It Isn’t the “thing” that is responsible

The UK has been fighting a crime war, but they seem to be ignoring the criminals. Now they are considering licensing drain-cleaner, because it is hazardous. Acid Attacks On The Rise In The U.K.

But even their own “experts” (where would we be without experts?) say that is a losing battle.

British retailers are now talking about licensing the purchase of sulfuric acid. But criminologist Marian FitzGerald says criminals will just find another easily accessible weapon.

“The people that are actually using these readily available domestic pieces of equipment, in a premeditated way,” she says, “they are sufficiently canny that if there is pressure on one particular type of weapon, they will use another.”

But they never seem to talk about “getting tough on crime” or extended sentencing or anything about holding people responsible for their criminal actions. They will outlaw a substance – and make all of the law-abiding citizens’ lives harder – and in the end, accomplish nothing.

Just how bad is it?

Corrosive substances are increasingly used as weapons in the U.K., especially in London, which had more than 450 attacks in 2016.

The global pattern of acid attacks is that they are mostly against women and girls, but in the UK it is more about gang violence, and the victims are more likely to be men.

I expect to see that someday, the UK will restrict the purchase of cricket bats, and then they will outlaw the possession of rocks. In the meantime, they will continue to hand out “anti-social behavior tickets” (or whatever the hell they are called these days) ignore property crime, and sentence people to little or no time in jail.


The UK Needs Common Sense Knife Control! Oh, they have it already?

London knife crime is on the rise. London hunts for ways to stop deadly youth stabbings

They are putting metal detectors in schools, and banning more stuff in more places. What they aren’t doing is hiring more cops, or putting more people in jail.

But at the same time, the crackdown is facing an uphill struggle with knife attacks increasing by 24 percent last year.

Since 2010 the number of police officers in the British capital has been cut by 14 percent.

The UK doesn’t do its crime reporting on a calendar year basis, which seems confusing to some people.

Police registered more than 12,100 knife attacks which left 4,400 people injured between April last year and March, the highest figure in five years.

The story goes back and forth between reporting on Britain (no longer Great, apparently) and London. So while it isn’t clear what that statistic covers I would hazard a guess of the UK.)

Man Shot in (Supposedly) Gun Free UK

The UK has some of the strictest gun laws, and yet they still have gun crime. Car shooting victim murdered in ‘targeted attack’ – BBC News. Because criminals don’t follow the law.

Euan Johnston, 26, was in the driver’s seat of a black Audi RS4 estate when he was shot, on Shields Road, near Scotland Street, at 23:45 on Tuesday.

He died a short time later at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Passing laws that you cannot enforce only makes life difficult for the law-abiding.

Cops Behaving Badly: UK Edition

For 27 years the police in South Yorkshire covered up the truth about a stadium collapse. They did this to aid the government, and to hide their own ineptitude, and because they thought they could get away with it. Hillsborough Verdict: At Last, the Shameful Truth Is Out

A few choice quotes:

  • “the police had to collude to invent evidence.”
  • “the South Yorkshire police organized a conspiracy to protect themselves by defaming the dead and injured.”
  • “the police needed another ally, and they found it in The Sun.”

The police. The government. The press. All lined up behind a lie. But the truth is not so easy to hide when there are thousands of witnesses. (And this was in the days before everyone had a video camera in their pocket.)

Domestic Abuse in the UK – Not Much Justice

So it is OK in Scotland to beat up any wheelchair-bound person, or just your significant other, or just women? Paralysed wheelchair-bound woman battered by fiance in ‘sickening’ attack is outraged after violent brute avoids jail

He is supposed to be in love with her. But after an evening at the pub, he beats her and dumps her out of her chair. He got a warning.

Sheriff Mhairi McTaggart told him: “By a small margin, I am not sending you to prison.”

But last night, Michelle, 34, said: “How can there be any ‘small margin’ about it? A man beats up a woman in a wheelchair and doesn’t go to jail? Where’s the margin in that?

“Domestic abuse, there’s no excuse — except at Ayr Sheriff Court, apparently.”

A restraining order by any other name, is just as useless

The difference between getting a restraining order in this country or a “non-molestation order” in the UK, is that in America, you usually have the option of arming yourself in your own defense. In the UK you disarmed (for your own good). Woman murdered by husband called police about him nine times before her death, report finds 

She called the cops 9 times about this bastard. She called police the morning she was killed. That day the call was taken by a trainee and not logged correctly.

In all, the review says that there were 12 things the Kent police did wrong. An apology has been issued. Not sure to whom, as the person most needing the apology is dead.

The cops don’t know what to do about restraining orders in the UK, so nothing was done. She paid the ultimate price.

Her estranged husband will be sentenced to life. In the UK that is rarely more than 15 years behind bars.

Calling 911 is a fine thing. (In the UK – dial 999) It can send police and medical assistance. But if you are betting your life on “the system” being able to save you, you are in trouble. In the UK you can’t even protect yourself, because that kind of thing is best left to the authorities. Too bad they don’t know what they are doing.

And no matter what the ruling class in the UK thinks, self-defense is a human-right.

UK Cops Still Cooking the Books on Crime

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics. And the UK Crime reports are beginning to look like damn lies. Police massaging crime records, says report

What happens when you give a bureaucrat a target? Well they will do everything possible to meet that target. Like lie about what is actually going on.

One officer spoke of a “downward pressure” not to record offences, while there were also claims that crime reports are being re-classified in order to make performance scores look better.

Nationally the UK dropped targets in 2010 after years (decades?) of scandal about cooking the books. But that idea isn’t gone. So there are targets to reduce certain types of crime all over the place.

A sergeant said that when crime reduction targets are set, the easiest way to reach them is by “not recording that particular category of crime”, adding: “It still happens.”