How Old Do You Need to Be?

To defend yourself, that is? 15-Year-Old Guns Down Two Taliban Militants With AK-47 After Her Parents Were Slain.

A Taliban hit-squad killed her mother and her father.

“Qamar Gul, who was inside the house, took an AK-47 gun the family had and first shot dead the two Taliban fighters who killed her parents, and then injured a few others,” police official Habiburahman Malekzada told the AFP

The fighters, after being scared off by an appropriately armed teen-aged girl, came back en mass, but the villagers had banded together – the Afghanistan militia – and repelled them.

The Left will tell you that rifles should be “safely locked away” from 15-year-olds. In which case she might be dead.

Black Guns Matter Has the Media Clutching Pearls

Because GUNS! Or something. Black Guns Matter Group Is Teaching Black Americans How To Use Firearms.

This story, either word for word, or with slight alterations, has been in my news feeds for about a week. Maybe less. I was studiously ignoring it, because it seems like a non-story to me. “Law-abiding citizens obey the law! More at 11” This is news? But the media has convinced me. They wouldn’t be spending this much time on it except for the cognitive dissonance they are experiencing.

[Black Guns Matter Founder, Maj] Toure said he started the Black Guns Matter in 2016 to help Black Americans navigate gun ownership laws and protect themselves.

“We saw so much ignorance going on,” Toure said. “Guys that lived in rough neighborhoods may have been missing some information in order to carry a firearm on their person. So what we in essence did was we created the space to let people know what was their process and what process it was of getting a firearm, lawfully carrying it on their person if they chose to, while being safe and responsible.”

Now who could NOT be in favor of law-abiding citizens following the law, and learning how to be safe? I think the Left, who can’t quite come out and say that they hate this, hates this. The only people who are disturbed at the thought of law-abiding African-Americans exercising their rights under the 2nd Amendment racists. And just like all the Karens who’ve been called out for the racism, the Left is being forced to look at some of their own assumptions in light of reality.

White Guy Shoots Hispanic Cop. Where’s Media Reaction?

Only lives matter if they are not cops. And not Hispanic. STARING DOWN ‘THE JUDGE’.

Barely 48 hours after being shot in the line of duty, Miguel Grimaldo was at home resting comfortably.

His wife was doing anything but.

“She was more shocked than I was,” he said. “Looking at my scars made her get nauseous. She was thinking about how it could have been so much worse.”

The guy who did the shooting? William Belk. And for the title of the article…

It’s believed that the suspect used a handgun called “The Judge,” which can fire .45-caliber bullets and .410 shotgun shells, and it was loaded with .410 buckshot when Grimaldo was fired upon.

So where is the media outrage at a white guy shooting a brown guy? [Sound of Crickets Chirping. (Hat tip The Other McCain.)

Prosecutors and Reporters Don’t Like Self-defense

Especially if they are in California. DA Declines to File Charges in Blue Lake Gas Station Killing.

Still, the DA does admit that self-defense is legal in that part of California. And I guess to be fair, they didn’t sit on the decision for months.

“The employee has stated he acted in self-defense,” the press release states. “No witness statements or other evidence contradict that assertion.”

But what is odd, is the DA also decided not to prosecute any of the gun laws, the Left is always saying we need more of. Charges of felon in possession of a firearm as well as possession of stolen property (the firearm was previously stolen) are both being dropped.

Now I’m not saying I agree or disagree, but what are the odds that Humboldt County District Attorney Maggie Fleming says “we need more gun control” the next time she is up for election?

Almost 4 Million Background Checks in June

Witnessing the complete lack of police protection for people and businesses in the face of rioting, has evoked a completely understandable reaction in the population of the law-abiding. June sets new record for gun background checks.

June set a new record for the number of NICS firearm background checks conducted around the country with almost four million.

What do you expect people to do? Plan their funerals?

[William Hayes is the chief instructor at ATP Gun Shop and Range in Summerville] says there is a wide spectrum of people looking to buy firearms.

He says a lot of people, black and white, are looking for protection from what he refers to as the radical ends of the left and right. He also says business owners are concerned after watching the riots in downtown Charleston back in May and the alleged lack of intervention from police to stop vandalism.

