Those Civilized British

JusticeWhere rape is almost never prosecuted because it was her fault, or she asked for it or something like that. ‘The police said it wasn’t rape it was rough sex’

I can’t even stand to read this, but here are the statistics, buried at the bottom of the article.

In England and Wales, only 1.7% of reported rapes are prosecuted, according to Home Office statistics. Charities warn that the official number of sexual assault reports is only a fraction of the real problem, arguing that rape is still severely under-reported.

And self-defense, not just firearms, is outlawed. You are supposed to depend on the police for protection! Some plan.


Restraining Orders Don’t Restrain Anything

Not in the US. Not in the UK. From The Evening Standard: ‘Obsessive and controlling’ husband jailed for life for stabbing estranged wife and baby in anger when she refused to take him back.

Oh, and being convicted of assault is apparently not worth being incarcerated in the United Kingdom.

Khan was convicted of assaulting Ms Khan and ordered to stay away from her in May 2018, but ignored the restraining order and carried out the attack on mother and baby on June 4, 2018.

The attack is horrific. I won’t inflict those nightmares on you. He was mad she wouldn’t take him back, because that meant he would be subject to deportation back to Pakistan.

A violent husband who tried to kill his estranged wife and her infant son when she refused to give their marriage another chance has been jailed for life.

Now this is the UK, so life doesn’t mean life without parole. He will be eligible for parole in 16 years. (It isn’t clear if that includes time-served or not.) But at least he won’t be deported.

He was convicted of assault, threatening to throw the baby out a 4th floor window, and he got a restraining order. Which didn’t do much restraining. And in the UK where defending yourself is forbidden (it is the cops’ job to protect you!) what chance did this woman have?

The details of the crime can be found at this Daily Mail story from 2 years ago. Hunt for Pakistani father who ‘stabbed his estranged wife and their 11-month-old baby’ as friends say he was facing deportation from Britain after she reported him for trying to strangle her.

Political Correctness Let Evil Run

Because stopping it would have let you be called a RACIST. Or something. Sultan Knish: A Tale of Two Englands.

Call it a tale of two girls. And a tale of two Englands.

One is an actress who grew up to marry a prince, lavished with luxuries, amassing a fortune, before her tantrums and antics drove her to depart her newfound royal family for a Canadian billionaire’s manor.

The other was put into foster care when she was only 8, by the age of 13 she was being raped by a Muslim sex grooming gang, and by 15, Victoria Agoglia was already dead of a heroin overdose.

What’s this? Rape gangs in South Manchester? Surly the authorities – we are supposed to depend on the state for EVERYTHING, even our safety – wouldn’t let something like that go on, would they?

Some in the GMP didn’t see the point to stopping the rape of young girls because of cultural differences.

“There was an educational issue. Asian males didn’t understand that it was wrong, and the girls were not quite there. They were difficult groups to deal with. We can’t enforce our way out of the problem,” Constable B said.

And so they didn’t.

And unspeakable horrors were ACCEPTED because to stop them would have been to violate the strictures of Political Correctness. It was about education, not crime. It was about cultural differences, not rape.

Again, by Asian, they mean Indian, Afghan and Pakistani cuisine, kabobs and curry, not Egg Foo Yung and General Tso’s Chicken. These traditionally Muslim businesses served as coordinating networks for the rape and abuse of children.

And while this story doesn’t say so, others have mentioned that this horror has been going on for DECADES. But to say anything, to do anything is to open yourself to cries a RACIST. A fate worse than letting young girls get raped. Or something.

Hat tip to The Daley Gator, who notes that Leftism is evil, period.

Gunfire In Gun Free UK

How is this possible? They should pass a law outlawing guns, or something. Oh, wait… Boy playing on Xbox was forced to duck when bullets sprayed above his head as gunman blasted home.

A family ‘feared for their lives’ as a gunman blasted shots at their home on two occasions in the same day in Wigan.

Dad-of-two, Jamie Bailey, was ‘lucky not to have killed anyone’ during the shootings in Beech Hill in May 2018, a judge told the court.

