Palestinian Authority Bans LGBTQ Activities

I’m shocked – Shocked! – to discover a Muslim .gov that hate gays. OK, I’m not shocked about that at all. PA bans LGBTQ activities in West Bank.

Oh, and I actually am shocked that this is being covered by the mainstream media, but I think they were mostly backed into a corner on the topic.

The Palestinian Authority banned members of the Palestinian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community from carrying out any activities in the West Bank.

The ban came after the grassroots group Al-Qaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society (Arabic for “the bow”), which engages and supports Palestinians who identify as LGBTQ, was planning to hold a gathering for its members in Nablus at the end of the month.

Not satisfied with banning them, the PA then promised to arrest any of the members they found.

The PA police will chase those behind the LGBTQ group and see to it that they are brought to trial once they are arrested, Zreikat warned. He further appealed to Palestinians to report to the police about any person connected to the group.

Because they can. (Hat tip to The Other McCain – SJWs Silent as Palestinian Government Prohibits LGBT Activism in West Bank.)


The NYPD Apologizes for the Stonewall Raid

A couple weeks before the 50th anniversary of the raid, NYPD apologizes. NYPD sorry for ’69 raid at now-landmark Stonewall gay bar.

Of course a bunch of people who were not involved, and not even part of the NYPD 50 years ago, apologize for something that a bunch of other people did. This only makes sense in the 21st Century. Do you think any of the cops who were actually involved in the raid would have apologized? Me neither. (Who should apologize for the sacking of Rome? The burning of the library at Alexandria? The siege of Troy?)

Of course it’s political.

Organizers of what is expected to be a massive LGBT Pride celebration in the city this year had called this week for police to apologize. So had City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, who is gay.

So now that’s done, the NYPD never has to think about its history vis-à-vis gays again.

And the apology is better than how the Fort Worth police department and Texas liquor board, handled the 40th anniversary. Stonewall… Revisited? Fort Worth Bar gets raided the night before the 40th anniversary of Stonewall. Hey, it was just a coincidence that they raided a gay bar the night before the anniversary of Stonewall. The Texas liquor board released a report stating that the fact that it was a gay bar was not an issue. Cops and bureaucrats wouldn’t LIE, would they?

Here’s a link to a post on the history of stonewall from the archives.

Despite What the Left Has Said, Trump Doesn’t Hate Gays

Trump doesn’t hate gays and he doesn’t oppose gay marriage. The fear-mongering on the Left notwithstanding. Historic Fact: Donald Trump Will Be The First President To Support Gay Marriage From The Beginning

Bill Clinton didn’t. Barack Obama didn’t. And neither did Hilary Clinton until much later in her career.

Donald Trump is the first President of the United States who was elected as an open supporter of the gay community at large and gay marriage specifically.

Let us not forget that until it was politically expedient, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both opposed gay marriage for the overwhelming majority of the time taxpayers paid for their lifestyles.

But the Left can’t have that getting around.

The Washington Post Defends Chip and Joanna Gaines (Amazing I Know)

Buzzfeed doesn’t like Evangelical Christians because they MIGHT not like same sex marriage. (They don’t know how the Gaines feel, but that didn’t stop the attack.) BuzzFeed’s hit piece on Chip and Joanna Gaines is dangerous – The Washington Post

So it seems that the Washington Post, at least has learned some of the lessons of the Trump campaign. You can’t just attack people for being conservative or religious out of hand.

A gay man is writing for the WaPo, on the subject of respecting other people’s religious convictions. And well.

A few years ago, gay activists decided the best way to win arguments in favor of same-sex marriage was to shut up their opponents. All they had to do was lob a charge of homophobia and the argument was won. Or they tweeted at the companies that employed the “homophobes” until they were fired. Conservatives were bullied on social media and mocked for being ass-backward (and indeed, some of them were and are). But they were never taken seriously.

Bullying is not the same as winning an argument. It is only bullying. And eventually it will stop working. Maybe it already has.

Trump stood up to the bullying. I hope HGTV and the Gaines can stand up to it as well.

Because it isn’t over. They are going to have to make a statement. And if it doesn’t meet the exact requirements of the liberal bullies, HGTV will be pressured to drop the show.

BuzzFeed is probably at the forefront of discussions surrounding diversity in entertainment. Do their reporters think diversity refers only to skin color? Does ideological diversity count for nothing, especially when it is representative of, again, a sizable chunk of the American public?

That chunk is at least 40% of the American public.

But the LEFT has never been into diversity of ideas, and it has gotten worse lately. Look at the way conservatives are shouted down on college campuses. Only Right Think will be allowed.

Religious Exemption? Who Gets to Discriminate Against Whom?

The Right loves to couch this as religious liberty, but are they really saying that anyone can be free to discriminate? Kentucky clerk's office defies order; no same-sex marriage license – Fx Report Daily.

