Go to the Cops to Make a Complaint About Harassment, Get Harassed

Do they say, “Only in the UK?” They probably need to start. Cop ‘kissed and groped’ domestic abuse victim and ‘messaged three others’ while he was assisting them with their complaints – Mirror Online

Ihsan Ali, 40, used his work mobile phone to message four women who he had been assisting in their complaints to police, a jury was told.

Ali exchanged hundreds of texts with the women and even went to one of their houses to exchange kisses, Preston Crown Court heard.

In that place where Great Britain used to be.


UK Still Putting Rape Victims on Trial, Not Rapists

JusticeWant to know why the UK has such an awful record of prosecuting rapes? Here’s why. UK rape complainants ‘face unfair questions about sexual history’

Complainants in rape cases are being subjected to invasive and unfair questioning about their sexual history, according to a cross-party campaign supporting tighter restrictions on cross-examination in trials.

Because that has a bearing on whether or not she was attacked?

In Good UK form, the government is cooking the books on how often this kind of thing happens. They say it is in a very small minority of cases. But independent research says otherwise.

Research by Baird, based on court observers watching 30 rape trials over 18 months at Newcastle crown court, shows rape complainants’ previous sexual history was used as evidence in 11 of the trials – equivalent to 37%. In the majority of these cases, disclosures related to sexual activity with men other than the defendant. In one trial, the defence barrister said it was to show “she is an adulteress”.

There acting like its the 1800s over there. And so rapes don’t get reported, let alone prosecuted. The cops aren’t taking things seriously enough to even follow the written procedures. I don’t know what the current rates of conviction are, but 10 years ago, or so, they were abysmal.

UK Cops Still Don’t Take Rape Seriously

JusticeUK has a tremendously bad track record of prosecuting rapes. You could hope that was in the past, but it doesn’t look like it is going to get any better soon. Police forces and prosecutors failing to carry out ‘basic’ procedure in rape cases, Attorney General says

Cops aren’t following “basic procedure” around rape cases. 4 “high-profile rape case collapsed” in the weeks before the current review was ordered.

While they aren’t claiming the shortcomings are the result of “dishonesty” or anything, it does appear that there is a lack of attention to detail.

A review has been ordered.

Ms Saunders has admitted the review – which will affect every force in England and Wales – will likely result in a number of cases being stopped as others are brought forward.

So much for Justice.

The UK Independence Party Is Not Happy

And why should they be? The crime rate in London is growing dramatically. Sadiq’s London – Violent Crime Goes Through the Roof

Sadiq Khan’s record on crime in his first year of Mayor is appalling. The rise in violent crime from 2015/16 to 2016/17 is both staggering and frightening, with gun crime up 16%, rape up 18%, knife crime up 31%, murder up 27% and youth murder up by a horrific 70%.

David Kurten AM said, “After stating that ‘low level crimes’ such as car crime and burglary would not be priorities for the Metropolitan Police, theft is up 34% and burglary up 19%.

“Low level crime,” like having your car stolen, is ignored. I don’t know how (or if) UK treats home invasions (someone is home) versus burglary (an empty dwelling). My guess is that they count it in whichever way makes them look best.

London is acid-attack capital of the world, and with the release of these statistics is officially less safe than New York City.

Attitude is Everything in Self-defense

They are met with a hail of random stuff from the store, including what looks like a bottle of some alcoholic beverage. Knife-wielding would-be robbers run after shopkeeper throws things at them | Fox News

Police continue to search for the two almost-robbers who ran out of a Northampton store after the employee threw what appeared to be a plastic stand, and later, bottles of alcohol at them as they scurried out the door.

Since any preparation for your own defense is (I think) illegal in the formerly Great Britain, throwing random junk is about all you can do.

Crime in the UK – 2017

Spin aside, the graphs tell a convincing picture. Wait… GUN CRIME has seen a marked increase in the Gun Free UK? “Inconceivable!” Statistical bulletin: Crime in England and Wales: year ending June 2017

The spin is, “reported crime isn’t all crime” and “the cops are better at getting crimes into their data.” The statisticians have a different take.

“Today’s figures suggest that the police are dealing with a growing volume of crime. While improvements made by police forces in recording crime are still a factor in the increase, we judge that there have been genuine increases in crime – particularly in some of the low incidence but more harmful categories.” [My emphasis, Z-Deb]

That statement is credited to John Flatley, Crime Statistics and Analysis, Office for National Statistics.

Those areas showing a sharp increase in the past 2 or 3 years? Gun crime. Knife crime. Sex crime. Violent crime in general. It is almost as though there has been a significant change in the population in the past few years. (The UK recently changed the dates on when stats are collected/published. Hence the gap)