The guy responsible was sentenced today to 7 years and change. He will be out of prison in no time.

So they outlawed guns and still there is gun crime. Then they outlawed knives and still there is knife crime. Now they are asking the public to report people buying hammers. I suppose that means there is hammer crime. So when will they admit that it isn’t the fault of the object but the fault of the actor? I’m not holding my breath.

Crime-fighting: UK Style

This is so sad, it is funny. Diogenes’ Middle Finger: Eating Your Daily Gruel In London Might Just Get You a Trip to the Dungeon.

So the cops in a UK town have taken some “dangerous weapons” off the street. (Click thru for the photo of those weapons.) There is most of a set of steak knives, a couple of what appear to be either Wüsthof, or J.A. HENCKELS chef’s knives, or some imitations, a couple of sharpening steels (hey, they have pointy ends. sort of) …

It’s also hard to miss the 3 pot roast forks as well as a rusty spoon. Wait. A rusty spoon?
In the annals of crime fighting, bragging about taking a rusty spoon off the streets qualifies as the most pathetic law enforcement action ever. British thugs started using knives to victimize people. The natural reaction was to ban knives because without knives assholes have no way of hurting other people. Criminals found and exploited a loophole and apparently started using hammers and so UK police asked citizens to report anyone buying tools in a hardware store. I’m not even kidding about this.

Steel pipe and rocks will be outlawed next. In that place where Great Britain used to be.

More Proof British Cops Don’t Care About Rape

It is barely a crime in the UK. If you gauge by how often it is prosecuted. Britain’s most dangerous rapist Joseph McCann who went on a sickening cocaine-fuelled rampage after being wrongly released from jail TWICE and was found by police in a tree is guilty of sex attacks on 11 victims including boy, 11, and woman, 71.

In this case, the bit of proof that British cops don’t give a damn about rape:

He’d been twice released from jail, the second time without parole board hearing

The Mail is “charitable,” and says that the cops were not evil, just stupid. They can be both.

When the cops initiated the high speed chase, they had interrupted his attack on two 14-year-olds.

He will probably face a “life sentence.” But in the United Kingdom, “Life” is not life. Not usually. So while the judge can decide he will die in prison, that doesn’t usually happen, and he will likely be eligible for parole eventually. (Keeping dangerous criminals off the street is “uncivilized,” or something.)

Pakistani-born Man Responsible for London Bridge Attack

The Other McCain has the info. Pakistani-Born Usman Khan Named as Killer in London Bridge Knife Attack.

Apparently the attack started at a Cambridge University conference before moving to the historic bridge. He stabbed delegates at the conference before running to the bridge.

Cambridge University geniuses: “Hey, let’s invite a violent Pakistani jihadist to our conference, because what could possibly go wrong?”

Reality is what is true, even if you don’t understand it, or believe it.

Police in the UK Failing Victims of Sexual Violence

They couldn’t even be bothered to do the minimum required paperwork in one case. Police officers discouraged child rape victim from reporting attack, investigation finds.

Two police officers called to reports of a 15-year-old girl being raped in a car park questioned the victim’s credibility and discouraged her from reporting the attack, an investigation has found.

She did proceed. The guy was arrested and sent to prison. No thanks to these 2. And the “punishment” they received will ensure that nothing changes. That punishment was written reprimands. Yeah, that will make them sit up and pay attention.

The case was revealed after the proportion of reported rapes prosecuted in England and Wales fell to just 1.5 per cent, sparking legal action against the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

More details at the story, including more personal accounts of how the justice system in the UK is broken.

And it’s the UK, so all the women have been disarmed for their own safety. Or something.

5 Years or Life? In the UK It’s Hard to Tell the Difference

JusticeSo what happens to a person in the UK found guilty of a heinous attack and attempted murder, and then sentenced to life in prison? ‘Our justice system’s a joke’ – Fury as Richard Austin could be free in five years after stabbing ex-wife.

Because the UK is too “civilized” to actually send people to jail for a long time.