People are also taking classes, which is a good thing. You need to learn about safety. Hayes says his class schedule is booked until the fall.

Defund the Police Descends on St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri is not a happy place. Crazy People Are Dangerous.

“Defund the police” is their demand, because the protesters are Democrats and Democrats hate police.

The mayor of St. Louis is a Democrat named Lyda Krewson, who apparently didn’t get the memo. She doesn’t hate police enough:

So the protesters decided to march on the mayor’s home. In the process they passed the Busch-Faust mansion, owned by Mark and Patricia McCloskey. Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey decided that they should stand guard and they did.

If you’re a rich white guy living in a mansion in a Democrat-run city like St. Louis, better keep your AR-15 handy, because . . . Well, you can finish that sentence.

Another Texas School to Add Armed Staff

I think maybe I should move to Texas… Mount Pleasant board approves plan to allow employees to carry guns.

A spokeswoman for the school said the board approved using the Guardian Plan, which is a state-approved plan which solely provides hand-picked armed employees the ability to defend themselves in the event of an active shooter.

Don’t mess with Texas. (Hat tip to Keep and Bear Arms.)

The Statement That Will Get Brown Fired from Chicago PD

Well, and Police Superintendent Brown will be the scapegoat for the horrible crime numbers in Chicago.

So Chicago had a bad weekend. After 110 Shot In Chicago, The Top Cop Blames Gangs, Guns, Drugs And ‘Not Enough Time Spent In Jail’. And actually, Brown doesn’t blame guns, which is why Chicago will fire him. Differences of opinion are NOT allowed!

During his news conference, Brown also rejected a notion popular with University of Chicago criminologists who work closely with the police department. He said the violence cannot be blamed on easy access to guns.

“I’m from Texas,” Brown said, noting that state’s high number of firearms. “Houston, San Antonio and Dallas have lower murder rates.”

The guns don’t exert mind control. They don’t act of their own accord. People have to pick them up and act, and those people are responsible. But that is not cannon in the City of Chicago.

For the complete weekend insanity, see HeyJackass! – Father’s Day Weekend.

The Deacons for Defense and Justice

Usually you only see stories about the Deacons for Defense and Justice during February, which is African-American History Month. It is rare even then, because their story contradicts some of the MLK legend of non-violence. In Bogalusa, the Deacons fought violence with violence.

The cops in the South were often aligned with (or members of) the Klan. So eventually, people decided that they needed to defend themselves.

During a mob scene, where the whites were trying to stop a black woman from getting medical care, the Deacons intervened.

The warning shot did not deter the mob, and by then, according to newspaper accounts, a white man identified as 26-year-old Alton Crowe of Pearl River began pounding Johnson in his face with his fists. Austan fired a second time, this time with the bullet landing in the chest of Crowe, the married father of five children, who, Austan thought, was trying to enter the vehicle.

The two Deacons were arrested but not prosecuted. Self-defense is a thing, after all. And once the Klan realized that they too could be shot, things changed a bit.

“Once they realized that we were serious about shooting, it became basically a standoff between us and them,” [Deacon Henry Austan] said.

“It was not like the old days where you could just drive in the neighborhood and everybody start hiding from you and you drag whoever you want out,” he said. “It was not like anymore, and they realized that.”

He added: “When there’s some opposition, it’s not any fun anymore.”

The myth contradiction? Well once when the Klan was ready to attack a Congress for Racial Equality (CORE) group, a spokesperson for the Deacons stepped up, and told the Klan-affiliated-sheriff, that they were prepared to meet violence with violence. The attack never took place.

I suppose that the media is bringing this up now in hopes of justifying the “Dismantle the Police” or something similar. Still there is one more important lesson that can be learned from the Deacons…

“We were effective. Not heroic, effective,” Austan said, thinking back on his time with the Deacons. “That’s what we were. We came into existence when the situation demanded it. We went out of existence when we were no longer needed.”

How many organizations disband when they meet their goals? Almost none. They move the goalposts and keep on going.

