Choice of Shotgun and Ammo Make a Difference

On the surface, this story is amazing. Felon Shoots Cop In Face With Shotgun. Annoyed Cop Fires Back.

But then you find the shotgun was loaded with birdshot, not buckshot. That makes a tremendous difference.

If you’re going to shoot at two-legged predators, I strongly recommend buckshot. My personal preference is Federal LE 132 1B or Federal LE 127 00 ((based on how those load pattern out of my Mossberg 590). I aim it like a rifle, and at my longest possible in-home straight-line shot, it leaves a single golf-ball sized hole (the tear to the left is the Flite Control wadding, the tiny holes are plastic buffer material almost as ineffective as birdshot).

2.75 inch buckshot is perfectly fine.

I live in a single family home on 5 acres, and the house has brick walls. I don’t have to worry about “over penetration.”

The would-be bad guy in this case got captured.

More African Americans Gun Owners – This is a Good Thing

A reasoned article that isn’t all doom about the increase in gun sales to minorities? More African Americans look to purchase guns

Oliver saw a slight bounce in sales after the November election. He also saw his minority clientele increase as several of those customers signed up for his concealed weapons permit classes

People are buying guns (which is good) and getting training (which is even better).

New link has been added to the 2nd Amendment Organization list on the sidebar. The National African America Gun Association. Do I wish they would join the NRA? Sure. But I recognize their right to free association.

More Guns. Less Crime.

Obama has been good for the gun industry. And while all those guns are being sold, crime is at historic lows in the US. Obama’s Gun Run May be Partially to Thank For These Historically Low Numbers

“There have been more guns sold since I’ve been president than just about any time in U.S. history,” Obama said in June.

He got that right. Background checks are at an all time high, and continue to set records.

Violent crime is down 70 percent (or more) since the highs in 1993.

In fact, the Bureau of Justice Statistics reports violent crime has decreased a whopping 77% since 1993 with only 18.6 victimizations per 1,000 people (age 12 or older) compared to 79.8 victimizations 23 years ago.

Background checks for 2016 through the end of November surpass 2015. By a lot.

BATFE Covers Up Criminals Getting Guns. Again.

This time it’s about guns being stolen from railyards in Chicago. Gun Thefts Continue At Chicago Railyards « CBS Chicago

Stealing guns from trains seems to be a thing in Chicago.

In May 2014, 13 Smith & Wesson rifles were stolen from a freight car near 63rd and State.

In April 2015, more than 100 firearms were lifted from a rail car. Within weeks of that heist a number of the weapons were used in “unrelated incidents throughout the city of Chicago,” according to court filings.

A Chicago alderman – Pat Dowell – wanted to hold hearings on the subject, but the BATFE convinced her that wasn’t a good idea. Can’t talk about security. It seems the .gov still thinks obscurity = security. (It isn’t.)

Then it happened again.

The most recent railyard theft occurred Sept. 18th. It was reported to Chicago Police 11 days later — for unknown reasons. No weapons have been recovered. The suspects remain at large.

So how many background checks for law abiding gun-owners do you think it would take to keep these guns from reaching criminals.

And yes, this story is from a week ago, but Obama pardoning turkeys was apparently a bigger story – given the lack of attention that this got.

Europe Has Had a Big Dose of Reality

And they are reacting accordingly. Europeans turn to weapons in growing numbers after attacks | Reuters

Nevertheless, applications for gun permits are climbing in Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. Their larger neighbor Germany has not followed the trend in lethal firearms, but permits for carrying devices designed to scare off assailants, such as blank guns and those that fire pepper spray, have risen almost 50 percent.

The usual hand-wringing by the usual suspects ensues. But it isn’t all one-sided.

Some people want this changed. Jean-Luc Addor, a parliamentarian and member of the Swiss gun lobby, aims to introduce legislation in September to ease the restrictions.

Addor contends that more armed civilians mean safer streets. “The state is not equipped to guarantee public safety,” he said. “Sometimes citizens – not every citizen, but those who have appropriate training – should be given means to protect themselves and their families.”

It should be interesting to see how this plays out. Hat tip

Can you tell which of these is a real pistol?

hk_sw40umarex40Can you say which is a BB gun? [click the images for larger views] Could you tell at night, or from a distance? Could you tell if someone was pointing it at you? How long would it take to make a determination? If you choose incorrectly, will you get shot?

On the left is an Heckler & Koch P30 chambered in .40 S&W. I can pick one up at my favorite, local gun store for a little more than $950. On the right is an Umarex 40 XP, which is a BB gun. It can be had for about $50 at Walmart.

The Umarex is the “weapon” that Tyre King had when he was shot by Columbus police.

I have a number of posts on this site that give grief to the cops for doing bad and/or stupid things. But in this case, I have to say that they probably had point in thinking that King was armed. Not that being armed is a reason for cops to shoot you, but it is one thing in their favor.

The Death of the Local Gun Show

So I went to our local gun show today. To call it a disappointment is understatement. Glocks, 1911s, AR-15s. Ammo. And not a lot of anything else. The most interesting booth was one of the knife merchants. (What is it with 1911s in 9mm?)

Sad really. When I lived here 20 years ago, I went to this show every time they offered it. It was crowded, there was variety. There were antiques and interesting weapons. Today there wasn’t even any jerky for sale – as far as I could tell. And it wasn’t crowded. (Though it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, probably better to be outdoors!)

And can I just say… ENOUGH with the pink guns. If you want to design a gun for women, it requires more than using pink plastic in the grip.