Leftist Students Proclaim “dialogue is violence.”

We will not discuss things in a civil manner. You shall not think for yourself. You shall only think what we tell you to think. Students storm library, shut down College Republicans meeting.

Hardly surprising coming from the University of California, Santa Cruz. (The University at the Beach.)

They were bent out of shape over the fact that a meeting of College Republicans was underway in one of the Library’s meeting rooms.

A College Republicans meeting at the University of California, Santa Cruz was taken over by protesters screaming that the group’s existence is a threat to the safety of students.

Because nothing says violence like a peaceful meeting, and nothing says peace like a bunch of screaming, antifa-friendly radicals. (War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery. Everyday it feels more and more like 1984.) [Hat tip Insty]


YouTube Censors Mike Rowe

Mike RoweWhy? Because he calls for hard work over being a layabout gadfly, apparently. Thomas Gallatin: YouTube Restricts… Mike Rowe? — The Patriot Post

Mike Rowe recorded a 5 minute video for the graduation “ceremony” of the on-line university, PragerU. The video is entitled “Don’t Follow Your Passion.” You can see the video for yourself at this link. (It isn’t objectionable in anyway. Unless you’re a snowflake liberal who can’t abide dissenting opinions, I guess.)

So if it isn’t objectionable, why suddenly was YouTube having a problem with Mike Rowe’s entire YouTube channel?

Rowe explains that he was shocked at the news as he had not run afoul of YouTube’s appropriate content policies, or so he thought. Rowe said that he then reread YouTube’s policy fine print and found the following sentence: “Some videos don’t violate our policies, but may not be appropriate for all audiences. In these cases, our review team may place an age restriction when we’re notified of the content.” In other words, YouTube’s censors are essentially saying they will restrict you if they don’t like your message.

The video is full of words like “hard work” and “opportunity” and it dares to poke fun at folks in Hollywood. It says you should consider opportunity, not just your wild imagination (or dreams as they are called) because there are a lot folks with college degrees working at Starbucks, but there are 6 million jobs going wanting that no one is trained for. Oh, and there are 3 trillion dollars in student debt. So it must be “inappropriate” to make available to high school students.

The “Occupy Wherever” movement was full of people who had “followed their passion” to a degree in something meaningless, and they were cheesed off because they had a mountain of student debt, and no job, and no prospects. The refrain was “we did everything we were told to do.” Well you got bad advice.

Now Mike Rowe has a big enough following on YouTube and Facebook to get that censorship “reviewed” and eliminated. But that doesn’t mean that YouTube isn’t restricting everyone they believe to be conservative on a wholesale basis.

The Washington Post Defends Chip and Joanna Gaines (Amazing I Know)

Buzzfeed doesn’t like Evangelical Christians because they MIGHT not like same sex marriage. (They don’t know how the Gaines feel, but that didn’t stop the attack.) BuzzFeed’s hit piece on Chip and Joanna Gaines is dangerous – The Washington Post

So it seems that the Washington Post, at least has learned some of the lessons of the Trump campaign. You can’t just attack people for being conservative or religious out of hand.

A gay man is writing for the WaPo, on the subject of respecting other people’s religious convictions. And well.

A few years ago, gay activists decided the best way to win arguments in favor of same-sex marriage was to shut up their opponents. All they had to do was lob a charge of homophobia and the argument was won. Or they tweeted at the companies that employed the “homophobes” until they were fired. Conservatives were bullied on social media and mocked for being ass-backward (and indeed, some of them were and are). But they were never taken seriously.

Bullying is not the same as winning an argument. It is only bullying. And eventually it will stop working. Maybe it already has.

Trump stood up to the bullying. I hope HGTV and the Gaines can stand up to it as well.

Because it isn’t over. They are going to have to make a statement. And if it doesn’t meet the exact requirements of the liberal bullies, HGTV will be pressured to drop the show.

BuzzFeed is probably at the forefront of discussions surrounding diversity in entertainment. Do their reporters think diversity refers only to skin color? Does ideological diversity count for nothing, especially when it is representative of, again, a sizable chunk of the American public?

That chunk is at least 40% of the American public.

But the LEFT has never been into diversity of ideas, and it has gotten worse lately. Look at the way conservatives are shouted down on college campuses. Only Right Think will be allowed.

Quote of the Day: SJW Edition

Any comment I could offer is redundant. SJWs Demand ‘Deus Ex’ Video Game Not Let Gamers Make ‘Immoral’ Decisions | PJ Media

We’ve seen [Social Justice Warriors] demand that fictional entertainment reflect their values, regardless of whether that makes any sense for the specific project. If you don’t like the finished, politically correct product? They scream about what a horrible person you are. (See: Ghostbusters. Or don’t!)

Yale Students Sign Petition to Repeal the First Amendment.

Because who needs freedom. Yale fail: Ivy leaguers sign ‘petition’ to repeal First Amendment

The video at Fox is in Flash. Which given their security track-record (70 security updates in the past week or so) I have once again disabled.

You can view the video at YouTube using HTML5. WARNING: The video is NOT a safe space.

Sept. 30: International Blasphemy Day

Something to remember the anniversary of the Mohammad-Cartoon-Kerfuffle from a few years back. International Blasphemy Day | whizzbang

International Blasphemy Day takes place annually on 30 September and encourages individuals and groups to openly express criticism of religion and blasphemy laws. It was founded in 2009 by the Center for Inquiry. In Amherst, New York, Who stated that religious beliefs should be subject to examination and criticism just as political beliefs are

Purdue University on the Side of Free Speech

“Chicago Principles” because they started at the University of Chicago. Purdue adopts 'Chicago principles' to protect free speech – Chicago Tribune.

Purdue’s policy states that members of the university are free to criticize speakers but says they “may not obstruct or otherwise interfere with the freedom of others to express views they reject or even loathe.”

Also in place at Princeton.