He repeatedly stabbed his ex-wife, then called the cops and waited for them.

Austin was ordered to serve a minimum of just five years at Birmingham Crown Court for what police branded a ‘dangerous and callous attack’, but he could be released after that period.

So he’ll be free in 5 years. She’ll still be dealing with the results of the “life changing” attack, and won’t be able to defend herself from him. Allow the serfs of the UK government to defend themselves? Don’t be ridiculous. You must depend on the state for everything, even those things it cannot supply.

Members of UK Child Sex Gang Shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Court

This is a story of the breakdown of law in the UK. Rotherham child sex gang shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ in court as they are jailed for 80 years for abusing girls, including one who became pregnant at just 12, after being groomed with alcohol and drugs.

Though with the completion of this trial, there is some justice, delayed though it is.

The girl’s pregnancy made headlines in 2001 when she was portrayed as one of Britain’s youngest ever mothers.

Although five men were arrested, there were no prosecutions at the time after the victim told police she could not say which of the men she had had sex with was the father.

They didn’t have DNA testing in the UK in 2001? Or something. But as Irons in the Fire Noted:


Because that is law-enforcement in the UK. (The UK is that place where Great Britain used to be.)

Back Up! Gangsters in the UK use Machine Guns?

I thought guns were outlawed in the United Kingdom. Gangsters’ threat to chop mum’s head off with industrial saw.

And the report exposes how “The Iceman” assassin Mark Fellows’ own nan was nearly killed when rival gangsters targeted him, weeks after he machine-gunned ‘Mr Big’ Massey to death.

There is a photo, if you click through, of the guy and the Uzi submachinegun (fully automatic) that he had when he was arrested. Of course other folks in the gang war have been shot.

So how is it, that an island nation, outlawed most gun ownership years ago, and yet seems to have a growing problem? Could it be that targeting law-abiding citizens doesn’t do much to control the criminal element? I’m sure someone on the Left will disagree with me.

So Of Course, There Are Calls For Crossbow Control

In that place where Great Britain used to be. A pregnant woman was shot in the stomach by a crossbow. Her baby managed to survive.

Politicians are calling for regulating crossbows, because blaming the guy who killed her is so 20th Century.

Sana Muhammad was shot and killed by her ex-husband, Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo. He’s in custody.

Guns. Knives. Now Crossbows. Soon pipes, sticks, and cricket bats. What will they do when they discover you can kill people with your hands and feet?

UK Focusing Too Much on Wrongthink

In the place where Great Britain used to be is a country that looks more like Airstrip One every year. Police need focus on violent crime, not hate crime, says UK’s top police officer.

“My officers are very busy, they are very stretched. We have young people in London subject to gang violence, getting involved in drug dealing, stabbings, lots and lots of priorities.

“We can’t go on increasing the scale of the mission, unless we are given more resources, or the public is prepared for us to do some things not very well.”

All of this is in the face of real problems.

It was allied to a surge in drug-related crime. “We have supply up, clear evidence that the production of cocaine is up, the purity is up, the price is down, addictions are up, deaths are up. It’s being played out by drugs gangs on the streets of our cities and towns across the country.”

They don’t have a guarantee for freedom of speech in the UK, and the .gov is more intent on limiting speech a little more every month.

The PC Police Are Not Doing Real Policing in the UK

In a world with limited resources, you need to pick your battles. Investigating hate crime risks distracting police from their core role, warns head of Britain’s chief constables.

Investigating hate crime risks distracting police from their core role of handling emergencies, solving violent crime and burglaries and neighbourhood policing, the head of Britain’s chief constables warned today.

And the UK has a real problem with violent crime today. (Historically speaking. They have a long way to go before the plumb the depths of places like Chicago, Baltimore or Saint Louis.)

Neither investigating gender-based hate incidents nor investigating allegations against those who have died are bad things to do necessarily – they just cannot be priorities for a service that is over-stretched. Giving clarity to the public about core policing is a priority – and it has not received enough attention in recent years.

