Connections and The Day The Universe Changed

I have been looking for these series for a long time. Finally they are available. Western Civilization documentaries: The day the universe changed by James Burke – Atavisionary

The day the universe changed is also created by James Burke and follows a similar style as that documentary. In this one, though, it tends to focus on how the development of a revolutionary big idea has tended to shape our understanding of the world and/or universe. Hence the title.

Connections actually came first. Hat tip to Borepatch.

3 thoughts on “Connections and The Day The Universe Changed

  1. Both series can be purchased from Amazon in DVD. Connections was the program that fanned the flame of an interest in history in me after college. Seeing that history wasn’t just a set of isolated dates and legislation and wars but actually a thread going back in time really set me on the road to self investigation. I love both of those series.


    • I haven’t wanted to buy the DVD. I even wrote to BBC complaining. (You would think it would be on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime.)


      • And it doesn’t help that Connections (1) is about 100 bucks. Connections 3 is the almost 3 times that, and Connections 2 is not available.


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