Wish You Were Here

WishYouWereHereThe album, Wish You Were Here, by Pink Floyd was released in September of 1975. I feel old. (Maybe I am old…)

Click the image for a better look at the album art. That was petty edgy in its day. No Photoshop effects here!

Although the critics panned the album, it hit #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album list. And it has been certified as 6 times platinum and has sold about 13 million copies worldwide. (According to the Wiki.) Wish You Were Here doesn’t get the love that is lathered on Dark Side of the Moon, and probably for good reason. But it is better that The Wall, and it isn’t nearly as well known.

David Gilmore performing the title song “Wish You Were Here” Live, unplugged. (Much more recently than 1975!)

I wanted to include “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” but you will have to go to YouTube to see that. (For some reason that remains a mystery to me, there are a whole bunch of songs on YouTube that you cannot embed into a WordPress blog.) Anyway, “Welcome to the Machine” is after the break. “Welcome to the Machine” was chosen as the “B-Side” for the single release of “Have a Cigar.” (I guess the labels think I am making money off this or something. How drawing attention to their products could be a bad thing is beyond me. And NO, I’m not making any money off this.

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Chicago Police Shootings Investigations: The Fix is in

So why is that of the 400 police shootings in Chicago since 2007, all but four have been found justified? Chicago Police Review Board Fights Firing

An investigator for Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority claims his supervisors repeatedly ordered him to reverse his findings of police misconduct, then fired him when he refused.

The unofficial agenda is to rule police shootings as justified, unless they are so beyond the pale that no cover is offered.

It is short. Go read the whole thing.

What Happens When You Put the .gov in Charge of Health Care?

You get health care with all the compassion you find at the IRS. Thousands of cancer patients to be denied treatment – Telegraph

Not denied treatment because the government thinks it won’t work or doesn’t work. Denied treatment by bean-counters because they are counting beans.

More than 5,000 cancer patients will be denied life-extending drugs under plans which charities say are a “dreadful” step backwards for the NHS.

Health officials have just announced sweeping restrictions on treatment, which will mean patients with breast, bowel, skin and pancreatic cancer will no longer be able to receive drugs funded by the NHS.

In total, 17 cancer drugs for 25 different indications will no longer be paid for in future.

Of course that means that the wealthy will probably still have access to the drugs, since there is two-tier system in Britain under the National Health Services. Those who are stuck in the .gov run system, and those who can afford private health care.</p.

I can’t wait until we have socialized medicine in America.

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0

So how young is too young again? 11-year-old home alone with little sister shoots, kills intruder

Officers said the suspects tried to get in twice, unsuccessfully, before pushing through the front door of the North St. Louis County home.

When they did push through, the boy picked up a gun and shot one of them, a 16-year-old who died of his wounds at the scene, police said.

The 2nd would-be home-invader was arrested a short time later.

Self-defense is a human-right.

More on the Problems with DeKalb’s Police – from a Georgian who lives close to the latest “incident.”

Shootings. Violations of policy. Violations of the 1st Amendment. Something Is Very Wrong With DeKalb’s Police — Peach Pundit

DeKalb’s recent track record supports her fear. Police shot an unarmed, naked man earlier this year. DeKalb police probably violated their internal use of force rules when they tased a man running from police three weeks ago. The man had climbed a chain link fence when he was hit. He fell and died. And last night, DeKalb Police managed to enter the wrong house, kill the owner’s dog, shoot the startled homeowner … and one of their own rookie cops in an act of friendly fire

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I Think the Lesson May Be That You Shouldn’t Call 911 in Georgia

The recent case of where cops went to the wrong house and did bad things to the homeowner is not the first time something like this happened. Wrong-house shooting: Not the first time a 911 call puts homeowner in peril | www.ajc.com

Of the Georgians fatally shot by police since 2010, more than a third were killed at home, according to an investigation by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Channel 2 Action News.

One guy called 911. He got shot. One guy went to the door with a video game controller in his hand. He was killed. Cops entered the house of a mentally unstable woman without a warrant and killed her.

DeKalb seems to be where several of these have happened. Never fear. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is launching an independent investigation. Cops are still investigating cops. I wonder if they are all in the same union.