Yes, they are investigating crimes that may have been committed by dead people. I’m not sure why. He calls these “Historic investigations.” (For some reason this brings to mind “Lord Vorventa the Twice Hung.” Extra points if you get the reference.)

But then I think it is endemic – in most of Western democracies – that governments are spending time and money on things that don’t make sense. Crime is spiraling out of control in some places, and yet the mayors of the cities in question are not cutting everything in sight to get more cops to fight crime. (In some places they are attacking the cops, which has had the predictable result of having the cops back off crime, and negatively impacted recruitment.)

What Happens When You Cut Cops on the Beat By a Third?

You could also ask what happens when a government isn’t focused on law and order? Cuts have left policing at risk of becoming irrelevant, MPs warn.

Public safety is supposed to be one of the main things a government focuses on. Or that’s what I always thought. But that isn’t where the UK has been concentrating its efforts.

Policing is at risk of becoming “irrelevant” as the number of officers on the beat is slashed and vast numbers of crimes go unsolved, a parliamentary report warns.

Recorded crime is up 32%. Charges/summonses are down 26%. Arrests are down. Fraud is virtually ignored.

It appears highly unlikely that more than one in 200 victims [of fraud] ever sees their perpetrator convicted,

Yet somehow the police in England find time to investigate charges of wrong-think. (Saying things that are not approved by the government.) Strange how they had the manpower to arrest Tommy Robinson. Or maybe it’s not so strange.

Funding is being blamed, as policing – at least beat cops – has been cut about 35% in the past few years.

The Telegraph has a similar story: Police ‘leaving families to fend for themselves’ amid fall in arrests.

Click on the image for bigger view. It is almost as if something changed in the UK in about 2013. It is one thing when both arrests and crime are going down, but when crime is going up, things are not as they were.

It comes amid growing concern that criminals are increasingly allowed to roam the streets without fear of being caught. Victims’ campaigners last night described the figures as “appalling”, and suggested many families no longer feel safe in their homes.

And of course the British are too “civilized” to permit people to defend themselves in their own homes.

So once again we can ask, what are they spending taxpayer’s money on aside from “Public safety?”

Cops in The United Kingdom Seem To Be Fairly Incompetent

Either that or there is so much fear around being labeled xenophobic that they are paralyzed, and left unable to do their jobs. Police and protestors gather outside court where 29 men and one woman face charges of sexually abusing girls as young as 13.

Why do I think they are incompetent?

The offences relate to five young girls and teenagers and were allegedly carried out between 2005 and 2012, when the complainants were 12 to 18 years old.

Someone had to know about this over the course of 7 years.

30 men and 1 woman were arrested over this. They are all named except for one man who could not be name due to “legal reasons” which might mean that he is technically a minor. (It might not.) The BBC has two articles on this case. One from the 6th of September: Huddersfield child sex inquiry: More men appear in court. The other is from the 5th of September: Huddersfield child sex inquiry: Thirty-one in court.

When Did Giant Balloons Become the Preferred Form of Protest?

I suppose this is in response to the Trump balloon. But the good people of London are not happy with their mayor. Sadiq Khan bikini balloon launched in London.

“Under Sadiq Khan, we have seen crime skyrocket to unprecedented levels. People in London don’t feel safe […] Khan out.”

Both gun and knife crime are on the rise in London, despite Draconian gun control and knife control.

And of course the guy who organized it is being called “Nazi” and “Far-right” because tolerance only flows in one direction.

Knife Attack in London Sends 4 to Hospital

This being the UK, there is damn little info in the press. Quadruple stabbing in London park in latest knife attack within city’s ‘murder mile’ .

Four are in hospital. Witnesses (who universally didn’t want to be identified) said that at least one of the 4, appeared to be very seriously injured.

Scotland Yard said six males were arrested and are being held in custody. The four injured are believed to be teenagers.

That is pretty much the sum-total of the facts handed out by authorities.

In the middle of some prevarication and bit of hand-wringing, Police Superintendent Annmarie Cowley had this to say.

It is beyond comprehension.

