There’s a Gun-owners Group In Boston?

The Pink Pistols have been in the news on and off since 2016, and The Pulse Nightclub attack. The Pink Pistols: Armed Against Homophobia.

First up, what are the Pink Pistols?

The mottos of the Pink Pistols say it all: “Armed Gays Don’t Get Bashed” and “We Teach Queers to Shoot and We Teach the World We Did It.”

The Boston Pink Pistols meet ups are designed to share gun affinity and instruction amongst the LGBTQ community

As the main guy interviewed says, it’s about changing the perception of the threat-level.

The one interesting thing about this article is that it acknowledges the bigotry against gun-owners coming from the Left.

“It’s easier being ‘out’ in the ‘gun community’ than it is being an gun owner in the queer community,” Grossman explained. “Generally, this is a function of issue bundling—guns are considered a ‘conservative thing,’ and queers are assumed to be progressives. Whenever you cross the streams, as it were, you can expect some push back.”

It’s more a function of the fact that the Left demands that everyone think and act exactly the same. Diversity in all things, except thought.

The Pink Pistols site is at this link.


Boston Pink Pistols on NPR

What is this world coming to? ‘I Just Want To Be Prepared’: Group Teaches LGBT People Gun Self-Defense. (I hope this isn’t a sign of End-times.)

As is usual, to humanize the story, they follow one individual.

Different, because now he’s shooting with the Boston Pink Pistols — a group brought together by their LGBT identity and interest in using firearms for self-defense, if need be. Many come to learn to protect themselves, while others just come to shoot.

So they point out the fact that anyone can shoot – though you have wonder what hoops you need to jump thru in Massachusetts.

And the realization that when seconds count, police are minutes away.

With state data showing nearly a 10 percent rise in hate crimes in Massachusetts in 2017 over the previous year, Grossman says Pink Pistols participants worry they could be victims of a violent hate crime.

“And when that happens, it’s too late to seek help, it’s too late to avoid it,” he says. “Because the situation is already there.”

And the stigma of guns in the gay community.

Most folks in the Boston Pink Pistols don’t want to be in this story because they don’t want to out themselves as gun owners or advocates. They say there’s more of a stigma in Massachusetts being a gun owner than being gay.

Ah, the tolerant Left strikes again. Pink Pistols website at this link.

Pink Pistols in Minnesota

Considering this is a story on the Minnesota Public Radio website, it is surprisingly neutral. “Armed Gays Don’t Get Bashed.” Gun rights meet gay rights when Pink Pistols go to shooting range.

(Click on the image to be taken to the Pink Pistols website.)

Steiger is president of the Pink Pistols, an LGBT gun rights group with chapters in dozens of cities across the nation. It’s been around in Minnesota for nearly two decades, hosting meetings at the gun range roughly once a month. There’s no sign-up sheet and there are no fees necessary to join, but anywhere from two to more than a dozen people can show up each month. Members don’t have to be experienced shooters or even own a gun.

Though they do sugarcoat the reception Pink Pistols gets in places like Pride Day celebrations and the like. Most gays have a problem with gun owners, though after things like the Pulse Nightclub attack you have to be pretty dense to believe that the authorities will save you. (People still insist on keeping their heads in the sand.)

The Tolerance of Progressives

Being a gun owner in the gay community, has always been worse (in my experience) than being a lesbian in the midst of a bunch of gun owners. Quote of the day—Brian Keith

Brian Kieth talks about how being a gun owner alienates him from his “community.”

Check out the Pink Pistols experience in the Pride Parade. Flagrantly gay? Two thumbs up. Want to talk about defending yourself? We’ll follow you around and shout you down so everyone knows you aren’t welcome here.

As they say, go read the whole thing.