So what if a devout Christian didn’t want to issue marriage licenses to atheists? What if a Muslim employee of the state didn’t want to serve Jews? Would bigots be free to stop serving African-Americans or Catholics? It wasn’t that long ago that allowing people to discriminate – and a lot of them couched it in religious terms – lead to a whole bunch of discrimination. Even with most of the outright stuff banned, it still happens.

So Kim Davis (the county clerk in question) stopped issuing all marriage licenses after the recent Supreme Court decision. Now she is violating a court order to start up again.

. On Wednesday, a federal judge ordered her to issue licenses to gay couples, rejecting her argument involving religious freedom and her [sic] Christina beliefs.

The summary in the article follows. (I am assuming that the quotes are from the judge’s decision.)

Davis doesn’t have to wish the couples a happy life or say congratulations. Because Davis’ job is simply to confirm that a couple has met the legal requirements to marry, “it is not a sign of moral or religious approval”, nor is Kentucky requiring her to “express a particular religious belief as a condition of public employment” or “forcing her to surrender her free exercise rights in order to perform her duties”.

It’s Odd How Bipolar the Right Can Be

Liberty and JusticeThey cheer when the SCOTUS strikes down Chicago or Washington DC bans on owning guns. They cry when they strike down bans on gay marriage. In one instance they are the good guys, just doing what the constitution requires. In the other, they are the devil’s spawn.

I wonder, how does everyone feel about Loving Vs. Virginia? And of course people will tell me, “That is different,” without really explaining how. (Do you think you could have gotten a popular vote on interracial marriage in the 1960s? Or the 1990s?)

As someone once said, you don’t put minority rights to a vote. (Look up the origin of “restricted neighborhood,” for example.)

It is too bad that SCOTUS doesn’t hand down decisions on Sunday. The 28th of June would have been poetic for such a decision, but given their constraints I find their sense of history – and Gay history at that – to be moving.

Jenner, Republicans, and the Rest of Us – What They Said

I have tried 3 times to write something about Caitlyn Jenner and the implosion of the GOP over issues of Gay/Trans. But I can’t make anything coherent stay on the page. So read what they have to say. Jenner, Republicans, and the Rest of Us – IGF Culture Watch.

The GOP is busy ensuring that the Democrats win in 2016, but cozying up to the Religious Right, and their hatred of all things gay/trans. Bad jokes. Mean comments. Not-so-mean comments that get them swatted down by the talk-show hosts and religious fanatics. They can’t win on this topic. I wonder if they can win at all.

The latest dust-up: The Republican-controlled Senate refuses to grant Veterans’ Benefits to same-sex couples and their children. Because the hate gays, and apparently hate the children of gays, even to the point of sticking it to veterans. Way to go GOP. Apparently they never want to win another national election, ever.

Ireland’s Vote for Gay Marriage has a Lot of People (not all) Cheesed Off

Ireland is a very Catholic country. Or at least it was traditionally so. Lately they have done crazy and unheard of things, like legalizing divorce. The gay marriage referendum was bound to bring out some “interesting” responses.

Things started out calm, with the Archbishop of Dublin noting that the reality of Ireland is not what the church had seen through its internal filters. Church in Ireland needs 'reality check' after gay marriage vote. That reality check statement was from a quote of the Archbishop.

The archbishop told the Irish broadcaster RTÉ: “We [the Church] have to stop and have a reality check, not move into denial of the realities.

“We won’t begin again with a sense of renewal, with a sense of denial.

Needless to say, that calm voice wasn’t the first of many calm voices. The conservatives – inside of and outside of religious organizations – have reacted with more vitriolic statements.

I won’t include most of them here. It isn’t necessary, as they have been plastered all over the web, but what intrigued me was the way the Irish vote is showing up in this country. The Religious Right is scurrying around trying to figure out what to do if (when?) the Supreme Court either makes gay marriage available everywhere, or makes every state recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.

Franklin Graham, son of Billy, called the whole thing “Defiance against God.” His sister, is predicting the “end of humanity.” (No hyperbole there!) I suppose that they are entitled to their opinion. Of course I think 61% of the Irish might disagree with them.

Ireland Passes Same-sex Marriage Referendum

Polling was correct. The referendum passed overwhelmingly. Ireland passes same-sex marriage referendum –

Despite speculation in the run-up that opposition to the measure might have been understated because people were too shy to tell pollsters that they planned to vote “no” — the outcome was lopsided, with the measure passing by just over 61% of the total vote cast.

In a US Presidential election, 61% would be a landslide. (Click through to the story for a better view of the graphic “Countries that allow gay marriage”)

Gay Marriage: A Look at the Losing Arguments

Gay FlagMuch ink (and electrons!) has been spilled on the subject of gay marriage in the past few weeks. I haven’t said much, because others have been saying it better. But this look at the arguments used by the State of Idaho made me smile. (It’s too early in the day to laugh.) Same-sex marriage opposition falls short – – Oct. 18, 2014.

Here are just of few of the arguments used. Granted, the state dressed them up in more legal-boilerplate, but this is essentially what they said.