File this under, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” The area in question is known as London’s “Murder Mile.” Doing the math from there would indicate that another knife attack is hardly beyond comprehension. Or at least it should be for a police department.

‡ I tried to figure out what Scotland Yard means by Superintendent. More than a sergeant. Less than Chief. Yet another example of the British and the Americans separated by a common language.

London Is Not So Peaceful, and It Isn’t Even Trump’s Fault. (Or is it?)

Because London has been in the news…

News from Thursday, that a teenage girl of 17 was killed. Man arrested on suspicion of murder after teenage girl is stabbed to death in Camberwell

The 17-year-old died after she was attacked at midday on Thursday on Brisbane Street.

London Ambulance and London’s Air Ambulance attended however the girl was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after 1pm.

They were acquainted, but the story doesn’t give any other details. (Camberwell is part of “Greater London” that is one of the boroughs of London, but not part of the City of London. I never could figure out what the Brits meant by all that.)

Then there were a shooting and a stabbing in London on Friday. Thornton Heath stabbing: Man, 22, fighting for life after being knifed in broad daylight in south London

First at 1:45pm (local time – which is GMT)

A 23-year-old man staggered into train station crying for help after being shot in the leg in east London.

The victim was shot as he made his way along the street in Walthamstow on Friday afternoon.

He is expected to make a full recovery. (I know, a shooting in spite of all those lovely gun-control laws.)

Then at 3:30pm a more serious injury.

A young man is fighting for life after being stabbed in broad daylight on a quiet road in south London.

Emergency services rushed to Sandfield Road, not far from Thornton Heath station, shortly after 3.30pm on Friday.

The only current statistics that are jumping out at me right now regarding crime in the UK are from The Sun, and I hesitate to repeat them. That and the official statistics from Scotland Yard haven’t been updated since the beginning of the fiscal year. Or if they have, I can’t find them either. (I thought they did quarterly updates…) If you know of recent stats, leave a link in the comments.

But based on those numbers from 2017…

There’s a sharp rise too in cases of rape, burglary and robbery have during what police “busy and challenging time”. The Met Police official figures show:

  • Murders up 44 per cent (109 to 157)
  • Knife crime up 21 per cent (12,115 to 14,680)
  • Rape up by 18 per cent (6,510 to 7,707)
  • Burglary up by 11 per cent (69,528 to 77,626)
  • Robbery up 35 per cent (24,202 to 32,869)

The figures compare end-of-financial-year April to March 2017/18 with April to March 2016/17

The situation in London isn’t too good. What’s worse is things are moving in the wrong direction in a BIG way.

Oh, and Number of police officers per person lowest in 20 years (in London). Sadiq Khan blames the central .gov, because providing police officers for a major urban center is clearly the responsibility of people who live in rural districts. Or something. Why Mr. Khan is spending his time on NPR interviews over his disagreements with President Trump is beyond me. (I am reminded of something. Something to do with Nero, and Rome burning, and a violin. Or something to that effect.)

It’s a Good Thing Armed Self-defense Is Illegal in the UK, Someone Might Have Been Hurt

But then, someone was hurt. Widow, 88, left with life-changing injuries after ‘horrific, planned attack’ 

She was disarmed for her own safety. Of course she probably would have been horrified at the idea of defending herself – the British are just too civilized. Or something.

Blanche Rowlands suffered facial injuries when she was assaulted by Jeffrey Earp, 50, during a violent burglary at her home in Newtown, Powys in June last year.

The cops have only released pictures of her – and they are graphic. Because that would offend the tender sensibilities of the jury pool.

One of her attackers was sentenced to 14 years. Two others were sentenced to three years apiece.

The UK has some insane rule about only defending yourself with proportionate force. It basically means that if you are attacked by multiple people using only their fists, you cannot resort to the use of any weapon.

But really, how is a 88-year-old supposed to defend herself without some kind of weapon to equalize the situation? The short answer is – they aren’t. They have to just take whatever the thugs are dishing out. (In America, Octogenarians have other options.)

This was all over an engagement ring, and some other presents from her late husband. The jewelry was never recovered.