The Good People of Deep Blue Illinois Are Waking Up

Too late? Maybe. Surge In FOID Card Applications After Recent Violence Leads To Backlog.

In the two days after violent looting across Chicago and the suburbs, Illinois State Police saw a massive surge in applications from people who want to own guns, but processing delays are growing as well.

State police told CBS 2 Investigator Megan Hickey staffing is an issue, and their staff is working about 40 hours of overtime every month. They are still not able to process those cards in the 30 days required by law.

Because in Illinois you have to ask, “Please Mr. Government Man, can I exercise my rights under the Constitution?” Without a Firearms Owners ID card, you cannot even pick up a firearm at a gun store to see if you might like it. Freedom? What’s that?

Hat tip to Second City Cop: Gun Up, who notes…

Decent law abiding people are waking up to what’s happening. The police aren’t permitted or are outright forbidden to protect you and your property is a foregone conclusion. You will lose everything if the mob comes for you.

Groot (otherwise known as Mayor Lightfoot) labeled anyone hoping to buy a gun as “vigilantes” and “racists.”

Seattle Protestors Get Hold of Police AR-15s


A Marine Corps veteran turned security contractor, who asked that his name not be used for security reasons, unintentionally took the internet by storm after a video surfaced of him disarming a Seattle rioter who had stolen a police officer’s AR-15 from a destroyed squad car Saturday.

It’s an interesting story, and worth looking at while you have a cup of java. Coffee or Die never disappoints.

How Are Those Great Gun-free Zones?

Okay. NOW you want guns in your city, or more likely in your suburb… I’ll pass, thanks. Monster Hunter International: Where are all you gun owners now?

But now you’ve started some shit, YOU want US to go into democrat cities, with democrat mayors, and democrat police chiefs enforcing democrat policies which cause strife among democrats, in order to get into gun fights on your behalf?
How fucking gullible do you think we are? 😀 Like holy shit. Damn dude!

Go read the whole thing; it is worth a few minutes.

God Bless Sheriff Grady Judd

He has to be the best sheriff in America. Or one of them anyway. Polk County curfew in effect Monday 8 p.m. after more ‘civil unrest’ Sunday.

Judd said there were rumblings on social media that rioters planned to bring violence into the neighborhoods of Polk County.

“I would tell them, if you value your life, they probably shouldn’t do that in Polk County. Because the people of Polk County like guns, they have guns, I encourage them to own guns, and they’re going to be in their homes tonight with their guns loaded, and if you try to break into their homes to steal, to set fires, I’m highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with their guns. So, leave the community alone,” Judd said.

He encouraged peaceful protest, not rioting.

More Hollywood Lies About the AR-15

I’ve already said that I consider the S.W.A.T. television series to be much inferior to the Canadian version (from a few years back) Flashpoint. Sure S.W.A.T. can afford to blow more stuff up than the budget allowed to Flashpoint, but that just means that they spend time blowing stuff up, and crashing cars, or whatever, instead of actually having to tell a story.

That said I have seen more than my allotted share of S.W.A.T. episodes. Case in point, an episode that originally aired on March 4th, they talk about a suspect who owns and AR-15, but the gun that guy uses is clearly fully automatic, not semiautomatic.

If you have access to episode, via a cable recording or whatever, the offending sequence starts at about 6 minutes and 30 seconds into the program.

Because if you are going to be anti-gun, and you have access to a big megaphone, why not tell lies? </sarcasm>

Firearms Do Not Cause Suicide

And they aren’t used for suicide more often than self-defense. Here’s the story of the day. Bogus Study Claims Guns Used In Suicide More Than Self-Defense.

Which is wrong. Click thru for the details. (Hat tip to MaddMedic.)

Here’s a link to the story about how Canada changing the laws around handguns had virtually no impact on the suicide rate, while it did change the methods used. Suicide vs “Gun-death” Suicide.

A study of 20,851 suicides in Quebec from 1990 to 2005 found that hanging, strangulation and suffocation were the principal causes of death (males, age-adjusted rate of 15.6 per 100,000; females, 3.6), followed by poisoning (males: 5.7; females: 2.9).[17]

Should Canada tightly restrict access to rope? I mean that must be what causes suicide right?

