The UN Acting More Like a Criminal Organization Every Year

Why are we still in this organization? Asylum for sale: Refugees say some U.N. workers demand bribes for resettlement.

In separate interviews, more than a dozen other refugees said [UNHCR resettlement officer, David] Momanyi was known for taking bribes. One described the Kenyan as “the architect of corruption and refugee resettlement problems.”

And it isn’t just one guy, of course.

The allegations of corruption at the UNHCR are not limited to one man or one place. A seven-month investigation across five countries with significant refugee populations has found widespread reports of the UNHCR’s staff members exploiting refugees, while victims and staff members who report wrongdoing say the agency fails to act against corruption, leaving them vulnerable to intimidation and retaliation.

I usually call them the Useless Nitwits at the United Nations, but this is worse than just being incompetent.


I Bet You Didn’t Know US Taxpayers Underwrite Shipping From China

Because a 144 years ago, conditions were different. Trump launches process to quit 144-year-old postal treaty.

I would love to blame this on the Useless Nitwits at the Untied Nations, but they just took over the postal treaty.

Lower rates are designed to help poorer countries manage the costs.

But the White House said China – a major global exporter – is now the biggest beneficiary of that system

The BBC is not, quite, in full-fledged pearl-clutching mode with this article. (I wish they were.) But it is hard to paint a system that gives the worlds 2nd biggest economy a boost as fair. Giving a boost to truly poor countries I could see doing. But in typical UN fashion, there doesn’t seem to have been much effort to rationalize the rates, even though in theory they can be changed every 4 years. (I mean be fair. It’s only the US taxpayer, and what do the bureaucrats at the UN care about them?)

The Italians are Cheesed Off

Which is to say that they are not happy with the UN. Over cheese and ham. Agriculture minister says Italian ham and Parmesan ‘under attack’ from UN plan to reduce salt intake.

Because the Useless Nitwits at the UN apparently have ended hunger, and war, and famine (at least if you don’t look to closely at the People’s Republic of Venezuela), and so they are going on to telling you what you should eat. And the Italians aren’t too happy about it.

Proposals related to warning labels on unhealthy food mooted in a recent WHO report are set to be discussed at a meeting in New York in September.

The report did not mention any specific food products by name but the respected Italian business newspaper Sole 24 Ore set off a furore by reporting that the UN agency could target Parmesan cheese and ham from Parma as well as pizza, wine and even extra-virgin olive oil.

The UN was chartered to ensure that genocide was never perpetrated again, and yet despite failing miserably at that mandate they are now going to control your diet. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the raft of sex-scandals wherever peacekeepers show up, and occasionally where other staff and NGOs show up. To “do good.” Only they victimize already victimized people.

The Useless Nitwits at the UN Don’t Care About Sex Abuse

If they did, it would not be such a problem for so long. United Nations knew for over a decade about sex-for-food scandal | Daily Mail Online

The United Nations knew of charity workers offering refugees food in exchange for sexual favours for more than a decade, it has been revealed.

An 84-page report on ‘food-for-sex’ practices in West African refugee camps was compiled and handed over to the UN in 2002, but was never published.

It was never published because a group of unaccountable bureaucrats don’t have to answer to YOU. Or anyone for that matter.

It claims that workers at more than 40 aid organisations, of which 15 are major international charities including Save the Children and Médecins Sans Frontières, sexually exploited young refugees.

If you wanted some of the more nutritious food in some of the camps, then you had to arrange for sex with some of the charity staff, or they would watch you starve.

So is it charity or blackmail? And will anyone be held accountable? (My guess is that not one person at a charity or at the UN will pay any price for this behavior.)

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The UN Still Hasn’t Gotten “Sexual Misconduct” Under Control

In the case of the Useless Nitwits at the UN, that is bureaucratic weasel-wording for “peacekeepers, employees, etc. having sex with children.”UN received 54 allegations of sexual misconduct in 3 months | Fox News

U.N. deputy spokesman Farhan Haq told reporters Tuesday that 14 allegations involved U.N. peacekeeping operations, 18 involved U.N. agencies, funds and programs, and 21 related to partner organizations. One allegation involved a member of a non-U.N. international force, he said.

Haq said the allegations involve 66 victims including 13 girls under the age of 18. The ages of 16 victims were unknown.

And while we’re on the subject of bureaucratic weasel-wording, that doesn’t say that the limit of the problem is 54. It says they can’t ignore 54 allegations.

The Useless Nitwits don’t have a very good track record on this score.

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The UN Isn’t The Only Organization Screwing Haiti

It seems that Oxfam is also harboring a bunch of perverts. UK official warns Oxfam to hand over all info on sex case | Fox News

Oxfam has denied that it tried to cover up the use of prostitutes by some of its staff in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake there. Still, suggestions that it failed to give full details about the case to regulators and donors has touched off outrage in Britain.

So are all these feel-good programs making the world a better place, or just exploiting people who are poor and desperate? And why is the UK government giving tax money to a non-profit? Do they have so much extra in tax revenue? (Here I thought they were considering a tax increase to try and fix the problems with their health care system.)

The Useless Nitwits at the UN: Still Making Bad Situations Worse

Because what does a war-torn, disease-ravaged country need besides hazardous waste? UN support for cholera-stricken Somalia includes raw sewage runoffs, hazardous waste dumps | Fox News

Usually it’s the blue-helmeted “peacekeepers,” but not this time.

The main difference this time: the accusations are leveled not at a major force of blue-helmeted U.N. peacekeepers but at a 595-person U.N. mission known as UNSOS, providing infrastructure and field support—including safe disposal of sewage and waste– to some 30,000 or so African Union and Somali National Army forces that are battling Islamist Al Shabaab extremists and struggling to create order in one of the world’s most dangerous countries.

The auditor’s report said it would not be hard to figure out if there was a sanitary/environmental “mistake” the UN folks hadn’t made.

Non-treatment of sewage, not even proper pit latrines. Stockpiles of toxic waste including tires, electrical equipment, etc. The list of things done wrong is staggering. (Though they have communications – in the form of propaganda posters – to tell everyone what a great job is happening.

Somalia is struggling with cholera and other diseases. (50% of the population has no sanitation.) And the UN was supposed to make things better, but the UN is pretty much incapable of making anything better. Useless Nitwits doesn’t cover it.