  • Gay marriage will make heterosexual parents more likely to abandon their children
  • Gay marriage will encourage Ruby to take her love to town – or to become unproductively obsessed with needlework
  • Idaho’s gay-marriage ban doesn’t even discriminate against gay people because they can get straight-married

There are a few more.

It shouldn’t be surprising, perhaps, that the legal arguments against gay marriage are so weak. Opponents of gay marriage sometimes use the term “common moral law” to defend their opposition to gay marriage. This means that, based on certain passages in the Bible or gut instinct, Everybody just knows it’s wrong.

Gay Marriage Ban Argument: Tradition!

 photo Gay-flag-6.gifGay marriage bans in Wisconsin (a state constitutional amendment) and in Indiana (a state law) were struck down by an appeals court in Chicago. Court rules against gay marriage bans in 2 states – Associated Press –

The arguments against permitting gays and lesbians to marry, are always the same.

Judge Posner at times expressed annoyance with Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General Timothy Samuelson as he repeatedly cited tradition as the underlying justification for barring gay marriage.

Judge Posner was appointed by Ronald Reagan, and in a separate part of the proceedings, he compared the ban on gay marriage to the bans on inter-racial marriage that were struck down in 1967.

Whenever I hear the argument of “tradition” I always think of the song from the opening of “The Fiddler on the Roof.” (that song is “Tradition!”) My parents took me to a lot of live theater when I was young, and this was probably the first “theater in the round” production I had seen. It was also the first dinner theater I had attended, and even though the food was probably mediocre, I thought the whole thing was great. In this clip, I especially like the section at around 5 minutes in, about how traditions ensure “we always get along perfectly well.”

If you haven’t seen this play or the movie, I can recommend both. Considering the topic, it is very entertaining. (And for Starsky and Hutch fans, there is a VERY young Michael Glaser in the cast.)

What Do These Two Photos Have in Common?

Via The Smallest Minority: And THIS is Why We’re Winning. Who basically asks the question in the title to this post.

open carry Chipolte

[They] share a common meme – “We’re not going away, get used to us!” But waving guns in the face of the public really isn’t any more effective than waving genitalia. However, as Teresa Nielson Hayden put it so well several years ago,

Basically, I figure guns are like gays: They seem a lot more sinister and threatening until you get to know a few; and once you have one in the house, you can get downright defensive about them.

The only question really, is if open carry will ultimately be as effective – in gaining public acceptance of guns – as 40 years of gay-pride parades have been for the LGBT community.

Another State Must Recognize Gay Marriage

Judge Strikes Down Oregon Gay Marriage Ban – ABC News.

Seventeen states and the District of Columbia allow gay marriage. Federal or state judges in Idaho, Oklahoma, Virginia, Michigan, Texas, Utah and Arkansas recently have found state same-sex marriage bans to be unconstitutional. Judges also have ordered Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee to recognize same-sex marriages from other states.

Hard to believe people have a problem with equality.

Another of the “Special Rights” Gays Want – to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

OK so this story is a week old. I am behind the times I admit. Still… Soldier foils arsonist at crowded Seattle bar | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram.

The quick thinking of a U.S. Army staff sergeant likely helped prevent a fire inside a Seattle nightclub from becoming a tragedy during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Seattle police say 750 people were celebrating in the club Neighbours when an arsonist poured gasoline on a carpeted stairway and set it ablaze.

Training and training accidents – I guess you really do learn these things. The US Army Staff Sgt. – now allowed to openly be in a gay bar – probably saved a lot of people that night.

Those damn gays! Wanting to celebrate New Years. What next? The 4th of July?

And yes, it is a gay club.

Same Sex Marriage Bans Unconstitutional

Expect a case (maybe this one) to go to SCOTUS. Judge strikes down Utah same-sex marriage ban.

U.S. District Judge Robert J. Shelby issued a 53-page ruling Friday saying Utah’s law passed by voters in 2004 violates gay and lesbian couples’ rights to due process and equal protection under the 14th Amendment.

Shelby says the state failed to show that allowing same-sex marriages would affect opposite-sex marriages in any way, and the state’s unsupported fears and speculations are insufficient to justify deny allowing same-sex marriages.

Expect the Right to have kittens on Monday. (All the talk radio.) How can this be? How can a gay marriage have no impact on your straight marriage? How can this not just squeeze the special out of straight marriage?

Hawaii Will Be 16th State to allow Gay Marriage

Liberty and Justice Gay Marriage to become legal in another state. Hawaii to become 16th state to legalize same-sex marriage –

Illinois will become the 15th state when Governor Quinn signs the bill recently passed in the legislature.

Worldwide, 16 other countries (and parts of Mexico) also have laws allowing same-sex marriage and domestic partnerships. Most of these are in Europe and South America.

Those Gays Want Special Rights Like Being Able to Walk

What more needs to be said? Gay Canadian Man Paralyzed in Alleged Hate Crime Stabbing |

Scott Jones, the 27-year-old victim, is in critical but stable condition after an assailant slashed his throat and stabbed him twice in the back early Saturday morning in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

He was out for a night with friends.