And here’s a link to the Archives from 2012 comparing methods used between Canada and the US. (At the time, both countries had suicide rates that were comparable.) TFS Magnum – Archives: Canadian Suicide and the Myth of “Gun Deaths”

Well it turns out, that people don’t commit suicide because they have access to firearms. When they decide to commit suicide, they turn to whatever means they have available. Be fair, do you really think that Canada should enact “rope control” to cut down on the “rope deaths” – that is hangings – in this statistic? (It would be “for the children.”)

Both of my previous posts have some graphics, if your interested.

Wake Forest Sheriff Gets a Bit of a Wakeup

The North Carolina sheriff stopped issuing pistol-purchase permits because of COVID-19. Wake sheriff to resume pistol permit applications halted by coronavirus concerns.

He still gets to take COVID-19 into account, but he has to issue permits.

The consent order gives Baker up to seven days to implement the changes needed to resume accepting pistol purchase applications. Information on the modified application process will be available on the Sheriff’s Office Pistol Permits Office’s website in the next few days.

Concealed carry permits are still on hold because they stopped doing fingerprinting. Infectious disease protocols, don’t you know.

So why is any sheriff issuing “purchase permits?” Seems very anti-Second-Amendment to me. (Hat tip to Pirate’s Cove.)

Liberals Buying Guns

They’ve been mugged by reality. Choose Your Weapon.

As most of these things go, they follow one person. A new gun owner. A woman in her 60s.

“I’m old and I live alone, and we don’t know if there’s going to be civil unrest. The world is not the same.” She added, “It didn’t have to be this way.”

She purchased a gun, and ammunition, and she said one of her son’s friends, a soldier, was going to give her some training.

The owner of the store mentioned that there has been a rush to buy weapons, and lot of the first-time buyers are liberals.

“I think she’s a liberal,” Bales said, once the door closed. “There’s so many coming in. First-time-gun-owner liberals. I’ve probably seen ten this week. It’s so funny, because I hope it just turns them on to liking the Second Amendment. I mean, the Constitution was created for a reason. To protect us.”

Hat tip to Shot in the Dark: A Conservative Is A Liberal That’s Been Mugged (By Reality), who notes…

If you are a new gun owner? Perhaps coming from the left?

On behalf of everyone who’s spent decades fighting to keep the right to keep and bear arms safe, you’re welcome.

The Guy Who Challenged Biden Gets His AR-14

Heh. Michigan Firearm Maker Awards Special “AR-14” to Auto Worker Who Challenged Biden on 2A.

During Biden’s tour of the new plant Mr. Wayne took his chance and asked the former Vice President a question about his Second Amendment policy, “Why are you actively trying to end our Second Amendment rights and take away our guns?”

Biden blew a gasket that anyone would question him. Especially a peon. He went on about how you “don’t need an AR-14,” which as far as I know, didn’t exist before the confrontation. (Though Armalite does have any number of models…)

Mr. Wayne’s courage caught the eye of a local firearm manufacturer in Michigan call Next Level Armament and they decided to award the autoworker with a very special edition AR-15 model “AR-14” for his convictions.

Very cool. Click the link above for a nice picture of the “AR-14.” They did a nice job with the customizing. (Hat tip to 90 Miles from Tyranny.)

The Limousine Left Wants You Disarmed

While they enjoy professional, armed security. 11 Examples of Bloomberg’s Folly on Defensive Gun Use.

The reality is that Bloomberg, as a wealthy white man living in upper-class neighborhoods, is statistically far less likely to be a victim of violent crime than most other Americans.

But you’d never know it from the way he spends hundreds of millions of dollars advocating gun laws that reserve armed protection for the special few.

Because he is better than you, and you should know your place.

The Story of Roosevelt Twyne

He was arrested for having “hollow point ammunition.” But the state’s own website lists the ammunition he had as being legal. He was licensed to carry a concealed firearm. He was in New Jersey.

Here is Colion Noir’s take on the situation. The video is less than 5 minutes, so…

Hat tip to Moonbattery.