA, everybody knew that for anything more serious than workplace harassment, going through the official process was a career-ender at best. It’s a part of the culture,” Snowden told SPIEGEL and the Guardian when asked about the Crane case. “If your boss in the mail room lies on his time sheets, the inspector general might look into it. But if you’re Thomas Drake, and you find out the president of the United States ordered the warrantless wiretapping of everyone in the country, what’s the inspector general going to do? They’re going to flush it — and you with it.”

Spiegel likes the current US President, but the undertones are clear; Obama is suffering from the same disease that Nixon had. (If the President does it, then it isn’t illegal.) And they stated – up front – that Obama is just plain wrong when he says Snowden could have “worked within the system.” They system would have chewed him up and spit him out – after 35 years in prison.

Don’t expect to see the US media cover this. It might tip the election in a way they don’t like.

Snowden gets the last word.

Even today, he says, there isn’t a single whistleblower from the intelligence community whose disclosures didn’t lead to retaliation.

The Dream of Free Health Care in the UK Runs into Reality

Something that can’t last forever, won’t. Free universal healthcare questioned after record overspend by hospitals.

Overspending by the UK’s NHS has been substantial. Budgets are a wishful thought, and the some say the official numbers have been cooked by more than $700 million. Either way, the UK is finally up against the wall having to admit that maybe they can’t afford free health care.

Richard Murray, Director of Policy at The King’s Fund, said: “Overspending on this scale is not down to mismanagement or inefficiency in individual trusts.

“It shows a health system buckling under huge financial and operational pressures.

“At the same time, performance against key targets is deteriorating and concerns about quality of care are increasingly widespread.”

Those “key targets” are waiting times in emergency rooms, the number of people waiting for surgery. etc.

The solution – make people pay something.

That won’t be the next step. The next step will be to have the bean-counters take over complete control of health care. (And you thought you had trouble dealing with your insurance carrier – wait till it is administered by the DMV/IRS. Sorry, forgot that was in the hands of the IRS.)

“No Static At All”

FM radio seems to be at the end of its life, or in its “golden years” certainly. Supplanted by Pandora and Spotify, Amazon Music, Radio Paradise, and all the rest, but in the late 1960s it was just coming into its own with progressive rock, and album-oriented rock.

And so we have “FM” by Steely Dan. It was the theme of the 1978 movie FM. (It didn’t do well at the box office and remains “obscure.”) It was recorded at the same time they were recording Aja, but it was not included in that album.